Subject: Billy and Dennis 38 Can you imagine life without Nifty? Please show your support with contributions to keep the Archive online. You can find out how fty/donate.html This story is completely fictional. I’d love to hear from you if you are enjoying this story. Please send comments to ail and I will reply as soon as I can. Bill BILLY AND DENNIS Chapter 38 “They have started talking about the Christmas Dance at school but I’m not going,” Billy told Dennis as they chatted on Skype. “Why not?” Dennis asked, although he guessed the answer. “Duh! Because I can’t dance with you,” replied Billy. “Surely there must be someone else you’d like to dance with. There are lots of pretty girls and even a few other handsome boys,” said Dennis. “You know the Head has agreed to same-sex partners this year.” “I won’t even comment on your suggestion of dancing with a girl.” Billy frowned before going on. “I don’t want to come out as gay in case anyone sees us together out of school and creates problems for us. Besides, the only boy I quite fancy has a girlfriend.” “Oh, you fancy one of the other boys! Tell me more,” smiled Billy. “Nothing to tell, really. It’s Donald McKechnie, one of the prefects. I think I only fancy him because he reminds me of you but he has never given me a second glance.” “Poor Billy. This Donald must be super-straight if he doesn’t notice what a gorgeous guy you are,” responded Dennis. “Oh, shut up,” laughed Billy. “Anyway I’m not going to the dance. Will you be going along to supervise?” “I was asked but I said I had already agreed to attend my mother’s birthday party that night,” replied Dennis. “I thought your mother’s birthday was in March, not December,” said Billy. Dennis grinned and nodded. “Oh! I’m shocked to learn that teachers tell lies.” Billy started giggling. Dennis laughed too and then asked, “Any thoughts about what we are doing over the Christmas period?” “Not really but I think Mum and Dad will expect you to join us for Christmas Dinner,” replied Billy. “My Mum has hinted about you and I going down to visit them at Christmas. She is definitely beginning to accept us being a couple,” said Dennis. “We could drive down to visit your parents on Boxing Day if you don’t mind a long drive,” suggested Billy. “We could visit Rick too.” “That’s a good idea,” said Dennis. “Maybe we can arrange to stay with Rick in case Mum still has some reservations about us sharing a bed in her house.” “Yeah, and then I won’t have to worry about being quiet when you fuck me,” Billy said with a wink. “I might not be able to fuck you after a few of Mum’s sherries and some of Dad’s home-brew,” teased Dennis. “Huh! I won’t allow you to have too many drinks,” said Billy. “It’s a rule that you must fuck me every time we share a bed.” “I didn’t agree to that rule,” smiled Dennis. “If you want to be my boyfriend, you must obey my sex rules,” stated Billy. “You can’t sleep beside me unless my pussy receives a load of your cum first.” Dennis laughed. “Okay, boss. Any other rules I should know about?” “You must already know that I like to start the day with sex too,” answered Billy. Then he smiled and said, “I think there should be a rule saying that when we are together we should have sex at every possible opportunity.” Dennis smiled and shook his head. “You’re going to wear me out.” *** It was the weekend before Christmas and Billy was at Dennis’s apartment. “Would you like to open one of your presents early? I bought you something you won’t want to open in front of the others?” Billy said to Dennis. “Something naughty? Well, I guess you want me to open it now so why not,” smiled Dennis. Billy hurried off to fetch the present from his bag. “Dad helped me buy it online,” he said when he returned and handed the package to Dennis. “I’m intrigued.” Dennis smiled and squeezed the package, trying to guess what was inside. Finally he ripped the paper and bubble-wrap off to find a strap-on dildo. His mouth fell open. “What?” “Since you no longer have sex with Will, I thought I should find a way to fuck you occasionally,” said Billy. “The fake cock isn’t quite as big as Will’s but it’s hollow so I can put mine inside.” “Thanks, Billy.” Dennis smiled and added, “I’ve never seen a see-through one before.” He moved close to give the teen a kiss. “I think your cock is perfect but it could be fun playing with this.” “Now?” Billy grinned. “I’m horny.” “You’re always horny!” retorted Dennis. “When I’m with you – yes. Let me wash that thing for you and then we can get started,” said Billy. “What did your dad say when you asked him to order that?” Dennis asked as he watched Billy clean the sex-toy. “He was a bit surprised that you might enjoy taking a dildo,” smiled the teen. “When he saw some of the really enormous ones available, his eyes almost popped out. He