Subject: Benny’s Big Ass Here’s a story taken from my Tumblr, at a4f101.tumblr/storytime. You can find this one, and the pic that inspired it, here: http://a4f101.tumblr/post/116299119363/ This story is purely a work of adult erotic fantasy, copyright me 2016. I own it and all legal rights to it. If you’re under the age of majority in your jursdiction, please come back when you’re of legal age. Nifty is an incredible free service that depends on your donations to survive. It changed my life, and maybe it’s changed yours too. Please help them to keep providing this awesome resource for all of fty/donate.html I love hearing from you guys. hoo. Enjoy. ***** “She said I got a fat ass,” he frowned. “Maybe she’s right.” “She’s wrong, bro,” I said. “It’s not a fat ass, it’s a big ass.” “What’s the difference?” he asked, looking confused. He had a good heart, but he wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. I guess the fact that we’d been smoking didn’t help, but he really was more brawn than brains. Big, lovable, easy to take advantage of. That had long been part of Kristin’s hold over him. She definitely wore the pants in their relationship, something I found endlessly bemusing. Now she’d kicked him out again, and he was crashing on my couch, making the tight space in my smallish apartment even tighter. I’d welcomed him in once again, got him high, let him vent for the millionth time about the fucked-up hostage situation of a relationship they’d had for five years. I guess her pussy was lined with gold or something, because I sure as hell couldn’t see why he put up with her crap. I don’t know, my experience with pussy was marginal at best, so beyond her perky tits and good looks, her appeal was lost on me. But it’s a brother’s job to provide support, I guess, so here I was again, trying to figure out if he was in love or just suffering Stockholm Syndrome. “The difference?” I said, voice all tight as I tried to keep in the lungful of smoke from the bowl. Slowly exhaled after a ten-count, feeling that sweet, relaxing buzz roll through me. “Muscles, dude. You know that. You’ve always been a thick guy, and you know booty runs in the family. We all got a butt on us. Yours is just bigger, that’s all.” He chuckled in his amiable way before taking his hit, and I uncapped my beer and sat back, looking at him. He was a big, beefy fucker, naturally thick, the purest expression of our Welsh plow-boy genes from generations back, I guess. He’d wrestled heavyweight throughout high school and college, and while he’d done a good job keeping his thickness in check, his muscles strong and defined, he was always going to have that big, chunky butt. Some would see it as a curse, but ever since I was a teenager, watching him strut confidently onto the mat in his wrestling singlet, that powerful booty flexing and shifting under the lycra, I’d seen it as a blessing. Benny’s big-muscled badonkadonk gaziantep escort had confirmed for me that I was an ass man, an identity and an interest I’d embraced with gusto since I was 16. “She keeps making me diet and stuff,” he croaked, “and then she gets pissed `cos it never gets any smaller. I stopped doing squats and all, even. Nothing works. She calls me Fat-Ass.” “Bro,” I said, rolling my eyes with exasperation, “she’s a fucking idiot. You got a booty, and that’s all there is to it. You need to learn to embrace it, and if she can’t, you need to find somebody who will. There’s plenty out there, trust me.” “For real?” he said, as adorably confused as ever. I sighed, took a slug of my beer, set it down. “Dude, get that big ass up,” I said, standing myself. It was hot in the apartment, the weak window-unit AC and the overhead fan struggling with the already stifling summer air, even before you put two big, sweaty young guys in such a small space. We were both shirtless, and Benny was so comfortable here, he was down to his boxer briefs. We had no place to be, nobody to impress. He knew I was gay, and didn’t give a shit about it. We weren’t raised shy or anything. We were just brothers, good and tight and unpretentious, just trying to chill. Keeping it comfy and low-key, like we liked to be. Benny lumbered to his feet, all big and thick, his beefy pecs lightly glowing with sweat. I reached over and gave his ass a solid smack, chuckling as I did, and I couldn’t help but love the little jiggle of his flesh. Just a little jiggle, because I was right – under that natural layer of beef, he was all steely muscle, big and hard and round. Like two halves of a cannonball. A powerful ass, and sure, I’d often imagined how it would look, thick and flexing deep as he plunged his big dick inside some chick. I’d seen that once, when I was 17 and he was a college sophomore home on break, plugging one of his old girlfriends down in the basement while a house party raged overhead. That sight had stuck with me, and I’d shot my cum a bunch of times thinking of it. Didn’t make it weird between us or anything, just made me feel a certain affection for the big, amiable stud. “See?” I said. “A fat ass would be wobbling and sagging like a bowl of Jello, bro. You’re all glutes, man. Not fat.” “You think so, dude?” he said, looking back over his shoulder at it. He lifted one foot up onto the couch, currently doing double-duty as his bed, trying to get a better look at himself. “Fuckkkk,” I said, suddenly struck by it. Must have been the weed, and my brotherly ass-crush, I guess. He looked up at me with a grin. He recognized that tone of voice, the lust in it. He didn’t make any effort to move, just grinned at me, like he was proud he could inspire that kind of reaction. So I gave it another smack, because hey, why the fuck not. He let out a little grunt, and suriyeli escort flexed them a little in response. Probably pure physical reaction, but still… My hand lingered