Bigrig Ch. 13


I would like to thank Athena_by_night and Dcraig for their help in getting this finished and edited. I thank you for your creative input that really made this chapter much better.

And here is it, my wonderful readers, the next chapter that will be followed with a few more. But this will begin the daring ride to the end. Are you ready? lol Let’s just find out. So, without further ado, I give you Chapter 13.


The next morning they all sat together for breakfast at a local favorite restaurant. Having finished eating, they enjoyed relaxing with their coffees when Bruce lit up a cigarette.

Jonathan eyed him doing so with some interest. But having not had a smoke in so many months it really didn’t pay for him to begin again. Plus the fact that it might start World War 3 with Greg and Tony, so he remained silent about it.

“I’ll drive you to work and hide your car at the yard. I think Ben is going to issue you a different one, from what he said this morning.” Bruce informed him.

“Okay, it’ll be good that he does. They know my car now.”

“Yes, he said that, too. He also said you’ll be stayin’…”

“Bruce…” Tony reached across the table getting his attention, as he eyed the two men that walked in. They were dressed professionally in suites and dark shades. This early in the morning there was no need for the shades, it still being dark outside, really. It was a give away from the moment they waltzed in. And he thought he recognized one of them, but wasn’t sure.

Jonathan turned looking at them too. He gasped when he saw Peter accompanied by Maurice. When he recognized Maurice, he spun back around, his face turning white.

“What is it, Jon?” Bruce leaned to his right asking softly. His arm moved to the back of the cushion and around Jonathan’s shoulders for comfort.

“The man with the dark hair, that’s Maurice. The other guy is Peter.” He whispered.

Bruce looked at the tall handsome blonde that Jonathan knew as his friend. He was not able to see his eyes until he was sitting and pulled his shades almost completely off his nose. Peter looked over at Bruce fully showing him the light crystalline blue of them readily.

In them he saw a purity he had never seen before. They were kind and full of hope and gentleness. The color was also nothing like he had ever seen in anyone. “Angel” came to mind as Bruce stared right into them. The man called Peter barely smiled with a very slight nod, and as if to answer his thought. He then pushed the shades back on that mirrored Bruce’s stare.

Now Bruce gave attention to his perfectly full lips that appeared to turn up even more. They were very attractive to say the least. He was obviously muscular beneath the jacket and vest he wore. A trim waist was accentuated by the tailored aspects of his clothes. And his hair was long, straight and yellow blonde.

Bruce watched him lean to the man next to him that was speaking to him in a whisper. His attention then went to the man sitting there making mental notes about his appearance.

His short dark hair seemed to lie in wisps about his ears and neck. He seemed a bit shorter to the man next to him. And his face was rugged with a squared jaw line, eyes that appeared cold and malevolent, and a coarse contrast to Peter all the way around. He now understood what Greg had meant when he looked into those eyes.

“Mr. Bowman only wants him alive.” He heard Peter’s soft baritone voice with its thick accent return to Maurice.

Jonathan shuddered having heard it, too. Bruce looked at the young man next to him feeling his sudden quiver.

“I want to leave, Bruce.” He whispered his breath shaking as he spoke. “Peter won’t let Maurice hurt me. But he won’t follow us either.”

Bruce watched the waitress approach the two men across the room. “Let them order and we’ll leave when their food comes to them.” He suggested softly, hoping that with their meals before them they would leave them well enough alone.

“He then leaned across the table toward Tony. “Why are they here?”

“They’re making a statement, Bruce.” Tony leaned as close as possible, whispering.

“What statement?”

“That they’re watchin’ us and know every move we make.”

“But Peter won’t let Maurice hurt us.” Jonathan had joined them whispering also.

“Yes, true…” Tony glanced at the blonde who gave him a nod that was so slight he almost missed it. He saw a look of respect in his expression, one he had not seen in a long while. He nodded in return. “…He’s only a man.” His attention went back to the group he was with. “…If Maurice gets a wild enough hair up his ass, he’ll kill Peter himself.”

“NO!” Jonathan barked sitting back suddenly. “Don’t you ever say that again!” he pointed a deeply emotional, trembling finger at the man.

Tony stared at him long, as did everyone else in the room.

“Tony, you know how he feels about the man. Why would you torment him with a statement like that?” Bruce asked then.

“I wasn’t meaning to torment him. I was only stating a fact.”