seemed to accept that this one was a modest toy after that. And of course he knows your cock is much bigger.” Billy laughed and then explained what was funny. “There was a big black strap-on about 25 cm (10 inches) long and I was tempted to buy that.” “I might have struggled with one that size,” smiled Dennis. “Actually it was for you to fuck me with, but then I realised your cock wouldn’t fit inside,” Billy said. Then he quickly added, “I’m joking! Your beautiful cock is more than big enough for me.” He saw that Dennis wasn’t sure whether to believe him. “Seriously! I dismissed that black one as soon as I saw the size. I saw the clear one afterwards and thought you might find it quite sexy to see my cock inside it.” “Okay. I believe you,” Dennis said as he pushed Billy through to the bedroom and took him into his arms. They kissed and hugged, and then Dennis started to undress Billy. “I love you, Billy. Have I told you that?” “Only about a billion times,” smiled Billy. “And I’m pleased because I really love you.” “I don’t know why you think your cock isn’t big enough to fuck me. It’s lovely,” Dennis said, giving the boy’s erection a squeeze.” “It’s not the ümitköy escort size, although that is part of it,” said Billy. “I just don’t feel comfortable fucking you. I’m a bottom. I was born to be fucked.” “But you’re just about to fuck me with a strap-on.” Dennis didn’t fully understand. “I will be inside it but it won’t really be me fucking you,” said Billy. “It will be a fake me, someone with a man-sized cock. I know it must seem crazy to you but that’s how I feel.” Dennis pulled the now naked teen against him and gripped Billy’s buttocks. “You might be crazy but I love you…and I’m happy you’re a bottom because I love fucking your beautiful little bum. I love the fact that you want to find a way to please me, to indulge my occasional desire to be on the receiving end.” “It’s only foreplay,” smiled Billy. “Don’t you dare cum while I’m fucking you with this toy! I just want to make you very horny before you fuck me.” Dennis laughed. “Okay, boss. Let me quickly strip off and then we’ll strap you into the…strap-on.” “It feels really weird,” Billy said as he slid his greased up cock into the fake cock. “It must but it looks hot,” Dennis said. When Billy was comfortable, Dennis fastened the straps behind the boy’s butt and then moved around to the front again. “Well, sexy? Are you ready to fuck me now?” “Yes but I need to get you ready,” replied the teen. “Starting with my tongue.” “You have a marvellous way of using your tongue,” smiled Dennis. He gave Billy another kiss and then climbed onto the bed on all fours. Billy moved behind Dennis, spread his arse cheeks and dived in. Dennis moaned softly as his young lover lapped at his puckered hole then began probing with the tip of his tongue. Soon Billy was tongue-tucking Dennis and bringing him lots of pleasure. After a few minutes, a finger replaced the tongue and probed deeper. Then two and finally three fingers stretched the entrance to prepare Dennis for the fake cock. “I think you’re ready,” Billy said. “Yeah, fuck me with your cock,” said Dennis. “Your big boy-cock.” Billy greased the rubber cock and then applied lube to Dennis’s hole. “Yes, I’m going to fuck you. I’m going to ram my cock right up into your arse and make you my bitch.” Billy couldn’t help laughing after he said that and added, “Temporarily.” “Just fuck my brains out. That’s all I need,” smiled Dennis. Billy held the base of the fake cock and pushed the head against Dennis’s entrance. Dennis moaned as he pushed back and then suddenly the dildo, with Billy’s cock inside, slid half way inside. “Yeah, that’s it, Billy. Push in deeper,” urged Dennis. “Ooh, yeah. It feels so good to have you inside me.” Billy watched as his cock – inside the latex one – disappeared into Dennis’s arse. He thought it felt very strange but he was pleased that Dennis was enjoying it. He bent down to kiss the back of Dennis’s neck and then started to fuck him. Dennis moaned a little from the start and this turned Billy on. Then the heat of Dennis’s body passed through the latex to Billy’s cock and that aroused him even more. With the moans and occasional words of encouragement, Billy found himself enjoying the fuck. “Do you like me fucking you?” he asked. “I fucking love you fucking me,” answered Dennis. “I love having your cock split me open and filling me up. Yeah, more! Give me more!” Billy smiled and began moving faster. He knew how he felt when he had Dennis’s cock inside him and it seemed that Dennis felt the same. He wanted to make him happy. He slid one hand under Dennis and took hold of his stiff cock. “You’re leaking, my darling. Try not to cum,” he said in little more than a whisper. Dennis groaned. “Okay but it won’t be easy. You’re