Becoming a Gal Friday Pt. 05-06


Oh my god! I’m naked except for a pair of slutty fire truck red platform high heels, you know the kind you call ‘fuck me shoes’. I’m on a bed with David this great looking black guy and Saul, his white gay curly brown hair partner, with the dashing goatee, kind of a Jewish swashbuckler thing going with that goatee. Saul and David are built tall and solidly muscular, though Saul is a few inches taller than David. Both have bodies that only regular attendance at a gym gets you. Their naked as well. First Saul fucked David in the ass and then Saul had me fuck David as well.

I’m exhausted and on my back. Man oh man that ass felt good to be inside.

I pulled out of David’s hot ass and left a trail of my spunk as I did. That’s when I heard Saul command me.

“Now, be a good girl and suck David’s and my cock.”

David gets up on his knees on the bed and so do I. I take his chocolate thick erect meat into my mouth and begin to suck on that cut cock head. As I get into it, I hear a door buzzer.

“Perfect timing,” Saul says bounding out of bed. “You had emailed me and said you went on a shopping spree online for our slutty Gal Friday the boys from Victoria’s Servants must be hear with all the bounty. I will buzz them in and invite them to our party.”

I can’t say anything with David’s cock in my mouth but if I could I would plead no. Imagines of being gang raped come to mind.

“That would be splendid.” David says between moans. “You mentioned one of his favorite porn scenes was the Bukkake videos. Will give me a taste of Bukkake, a real literal taste! He’ll love it.”

From my position on the bed and the fact that my face is full of David’s cock all I can really see is his hanging black nuts. I can hear Saul tell two delivery boys to set down all the packages and then to strip naked and get their cocks sucked. They, of course, gladly and eagerly comply.

Soon I feel them all on the bed surrounding me.

Saul says, “Now David, you need to share, let our little girl get a taste of our guest’s pricks.”

David quickly complies and before I can say boo, a new white cock is stuffed into my mouth. This one tastes a bit musty and it is not as thick and long as even Saul’s. I would think it is my size.

He is holding my face with his hand and he is rocking back and forth, so I’m being face fucked by this new young white delivery boy.

“Hey, don’t hog the whore. Let me get in.” the other guest complains.

“Sure,” and the first guest pulls out and the other white guy and his prick are soon in my mouth. He is short and thick and he’s uncut. Very odd. I suck and nibble on his foreskin. He seems to like it.

“Now Friday, just relax and everyone will take turns… ” Saul instructs.

Oh my god… this is like one of those porn videos… the girl is surrounded by cocks and she’s sucking them all… and I know how this will end… lots and lots of cum… I’ve always wondered…

Cocks go in and out of my mouth. I tried to grab them with my hands as well but Saul told me to keep my hands on my knees. I’m to be just a face and mouth. I lick and suck on those different cocks that are brought to my face. My own cock is so damn hard. Oh my god… someone is sucking on my prick as well! Oh God…

I close my eyes and just focus on my mouth… the feel and smell of their cocks and bodies… their sweat… each tasting different… each filling my mouth in a different way… I’m becoming a sucking fag… a gay cross dressing sucking faggot… I can’t believe this… but… it feels so good… I think I hear one of them says he’s about to burst… I feel his cock rest against my face as it he is must be jacking himself… to do it… whoever was sucking me has must have stopped… I feel another cock rubbing against my face… Oh fuck! It starts! I feel the heat of his jizz as he ejaculates onto my face.

It is all warm and gooey… and there is more from the other cock… both are spurting out onto my face. I must be grinning like a fool… my tongue tastes some of the cum… did he finish? Whose cock is that? More and more spunk lands on my face.

I feel it melting all over me. How much is all this spunk? A cock is pressed against my forehead and lets loose a load. A cock is pressed up against my open mouth… I think it is David’s and he lets loose his jizz load at me… it gushes forth and my mouth can’t contain it… how much more can they deliver?

… their moans and wicked laughs fill the air as they spray me. Finally, it is done… the last cock is taking away. I just feel it all dripping down… I’m panting and breathless… I can’t believe this… they all laugh and say I’m such a slut… such a whore… I feel like one… I begin to lick up the cum off my lips and it just keeps dripping onto my mouth… I hear a familiar sound… clicks… the clicking of cell phone cameras… they are taking pictures of me… recording forever how I look with this my first cum facial… I… I… don’t know how I feel about this… I sense my aching bahis siteleri hard on and how it is leaking pre-cum… I realize I love it all.

