Subject: Blackmailed the Jock Chapter 8 DISCLAIMER — This story is 100% a work of fiction. It depicts sexual actions between teen boys. If you are offended please stop reading! Guys please remember that NIFTY needs our donations to keep going. The service is worth whatever you can fty/donate.html I love the feedback, keep it coming. Is there something you want to see happen? I love ideas for stories please keep the feedback ail. I am going start up a blog or maybe a website I can show you guys my inspiration for the characters in the story. What do you think about that?? Chapter 8 There in the doorway was Curt… He was on my brother’s football team. He played running back. He was the same age as Mike. He stood 5’10” weighed about 170lbs, had short tight curly hair and a dimple in his chin. His father was black, his mom was Hispanic. His family was a stand out in our town because Fremont wasn’t the most diverse place in the Midwest… “WHAT THE FUCK DUDE? YOU SOME FAG AND SHIT” Curt was yelling at Mike. “This ant right man, people look up to you and shit.” Curt turned and headed to the door. I was terrified he was going to ruin everything I worked so hard to build… Mike jumped up and said, “Curt man, it isn’t what you think. Man give me a minute to explain.” Curt said, “Dude that guy’s fucking mouth was on your cock, ant no way to think anything else.” At that moment, my fears all came to life, “Fuck Mike that’s your kid brother, this is some fucked up shit.” He turned again to the door, this time Mike was standing naked between him and the door now. Curt balled up his fist, “Mike get the fuck out of my way. This ant right dude. I got to get out of here.” Mike side, “Curt dude, do you want to go down this road, you know I can kick your ass, fuck I’ve done it once. I can do it again.” I jumped up managed to get between the two huge football players. “Both of you knock your shit off please.” I looked at Curt, “Curt man, can you please give me just 10 minutes to explain. This is all my fault.” Curt looked at me, “Fuck you!” I tried a different route, “Curt I have 200 dollars in my wallet right now, I’ll give you all of it if you just give me 10 minutes to explain.” Curt took a step back, “Put on some fuckin cloths before you explain what the fuck is going on. Have the money ready too.” I run over to the pile of cloths. Pulled on my shorts and tossed Mike his as well. Curt walked over to the small kitchen, he sat down at the old table. As I walked to toward the kitchen Mike grabbed my arm, “The fuck are you doing?” I saw the panic in his eyes. I didn’t like it. “I’m protecting you. I love you too much to let you take the fall for any of this.” I put the money on the table, along with one the joints I brought for Mike. I hoped it would calm him down enough to listen to me. Curt snatched up the joint and fired it up like a pro, “You got five minutes…” I decided to tell him parts of the truth. “about a month ago I found Mike’s stash of pot, porn, condoms, and some harder drugs I will not get into right now. I took it and hid it. I blackmailed him into this. I told him I was going to give it all to our folks if he didn’t do what I wanted. I have used it to get what I wanted.” Curt took another drag off the joint, “You mean to tell me you’re the one who’s the fag.” Mike started to say something. I put my hand up to shut him up. “You like this shit don’t you Mike?” Curt went on to say. I spoke for him. “What guy can’t get into some awesome head?” I looked at Curt now, “What’s it going to take for you to keep Mike out of this? You can screw up my reputation if you want, but Mike has a real future and he needs to have a chance at it. I’m the one who forced this on him. I’m just coming clean now.” Curt shifted in his seat, “Your five minutes are up, now I got some questions. How you answer will make up my mind what I’m gonna do next.” I looked up at Mike, “Ok, Curt ask your questions.” He took a hit off the joint, he passed it to Mike, I was surprised at the move. gaziantep travesti Mike took it, he took a big hit and passed it back to him. Curt asked his first question “You a fag?” I responded, “Yes.” I looked at Mike. Even after taking the hit, he looked like he was ready to beat the living shit out of Curt. Question two, “Why your own fucking brother man, that’s fucked up.” This one was going to be hard for me to answer in front of Mike, but I did it. “Because I was jealous of everything he had, the perfect body, the perfect reputation at school, the perfect reputation around town, and all the sex he was getting from just about any girl he wanted. I was jealous. I wanted to be part of that perfect life.” My eyes started to tear up but I wasn’t going to cry, no I wouldn’t cry. Mike was at the edge of his tolerance level, I could see it all over his face. “The next question is for Mike, so is this the sweet cherry you been talking about all over the locker room?” I looked at Mike, I expected him to lie. “Yep, he is.” Curt looked confused. “Bro, you talked about that peace of ass like you’re in love man. What the fuck dude.” Mike was still leaning against the wall, he kept his gaze to the ceiling. He didn’t drop his to look at Curt or I as he spoke his truth. “Because I am, ya it started out really fucked up. I was mad as hell at Gabe for that bullshit. But ever sense that night he has been the only person ever