Black Lace and Sweat Ch. 01


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Terry sat in her car outside the little lingerie store, wondering why she had come here. The decision to buy a new piece of sexy underthing was not a new one, she already had a closet full of fun stuff to wear. That wasn’t the problem. Now was it that her best friend had recommended this place, telling Terry that she would get great, personal service here. All of that was fine. No, the issue was the store itself. The shop was off the main streets and looked to be in serious need of repair. The entire neighborhood needed to be repaired or demolished, which ever could be done quicker and cheaper. A wrecking ball really couldn’t hurt the place, and it might even make it look better. The entire area was dark and dreary, what little light there was coming from distant streelights and a small bulb above the door. The sign on the front of the door read:

“Gift of Bastet”

Beyond that, the door was bare other than, right below the sign, two gold cat eyes were painted on and peered forever into the night. The only window to the shop was covered by a thick curtain from within, and no light escaped. Sighing, and thinking to herself the place was probably closed anyway, Terry shook her head and her long, blonde hair tumbled over her shoulders. Why her friend had told her to come here at this time of night, she would never figure out. Just as she was about to drop the car into reverse and back away, she looked at the door and gasped in shock. The cat’s eyes that had been peering into the night, were now focused squarely on her. As she stared back at them, she felt herself being drawn into them and the rest of the world disappeared. She sat there for how long she couldn’t tell, the eyes capturing her. She shook her head again to clear her mind and, without quite knowing why, turned off the engine and got out. All the thoughts she had about getting mugged or worse had vacated her mind.

She walked to the door and was just about to knock when it swung open. With a thrill of nervousness, she stepped through and into the tiny store. Looking around, she was surprised to see the the inside was well lit and nicely arranged, against her expectations that it would be as dirty and dingy as the outside. On the counter along one wall sat a gray and brown striped cat with intense golden eyes. With a start, she realized that they were the same eyes painted on the outside of the door. The strangeness of the situation was not lost on her. Hearing a noise behind her, she spun to see a woman standing just a couple of feet away. Terry wondered how she had gotten so close even as she considered what she saw. The woman was something beyond beautiful. Her long, black hair hung straight down to her perfectly tapered waist, and the thin, off white showed off her body while leaving just enough to the imagination. Looking down, Terry saw that she wasn’t wearing shoes on her absolutely perfect feet, the toes painted a deep red and sporting a ankle bracelet that carried a symbol she dimly remembered was called an Ankh. Her dark eyes appraised Terry before locking onto her hazel ones. The thrill of nervousness was replaced by a different thrill, this one of sexual need. She had never been attracted to another woman before, but this one was something else entirely. The woman walked around to the back of the counter, her voice silky smooth as she spoke.

“Good evening, and welcome to my shop,” as she spoke, her hand stroked along the cat’s back, and Terry wondered what it feel like to have that same hand stroking along her skin. “My name’s Linda, and this is my friend, Astarte.” She smiled at Terry, and the thrill in the pit of her stomach moved southward. “What can I help you with tonight?”

Terry cleared her throat and spoke with some effort, “I…uuhhh…I was told about your shop by a friend of mine,” she drifted closer to the counter and caught a whiff of perfume that left her knees weak, “I…I was curious though, I’ve never seen your shop advertised, and your place is so far out of the way. How do you stay in business?”

Linda chuckled and another thrill ran through her, “my business is run strictly through word of mouth.” Terry thought she heard a slight emphasis on the last word, “I have a lot of repeat customers izmit escort as well.” Looking in her eyes, Linda asked, “there’s something else you’re wondering, isn’t there?”

Terry nodded, “about the name of your store. Wasn’t Bastet the name of an Egyptian goddess?”

Linda laughed, a throaty sound that almost had Terry climaxing where she stood, “yes, she is. Actually, she’s the goddess of sexuality and cats, among other things.” She came around to the front of the counter and stood just before Terry, “there are many gods and goddesses throughout history that have dealt with sexuality and lust, from Bastet to Aidin for the Celts, Freya for the Germans, Voluptus for the Romans,” she reached out and rubbed the cat behind her ear, “even my little friend here is named after the Phoenician goddess.” Astarte purred and rubbed her head into Linda’s hand, “and here we revere them all.” Looking Terry up and down, she arched an eyebrow and asked, “so tell me, is there something in particular that you’re looking for, or just window shopping?”

Terry caught herself staring at the sway of Linda’s breasts under her dress, thinking that there was no bra to hold them back, and then tore her eyes away to look at the selection laid out before her. There were several racks of dainty fabrics stacked in front of her, as well as more pieces hung on the walls. “I’m not sure, everything looks so wonderful,” looking back at Linda, she asked, “is there anything that you would recommend?” A nervous trill infected her voice.