“A fact bahis şirketleri that I believe was very unnecessary and very mistaken.” Bruce chided gently.

“What do you mean?” Tony’s brow furrowed not understanding the second part of Bruce’s statement.

“I don’t believe he is of this world. And you can think whatever you like, I don’t care.”

“Bruce…” Tony leaned back grinning. “…Are you alright?”

“Yes, I am…” The man stated firmly.

“Then what do you think he is? Or where from?” he leaned toward Bruce again, asking quietly.

“Not from here. That’s all I have to say on the matter.”

“Why? What makes you think that?”

“Have you really looked into his eyes?”

“Once or twice, why? What did you see?”

“A purity that’s not of this earth,” was all he said.


Tony now stared at him, thinking back to one of the two occasions he had peered into those very different eyes. He recalled that he too had viewed what he had not seen in any man on earth. One was a pure love and gentle kindness he had never known before. Their conversation was of Jonathan at the moment. Peter was informing him of the goings on in the Bowman mansion.

“I can’t prove a damn thing you’re telling me. So why are you here, if you can’t give me more to go on? And why can’t you tell me where I can get my proof?” He asked being drawn by those captivating eyes of his to the point he almost could not look away from them.

“You will find a way, Tony Santini. I assure you, your tenacity will not allow you to stop until you do.” Peter’s ‘R’s’ rolled off his tongue with so much ease. “…You are empowered to find the truth. And you only need to look in the simplest of places, my friend.”

“Simplest places? What are you saying? Speak English. I don’t do riddles, man. And how the hell do you know my name?” Tony scoffed.

Peter gave him a most amused grin. “You will know when the time comes. I must leave you, now. I am needed elsewhere.” He turned and the wind caught his hair blowing it to one side a bit.

Tony watched him walk back to the house. He was such a beautiful man. Yet, he found himself not able to think of him in a salacious way as he normally would. It seemed there was a shield around him that protected him from such. But he only shook it off as a moment of sanity in a time that seemed so unreal, especially for the poor youth inside the house. Then it suddenly occurred to him that he had not answered his last question.


The waitress was now bringing out a platter on which were several plates, along with a few other item. She trudged over to the table where Peter and Maurice sat.

“Okay, let’s go…” Bruce whispered to the group. He dug into his pocket leaving enough money on the table to pay the bill and a handsome tip for the tired woman that had waited on them so patiently and expeditiously.

They moved to the entrance leaving through the door. Jonathan stopped looking over at Peter one last time, seeing Maurice was digging into his pancakes and bacon hungrily.

Peter had removed his shades and leaned slightly over his simple plate of sunny side up eggs, and toast. His eyelids lifted suddenly seeming to know Jonathan was staring at him. It caused the young man’s breath to be caught in his throat.

Bruce was holding the door for him and looked over at Peter in time to see the pure love the man exuded as he stared back at the youth. His lips turned up into a gentle smile. They then mouthed the words, “Go, while you can”.

“Come on, Jonathan.” Bruce put a hand on his shoulder now realizing this man was in no way their enemy. And as long as he accompanied Maurice, they were in no danger of either of them.

He urged him through the door and to the car that Greg had already cranked and had ready for them. They got in and quickly were driving out of the parking lot.

He dropped Tony and Jonathan off at the motel. Bruce then took over the wheel ordering the other two to get everything together and be ready to go when he got back.


“That’s was dern close, Bruce.” Greg commented as they went.

The man sighed. “I just hope Peter hangs around for a long while. At least until this is over. It makes me nervous leaving you knowing Maurice is about.”

“I’ll be fine, Bruce. I don’t think Ben will let anything happen to me. You just be sure to call me once a day so I’ll know you’re alive out there.”

“Yes, dear.” Bruce teased.

“I mean it, Bruce. Don’t play that with me. I’ll worry myself sick about the three of you.” he fussed.

“I will Greg…” He reached a hand to him caressing a cheek. “…I promise.”

Greg took his hand kissing each knuckle lovingly. Lingering over them, nipping gently, tugging one finger at first into his mouth to suck on it lovingly. Slowly. Sensuously. Erotically. Bruce’s breathing altered slightly at Greg’s tender ministrations.

Greg grew excited at the change in his lover’s breathing. It encouraged him to explore further. Looking up at him with adoration shining, he inserted another bahis firmaları finger, teasing them equally and expertly with his tongue.

