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BLACK SEEDMy wife Sarah and I had seemed to get more risqué with our sex life as we moved into our early 50’s. Sarah had hit the menopause a couple of years earlier and had put on weight going from a size 12 to a size 16, although on a plus note her magnificent breasts had swollen from a 38C to a 38D, but standing at 5 feet 8 inches and having a broad swimmers body she carried it well and with her long blonde hair and dazzling smile she still looked terrific.Sarah is rather a chatty girl, often interpreted as being flirtatious, and has no trouble attracting many male, and for that matter female, admirers but not until a couple of years ago did we allow anyone else into our sex life. However once we stepped off the edge we had gotten deeper and deeper into fulfilling our fantasies. On several occasions, mostly on holiday, we had both enjoyed the pleasure of some very well hung and much younger guys as well as the occasional female.For the most part all the planning for such encounters had been done by me and I had always been present but I had recently told her I was happy for her to instigate such events if the mood took her and I was happy for her to play without me as long as she was honest and told me what she had done. She had on a couple of occasions done so and was becoming quite the wanton woman who seemed to know just how to push a guys buttons for maximum pleasure.We were enjoying a weekend away in Birmingham, our closest big city, where totally by accident had discovered a porn cinema. We had visited one a couple of times in Germany but even I had never been into one in the UK. So after a few drinks I had managed to persuade Sarah to go in. First impressions were that it wasn’t quite as plush as the one we had visited in Germany and it only had one main room with one screen and about 40 seats. There were about 12-15 guys in there, mostly similar age or older than us, and pretty much all sat separately. We took a seat on a middle row Sarah sitting just one seat away from the wall and I sat next to her so basically if anyone wanted to sit in the vacant seat they would have had to walk past us. A few of the guys already in there had a little walk about pretending to go to the loo and having a good look at Sarah on the way back to their seats. After a couple of minutes 2 guys went and sat in the row in front of us on the two inside seats and both got their cocks out and began playing with themselves whilst leaning slightly backwards and to one side so Sarah could clearly see them. She had a peek but whispered to me that whilst she was happy to watch they had no chance. After another couple of minutes a tall black guy came and sat next to me he quietly asked me if Sarah was my wife and enquired if we were looking to have fun with anyone commenting that she didn’t look too interested in the two guys in front of us. I told him we often had a bit of fun with others but those two guys didn’t interest her as she really only went for well hung guys.He stayed sitting next to me and started to rub his groin through his loosely fitting jogging bottoms he was wearing then after a short while he pulled the waistband down and his hard cock sprang upwards. Fuck me I thought, it was huge, really long and thick with a big bulbous helmet. It looked like a large black beer can with a ripe avocado kaçak iddaa stuck on the top of it. He whispered to me asking if I thought his package would be to her liking. I didn’t answer him directly but I think my action of turning towards Sarah and telling her to check him out said enough. She just stared at it open mouthed then slid her hand over my lap and wrapped her fingers around his shaft. He smiled and whispered “I guess she likes it then?”. Sarah began to stroke his shaft really slowly and then leant across me whispering “My god it’s massive I really want it” in my ear as she continued to move forward so her head was hovering right above his bell end.Sarah lowered her head and I guessed she had wrapped her lips around his cock as he let out a sigh and his head leant back. I reached a hand underneath her body and gave her breasts a squeeze and shoved my other hand down under the waistband of her trousers so I could squeeze her buttocks. Her head started to bob up and down and she rocked her hips. The two guys who had sat in the seats in front of us had seen what was happening and had stood up and turned around to get closer look at the action. One of them told me she had a great arse and asked if he could feel it. I told him he couldn’t and I could tell by the look on his face he would continue to hang around on the off chance.I whispered to the black guy asking him if he would like to go somewhere more private and he told me his place was close by and he had condoms and lube which he generally needed when he fucked a woman due to his size. I lifted Sarah off his cock and told her we were going back to his place as he tucked his cock away. We left the cinema and formal introductions were made. The guys name was Des, he was about 6ft and well built. Sarah quickly asked me if she could take the lead once we got to his place as she was feeling really slutty and wanted to feel used. I told her I was fine with it and I outlined the plan to Des.By the time we had sorted out the basic arrangements we were at his flat. It was just a large studio with a lounge and kitchen area, bathroom and a bed at one end. He offered us drinks which we accepted and he opened a bottle of wine. We drank and chatted for a few minutes and then Sarah excused herself and went into the bathroom. I told Des she was all his but no kissing and definitely no anal, which he chuckled at and told me he had never imagined he would ever be able to get his cock up a woman’s arse. I also told him that she quite liked to be fucked good and hard but she would no doubt make it clear what she wanted.Sarah came back out of the bathroom with a large towel wrapped around her naked body. She walked over and picked up her freshly filled glass of wine, took a couple of large gulps walked over to the bed and turned to face us. “Ok come and fuck me then” she said.Des walked over to her, removed the towel and took hold of her breasts in his hands, giving them a good squeeze and thumbing her nipples before dipping his head and sucking hard on one of her nipples. Sarah let out a gasp and looked at me with a smile. Then she began tugging at his jogging bottoms. Des sat her down on the bed and pulled off his clothing freeing his huge boner, He stepped forward and Sarah gasped and told him his cock was the biggest she had ever kaçak bahis seen and she wasn’t sure she would be able to take it. He told