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Subject: Best of British part 1 (Gay, Celebrity) Best of British Part 1 This is a fictional story that involves consensual sex between people over the age of 18 and does not imply the sexuality of the people in the stories. Please donate anything possible to the Nifty fty/donate.html. There will be 2/3 different celebs in each story. Let me introduce myself, my name is Jay Smith. I am 22 years old and live in central London. I have short blonde hair blue eyes, I have slight muscle and am 5,11 I have a nice cock standing at 7.5 inches and my ass is smooth and fat, I live a rather exciting life, by day I work in my shop selling tacky British gifts to travellers from around the world, it gives me a steady income and means I can live my best life in my own house without worrying about money. That’s not the exciting part though, by night I am a celebrity servicer, sounds quite official doesn’t it, well basically my job is to provide sexual relief to male celebrities should they need it. I’m not fussy I can top or bottom as long as they have a nice ass and cock I’ll be happy Now I know what you are thinking and no I am not a hooker, I don’t charge for this service I just love sucking dick and getting fucked by some of the hottest Celebrities in the UK. I have quite the reputation within the secret gay agenda in the UK and all the closeted gay men and even the out gay men want a piece of me. You may be asking, “But Jay how do you find time to get all these clients?”. Well that would be thanks to my Cousin Dani, she is my sort of manager and books me these gigs, she is an angel and can quickly get me to a hot celebrity in minutes. These stories are some of my hottest celeb encounters enjoy. It was late one evening and I had just locked up the shop when my phone buzzed with a text from Dani, “Found some cock for you Cousin go here and be quick”. I smiled and put my phone back into my pocket. It was a television studio and when I arrived the security asked my name. When I told him he just smiled and ushered me inside. Some TV executive came to meet me and made me sign a disclosure making me agree to not discuss what would happen with anyone else. When signed I was ushered into a side room, “Those 2 rooms are for you, when finished with the first one has a quick shower and go to the next room” I nodded, and she left me to it. I was so excited for this; I had no idea who was on the other side, But Dani always made sure they were hung and hot and I trusted her. I knocked on the door and went inside. When I saw who it was my mouth fell open, “Oh this is going to be good”, I chuckled closing the door behind me. He smiled at me as I walked into the room, “So you here to make me cum?”, he laughed walking up to me and groping his bulge which was straining in his tight black boxers. I nodded and walked towards him. He held out his hand and introduced himself, “I’m Peri… From diversity”. I laughed and shook his hand, “I know who you are mate and thars an impressive piece in your boxers”. He laughed and shook it the bilge swinging in the shorts. “I don’t have long before I go out and I’m so horny I cant have a boner on stage”, he chuckled as my phone buzzed, it was Dani with more details, “Star number 1 only wants a blow job”. I smiled and pulled him closer whispering into his ear, “Drop the underwear I wanna see it”. Peri smiled and practically ripped the underwear off letting his cock swing into the air. My eyes shot open; this boy was hung. It was fully erect and stood at a staggering 10 inches, it was light brown and his foreskin was pulled back revealing a big mushroom head dripping with Pre-Cum, his pubic hair was trimmed and black and his balls… his balls were fucking huge, he smiled at me before whispering, “Haven’t cum in 5 days these balls are fit bursa yabancı escort to burst and I need to bust a nut”. I smiled at him, a cheeky smile before dropping to my knees. I gripped his huge length and rubbed it back and back and forth a few times making him moan in ecstasy his Pre-cum flowing from his cock and spreading all over his cock. I massaged it for a few minutes before through heavy breaths he muttered, “please…suck…me”. I looked up at him deciding to put this boy out of his misery, I quickly engulfed his cock in my mouth licking and sucking at his sensitive head tasting nothing but salty Pre-Cum, he gasped and his head fell back, “Ahhhh fuck yeah”, he moaned as I slobbered all over his cock making it so wet. I licked all around the head paying attention to his piss slit which made his legs shake, I had teased this boy enough and began to engulf his cock slowly sliding it down my throat, now I have no gag reflex but I know some guys like to hear gagging so at the 7 inch mark I began to cough and splutter on his cock. He looked down at me and smiled before I felt his hands on the back of my head slowly putting pressure to push it down my throat. I gagged and coughed all the way until his pubes were brushing against my nose and his full 10 inches was deep in my throat, “OMG nobody has ever taken