Letting his tongue travel the length of both to rest at the apex of the fingers, nudging against the sensitive skin. Bruce let out a long throaty moan at Greg’s foreplay.

“Hey, when we get back, I’ll take you anywhere you want to go. You’re choice. We’ll make it a date.”

“Just you and me?” Greg perked then.

“Sure, babe. We’ll go where you want and do what you want. So, you think about that this week.” Bruce then moaned as Greg pressed his lips to the palm of his hand. “You keep that up and I’ll find a hole to park this thing. We’ll go at it in the back seat. And you’ll be late for work.”

“I don’t care at this point.” Greg informed him not thinking about his job or anything else at the moment.

He just wanted to feel Bruce’s arms around him, he wanted to explore and taste him. Knowing that it would have to last awhile. Greg sullenly looked at his hands, not quite sure what else to say or do at this point. He was happy they were going to be safe and yet, sad they were leaving him behind. He was never indecisive, but he was feeling that way at the moment.

Bruce whipped the car into an abandoned warehouse parking lot. Finding a dark corner to hide in he put the car in park and turned on a little air. Without another word or thought he leaned to him grasping him at the back of the head. Pulling him to him he planted his lips to Greg’s.

The doctor quickly latched onto him half turning to him. He drove his tongue deep into his mouth enjoying the feel of him that almost seemed forgotten, even though they had relished each other the night before.

“You didn’t get enough of me, did you?” Bruce barely pulled away to ask in a whisper.

“Not even…” Greg half laughed.

“You want to take advantage of me, doctor?” Bruce teased.

“I’ll take what I can get.” the man scarcely returned.

Bruce pulled away stepping out of the car. He ducked down as Greg seemed surprised that he did and only sat there watching him. “Well, come on, stud.” the man teased, closing the front door getting into the back of the car.

Post-haste, the doctor jumped out and into the back. Bruce sat waiting as Greg climbed in moving quickly toward him. Without hesitation, he straddled his hips, took his face in both his hands, beginning to ravish his mouth urgently.

It was never the same, never grew old. His ardor for Greg increased every time they were together, every time they touched. He loved this man and would die for him. He ached to experience him fully, to feel him lie quiescent in his arms while he made love to him so very tenderly. He knew Greg’s thoughts as if they were his own. Being dominant was not called for at this moment, but tenderness was.

Bruce wasted no time at loosening Greg’s shirt and lifting the t-shirt underneath. His hands roamed his upper body licentiously. His fingers lightly traced the outlines and every detail of his chest and abdomen. They lingered here and there to tease with so much painstaking care.

Greg moaned at the feel of a nipple being tormented to very gently. His kiss became ardent almost forcing Bruce’s head back against the seat. Another moan escaped him as the gentle fingers squeezed his stippled flesh even more. Then he felt the flat of both hands move slowly across each one.

It felt so good to have this man’s hands on him, to know he was restraining himself in anticipation of their release. And knowing the danger this posed to them all if Jonathan should be taken, while they loved each other. Greg sighed, making his final decision.

“Oh, god, Bruce…” he breathed wildly to him. “…I want you so bad.”

Looking seriously into his face he moved so that Greg rested beneath him on the seat. The doctor recognized that expression on his face quickly. Without being told, he opened Bruce’s shirt and jeans as Bruce did the same for him. It seemed a tug of war for a moment until they were prepared to do what they intended. Bruce had come out of his jeans and shoes and now maneuvered over his lover.

“What are you doing?” Greg asked suddenly. “What if we get ca–“

“Shhh. Don’t say it. We won’t get caught.” He then came down over him pushing onto him fully. His lips met Greg’s in a most passionate kiss. Exploring his oral recesses fully, he lingered there for so long. Fulfilling his need and the need of his friend and lover, he remained in his arms, holding him, kissing, touching slowly, gently, and riding Greg all the while.

Greg accepted all of him totally and without reservation. He watched Bruce through half-lidded eyes, his desire for this man overcoming all the problems they faced. This was the Bruce he knew and loved so very tenderly. The side that he rarely showed. And Greg knew that he was doing it for him, which made him love Bruce more.

His lips moved down Greg’s throat, planting kisses as he went. A hand moved to his chest beginning a new torture of an erect nipple. The finger lightly traced kaçak bahis siteleri the areola, as his lips and tongue teased his flesh. Tasting. Relishing. Moving out over a shoulder.