to love me for every fucked-up thing I have ever done. He has been by my side ever sense. He has stood up to my folks for me, made sure my grades improved to keep me on the team. He took the fucking time to get to know the real me. He hasn’t ever placed judgement on me. I was a horrible person until that person loved me. I don’t ever want that to change.” He finally looked down at Curt and me. He had teared up. “So, Curt if you want to tell the world about it by my fucking guest. But if you do, I need you to know the level of pain you are going to bring to me, the one guy who has supported your ass throughout all your own bullshit, got you girls and even hooked up with enhancers.” Mike now just flipped, he got in Curt’s face, “Now know I will return that level of pain tenfold back on you. I will take every one of your dirty little secrets and put it out for the world to know. Remember all the things that I Curt…” Curt Burned that joint all the way down to a roach… Curt looked down at his feet now, “Ok man, I’ll keep your secret. But I got a couple more questions to ask.” Mike said, “What the fuck dude this isn’t a game to me. It’s my life. That’s my brother I haven’t ever protected until now. Fuck dude knock your fucking shit off. Just leave and say what you want or don’t man.” Mike was beyond pissed at this point. I added, “You’ll just have to live the consequences of your choices…” Curt said, “Hear me out dude. First, can I get my enhancers and my weed at a discount? And…” Curt had a long pause before he asked his next question… “Can I get some head before I leave?” Mike said, “What the hell man, are you for real?? I got no problems giving you a discount on the pharmaceuticals but are you for real man?” Curt defended his request. “Mike Dude, you have been bragging about this cherry… You said it’s the best head you ever got. You said it was better than getting high. Can’t you let a brother feel that too. I got your secrets on lock down.” I looked at Mike and he looked back at me. Mike spoke before I could, “Make just wait on the porch, let me talk with Gabe a minute.” Mike walked over to me, “Baby, you don’t have to do this. I would rather our secret be out then to force you to do something you don’t want to do.” I asked, “Mike do you trust him; do you like him? ” I went on. “Remember the talk we had a couple of weeks ago. You didn’t want me to skip sexual experiences. Do you remember the rules we put in place?” I looked at him face to face again. “Do you trust him; do you like him?” Mike walked gaziantep masaj salonları over to the door, “Hey ass wipe, come on in.” Curt walked through the door. Mike started to speak in a commanding voice I wasn’t used to hearing… It must be his quarterback voice… “Dude here are the rules, Gabe doesn’t do a thing he doesn’t want to. If you attempt to force him, I’ll brake you in half. He won’t swallow your nut, that’s a privilege reserved only for me!” Mike looked at me, “Are you sure babe, this doesn’t have to happen if you’re not cool with it.” This was the first time he called me babe in front of anyone, I know I should be stressed out about all this but that simple little phrase made it all better. Mike being so over protective made it all better. Curt spoke up, “Come on bro, he brags about your shit like its magic, I can get with the rules. They kinda suck you wont swallow this nut but I get it.” I looked at Mike, “Ok, if he breaks a rule, fuck him up.” Mike nodded. Curt said, “So this is going down man… FUCK YA.” I walked over to Curt told him to get undressed, I went over and whispered in Mike’s ear. He smirked and said, “Ok, baby no problem.” Curt asked what that was all about, I simply told him he didn’t need to worry about it. Curt started to get undressed. He had a physique was like Mikes, he has a smooth chest, a small amount of hair under his arms. Some peach fuzz on his upper lip. He dropped his tightie whities, he dick was already hard… It was a good seven and a half inches long, cut and thick. Mike had him beat though. He was about the same length, but Mike was thicker, plus Mike was uncut. I also loved him so no matter what he was always going to be better. Curt was ready… “Come on little bro, lets see if Mike has been telling the truth or if he’s just full of shit…” I got between Curt’s legs, I ran my hands up his powerful legs until I cradled his nuts in my hands. I looked over at Mike, he was ready. I started to slowly massage he balls, I ran my hand up his already steel hard shaft. I started to lick the tender spot just under his cock head. He must have been loving it as he threw his head back on the sofa… I moved and took in just the head of his cock. I was making she Curt loved every second. If Mike was bragging about it I couldn’t make him a liar, could I? I moved down more and more of his shaft, until he was at the back of my throat. I pushed passed my gag reflex and took him all the way to the base of his cock. He let out a powerful moan, “FUCK, dude ant no chick been able to bottom out on my dick like this. FUCKING AWESOME!” He looked over at Mike, “You didn’t fucking lie dude, best fucking head I have ever had. I don’t think I able to hold off much longer. Keep sucking my shit man.” Mike reminded him, “When you’re close pull out you don’t get to cum in his mouth, that privilege belongs to me alone…” Curt looked at Mike, “Ya Mike, I