Being kept is where I belong.


How time has flown by. It was more than eight years ago when I started my journey. To catch you up on my story, I’ll be brief. I met a CMT named Jim and after some trust was given, I started to see him at his home studio. He had over the next few sessions begun to slowly seduce me and lower my reluctance. His touching and planned erotic work ultimately drew me to be used as a bottom. I was confused and frightened for the first few months. But I was unable to stay away from him and his requests. My mind kept drifting back to our sessions. He exposed me to a gay three-way and later it culminated into a gang bang with me at the center. Over the years I have explored and expanded my sexual desires. I should say he expanded my sexual desires. A few weeks ago I saw Jim for a massage. I arrived, got on his table face down for him to begin to work on me. After twenty minutes he climbed onto the table and sat on my legs. His raging hard on cradled in my ass cheeks, he spilled oil on his cock and my doorway. His hands reached up on my shoulders and he pulled his swollen manhood against my man hole. My body at this point, ached for his cock and so he found little to no resistance in his entrance. His penetration had eased any of my body’s trepidation, as I relaxed into a dream like state. It was amazing. I felt his isvecbahis rhythmic pumping that was in rhythm to his hand stroking my back. I was moaning in ecstasy as his thrusts quickened. I knew he was going to spray his hot seed deep inside me, and I held my breath for the sensation of hot liquid squirting deep inside. I felt his body tensing and I knew I was going to get rewarded. I yelled, “Give it to me.” He suddenly pulled out and spewed all over my ass and low back. His cum was hot as it splashed on my back. It seemed like he was never going to stop, as a large pool formed in the low of my back. He sat up and took his hands and massaged his seed over my back, ass and shoulders. I was in ecstasy and it pushed me over the edge as my cock had started spewing my own sticky ball juice. In the midst of my moans he would bring his hands to the sides of my face and push fingers into my mouth so I might suck them clean. I lay there being the recipient of his desires. I said to him, “I’m yours to use for your pleasure anytime.” Jim then had asked if I meant that, and of course I did. Not having thought of its full meaning. Five days later he was out of town for business and called me at eleven at night. I answered even though I was already in bed. He asked me if I had remembered saying those words. isveçbahis giriş I told him I meant what I said. I was addicted to our sexual escapades and he was my master. I’d do whatever he asked of me. I was not sure if I really knew what I had said, but it’s out there now. He told me, “Call me Daddy.” “Yes Daddy.” He responded, “Good boy.” I was told to get up and get dressed and meet him at his place. He had already gotten from me that I had no plans for the weekend. It was two hours later when I was sitting next to his door at two in the morning. He walked up the stairs, saw me and smiled. He said to me, “Good, you’re here. Now go inside undress and go to my bedroom.” I said nothing and followed his instructions, entering his room and undressed. I lay on the bed and notice he had bondage straps attached to his bed. My cock was straining, it is so hard. He walked in and immediately strapped my ankles and pulls them up through hooks in the ceiling. He then strapped my wrists to each corner of the bed. I was on my back on the edge of bed, legs spread and pointed to the ceiling while my arms were pulled behind my head. He then walked out and I could hear him in the kitchen, he was cooking some food. After some time he walked in and told me his food was cooking. He stripped and walked isveçbahis yeni giriş between my legs. Without lube or some teasing, he grabbed my legs and thrusted hard into my hole. I was choking due to the pain surging in me. He just started pumping my hole with an almost violent pace. He exploded within moments, dumping all his white cream inside me. Back out in his kitchen, I heard him moving around and having his meal. I just lay there and felt a slow ooze dripping from my aching hole. He took a shower and came in the room lowering my legs. He told me I was staying the night and maybe tomorrow also. He climbed onto the bed and started engulfing my rock hard cock which took only a minute for me to reach my breaking point. I came so hard dumping large load in his mouth. Once he had every drop in his mouth, he then moved to my face. Our mouths opening to each other. My spent cum flowed from his mouth to mine and I swallowed slowly relishing the taste. The last little stream dripped from his tongue and landed on my lips and cheek. I stretched my tongue to reach it and clean it up. He rolled over and with the lights out, we both fell asleep. I was so tired from the events of the night before, I was out cold. In the morning I was awakened by him rolling me over. He told me I needed to take care of Daddy. I found myself now on my stomach, arms still strapped but twisted and legs spread. Cold lube squirted in my hole as his fingers started to probe me. I was ready to take his morning wood that was swinging in the air. He slid deep into my cave.

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