Bernita: Or My First Job in Advertising

Early one evening I’m sitting alone at the bar in Jorjet’s wondering if I ought to leave this place because tonight it’s like a graveyard, when the street door opens and a tall woman dressed in black walks in and looks around for a place to sit. She can sit anywhere, since there aren’t more than six customers in the room and except for me the barstools are empty. She turns and she looks at me. She’s about forty, with a long neck and an oval face, dark eyes and dark brown hair drawn back in a tight chignon. She finally pulls her eyes away and she walks past me to sit at the bar only two stools down.

I look her up and down, at the sleek hairdo and the sheer black hose. I watch her order white wine, and then when the bartender brings the wine I watch the woman’s long fingers as she lifts the wine glass to her lips. Maybe she’s closer to forty-five than forty, a stately brunette with small clip earrings. She could be a bank executive because she’s so efficient looking, some kind of business woman, no rings on her fingers and obviously on the prowl walking into a girl bar like this one. She’s not here by accident. She gives me a glance again and her sultry eyes look interested. And I’m interested too, and wondering now who will make the first move.

For a while I pretend to ignore her, sipping my draft beer and not turning to look at her. Then I decide it’s too much; either we connect or I leave, because what I don’t want is another wasted evening. I turn and I stare at her until she turns her head to look at me with those dark eyes.

And I say: “Hi, I’m Verna. Can I sit with you?”

Now comes the terrible moment of a possible rejection.

But she gives me a quiet smile and she nods.


I move over, dragging my beer along the bar, settling onto the stool beside her, smelling her perfume for the first time, and I say: “I don’t have any money to buy you a drink.”

Does she mind? She smiles. “I was going to invite you to sit with me, so I’ll buy. What would you like?”

“I’ll have what you’re having.”

The bartender brings me a glass of white wine, which I like much better than beer anyway.

The woman says: “My name is Bernita.” She has red lipstick on a wide mouth, and when she smiles she merely stretches her lips without showing her teeth. “You’re very attractive,” she says, the eyes sultry again. “You look very sexy. Are you sexy?”

Is she teasing me? I look directly at her. “I’m always sexy.”

She smiles. “That sounds interesting.”

“I like the way you dress. Black is my favorite color.”

“Is it?”

“Are you a banker?”

She laughs. “No, I’m not a banker. Why?”

“I don’t know. I thought you look like a banker. Or at least an executive of some kind.”

“Well, I am an executive. I run a small advertising agency.”

“That must be interesting.”

She smiles again. “Right now I’m more interested in you. You’re very pretty.”

“Oh, I’m not that pretty.”

“Yes, you are. And I bet you’re even prettier when you have your clothes off. Would you like to come home with me?”

Her eyes are steady, boring into mine. No more games. Five minutes later we’re out of there and into a taxi, the evening fixed for me.

She takes me to a swank apartment on East Chestnut, a rug about a foot deep, huge rooms, a magnificent view of the Gold Coast, the lake, the hi-rises like a wall running north. She sends the maid away and she mixes us a pitcher of martinis.

Bernita says: “I like martinis more than I ought to.”

“I’ll pass out.”

“No, I won’t let you.”

“I won’t do more than sip mine.”

She looks at me, a hard look, estimating me. “Do you think I’m an old dyke?”

“You’re not old.”

She smiles. “Some people would say I’m a dirty old dyke.”

“Well, you don’t look it.”

“I’m just an ordinary dyke who likes lovely things, lovely girls like you. Especially with their clothes off.” She hesitates, looking at me directly. “Would you?”

She hasn’t even touched me yet, but I’m imagining it. “I don’t mind.”

“I’ll give you some money later. Will a hundred dollars be all right?”

“That’s fine.”

“Why don’t you undress and lie on the carpet over there while I change into something more comfortable.”

She walks out and all I’m thinking about now is the hundred dollars and what I can do with it. So I’m hustling, but so what? Isn’t everyone hustling in one way or the other? I suppose she expects me to earn the money before the evening is over. But she turns me on anyway, so I don’t mind doing whatever she wants. The idea sends shivers up my back. Maybe I can get even more than a hundred out of her. I’m greedy. I drop my clothes, strip naked and lie on the rug near the one kocaeli escort of the wide windows. If anyone is looking in here with a telescope they might see something interesting. The rug is soft and delicious under me. I lie there looking at the high ceiling and the chandelier with a zillion little bulbs, wondering what the apartment cost her.