Linda looked her up and down once more, the possibilities she considered in her eyes, “I think I might have a piece or two that you would like.” She brushed by Terry and lifted one hand to trail along her cheek. Just that brief contact almost had her coming undone. She briefly wondered what the hell was happening to her before the thought vanished as she watched Linda’s ass as it walked away from her. She watched while the sexy, raven-haired goddess wandered through the racks, picking out then discarding a few items. While she watched, leaning against the counter, a furry head bumped her elbow. Without thinking about it, she began to scratch behind Astarte’s ear. She heard Linda’s voice from behind one of the racks. “It seems she likes you.”

Puzzlement flooded through her. The rack was above head height, and there was no way that Linda could have seen her petting the cat. After a moment, she decided to just chalk it up to all the strangeness of the evening. Linda came back a moment later with a wispy piece of black lace on a hanger. It was a teddy with the matching black lace panties. Leading Terry over to the dressing rooms, she handed her the outfit and motioned her inside with the instructions to call when she was ready.

Terry stepped into the dressing room and was immediately struck by the size of it. It was larger than any other dressing room she had been in. it was so large in fact that there was a full couch along one side. Softly closing the door behind her, she set the teddy down and disrobed, carefully laying her clothes on one end of the couch. Picking up the teddy, she slipped it off the hanger and onto her body, followed by the panties. Looking in the mirror, she couldn’t believe what she saw. She had worn lingerie many times before, but there was something different about this scrap of lace. Her voluptuous breasts almost spilled over the top, and the darkly sheer material barely showed the thong panties underneath. As she stared in the mirror, a wave of pure lust punched her in the gut, and she slipped a hand inside the panties to stroke her clit with her middle finger. She had gotten no more than a couple of flicks in when there was a knock at the door. She quickly pulled her hand out as Linda casually strolled in.

“Thought you might like a second opinion,” she spoke with that sultry voice and stepped over to Terry. Taking her shoulders, Linda turned her to face the mirror again. With Linda standing behind her, Terry felt that wave of uncontrollable lust again, but this time directed at the beauty standing at her back. As if she know what Terry was thinking, Linda gently pulled her hair away from the side of her neck and leaned down to place a soft kiss on her shoulder. Terry’s head rolled back as Linda kissed and nibbled her way the soft skin, working her way up to her ear, izmit kendi evi olan escort where she took it between her lips. Linda’s hands came around to cup Terry’s breast through the thin material, and her nipples stood to attention instantly. Terry’s head came up and she looked in the mirror. The image of her being felt up by this beautiful woman was too much to take and she spun around.

With no further thought in her mind, Terry acted on sheer impulse. She caught Linda’s face in her hands and brought their lips together, her begin returned enthusiastically. Linda’s hands cupped Terry’s bare ass cheeks, the contact driving her deeper into a frenzied need. Letting go of her face, Terry broke the kiss and pulled back. She had to see the body that the dress showed, but kept cleverly concealed at the same time. With trembling fingers, she began to undo the buttons tat lined the front. Getting down to the waist, Linda shrugged her shoulders and the dress fell to the ground, pooling at her feet. Terry could only stare at the perfection standing before her. Linda’s breasts were fully formed, round, and tipped by jutting, dusky nipples which beckoned lips and tongue to worship. Her waist dipped inward only to flare out at her hips, and Terry thought for a second it was odd a woman who owned a lingerie shop wasn’t wearing underwear. That pondering was forgotten as her eyes focused on the trimmed patch in a little strip right above completely shaved lips. A longing possessed Terry’s soul, a longing to simply touch this goddess in human form, to be touched by her. Before she could do anything, however, Linda took her hands and guided her over the couch. She sat Terry down and took a seat beside her.

Softly, Linda cupped and caressed her face as she brought Terry in for another soul shaking kiss. With one hand on her cheek, Linda’s other hadn stroked along her shoulder, brushing the strap off. Moving her lips away from Terry’s, she kissed her way down the exposed shoulder and, meanwhile, brushed the other strap away as well. Her fingers trailed acroos the expanse of Terry’s upper chest, and Terry gave into the longing that still had a hold of her. She reached out and hefted one of Linda’s breasts in each hand. The skin was so amazingly soft and silky that it slid easily under her fingers. Linda used the sides of her thumbs to push the teddy down over Terry’s bust, exposing her breasts. She toured her lips around the whole of Terry’s chest, finally focusing in on the nipples which ached for her mouth. The warm wetness of Linda’s mouth had Terry soaking the panties she still wore, and the brief thought skipped across her mind that she going to need to buy the outfit now. As quick as it came, the thought went away as Linda’s hand came down to caress her inner thigh.

