Bi for a Day


It was the twilight of the day and Ted was sitting on the Lay-Z-Boy watching baseball when his wife called. Apparently there was a storm in St. Louis that cancelled her connecting flight to Chicago and she couldn’t get home until the following afternoon.

He missed Brenda, but in recent years they had become more like co-ed roommates than lovers. Her large breasts, sensitive nipples and ample ass and thighs still made his cock stand on end, but she just didn’t seem interested any longer. Ted imagined that once he retired from the electric company they would vacation in exotic locations and take part in erotic sex, but in reality, Brenda was traveling for work more now than ever. What was once an erotic relationship that featured oral sex, anal sex, a variety of positions and Ted finishing in his lovely wife’s mouth, had turned into him waiting for her to go to bed and masturbating to online porn. It had literally been months since another person had touched, let alone sucked his cock.

Sure, he had less energy since his retirement and he probably played too much golf and watched too much TV, but he still had the same 8 inch cock that used to make his wife squirm with pleasure.

What to do now, Ted thought. He would likely order a pizza for the third night since his wife had been gone, drink a few beers and watch the game. Alone. Again.

He cracked a beer, called for the pizza and waited. Thirty minutes later it arrived, as Ted was paying the delivery guy he noticed his neighbor across the street, Paul, sweeping his driveway. He had been cutting and edging his lawn all day and looked like he could use a drink. Ted put the pizza in the kitchen and walked across the street.

“Looks great, Paul. Guess I have to cut mine now before my wife gets back, once she sees your lawn she will be all over me to keep up,” Ted said, shaking hands with his younger neighbor.

Paul was tall and slim, runner’s body. He and his wife, Maureen, had moved into the house across the street two years ago. They were a nice couple. Ted had helped them install some ceiling fans and fix a few outlets that were faulty after they moved in.

“Why do you think I have been out here all day? Maureen is at her sister’s until tomorrow and I know there would be hell to pay if the grass was finished when she got home.”

Ted had long admired Paul’s wife from afar. She was young, thin and had perky breasts that Ted guessed were a perfect C-cup.

“Well, I am sure she will return, see this lawn and crown you king of landscaping,” Ted laughed at his own joke, knowing it wasn’t funny. “Since you are a bachelor tonight as well, why don’t you come over for a few beers and something to eat? I just had a pizza delivered.”

Paul güvenilir bahis liked the idea immediately and told Ted he would have to run inside and change into some clean clothes and meet him at his house in five minutes or so.

He arrived wearing khaki shorts and a polo shirt, a bit overdressed when compared to the mesh workout shorts and tee shirt Ted was wearing, but what the hell. They each got a few pieces of pizza and a cold beer and went into the living room. Ted sat on the Lazy-Y-Boy while Paul plopped onto the couch.

“So how long is Brenda gone for this time?”

“Shit, she has been gone a week, was supposed to be home today but there was some big storm in St. Louis and she is stuck there until tomorrow,” Ted said.

“Yeah, I saw something about that on the news earlier. Apparently it was a pretty nasty storm, shut down airports in like three states.”

“Just my luck.”

“Must be tough, having her gone so much, huh? I mean, how often does Brenda travel now-a-days?”

“God, it seems like she is always traveling. I hate it. I imagined that after I retired, she would stop working, it’s not like we need the money, and the two of us would travel the world together. Instead, she is on the road two weeks out of the month and I sit home, eat pizza and jerk off.”

Paul was shocked by Ted’s reaction to his wife’s travel. He had just assumed that he had gotten used to it over the years.

“That sucks. Man. But it must be great when you finally do get to see her, like newlyweds again, right?”

Ted shot him a look as if to say “yeah right.”

“I’m sure it is nothing compared to what goes on at your house, with actually newlyweds?”

Paul shot the same look back at Ted.

“Really? You too? I guess I just assumed that you and Maureen, I mean, you know, she looks like a little sex pot and you two are so young.”

Paul shifted in his seat, sipped his beer.

“It was great at first. Tons of sex all the time. Some kinky stuff, whatever. But then once our daughter was born, that all stopped. I mean, at first for obvious physical reasons of having just given birth, but she is almost two now and it really hasn’t started back up.”

Ted gave him a reassuring, “I know how you feel look.”

“Sort of the same thing with Brenda. We used to have a great sex life, but the last few months, she has been on the road more and it just seems like we never even touch each other anymore. And forget about a blow job, I haven’t had a blow job in like a year.”

“Amen to that, brother,” Paul said, drinking more beer.

The two ate pizza, watched baseball and drank a few beers for several minutes of awkward embarrassment.

“So what do you do, you know, for relief,” güvenilir bahis siteleri Paul finally asked, breaking the silence.

“Same as you, I imagine. Porn and jerking off,” Ted said laughing.

Paul nodded his head. “Amen to that!”