Finally she returns wearing a long white and black embroidered caftan. She stands near me and she smiles down at me as she looks at my body. “I just want to look at you awhile.”

I say nothing, and she goes to an easy chair a few feet away and she sits down and she sips her martini. She has a blissful little smile on her face, as if it’s perfectly ordinary for her to be sitting there like that near the window overlooking the city with a naked girl lying on her rug. Should I show more of my pussy? I casually lift one knee to make my crotch more visible. Then I slowly roll on my side and I lie facing her as I try my best to appear cool. Does she approve? I’m nervous because she still hasn’t touched me. That’s a bit weird, isn’t it?

And now she says: “You’re really lovely to look at.”

“Thank you.”

She sits there so chic and composed, her eyes rattling me as they take me apart. The way she looks at me makes me hot, the way she moves her eyes back and forth between my breasts and my pussy. I’m tingling down there. If she’s trying to make me crazy, the attempt is a success.

A long time passes during which she says nothing, only silence in the room, and an occasional soft sound as she sips her martini. I watch her mouth, her red lips.

Then she asks me how long I’ve been out. “Is it a long time?”

“Only a few years.”

“Does your family know?”


She crosses her legs under the caftan. What the hell difference does it make whether or not my family knows? I stare at her feet in the gold slippers.

And then she looks amused and she says: “Do you enjoy it with dykes like me? Or is it just the money?”

I feel myself blushing. “I really enjoy it.”

That seems to make her happy. It’s true anyway.

“I believe you,” she says.

I slide a hand down and I casually stroke my bush with my fingers. “I hope so.”

“I hate phony little girls,” she says. “I hate young lesbians who lie about themselves. I hate girls who fake it.”

And while she’s talking like that, I wonder how many girls she’s had. I tell her I never fake anything, and that’s true too.

Then she says I can have a shower if I want. “I’ll wait for you. There’s a guest bathroom down the hall you can use.”

She wants me clean. So I get up from the rug and I leave her. I walk out aware of her eyes on me, her dark eyes on my ass that I wiggle just enough to call attention to it in case she hadn’t noticed. But of course she’s noticed everything and there’s really no need for it.

I find the bathroom down the hall and I have a shower. Lots of soap everywhere, especially between my legs. I don’t mind it, because maybe it means she intends to go down on me. I don’t blame her for wanting me clean. I’m not gamey but I could be, couldn’t I? She needs to be careful picking up strange girls and bringing them home. It’s dangerous. I shower and I dry off with a large towel and then I return to her fresh and clean.

She smiles at me. Now she’s happy. “Come close to me.”

Barefooted, I walk across the rug to where she sits on the sofa. When I’m close to her, she reaches out to touch my legs, her long fingers moving up my thigh, stroking me, sliding up to stroke my ass, her fingers petting one buttock as her dark eyes look up at me.

And she says: “All right, let’s go to the bedroom now.”

Which makes me happy because lying on the rug is too awkward.

She rises from the sofa, and I follow her out of the living room and down a short hall to a huge bedroom with a view of the lake, an enormous bed, mirrors on every wall, two vases filled with flowers.

Bernita says: “Lie down, won’t you. On your back.”

She knows what she wants. I climb onto the huge comfortable bed and roll over on my back. I like the luxury, the smell of money. Bernita turns and watches me. She stands at the foot of the bed looking at my body as she unzips the kaftan. Her eyes are on my pussy. “Open your legs a little more,” she says.

I do it. The way she looks at me excites me. I like to be looked at. I like it when an old dyke like her looks at me as though she’s about to devour me. I pull my knees back to show more of my pussy. I open it with my fingers. Maybe I ought to shave it, show the lips more, but I like the hair. I like the dykes who pull the hair with their teeth.

Bernita’s eyes are bright as she gazes at my pussy. Can she see my clitoris?

“You’re lovely,” she says. Of course kocaeli escort bayan she means my cunt is lovely. “I’m going to enjoy doing you,” she says.