making me feel so good.” Billy fucked faster and harder, partly to pleasure Dennis but also because he enjoyed the stimulation of having his cock squeezed by the tight arse. “Yes, yes. Fuck me!” Dennis cried. Billy continued to fuck fast and hard. Then he gasped and began spunking. “I’m cumming! I’m cumming inside you!” he told Dennis with some surprise. He hadn’t expected that to happen. “I was I could feel your hot cum! Damn that dildo!” Dennis was frustrated. Billy fell forward and hugged Dennis as he finished cumming inside the dildo, inside Dennis. Then he let the strap-on dildo slide out and said, “Sorry” as he lay down beside Dennis. “No need to apologise,” smiled Dennis. He moved closer and kissed Billy before adding, “I really enjoyed that. I haven’t cum yet and I’m really horny, so….” Billy grinned. “You want to fuck me.” Dennis nodded. “But first, let’s get rid of this.” He undid the strap and eased the dildo off Billy’s cock. Then he took the cum-covered, semi-hard cock into his mouth to suck off it clean. This brought a few moans from Billy. Then when Dennis started fingering Billy’s arse crack, the cock stiffened again. “Yes. I want your cock inside me,” Billy said, spreading his legs wider. Dennis smiled, pushed Billy’s legs back and bent down to lick his arsecrack. “Oh yes. I love it,” said Billy. “It feels so good.” Dennis’s tongue soon wormed its way into the tight arse, driving Billy wilder. Dennis lifted his head and asked, “Maybe you’d like the strap-on dildo inside you?” “Please don’t tease, Dennis. You know I want your cock,” responded Billy. Dennis wet two fingers and pushed them slowly into Billy’s hole, bringing soft moans from the teenager. “You need something bigger in this tight little pussy, don’t you?” “Yes. I need the pain and pleasure that only your cock can give me,” replied Billy. “Shove your cock inside me and fuck me hard.” Dennis finger-fucked Billy. “You want me to fuck you hard, eh?” “Ooh, yes. Punish me for only being able to fuck you with a fake cock,” said Billy. “Show me how a bottom boy should be used. Treat me as your sex toy.” Dennis couldn’t help smiling. He thought Billy was going over the top but he said nothing. He merely grabbed the KY jelly and lubed his throbbing 24 cm (9.5 inch) cock. avrupa yakası üniversiteli escort He then applied some jelly to the twitching puckered hole and got into position. A sharp cry from Billy followed when Dennis rammed more than half of his thick cock up the tight arse with his first thrust. Dennis paused to check that Billy was okay before shoving the rest of his cock deep inside. Billy groaned and then said, “That hurts so good. Use me, Dennis. I’m all yours.” Dennis bent down to kiss Billy and then he began to fuck him with short, slow thrusts. “Harder, Dennis,” begged Billy. “If that is what you want…” Dennis always tried to please Billy but he was also extremely horny at that moment so he didn’t hesitate. Within seconds he was pounding into his young lover at a furious pace. Billy whimpered and moaned but he never said or did anything to slow Dennis down. In less than five minutes, Dennis knew he couldn’t hold back any longer. “I’m going to cum!” he cried and sent volley after volley of hot cum deep into Billy. Despite having cum only a short time earlier, Billy was very close to the edge. He grabbed his cock and wanked himself, and started spunking off before Dennis had finished cumming. Dennis waited until Billy had finished and then fell on top of him, rubbing their two bodies together and spreading the teenage cum. Billy wrapped his arms and legs around Dennis as the pair kissed while unwinding from the sexual bliss. “That was wild,” Billy said when Dennis finally rolled off him. “Yeah?” Dennis grinned. “You liked it?” “I loved!” smiled Billy. “We were made for each other.” “You could be right,” Dennis said, before pulling Billy closer for another kiss. *** Dennis phoned his friend and colleague Will after Billy returned home. After a brief catching up, Dennis asked if Will could help him with an unusual present he wanted to buy for Billy. “It’s probably too late to get it for Christmas but I’m hoping your contact who is into 3D printing can help.” “You’d better tell me what it is. I’m curious,” replied Will. He laughed when Dennis told him but agreed that Billy would love it. “I’ll see what I can find out and get back to you.” Back at Billy’s home, Karl was eager to hear what Dennis had thought of the strap-on dildo. “He liked it, Dad,” was all Billy said at first. “And did you…you know…wear it and use it…with him?” Karl asked. Billy laughed at his father’s reluctance to speak openly about the sextoy. “Yes, Dad. I put my stiff cock inside it, strapped it on and then fucked Dennis with it. He loved it…and I spunked off while fucking him.” “Wow! I