Becoming Mistress Victoria – Part Seven


I owned and operated my Fetish club called the “The Whip.” It was modeled after the Gentleman’s club I once worked at in London. In the beginning, it was exciting and every night was full of sex and fantasy.I soon realized it was a real business, with profits and losses and the worst part, the drama between the clients and the staff.It took up most of my time and I didn’t have time or energy to care for a personal slave at home properly.Still, the business was doing great, for almost two years, but the bigoted police and politicians were hell bent on shutting me down. So I was closed more than I was open. I finally closed the doors for good when it became more of a hassle than a labour of love.I was quite sad and felt that I lost a bit of my purpose. I had a few friends that would come over to my house for private sessions, two different men and a married couple. My slave Taylor loved to be humiliated and beaten. I would spit on him, and whip him until he was bruised and almost bleeding. Crush his cock with my foot, and kick him in the balls. I would lock him outside naked, even in the cold New York winter. When I opened the door, he was dutifully waiting for me ready to lick my pussy and be almanbahis whipped again. He was married and could only come by twice a month, but they were always fun. My slave Don was also married, but his wife was aware of me, she just didn’t like or understand his kinks. Don/Allison was a crossdresser that wanted to be treated like a woman. This was at a time in the early Nineties when it was still frowned upon or deep in the closet.  He would like to go out on the town with me all dressed (She was a beautiful woman). Back at my place, she would let me discipline her.  Then I would fuck her with a strap on. Then she would lick me to orgasm. I really liked playing the role of a Dominant male.The married couple was fascinating. Ellie and Robert were both extremely submissive. They were a very rich and a power couple. He was the president of his company, and she was a prominent lawyer, but they both wanted to be dominated.They would come over and immediately strip down. They would crawl to me and kiss my feet and suck on my toes. It was truly great for me, one would lick my pussy or asshole, while I flogged or disciplined the other. If I were ever tired, I would have them whip each other or even have almanbahis yeni giriş sex with each other, they loved it because they were being ordered to do it. Robert died a few years ago, but I still have visits from Ellie. Nothing more erotic than two seventy-year-old women doing sixty-nine!Brian visited me this one time, I always enjoyed his visits because it is like no time had passed, and we picked up where we left off.  After a few days of fun at my house, we went out to late night dinner at a local restaurant. Brian, of course, was wearing his leather collar with his leash. Rose was our waitress, I had noticed her a few times before, as she was gorgeous and seemed worldly and shouldn’t be a waitress.  Rose was staring at Brian and his leash.“Hi Rose, this is Brian,” I introduced, “He is my slave, my sex slave.”Rose let out an audible moan. Brian bowed his head, Rose blushed, and I smiled.“Have you ever met a slave before?” I asked Rose.“No Ma’am,” She answered in a slightly southern drawl.”Brian, kiss my feet please,” I ordered.Brian quickly got up, knelt on the floor and kissed my feet.”Would you like him to kiss your feet, Rose? I asked.Rose scanned to the almost empty restaurant almanbahis giriş to see if anyone was watching.“My feet are probably smelly, I’ve worked a full shift,” she said.“He won’t mind,” I assured her, “Take off your shoe.”Rose took off her shoe to reveal her sexy foot.  Brian looked up at me for permission. I nodded approval, and Brian kissed her foot very gently. Rose looked down in awe as this young man did exactly what I ordered him to do.Rose’s boss came out and asked if everything was okay. Rose assured him it was.For the rest of the meal, Rose was flushed and flustered. We finished our meal and went outside, and she followed us out.“How can I be a slave?” Rose asked breathlessly.“How do you know you would like to be one?” I asked.”I have always been submissive, and I feel I lack order and discipline in my life,” Rose explained.I handed her my card.”Come by my house at 9:00 am sharp, I will show you what it is like, and if you are not scared, we will talk further,” I told her as I walked away, leading Brian with his leash.Rose was there the next morning precisely at nine.  Brian answered the door naked with a chain hanging from his collar to his hard cock.Brian led Rose into my home office; I was standing in front of my large oak desk.  Brian crawled to me and kissed my feet. He then turned and knelt beside me.Rose then got to her knees and crawled across the floor and kissed my toes without being told.

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