I wish she would do it now. She makes me quiver, the way she stares at my naked pussy with those horny dark eyes. I can see both of us in the mirrors. Two women, me naked on the bed, spread out on this huge bed in a posh hi-rise, spread like a hooker, my dark bush dripping, and Bernita just slipping out of the kaftan. She has a long white body, a round little belly, long breasts and extended dark nipples. Suckable breasts. And a wild-looking dark bush, thick and untrimmed, delicious. She rolls her nipples with her fingers as she looks at my cunt.

Her eyes rattle me. She has fire in her eyes.

I wish I could see her ass. I have a sudden desire to see her bending over with that hairy pussy staring back at me, see if the flaps are visible and whether the hair grows into the groove between her buttocks. Imagining her like that excites me tremendously. Then I look past her at the mirror behind her and I do see her ass, but she’s not bent over the way I’d imagined her. She’s not bad for her age, the ass still firm looking and no loose flesh on her body.

She comes around to the side of the bed. She walks like a dancer, a smooth gliding movement, her long breasts jiggling, the long brown nipples exciting to look at. Now her bush is so close, the wild hair that seems to be everywhere.

“Open your legs wider,” she says.

And I do that. Her eyes are on my belly as I show myself to her. I pull my knees back to my breasts and raise my ass a little to show her everything, make all of my cunt visible.

I quiver with anticipation, wondering what will happen next, my eyes on that wild bush she has. I wish I could see her clit. I wonder if she’s wet, turned on, the juice flowing in there.

Now she climbs onto the bed, her long legs everywhere, her breasts hanging, the nipples appearing stiff. Her eyes are on my pussy as I hold my knees back to show myself. I feel a great excitement now because I know in a moment she’ll be down on me. I did not expect it in the beginning, not earlier this evening, but now I know her better.

Suddenly her head drops down and her face is right in there, in the wet. I gasp. At last. Her head is jammed between my thighs, only the top of her head visible, her chignon, as I hold my knees back and wide open. I feel her hot breath on my naked pussy. Delicious. I feel her slick tongue gently lapping me, getting to know me, all around my clitoris, teasing me, making me moan as I feel the powerful waves of pleasure rise up from my belly. With marvelous skill, she beats my clitoris back and forth with her tongue. I rock my knees and groan as my syrup flows. I love it. I always love it when they do it this way, a hot mouth licking my wet slit as I hold my knees back to my breasts, her mouth and lips and tongue eating me up, lapping steadily on the shaft of my clit, again and again the strong waves of pleasure melting my insides, my cunt tingling. How delicious it is! I forget everything. All I want is to have my clit licked and tongued, an expert dyke giving me her tongue. Now she laps harder, faster, aiming to bring me to a climax, beating my sensitive little clitoris, hitting the flap repeatedly as I moan and feel my pussy creaming. At this moment I’m nothing but a huge hole down there, hot sticky juice flowing with her steady lapping.

As I cry out, Bernita presses her mouth more firmly against my clitoris, sucking my flesh, pulling at it as I hunch upward against her face. I give it to her, give her everything, out of control now, getting my own, a molten flood of juice gushing out to wet her face. Go on, suck it! She stays with it, her head moving, her mouth slurping, my knees rocking back and forth. I bounce my ass up and down, and no doubt she loves that too. It’s what she wants. I hear the gurgling and snorting noises down there, Bernita losing herself as she gobbles my trough, tasting my juices, my cunt thick in her mouth, sucking everything inside, pulling at the lips as I come again like crazy, crying out, heaving, crying out again.

When I open my eyes, I see Bernita sitting up and smiling at me. Her face is flushed. She dabs at her chin with a tissue, then at her wet lips. “Did you like that?” she says.

I nod. What does she think? Doesn’t she know? “Yes, very much.”

Then she asks me how old I am, how many women do I go with in a week, which I try not to answer because that’s too personal. That’s no one’s business, is it? I don’t have that many women anyway. If she wants to wonder about it, she’s free to do that. Then she dips her head to take me again. I’m ready for her, raising my legs immediately, pulling my knees back to izmit sınırsız escort make my cunt available to her mouth. Quivering with anticipation, I watch her face as she moves in to nuzzle my pussy. Her hair tickles the insides of my thighs and I feel one of her earrings scraping against my skin. I feel her hot breath on my pussy, on my swollen lips that are now completely unfurled, open and wet. She smiles up at me, teasing me, then sticking her tongue out long and pink, her tongue pushing between my labia, fluttering between them, turning me on, getting me shaking again. I’m wide open, fluids pouring out of me as she tickles me with her long snake-like tongue.