Shifting on the couch, Linda leaned Terry back against the cushions and slid around to kneel in front of her. Taking her thighs, Linda parted them and placed gentle, patient kisses along the insides of them, trailing her lips and tongue up one, then the other. Terry was in state of sexual desperation but, oddly enough, not frenzied like she would normally be at this point. She felt Linda’s fingers glide over her panty-covered crotch and shuddered from the sheer need of it all. Linda kissed her way to where Terry’s desire lay under the fabric, and pulled the cloth to the side, exposing her swollen lips. She softly licked her way up from the bottom of Terry’s slit to start lapping at the clit pushing it’s way free from it’s hood. Her technique resembled a cat licking at a bowl of cream and that’s what Terry felt like at the moment, a bowl of cream being devoured by a hungry kitty. She moaned out loud as Linda took a finger and slipped it inside of her. She was so wet by now that it slid in easily and Linda crooked her finger at just the right angle to hit her g-spot. The need gave way to pleasure as Linda expertly guided her to an earth-shattering orgasm.

The climax tore through her as Linda’s finger and tongue continued to push her higher, further than she had ever been. Thought become impossible and the only thing that existed was the sensations pouring through her repeatedly. Just when she thought she was done, Linda moved her finger or tongue a little and it started all over again. Wave after wave swept through her and she sobbed with the strength of it all. When she thought she couldn’t take any more without going insane, Linda let off and allowed her come back down. While she was trying to catch her breath, Linda rose from the floor and sat next to her on the couch, taking Terry in her arms softly, as a lover would, and pulled Terry’s head down to lay on her breast.

Even after being taken through all that, her hunger for this woman had not abated, and once she had her breath back, she turned her head to capture one of those beautiful nipples in her mouth. Linda ran her hands through Terry’s blond curls as she suckled one, then the other nipple. Never before had she been with another woman, but in this time and place, nothing else seemed more natural. Linda turned and lay back on the couch, stretched out. Terry looked on as she lay there, lush and inviting, and she slowly lowered herself to worship that perfect body. She worked her mouth all over Linda’s breasts, taking her time and trailing her tongue down to a belly button that sported a small diamond piercing. Funny that she hadn’t noticed that before. Over Linda’s lower belly to the strip of hair above her intended target. She lay there between Linda’s legs and gazed with wonder at the sight before her.

Linda’s vulva was swollen with desire, the moistness making the lips shine even as her tiny clitoris showed itself, settling herself stomach down, Terry showered kisses upon that pretty vagina. She tasted Linda’s musk and when she inhaled, could smell it as well, the scent making her head swim. Far from being hesitant her first time, she dove in lustfully, wanting to devour every scent, every touch, every taste she possibly could. She licked her way up the slit, flicking the clit at the top, before going back to the bottom. She pushed her tongue in as far as she could and the juices coated her tongue in a sweet, yet, musky, flavor. She couldn’t get enough of it and began to stroke her tongue up, and then down again, before finally moving all the way up to Linda’s nub once again. She had no idea the sense and power of going down on a woman could make her experience. The very idea that she could give someone such pleasure sent a thrill all the way down to her clit and a fresh flood of juices answered the thrill.

She had been going for no more than a minute when Linda pulled away. Terry looked up in disappointment until she was told to swing around. Realizing what Linda in had in mind, she turned her body so that she was on top of Linda in a 69 position. Terry dove in even as Linda began to make love to her clit once more. The sensations were so intense Terry thought she would pass out. Their breasts pushed into each other’s bellies as they licked and sucked at each other. Terry could feel a massive climax building deep within and tried to concentrate on what was laying before her. It was a hopeless task, as Linda’s expert tongue brought her to orgasm once again. She bucked and thrashed over Linda’s body, noticing that the prostrate form under he was doing the same. She rode out the orgasm while giving into it at the same time. A thousand different sensations pounded at her until it seemed her head would explode from all of it. Throughout it all, however, her hands remained planted on Linda’s hips and her mouth continued to explore Linda’s crevasse. Finally, she began to to come back to reality and, with one last shudder of an aftershock, rolled off and collapsed to the ground. Lazily she stroked a hand along Linda’s calf. The haze on her brain deepened. She tried concentrate, but the thoughts on her head skipped merrily out of reach.

The next thing Terry knew, she was dressed and sitting out in her car. As she looked back at the shop, the little light above the door went out and the entire area plunged into darkness. She desperately tried to remember what had happened in the last few minutes. Vague images came to her of getting dressed again, of paying for the lingerie, of Linda, still nude, telling her to please come again with a passionate kiss. She looked down to see a small bag sitting beside her on the floorboard. She shook her head and smiled as she started the car. There was only two thing that she could think of. One was that she couldn’t wait to show her husband, Matt, her sexy new thing. And two, that she would definitely be a repeat customer, of that, she was certain. As she pulled out, she glanced one more time at the door and decided what she saw was just her imagination. After all, painted cat eyes don’t glow in the dark, do they?

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