Chapter Six

I’m a twenty something who realizes that I’m enjoy being a feminized guy force to wear makeup and hot slutty platform high heels, who has been forced into channeling those sluts from all those porn videos I watched and now I’m one of those girls. I just got my first facial from four guys, two strangers and the others are my gay bosses, Saul and David.

It is sick and I confess I love it.

“Well, I sure worked up an appetite,” Saul says, “Let’s eat in?”

“Sounds fantastic!” David replies.

“Now we need to get Friday here cleaned up,” Saul says.

“Want to join in licking him or just wash it off?” David asks.

“Why don’t you clean him up and I suck on his sex, he’s been such a good girl and deserves a reward,” Saul says. “Friday hold still while we help clean you up.”

David approaches me and begins to lick the cum off my face. Treating me like a giant ice cream cone that is dripping. Occasionally, David’s tongue would play with mine as I too am trying to lick off all this jizz on my lips.

Then, Saul leans over and takes my hard on in his hand and holds it as he begins to lick me. Oh my God… he is good! I almost lose my balance from the sensations of having my cock sucked and still reeling from being a cum dump.

So, while Saul gives me an incredible blow job David is like a Momma cat cleaning up her kitten as she licks the jizz off my face. I can’t take it any longer… oh God… “Oh… going to burst soon… I’m on the edge… just a bit… oh please… “

That’s when Saul stops.

My cock twitches and a drop of precum begins to ooze out. “Oh please… finish me… please… I was so close… ” I beg.

“No.” Saul says getting off the bed.

“But… but… please… just a few more minutes… ” I plead.

A few swift and hard swats on the ass is Saul’s reply to my begging. My butt cheeks sting.

“I like my toys to be in a perpetually thinking about sex, wanting it but can’t having it. It keeps you focused. David finish cleaning Friday up.”

Now, now… I’ll take care of him, love.” David says as he returns to licking my jazzed face.

Saul gets ta box and sets it down. He then sits and watches us as David finishes cleaning me off. “I think we shall order in Chinese.”

“What is in there?” I ask.

“This one is for you,” David says as he pushes it toward me, “Open it up and try it on.”

I do so and find a blonde wig inside. I take it out and hold it, it has wavy honey blonde hair that flows downward. “It is lovely.”

“Here let me show you, it’s like putting on a baseball cap,” David says as he sets it on me.

I look at myself in the mirror and the hair looks so real. It falls half way down my bare back I shake my head and it swings so naturally, like a mane on a pony. “Wow… you two really want me to look like a girl don’t you.”

“We enjoy turning you our straight little man into our slutty cum slut girl, yes.”

“Well this dress up is okay and kind of fun in a weird kinky way. It does make me horny. I’m just glad no one sees me this way but you two.”

“Well only strangers.” Saul says.

“No… please no… I would die of shame… “

“But you said you enjoy showing off in our application and interview, didn’t he? Anyway it please us so you will come to enjoy it. Now, David how about I order some take out and you help Friday get ready for company.” Saul says.

Before I can say anything David whisks me off and we work on my makeup. When he is done with the blonde wig I really do look like some hot babe. The bright red lipstick makes me look slutty. I put on a red lace garter belt, and red cropped camisole, as well as red fishnet stockings.

Lastly, I put on a red thong that is all lace in front but a single band of fabric around my waist and up my ass crack, that comes to a pretty little bow at the top of my ass. Then I am handed a pair of shoes with a three inch platform and therefore what must be a seven inch heel, red leather with bands of red across the top to secure my feet and an ankle strap as well. He gives me these large gold hoop earrings, they clip on David tells me.

When we’re finished I check myself in the mirror. Damn! I am one fucking hot looking young whore. I could stare at my ass all day, I’m like one of those nubile young things that I have pictures of on my computer screen.

I then set the table for our dinner, prancing around like a little hot pony with this incredible wig as my tail. By the time I get everything set I hear the buzzer from downstairs go off.

“Food is here, now be a good girl and go fetch,” Saul says.

“Dressed like this? Can I at least wear a coat to cover up?”

“Of course dressed like that, why did you think we got you all made up. Now go show off that pretty ass of yours and fetch our dinner. If you don’t do it right now I’ll strip canlı bahis siteleri you naked and shove you outside to go fetch, which will it be?” Saul snaps.