didn’t expect that to happen,” said Karl. “Neither did I,” said Billy. “It was a sexy situation though and we were both turned on.” “Did he…you know…cum while you did it?” Karl wanted to know more. “I would have been annoyed if he had! No, he was very turned on though.” Billy smiled. “He gave me a really good fucking afterwards.” Billy glanced down and noticed the tent in Karl’s trousers. “Hey, you’ve got a stiffy!” Karl quickly adjusted himself. “Sorry, Billy. I know it’s wrong but I get aroused when I think of you and Dennis doing…stuff.” Billy laughed and gave his dad a hug. “No worries. Good to know an old man like you can still get an erection. Well, I must get ready for bed now. Goodnight!” “Goodnight, son.” Karl kissed the top of Billy’s head and watched him leave. As he entered his own bedroom, Billy wondered what Dennis would say if he knew that his old man was turned on thinking about them using the strap-on. *** Christmas was a family affair and a bigger one than the previous year. Billy’s brother Malcolm and has wife Sheila were there and so too was Billy’s sister Libby and her husband Phil. Billy helped with the cooking, much to the amusement of Libby. Then she went too far and suggested that Billy was going to make Dennis `a good little housewife.’ Billy almost growled at her when he said, “It’s time you came into the twenty-first century, Libby. There is no male and female role in our relationship.” Libby knew she had been wrong. “Sorry,” she said, looking at Billy and Dennis. “It was a stupid thing to say and I apologise.” Billy grunted but Karl helped smoothed things over as he topped up the wine glasses. “You do know that many of the best chefs are men, don’t you, Libby?” Libby mumbled something, stared at her plate and then said, “Your soup is really nice, Billy.” “I’ll give you the recipe later,” said Billy. “Or maybe I should give it to Phil?” Libby smiled at Billy. “I wish Phil could cook. He can hardly boil a kettle.” “Hey, I made you breakfast this morning,” said Phil. “Tea and toast!” Libby said and everyone laughed. *** Dennis had told his mother in advance that he and Billy would be staying with Rick. He couldn’t tell whether she was disappointed or relieved when they had spoken on the phone but he thought she was being honest when she was saying goodbye to Billy and added that she wished he was staying longer. “I know that the idea of sleeping in a separate bed probably doesn’t appeal but I won’t object to you sharing a bed here with Dennis once you turn sixteen.” “Thanks. I only have a few months to wait then,” smiled Billy. “Thanks, Mum,” said Dennis. “Rick is keen to see us too and we don’t want to be a burden.” After some hugs and kisses, Dennis and Billy set off for Dennis’s house. “That was nice,” said Billy. “I like your parents…even your straight-laced mother.” “She’s not too bad,” smiled Dennis. “Hey, you didn’t have any sherries or any of your dad’s home brew. Does that mean you’re fit enough for us to have sex tonight?” Billy winked at Dennis. “Why do you think I insisted on driving rather than leaving the car at Rick’s? We were up too early for sex this morning so I know you must be really horny now.” Dennis grinned. Billy nodded. “I’m really, really horny. Pull in to the side and let me suck your cock.” urfa escort Dennis laughed. “Behave! We’ll be at Rick’s house in a couple of minutes.” “Spoilsport!” Billy pouted. Then he asked, “Will Rick be joining us in bed tonight?” “I was hoping it would just be the two of us,” replied Dennis. “Do you want me to ask him to join us?” Billy shook his head. “No. I don’t want to share you with anyone tonight or any other night for the rest of this year. We haven’t had much time alone in the last few days.” Dennis reached over and squeezed Billy’s knee. “I’m glad. Yes, we do need some time alone. We will only be here for one night and then you can spend the rest of the school holiday with me.” Billy smiled. “Thanks, Dennis. You’re the best boyfriend ever.” *** On the journey home, Dennis received a text message telling him that his special present was ready. Since he was driving, he had asked Billy to read the message out to him. “Who is giving you a special present?” Billy wanted to know. “Actually it is a present for you,” said Dennis. “Something I had specially made. We’ll make a detour and pick it up.” “What is it? asked the excited teen. “I’m not telling you now,” replied Dennis. “I want to see your face when you open the package.” Billy frowned for a moment then relaxed. He knew it must be something unusual and he was pleased that Dennis had arranged a surprise present. “Okay,” he said with a smile. “We need to stop for groceries too on the way home.” Billy had waited in the car while Dennis collected the package and put it in the boot. Now, in Dennis’s