She pulls back and she licks her lips. “You’re a lovely girl.” She smiles as I open my legs further, begging for it. She dips her head again, but this time she moves her tongue directly to my vagina and she scours the opening. My knees are back again as I make myself available, her tongue sliding around and around, tickling me, then pushing deep inside, pushing inside my vagina. I fold my legs all the way back, my ass turned up as her serpent’s tongue slides in and out. I try to grip it, contracting my vaginal muscles to grip her thrusting tongue, arching my body upward to get more of it. She tongues me faster and faster, in and out, the juices gushing out of me, a waterfall all over her face, her mouth and chin again wet and sloppy as I have another orgasm. This one is even better than the first and I’m coming like crazy, still coming as she continues to tongue-fuck me and suck me at the same time.

Finally she stops. “Do you like it?”

I groan. “I love it!”

She makes me keep my knees back to show everything, her eyes on my pussy now wet and swollen. “You have a good taste,” she says, licking her lips, touching me again, her fingers in my slit, her fingers tickling along the outer lips, pulling one lip, then tickling down around my anus, her fingertip grazing up and down the groove between my buttocks.

Her face dips again, like a bird, but this time her tongue slides down to my anus and the first touch of it makes me gasp. Her tongue tickles me, touching all over the crack, wet and warm, making me shake with pleasure. I love it. I melt as she moves her tongue around and around my anus. And then finally she pushes her tongue inside, and I gasp and hold my breath as I feel it wiggling in there, sliding around inside me, making me crazy as it explores my second opening. Her thumb is now on my clitoris, the bud stiff and swollen, her thumb vibrating my clit as her tongue thoroughly probes my anus. She’s an expert, and within moments I’m coming, heaving upward, grunting like a pig because I like it so much.

Finally she pulls her face away and she gives an exhausted sigh. This time she lies down beside me on her back, our two sweaty bodies side by side on the wide bed.

What does she want now? I’ll do anything she wants, just anything. I sit up and look at her, at her brown nipples and wild dark bush. She smiles at me as she puts her hands on her breasts.


I nod, staring at her white belly. “Do you want me to eat you?”

But Bernita shakes her head. “No, I don’t want that. Just use your hand, if you want. I’d like that better. Make me come with your hand.”

I kiss her breasts first, running my lips over the velvet white skin around her nipples. I take each long nipple in my mouth and suck it briefly. Then I sit up again and I put my hand on her wild bush. I watch her face as I feel the full lips under my fingers. I watch her pleasure as she closes her eyes. Her red lips are wet with my juices. Now my fingers are between her flaps, spreading them, opening her cunt until she groans and draws her knees apart.

I look at it. Her pussy is dark and wet. She has a strong clit, a thick shaft, and when I take it between two fingers and squeeze it gently she groans again. I jerk her clitoris up and down repeatedly. Yes, she likes that. She moans more softly now. She moves her hips around, her ass moving on the bed as I give it to her with my hand, as I rub everything with my palm, her flesh wet and slippery under my fingers. What a juicy pussy she has!

“Should I go inside?”

“No, just the outside.”

I’m disappointed, but I do what she wants. I rub the outside, rubbing her faster and faster until she comes, her body shaking from head to toe as she lies there with her eyes closed. Her pussy wets my hand, her flesh hot against my palm as I continue rubbing her cunt.

And then I can’t resist the urge any more and I get my mouth on it, sucking her flesh, sucking her juices thick and plentiful, sucking all of her cunt in my mouth as she strokes my head and gives me everything.

Later, casually, she asks me if I want a job. She says she needs a girl at the reception desk in the office. “I think you’d work out nicely there.” Her dark eyes are fixed on me. “Do you want it?”

“Do I get to be with you once in a while?”

She smiles. “Do you want that?”

My two hands cover my pussy. “Yes.”


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