a little, my brain fogged with weed, the heat of the atmosphere, the feel of that thick muscle crammed all up in those boxer briefs. “It’s a big ass, bro,” I murmured. “Not a fat ass. A great ass, really.” “Yeah, little bro?” he said with that charmingly curious grin. I grinned back, nodded, and somehow I hadn’t pulled my hand away, and he hadn’t moved either. Was just halfway posed there, one leg up on the couch, planted, those big twin muscles warm under my slow-moving hand. I looked down at it, let out a low whistle, mostly for his benefit. Nodded again. “One hell of an ass, to be honest, Benny,” I said, and then I stepped a little closer, brought my other hand up, and just like that, I was cupping both immense cheeks in my hands, giving them a light squeeze. He let out another soft grunt – a noise of pleasure, to my experienced ears. So I squeezed a little tighter, and he flexed them a little more. Hmmm. “You always said you were an ass man, huh bro,” he said with a grin over his big bare shoulder. I grinned back, nodded. “Fuck yeah I am, dude,” I half-growled. Took a second to judge the atmosphere. Then I shrugged internally, and went for broke. “Let me show you how much of an ass man I am, big brother.” Benny just continued to grin at me, waiting to see what happened next, and I sank to my knees on the carpet, squeezing those big thick cakes of his more deeply. Ran my hands over them with a soft, appreciative noise as he tightened them again. For me. Good boy. I grinned up at him, gave him a wink as I continued to squeeze them, feeling him up, feeling my cock getting nice and thick in my shorts as I handled his bodacious butt. “You ever had anybody really appreciate your ass, big guy?” I asked. “Uh-uh,” he said huskily, staring down at me from around his shoulder. Watching to see what happened next. Open to the possibilities, seemed like. So I smiled real big, leaned in close, and kissed it. First one cheek, then the other. Heard his soft little sigh, and kept doing it. The more I kissed my way over his big, flexed muscles, the more he pressed it back against me, and the harder I got. I grabbed hold of his big, strong thighs and started to really go to town, kissing it harder, pressing my face into it, losing my inhibitions like I always did with a nice strong man ass. Benny’s surprised, but pleased moans told me I was giving him a real treat, a new experience. Well, I had so much more to give. “Let me show you how it’s really done, bro,” I said, then peeled his boxer briefs down and exposed those big, beautiful cakes. Ran my tongue up the sweaty smoothness of the skin, breathing in his natural muskiness, then grabbed hold of the pliable flesh, rus escort spread those epic cheeks open, and lapped all the way up his sweaty, lightly furred crack. “Oh shit, little bro!” he gasped, pushing back against me even more. I chuckled low in my throat and went to work on him for real, applying the skills I’d spent the last several years building on a variety of dude tail. Savored the salty, musky taste of him, clean but manly, humid in the depth of his cleft. Things were getting pretty humid inside my shorts too, the deeper I went, running the wet width of my dexterous tongue up and down, exploring him, as he reached behind to clutch my head closer to him, pulling me in deeper. I could easily suffocate in there, but I’d likely die a happy man. I teased the tight, moist clutch of his hole with the tip of my tongue, bringing a higher-pitched moan from him, then had to come up for air. Wiped the sweat and spit off my grinning face as I stroked his hard, thick musculature. “More, bud?” I asked, leaning in to lick a trickle of sweat from the inner curve of one of his glutes. “Fuck, there’s more?” he said huskily. I nodded, chuckled. “There’s always more, bro,” I said, stepping up and giving his ass an appreciative smack that turned into a slow stroke. Let him feel the hard bulge of my cock straining at my shorts as it nuzzled at his round thickness. He grinned, and pressed back against it. Very promising indeed. I chanced a quick brush of my lips at the sweaty patch of skin behind his ear, felt him quiver all over and moan softly. Oh yeah, this was turning out great. I grabbed his shoulder and steered him towards my bedroom. “Come on, big guy,” I grinned. “Time for the next course.” Benny’s big, hard cock – big, thick and hard just like the rest of him – shot hands-free, spurt after spurt of his creamy cum across his sweaty, beefy chest, streaking his face, splatting against the wall and the headboard as I lapped, licked, sucked, then slowly fucked his tight hole with my agile tongue. He was still quivering, dribbling the last of his load out of his big cock as I came up, my face dripping with spit and our mixed sweat, grinning happily as he stared at me with horny surprise. Even more surprised when I slowly lapped the streaked cum off his epic ex-wrestler body and swallowed it with a satisfied grunt. The look of surprise turned into a slow grin as he looked down at my own big, angry cock, standing proud and throbbing, full of my unspent load. “Bro, that was fucking… wow,” he moaned. “But you didn’t come, did you?” I shook my head, shrugged as I slowly handled myself. I was pretty close. “I mean… I want you to come too, little bro,” he grinned. “And I guess there’s still… more you could do… down there… right?” I couldn’t believe my luck, as he pulled his big, powerful legs back up again, exposing that wet, spit-soaked hole of his, a lot looser after the last 15 minutes of play. He just looked at my cock, then back to me, nodded at me. I didn’t question it, I just went with it, pressed my angry-headed cock to the slick, twitching heat of his hole, and showed my big-assed big brother how much more there could be.

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