got you.” I was sucking and swallowing on his cock, I was doing everything I could to drive him crazy. I know how it drives Mike crazy when I swallow, and his cock is deep in my throat. Curt tapped me and said “Little dude, I’m about to nut get off my cock.” Just as he pulled his dick from my mouth, he said “Shit!” and shot a huge fucking load all over my face. I was coated in his nut. He collapsed back on the sofa after shooting an impressive nut all over my face. I reached for my t-shirt to clean off my face when I felt Mike pull down my pants. He ran a finger up the crack of my ass, he could feel is cum still leaking out. He was beyond turned on. I looked back at him with Curt’s nut still all over my face. “I have to fuck you baby, RIGHT NOW!! You look so fucking hot with his nut all over your face. I got to get into that boy pussy right now…” He was stone fucking hard… I felt his thick mushroom head push past my ass and he started to slide right in. “baby your pussy feels so fucking amazing with my nut still deep inside you. You gaziantep escort bayan feel so fucking perfect on my dick” Curt looked up, “Dude are you really fucking him right now with me sitting here… With my nut all over his face….” “Curt dude, his sweet pussy is the fucking best feeling in the whole fucking world. He knows how to work his ass to make you cum so fucking hard.” Mike pulled my hair back, “Don’t you baby?” “Yes Mike I do… Fill my boy pussy with your babies…” curt was lost in the moment. He started to jerk his now hard cock again… He looked at Mike, “Dude this is fucking crazy.” Mike said, “But you liked it didn’t you Curt, did I lie doesn’t my sweet cherry give the best fucking head… Name me one fucking chick who can top my babies skills.” Curt asked Mike, “Hell dude you got it made, live in cock sucker.” Mike corrected him. “He isn’t my cock sucker, He’s my baby brother and my lover…” Curt asked, “Can he suck my dick some more… This show you’re are giving me is fucking hot.” Mike pulled my hair back again, “Baby you want to suck his dick some more?” I decided to be a tease, “No baby, now fuck me give me your babies deep in my ass.” Curt said, “Come on man, I’ll give you back the 200. Just suck it and bottom out for just a few minutes.” I did, I took his cock in my mouth and bottomed out right away, Mike was fucking me with a purpose now… I knew he wasn’t far from filling my ass up again for the third time. I felt Curt’s cock start to swell, Mike was panting and dripping sweat all over my back. “Baby, get ready I’m gonna fill that pussy up.” He started to shoot his 3rd load of the day deep inside my guts. Without warning Curt pulled my head off his cock and shot his 2nd load in less then 30 minutes. He didn’t shoot but dribbled down his dick. It coated his hand and balls. And BOOM I shot off again without even touching my cock… Mike grabbed my t-shirt off the floor, he carefully whipped off my face. He asked if I wanted to clean his cock for him. “Why did you even ask baby, its my job to keep you in tip top form.” I sucked him clean and dry right in front of Curt. I Used the same t-shirt to clean off Curt’s hands, cock, and balls for him. Mike said, “I’m sorry baby brother you just looked so fucking hot with his nut all over your face I had to have you…” I kissed him and smiled, “It’s ok baby, I needed it just as much as you did.” I got to my feet put my cock in my boxers. Curt raised up and braced himself against the wall. He pulled out his wallet and handed me back the 200 I gave him earlier. Mike pulled out his phone, he started to play a video… It was of me sucking Curt’s cock. You couldn’t see my face but you could see Curt’s and you could tell it was a guy sucking his cock. “Now Curt, if you try any bullshit, we got you over a barrel.” Curt started to laugh. “You guys deserve each other. I was just gonna ask if it would be cool to join again some time.” Curt put me in a bit of a headlock, “Dude you gave me the best fucking blowjob.” Mike looked at me, “Do you like him?” Should we let him experiment with us?” I moved away from Curt and wrapped my arm around the back of my big brother. “Sure, as long as he fallows the rules.” Curt asked, “What are the fucking rules?” Mike told him, “You always have pull out, you can’t ever cum inside my baby brother, and you have to wear a condom. I’m the only one who hits this boy pussy raw.” Curt said, “Come on man there has to be a way to brake that last rule, what’s the point of fucking a dude if you got to put on a jimmy hat?” I said, “There is, you have to give up woman. You don’t get to fuck another chick unless I approve of them.” Curt said, “Shit, I can’t give up the pussy. Jimmy hat it is.” I looked at Curt, “Man it’s time for you to go. My man has round 4, 5 and 6 to go today. We walked Curt to the door, he bent in a kissed me on the cheek, he shook Mikes hand and left. Mike said, “What the fuck, how crazy was all this? Baby I love you! You stuck up for me again.” I smiled and pinched his nipple. He jumped, “You did the same for me, besides now we have a play partner like you talked about. I got on my tippy toes, kissed his lips, and whispered in his ear, I want round 4 baby” He started to laugh, “Baby I need a couple of hours to recharge… Fuck you’re a horny little bitch aren’t you?” Chapter 9 coming soon.

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