apartment, he was finally given it. “I hope you like it,” Dennis said as he handed it over. Billy has a good feel but couldn’t work out what was inside the package. He ripped off the paper and some protective packing to find a huge dildo made of soft white plastic. His mouth fell open as he examined it. “It looks just like your cock,” he said. “It should as it was made from a scan of my dick,” said Dennis. “It was embarrassing to strip off and get erect in front of a man I’d never met before but I thought you’d like a copy to play with when we are apart.” “I love it.” Billy smiled and gave Dennis a kiss. “I want to play with it now.” Dennis laughed. “Let’s put the groceries away first and have a cuppa. I need to unwind after that long drive.” “Okay,” said Billy while looking at the dildo again. “I wonder what Dad will say when he sees it.” “You’re going to show your dad?” Dennis asked. “He has seen the real thing so why not? Do you think I shouldn’t?” Billy responded. Dennis shrugged. “It’s up to you but I don’t think you should let him borrow it.” Billy laughed. “Dad wouldn’t want to use it.” “Maybe not,” said Dennis. When washing the mugs after the tea, Billy turned to Dennis. “We have about 90 minutes before we need to start preparing dinner. Time for some fun in bed, I think.” Dennis laughed. “Okay. Then wash this too.” He tossed the new dildo to Billy. Billy caught the dildo and put it in the soapy water. “How did you find out where to get this made?” “Through Will. He told me about a friend who had started a 3D printing business and how he made all kinds of things,” replied Dennis. “When I asked Will if that might include copying a certain part of my anatomy, he told me that the guy had already made a copy of a cock for someone.” “I bet yours required a lot more plastic,” smiled Billy. “I could have got a smaller version but I thought you’d want a life size model,” said Dennis. “Definitely! I’d have felt cheated with a smaller version.” Billy rinsed and dried the dildo. “Now let’s go and play.” Once in the bedroom the pair kissed and cuddled before undressing each other. As usual, Billy was fully erect before he was naked. They fell on the bed and kissed some more while caressing each other. Soon the moved onto a sixty-nine position and started sucking each other’s cocks. Then Billy reached for the Dennis-dildo and placed it next to the real thing. “Apart from the colour, it is identical,” he said. “Which one do you want inside you?” Dennis asked. “The real one of course,” replied Billy. “The warm one which will fill me with spunk.” He grinned and added, “Although it might be nice to try the fake one when you lose your erection.” “You’re insatiable,” laughed Dennis. Yes, I can never get enough of your cock,” agreed Billy. “Oooh, that feels lovely.” Dennis had begun rimming him. Billy spread his legs wider and took Dennis’s cock back into his mouth. When Dennis started fucking him, Billy took the dildo and sucked the cockhead. He wanted to imagine taking two huge cocks at the same time but he also knew that Dennis got turned him watching him suck another man’s cock. Dennis smiled. “You’re a beautiful little slut. My beautiful little slut.” “Yes, and I’m yours now and forever,” smiled Billy. He dropped the dildo, put his hands around Dennis’s neck and stretched up to kiss him. “Fuck me, my darling. Fuck me and make me cum.” Billy was already leaking lots of pre-cum so Dennis knew he wasn’t far from cumming. He began to fuck with faster, more forceful thrusts and this brought soft moans of pleasure from Billy. “I’m close. Fuck me harder!” Billy cried after a few more minutes. “Aaagh! I’m cumming!” Spurt after spurt of white boy-cream flew from Billy’s cock in a massive hands-free orgasm. This took Dennis over the edge. He groaned and fired his load deep inside Billy’s arse. Then he collapsed on top of Billy and hugged him tightly. Nothing was said for a few minutes. Then they kissed and Dennis’s flaccid cock slid from Billy’s arsehole. “Put your copy inside me, please,” Billy said. Dennis shook his head but he smiled, greased up the dildo and slid it into Billy’s eager hole. “How does that feel?” “The size is perfect but it’s not as good as the real thing,” replied Billy. “It’s definitely better than my other dildos though and I will be using it sometimes when we can’t get together.” Dennis laughed. “I’m pleased you like it.” He took hold of the base of the dildo and began to fuck Billy with it. “Can I make you cum again?” Billy smiled and shook his head. “Not right now. I want to wait until later and get the real thing again.” Dennis smiled and bent down to give his boy a kiss. “Let’s get a shower and then prepare dinner. There’s a tv show I want to watch later.” To be continued

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