Ted explained how he liked threesome and voyeur porn the most. Even though the girls in the voyeur movies know they are being taped, he likes to think of himself as a fly on the wall, watching them shower, change clothes and masturbate.

Paul liked threesome porn as well. He liked to watch a married couple seduce a babysitter or nanny or some young girl off the street. He said he liked to imagine him and Maureen seducing a young babysitter to a sexy threesome.

All the talk about porn was giving Paul a semi-hard on and he hoped Ted didn’t notice.

“Ever watch threesome porn with two guys and a girl?” Paul asked.

Ted said he had watched a few such scenes and thought it was pretty hot watching the woman switch back and forth sucking one cock then the other.

“Yeah, those can be pretty hot. Ever watch one where the guys blow each other?” Paul asked.

Ted’s cock twitched at the comment. He had, of course, seen bi-sexual porn but slow played what he hoped was Paul’s intention.

“I don’t think so, no.”

“It’s pretty hot. I mean, really erotic to see two guys going at it. If you want to watch some I am sure we can find some on demand,” Paul said, grabbing the remote control. Ted nodded in agreement.

Paul found the porn on the cable on-demand menu like he had done it a thousand times before. He put on a movie called “All Bi-Guys.” Within minutes of the movie starting, a sexy young blonde with giant tits and her boyfriend, who had at least 9 inches, were 69-ing when his roommate walked into the room. The roommate immediately pulled his cock out and asked if he could join in. The blonde explained that he could, but only if he blew her boyfriend first. He didn’t skip a beat and began licking his hard cock while the blonde fingered her pussy.

“Could you imagine if this happened in real life?” Paul asked.

“It would be a great world,” Ted replied, fully hard now.

“I mean, look at that guy’s cock, they don’t make cocks that big,” Paul said, looking at Ted, who shrugged. “No way, you are that big?”

“No, not that big, but pretty damn close.”

“No way!” Paul replied. “Let me see it.”

Ted was excited by the idea but not sure how to react. Before he could say a word, Paul had undone his pants and dropped them and his boxers to his ankles, showing his fully hard, fully shaved, cut, 6 inch cock.

“Here, I showed you mine, now let me see your porn-cock,” he laughed.

Ted starred at Paul’s beautiful iddaa siteleri cock for several seconds, watching him spontaneously jiggle it and rub his balls. Ted lifted his hips up and slide off his shorts and boxers. His 8 inch cock sprang out, fully hard, very thick and cut. Paul glared at it.

“Holy shit, man. You weren’t lying.”

“I told you,” Ted replied. “Not quite as big, but pretty damn close. They sat in their respective seats, still watching the movie. The blonde and her boyfriend were now giving head to the roommate at the same time. Ted looked over and when he saw Paul stroking his cock, he began to stroke his own.

Paul looked over and watched Ted stroke his cock for a few seconds. “You stroking too, huh?”

Ted nodded.

“Come over here and stroke with me,” Paul suggested.

Ted got up and walked over to the couch, sat to the left of Paul, his cock fully hard and dripping precum.

They stoked their own cocks for a few minutes before Paul asked if he could touch Ted’s. He nodded and Paul reached over with his right hand and began stroking.

“Fuck, man, you are huge.” Ted was so turned on at the touch of another hand he nearly cam. He instead reached over and began to stroke Paul.

“Yours is pretty nice as well. I like the shaved look.”

They stoked each other cock’s at a faster and faster pace. Paul was astonished at how hard and thick Ted’s cock was. Ted could feel Paul quiver when he got a good rhythm going.

“You’re gonna make me cum,” Ted said.

“It feels good, right?” Paul said. Ted nodded eagerly. “You’re gonna cum?”

“I’m real close.”

Paul quickly slide to the ground between Ted’s knees and licked his balls a few times. He quivered in ecstasy. Paul was stroking his cock with one hand as his mouth moved to the top of Ted’s throbbing cock. He licked the underside of Ted’s mushroom head a few times with his tongue before taking most of his cock in his mouth. His warm, wet mouth worked this cock up and down as his hand stroked underneath. Paul sucked his wetter and stroked his faster and Ted was about to burst.

Paul was working his own cock with his other hand and was nearing orgasm himself.

“I’m gonna cum,” Ted moaned. “Ahh, fuck that feels good, im goona cum.”

Paul stroked Ted a few more times, taking his cock deep into his warm mouth. He exploded into Paul’s throat and it went down in a gulp. He stroked and sucked Ted a few more times to make sure he got all the cum.

“I’m gonna cum too, Ted,” Paul said, standing up, facing Ted and stroking his cock in a fury.

Paul straddled Ted’s legs and shot a huge load of cum all over his still hard cock and balls, covering Ted’s massive cock in his DNA.

“Oh, fuck. Oh that’s good.”

Paul collapsed on the couch next to Ted and rubbed his cum into his cock until it was nearly dry. The two men were spent. They both sat there for a few moments, their cocks slowly softening in post cum glory.

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