it all before…shit yes”. He moaned his hands still putting pressure on my head as he fucked his hips back and forth trying to shove it as deep as it could go. I looked up at him and his head was thrown back in pure pleasure and he was softly pinching his soft brown nipple. I had never realised but this boy’s body was pretty nice, his body was hairless apart from his trail of belly hair that led down to his bush. He had pecs that were defined and looked so smooth and he had a 4 pack with elements of a 6 pack that would come with more training. This boy was perfection, and I was the lucky one to have his cock jammed in my throat. He looked down at me and smiled before pulling his cock from my throat, a string of saliva/pre-cum connecting my mouth to his cock, “I need to sit down this is too good”, he laughed patting me on the head. As he turned around I got the view of his perfect ass, it was so peachy and looked hairless and it wobbled as he walked, then my luck maxed out as he bent over to pick up his shirt from the floor I saw his tight pink asshole, his ass had a light dusting of hair inside the crack and his ass looked so delicious, Damn why didn’t this boy want t be rimmed. I thought. He sat on the chair and gripped his cock lifting it up showing me his hairy balls, he smirked and ordered, “Over here and suck my nuts”. I smiled and walked over before sticking out my tongue and licking around his balls licking in a figure of 8 motion before slowly sucking on his left ball tasting the scent of the man, tasted of a mixture of soap with a hint of saltiness but tasted overall like a pure man. I lapped and sucked on one ball before showing him my skills and taking the other one in my mouth, “That’s it… suck my balls… oh YES”, he moaned his fingers running through my hair. I had been sucking on them for near 5 minutes before he pulled me off quickly moaning, “Suck my cock I need to cum soon”. He shoved his cock down my throat once more but this time his demeanour changed and immediately, he began to fuck my throat faster and faster until it was barely leaving my throat before being jammed back down. His hips were bucking quick and hard thrusting deeper and deeper, his balls slapping against my chin over and over until he could take no more and screamed, “FUCK IM GONNA CUM”. He thrusted hard and fast as his balls tightened and I felt his cock spasm in my throat, finally I felt the first spurt of bursa sınırsız escort cum hitting the back of my throat then the second and third…and fourth, this boy was a heavy cummer and after a mammoth 9 huge spurts he fell back twitching as his orgasm deflated. He breathed one last moan before looking down at me and smiling, He dislodged his cock from my throat and looked shocked as I swallowed all his man juice, “Taste good?” he chuckled wiping his cock with a tissue, I nodded and collapsed back. After a minute he said, “I gotta go but have a shower before you leave if you want”. I wanted to see this guy again he seemed so nice. He put on his clothes and left I showered and quickly got myself redressed, as I got out the shower, I got a text from Dani, “Number 2 wants you to rim him and then let him fuck you”. I replied, “What no BJ”. Quickly Dani replied, “Nah apparently he aint got time”. I replied and got dressed. Now this tv studio held multiple shows at one time so this person could be anyone not necessarily someone from the same show as Peri so it could be anyone. That made it even more exciting. I quickly got myself dressed and walked down the corridor. I came to the door in question and my cock was hard at the thought of who could this be? I knocked on the door and a voice quietly said, “it’s open”. I walked inside and my cock got harder as I saw who this person was. I had been dying to get a chance with his guy and now I had it, “y…y…your Chris Hughes”, I stammered, I had the biggest crush on him when he was on Love Island and I already knew he was packing some meat. He was sat on the sofa, “Thanks for doing this”, he chuckled standing up and removing his towel revealing his 8.5 inch cock hard as a rock, small amount of pubes and big fat balls, He sat on the couch and lifted his legs up revealing his perfect arse, so peachy with a light amount of blonde hair on the hole and cheeks, He smirked at me before whispering, “Dinner’s ready come get it”. I was practically drooling at this site; I knelt down and squeezed his cheek before giving it a light slap making Chris moan and pre-cum spurt from his cock onto his stomach. I moved closer and stuck out my tongue tracing a circle around his tight pink hole, “Oh god yes…so good”. Chris moaned as I circled in on his hole before taking no prisoners and shoving my tongue into his tight ass immediately pushing my tongue hard into his hole feeling it open slightly, Chris’ head shot back, and his breathing increased. Soft vocal growls escaped his mouth and I think he was in so much pleasure he couldn’t speak, his actions spoke 1000 words because his hands locked behind my head and he pulled my head deep into his ass as he thrusted his ass hard against my