her in no uncertain terms she would be taking it all then he told her to start sucking on it.I heard Sarah start slurping away and dragged a chair to the side of the bed to get a better view. Des was squeezing Sarah’s nipples while she had both hands around his cock and not much more than just his helmet in her mouth, although that looked a stretch. He moved her hands away and grabbed hold of her head and began to force more of his rock hard cock into her mouth. He rocked his pelvis back and forth while he kept hold of her head. Sarah was breathing hard just through her nose and as he rocked his huge balls swung back and forth banging against her chin.Sarah gagged a couple of times and he pulled his cock out of her mouth and pushed her backwards onto the bed, then dropped to his knees on the floor and parted her legs before burying his head between them and began licking her pussy. Every time his tongue flicked over her clitoris she jerked and gasped.After a couple of minutes Des stood up and told her to move up the bed towards the headboard a little. As she did he went to the bedside table and took out a packet of condoms and some lube. He rolled and stretched a condom, onto his huge cock, and squirted some lube onto his cock which he rubbed along the length. He knelt between her legs and lifted her thighs a little so he could get his knees under them then began to rub his bell end up and down between her pussy lips and against her swollen clitoris. After a minute of teasing he pressed his bell end hard against the opening of her pussy and Sarah gasped as it popped into her.Des leant forward on his hands and told Sarah to relax so he could get his full length inside her then he began pushing his cock into her an inch at a time then pulling back before he pushed the next inch into her. She seemed fine for the first 7 or 8 inches but on the next push she let out a long groan of “oh my god its big!”Sarah breathed in ant out hard several times as Des pushed and eventually his hips landed on hers and he was fully in . Sarah breathing slowed a little and he asked her if she was ok. “Oh yes” she said “I want you go give it to me hard.”Des started to rock his pelvis back and forth and each thrust in caused Sarah to wince but he kept going and pulled out a bit more each time before he thrust back into her until his strokes were practically the full length of his cock. “Oh fuck yes” Sarah cried as he began to thrust harder and quicker.Each time he slammed into her she shrieked with pleasure clearly loving the feeling of being stretched and rammed. She moved a hand to her clitoris and began to rub it whilst her other hand cupped and squeezed one of her breasts. Des began to go even quicker and each time he rammed into her she shrieked “Yes!”She reached the hand which was on her breast out to me and grabbed my arm, “come and squeeze my tits” she asked. I knelt just behind her head and squeezed both her breasts, her nipples were rock hard, pressing against my palms. Sarah began to rub her clitoris harder and faster she was now panting between gasps, “harder, quicker” she was saying. Des was pounding her really hard. I saw her eyes close and she sucked in a illegal bahis huge breath which she held, her back arched and I knew she was about to orgasm so I pinched her nipples hard and she cried out as she exhaled and her whole body began to shudder as her face became flushed. She held Des between her legs , not allowing him to move, his cock buried deep inside her. When her breathing settled she pushed him away from her and his hard cock sprang out of her pussy. She propped herself up on her elbows and then her hands until she was sitting almost face to face with Des. “Did you enjoy fucking me hard?” she asked him.“Oh fuck yes” he told her.Good, because I want you to fuck me bareback, treat me like a little slut, hurt me and fill me full of your cum. she said. Des looked at me and I just shrugged and told him it was up to him.Sarah lay back down, looked up at me and winked and I saw Des line his cock up with her pussy then watched as he rammed the full length of his shaft into her as she groaned long and slow. He began to fuck her with long slow deep strokes and she rolled her eyes and groaned. “Oh thats good” she said.Des began to pump her harder and quicker. Sarah pulled him onto her so his face was directly above hers and gripped his shoulders hard. “ Come on, look me in the eyes and pump your cum into me” she said. This seemed to really turn him on as he stared at her and began to grunt every time he rammed into her. “Oh yes, harder” she said. Des went quicker. “Deeper she cried” He went harder and grunted louder. Des began to breath faster and deeper. Her talking seemed to fire him up. She groaned loudly “oh my god I’m going to cum again. Fuck me deep and seed me”Des propped himself up then grabbed Sarah’s breasts, he pinched her nipples and pulled on them hard and fucked her so hard and fast she screamed, and her orgasm surged through her, a few more hard thrusts and he let out a huge grunt, rammed his cock deep and began to shake They remained locked together for about 30 seconds, both shuddering and groaning until eventually their breathing began to steady and they relaxed. They both lay motionless, panting for about a minute before Des pushed himself up and withdrew his cock from Sarah’s pussy, all dripping with a sticky mix of both their juices.He went into the bathroom and I asked Sarah how she was. She was laying there with her knees raised gently caressing her abdomen and her nipples where Des had pinched and pulled them leaving red finger marks. “I’ll let you know when everything stops stinging” she said with a smile. I went and poured some wine from the bottle and as I walked back to the bed I could see her pussy, all stretched, swollen and pink with Des’s cum flowing out. Des came back from the bathroom carrying a towel and two wet flannels which he gave to Sarah. “I hope I didn’t hurt you?” he said. She thanked him for the flannels and told him she was fine before she d****d one flannel over her breasts and pressed the other against her pussy.Des and I want back to the kitchen area and Sarah sat up and went to the bathroom. He asked where we were staying and I told him our hotel name. He told me he had an account with a taxi company and he would call us one on him as a thank you for some great fun.Sarah came back from the bathroom, all dressed again and smiling. We finished our drinks and the taxi came. As we were leaving Des told us he wasn’t working the following day if we fancied some more fun and gave me a card with his number on. So did we or didn’t we? Well…..

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