The nipple hardened more under the care of Bruce. He lightly took it between a finger and thumb squeezing gently. A tug and Greg was trembling. And he knew it was from the combination of all that he was affording him.

“Bruce!” the man called to him suddenly pulling his body fully to him.

“Yes, Greg?” he almost laughed feeling his demise in the same instant.

Feeling the doctor arch hard toward him, he began to hear his urgent cries of ecstasy. The feel of him pulsing deep inside him flung him quickly over the edge. He pressed his lips almost right over his ear filling it with his labored breath and rapturous sounds.

The harshness of his initial release subsiding, the slickness of his skin underneath his hands, the gentle changeover to muted sounds of residual pleasure all were important to him. He wanted to leave Greg satisfied, content and knowing his love for him. He held him gently to his breast, their combined breathing calming the other. Rocking them gently in the world they had created for themselves. No one else mattered in that moment. Time stood still. They reveled in their shared intimacy, knowing that it would be awhile before they would be together again.

Sooner than they desired, they were redressing after a moment of afterglow. Bruce jumped back into the driver’s seat driving the doctor to the hospital.

When Greg got out of the car he leaned down looking at Bruce silently for a moment. “Take care of yourself out there, Bruce. Don’t you dare let anything happen to my family.” his voice broke as he fussed lightly.

“I won’t, Greg. You just listen to Ben and stay safe.” The man could see the emotion on his face, in his eyes. “Come ‘ere, babe. Don’t go in there like that.” he reached a hand to Greg speaking gently.

Greg moved back in being led to his long time lover. A kiss on each of his filled eyes forced him to close them. More kisses were fluttered over his cheeks and finally his lips. There is where Greg suddenly embraced him clinging to him as if for dear life.

“I’ll be fine, Greg. You sure you don’t want to go with us?” Bruce whispered softly.

“I wish I could. I just have no more vacation time left to go.” he almost began to weep.

“You don’t think Doug would give you a break on this?”

“I don’t think so. I’ve been out too much as it is.”

“Okay, then, you need to stop this. You’ll make yourself sick with all this worry and emotion. Now go on, before I kidnap you.” the man grinned slightly at the last. But it was a forced smile. He choked back his own emotions as he watched Greg pull away.

On his way out, Greg hesitated of a second. When he was out of the car, he closed the door rushing inside the building without looking back. He knew if he did he would be going with them after all. And at the moment his patients really needed him.


Jonathan and Tony were completely packed at ready when Bruce entered the room. They were sitting with fresh coffee from the coffee shop across the street. A third cup waited for the man when he return, and all of his belongings were carefully packed and waiting.

They were talking over some important issues of their safety on the road. Jonathan agreed but was becoming so excited he could not sit still. When the door opened he sprang to his feet ready to go.

“Have a seat, guys. We still have a few minutes left. And I need a quick shower before we leave.” he smiled, as he rushed into the bathroom with his shower bag closing the door.

“I wonder what’s with him?” Jonathan asked.

“Must have been a little tussle between him and Greg.” Tony looked to the door concerned. “Don’t you worry about it. He’ll work through it.” the man smiled gently at Jonathan.

“I hope. He really don’t need this right before he leaves.”

“Drink your coffee and relax. It’ll be alright.” When Bruce came out he changed his clothes to the surprise of the two. Going to the table, he sat at the place the extra cup had been placed.

“This for me?” he asked with a hopeful grin.

“Sure it is.” Tony informed him then.

“How’s Greg?” Tony asked seeing Bruce was a little out of sorts.

“He’s worried and scared.” He returned, but didn’t add his feeling on the matter.

“He should come with us, Bruce. I–“

Bruce held up a hand stopping him. “He had his choice. I gave him the option. He feels obligated to stay and see his patients. So, I don’t think that should be questioned or commented about.” Bruce removed the lid of his tall coffee taking a long sip. “Are we all ready to go?”

“Sure, Bruce.” Jonathan chimed with excitement.

“Good. The yard will be open around seven. We have a few extra minutes before we have to pack the car up and go.” He lifted his cup once more taking another sip. Setting it back onto the table, he lit up again. “I really want you to keep in mind that this is my job, not a sight seeing tour. I have to be in New Mexico at a certain time. If I’m late, I’ll miss the window for my back haul. Then we might be stuck in New Mexico over the weekend. And that would make me very unhappy, Jon.” The man warned.

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