face. His ass tasted so fucking good, tasted like pure man and I could eat his ass for hours. He Held my face in his arse for around 10 minutes letting me come up briefly for air before shoving me back in. I wobbled his ass cheeks and slapped them until they were red. With each thrust his moans and grunts getting louder and louder. I looked up and Chris had his hand firmly wrapped around his cock and was pumping away. After a further 5 minutes of licking he pulled me from his ass and presented me with his Pre-Cum soaked fingers which I sucked on eagerly tasting his sweet cock juice. “That was fucking incredible, you know how to eat ass”. Chris laughed putting his hand on my ass, “But I need a hole to fuck so get in the doggy position”. He slapped my ass as I assumed the position, “Do I need to use a condom?” Chris asked walking over to the draw, I laughed and said, “Nah dude I’m clean when you book me I send my STD results to your manager for peace of mind”, Chris smiled walked over to me, his cock bobbing görükle escort up and down as he walked, He knelt on the sofa and spat down onto my hole, then I felt his cock between my cheeks rubbing it back and forth spreading the saliva all around my asshole. Chris leaned forward and whispered, “You want this big cock in your ass?” I nodded and Chris smiled, “That’s what I wanna hear” he chuckled before slapping my ass once more and whispering, “You ready?”. I nodded and he lined up his cock with my hole before pushing hard, my ass gave a little resistance but was no match for his large cock and my hole was prised open, his cock slowly sliding inside until his cock head was popped into my ass making Chris moan loudly, “Fuck I love ass, so much tighter than pussy”. He moaned as he slowly slid his cock inside me my ass opening more and more taking inch after inch of his huge cock until is pubes brushed against my hole, “It’s all the way in and you’re so fucking tight” Chris moaned, I smiled and chis began to pull our before thrusting all the way back in making me moan this time, “Fuck yes Chris… Ruin my hole fuck me good”. Chris smirked and began to build up a steady motion us both moaning in ecstasy until Chris began to thrust faster and then I heard that noise I loved, his balls slapping against me as he rammed my hole fast and hard. Chris was now grunting and groaning as his cock was rammed into my hole going deeper and deeper until he thrust in hard going from 1 inch to the full 9 in my ass in milliseconds, he grabbed my hops and pushed making his cock go deeper than it had ever been. I moaned and began to Jerk my cock, “That’s it Jerk that cock boy”. Chris grunted pushing harder and harder, it hurt a little, but it felt so freaking good. Chris pulled out repeatedly only to slam back in all the way making us both scream in pleasure. Chris was building up quite the sweat now and swear was trailing down his sexy muscled body. He pounded and pounded harder and harder fucking me like the stud he is for nearly 30 minutes, not once did he lose rhythm, the only time his cock leaving my ass was to switch so I was riding him. His balls repeatedly slamming and slamming against me and his moans becoming erratic and his thrust becoming erratic too I knew this man was getting close, Chris pulled me close and whimpered in my ear, “Where can I cum?” I smiled my thumb wiping some sweat from his cheek, “Baby if you want you can cum inside me, let that cock explode deep in my hole”. Chris thrusted hard and smiled at me before whispering, “You’ve been amazing so you deserve this as I cum” and he slammed his lips against me quickly opening his mouth and letting my tongue be shoved into his, I literally couldn’t believe this, I had wanted his for ages and now it was happening and…fuck he tastes good. We kissed as his thrusts became more erratic until finally, he screamed into my mouth and shouted, “OH FUCK IM CUMMING IM CUMMING INSIDE YOU”. As he said this, I felt his cock spasm in my hole and cum start pouring from his cock, his whole body shook as he thrusted deep inside me, still shooting hard as he kissed me. After an incredible 8 large shots of cum were sent deep into my ass he collapsed back his cock sliding from my hole. He smiled at me, “Thank you so much for this, you are so incredible I will be booking you again”. I smiled and he kissed me one last time, “Oh and you are a great kisser”, he chuckled. I smirked and made my way to the shower. When I came back, he was gone but I noticed on a piece of paper was a message, “Here’s my number if you ever want a piece of this again”. I was shocked, I had Chris Hughes’ number”. I exited the studio and was thanked with some flowers. My phone buzzed, it was Dani, “Hey you got 2 possibly 3 guys tomorrow and you will want to meet these guys”. I smiled and got in my taxi, it has been a long night and my ass was a little sore. Who could be in the next chapter…? You decide, email me with your suggestions. I can’t promise they will all be in the series, but I will take them all into consideration, Email me at ook

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