“Yes, master. Yes master, your girl hears and obeys, master.”

“Much better.”

I take a deep breath and out the door I go, stepping into the hall way, praying it is empty. It is not. A trio of young men are clustered at the elevator waiting to go down. They wolf whistle at me and tease me. I try to remain focuses and just stride down the hall confidently. Of course in these hooker platform heels a stride becomes a sexy hip rolling provocative walk instead. I feel like I’m oozing sex as I walk. I just hope I don’t get raped in this outfit.

Once I’m standing with them, they are all polite and complement me on my outfit and my makeup.

Asking if I could help them sometimes do there makeup and pick their clothes out. Duh! They are all queers. I forgot. Do they think I’m a girl or a guy dressed in drag? I can’t tell. They treat me like a girl.

We step into the elevator and down we go. I feel their eyes all over me as if they were feeling me up. They exit the elevator in the lobby and I spot the delivery boy. I walk up to him as if I was dressed for a night on the town. In this outfit I am… if that was going to a fucking swingers party. The delivery boy looks barely eighteen and all stammering and blushing.

I can see him begin to tent in his cargo shorts. I am impressive. I take the bag and then turn and walk a few paces away to show off my swaying butt. I blow him a kiss over my shoulder and wink at him as I finish walking back to the elevator. I can feel him fixate on me and just standing their staring and watching me as I finally get in the elevator and the door closes.

That was hot! I am like a sex bomb! I wonder if he came in his pants? I giggle to myself as I return to the office with the food. This is fun!

“That wasn’t so bad, was it Friday?” Saul asks taking the bag of food from me.

“No, it wasn’t.”

“Now, confess, you liked it, right?”

“Well… yes… “

“I knew it. Now be a good girl and strip off that camisole and thong and let your prick hang out for us to admire. You can take off the wig as well. You can relax. Now it’s just us naked boys. But, I keep the stockings and heels on, you look so hot in them. Makes you look good enough to eat. Don’t you agree David?”

“Yes. He is a natural,” David remarks, “he has great pair of legs, makes me jealous.”

I put away my wig, take off the earrings and the thong as well. But I do leave on the rest. Damn, they both look good all naked. They strut around all naked as if it was perfectly natural to do so. Well, for them it is. We are all just three guys with our dicks hanging out, going to eat dinner and who knows what next.

After dinner, I clean up all the dishes as they settle in at the leather couch in front of the huge flat screen TV. I notice that David brings to the couch two small glass jars of oil, one is the Karma Sutra oil that taste like Chocolate.

“Hey Friday,’ Saul calls out to me. “Why don’t you strip out of those things, just keep the heels on, then tidy up the place and set your cute butt down between us. You’ll be off clock then.”

“Okay.” I wonder what’s up? In this place it seems what is ‘up’ is usually a cock, but whose will it be this time. So, after tidying up a scoot my bare ass in between them, they didn’t leave me much room and so we are all packed tight all out naked bodies touching each other. Damn! Just this gets my prick all excited. I guess it is understandable, here I am naked wearing these sexy and slutty platform high heels, sitting wedged in next to two good looking naked guys. It is a wonder that we all don’t have raging hard ons, rather than just me.

“I think it is time for a taste test,” Saul says as he gets one of the Karma Sutra oil bottles, “I feel like trying out strawberry.” The pours a dollop onto my cock and balls, it feels nice.

Then he leans over and begins to lick and suck my prick! Oh man, is he good! It doesn’t take him long to get my cock hard and twitching to cum.

“David, didn’t you tell me that Friday here claims he can cum multiple times?” Saul says as he lays his face on my naked lap with my hard hot cock so close that his lips rub up against me as he talks.

“That is what he claimed,” David replies.

“Will have to take the time this evening to prove that claim. We can’t have him getting away with lying to us on his job application.”

“I agree, he is technically still being interviewed for the job,” David says. “So, we need to decide tonight whether or not he has the job.”

“Well then we will have to test that claim out before we can say he’s hired.”

“I agree.”

With that Saul goes down on my cock and sucks me furiously. Oh my God…!! I can’t help myself and I explode with all this pent up desire filling Saul’s mouth with blasts of hot cum. Oh God… Oh God… he manages to swallow must of it up, but then canlı bahis pulls back when I’m still oozing out my last bit.

“He is tasty,” Saul says licking his cum stained lips. “He’s a bit of a mess now, but he’s all yours.”

“You always leave me to clean things up,” David remarks as he bends over to gently lap up my cum mess. Oh fuck… I’m a so sensitive now… I have a hard time keeping still. I just close my eyes and let David’s insistent tongue get me hard again.

As he sucks my erection, I reach out with my hands to their semi-flaccid cocks to feel their warmth and to instinctively stroke them.

“Now, now, now… “Saul teases as he takes my hand away from his cock. “None of that now. Sit on those pretty hands. Lift up your bare ass and sit on those hands.”

I hear and reluctantly obey, as my action stops David from sucking on my cock. As the show begins he continues to stroke my hard on, slowly but insistently. I squirm as he does. I can’t help myself, I feel so helpless and I so love this feeling of being controlled. My cock is rock hard under his big warm hand. I’m sitting naked next to two good looking naked gay men who seem hell bent on playing with my cock all night and I just am sitting on my hands feeling almost like I was tied up and have to let them have their way with my cock. Oh God… this is wonderful.

I can’t even last through the whole commercial. I feel that hot jizz boiling up and I erupt! I shoot a stream of hot cream that splatters on my bare chest.

“Oh my!” Saul says. “He is just like a hot cum dispenser!”

I shoot off another burst of jizz that lands on my tummy. I sigh deeply and melt into the leather couch. David reaches down and licks the last drops of cum off my now very sensitive cock head.

He takes it into his mouth and just ever so gently sucks on my head. I am in such exquisite pain from this. My cock is so sensitive at such times. Thank goodness, the commercial ends and he stops.

I relax.

But then I feel Saul’s fingers playing with my balls.

My eyes are closed tight and I am breathing heavily. He then runs his finger along the edge of my member coaxing it and awakening it. It has a mind of its own, needs of its own. It is insatiable. Soon under the magic of his finger’s touch my cock gets hard once more. He gently holds my hard member between his thumb and first finger and glides slowly up and down, up and down. Oh my… under the slow and steady pace I feel time bleeding away as a vein in my cock pulses under his slow strokes. Then it all stops.

Oh no…

Next I feel the delicious wetness of oil pouring over my cock hand and traveling down the length of my erection to pool over my balls. Then I feel Saul’s tongue licking my cock as if he were licking an ice cream cone and lapping up the melted ice cream. He just keeps doing that, lapping my cock and balls with his tongue, savoring the flavors of my salty skin and the oil. Oh dear god… I’m not sure I can take this… ohhhhhh… then it stops… fucking commercial!

My cock is left hanging and wanting… At least David comes to my rescue and ever so gently strokes my wet hard cock. Oh shit… it doesn’t take much…

“I was going to burst… now… I willllll!” I shoot my load all over my upper chest in big thick creamy strings of cum that David works out of my cock with expert ease. “ohhhhh… god… oh god… oh god… ” I just want to collapse, and I do melt into the leather couch. I would have slipped off of it had it not been that my body is pinned between Saul’s and David’s naked hot bodies.

I just lay there panting with my cock going all flaccid.

Then the commercial ends again.

Saul takes my cock in his mouth and just starts working me all over again.

They keep doing this to me… hand jobs… sucking during commercials… I can’t tell them to stop… I don’t want them to stop… but how long can I last?

Hand jobs and blow jobs… all night long… I think this is a great trade off… I wear some girl clothes… suck on their cocks… oh yeah, they pee on me as well… but then they do this to me! They know how to suck and jack a guy’s cock!

Oh fuck… yes!!

It’s getting late and I’m dripping multiple cum loads down my chest, drizzling down to my tummy and hips. Saul is holding my erect cock and squeezing it hard to prevent me from cumning one more time.

“Now Friday have you enjoyed today?”

“Well… yes. It’s been weird but I am ashamed to admit it but I’ve like it.”

“Good. Let me give you a preview of a typical day, starting with tomorrow, so you will know what you are getting into if you agree to take this job. Our interview has ended and you need to decide once and for all if you are committed. If you agree you spend the night and your hired. If you don’t agree, we give you your things and drop you off home.”

Well, I can’t go back to my Ex’s place, not at this hour, which he may not know. So, really I am trapped, just like he has trapped my hard cock in his hand.

“I understand.”

“So, we need eight hours sleep and we expect to have our coffee ready before we wake up, so you need to figure that out and set your alarm, a silent alarm so as not to wake us, understood?”

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