Beautiful Prey Ch. 02


Author’s Note: Hello readers! I was reading over Chapter 1 of my story and saw some things I wanted to edit so the first section you are about to read is the revised version of Chapter 1 cause everything can be made better right? My life’s purpose is to make dicks hard and panties wet across planet Earth and I can’t do that if readers are confused so please enjoy this slightly tweaked version of Chapter 1 and also the newly updated Chapter 2. Comment what you think of the story below. I enjoy hearing your delicious feedback. If you haven’t read Chapter 1 from the beginning already, please do so you’ll understand.


“So this is home. You can just drop off the curtain stuff on the couch. Thanks for your help Clarke.” Vera said putting down her purse and keys.

Vera then turned around to see if Clarke had left and instead walked into a blue hand towel practically soaked in chloroform.

Her eyes opened wide with shock and she struggled against the strong, calloused hand holding the wet towel against her face with an iron grip. She frantically scratched and clawed at Clarke’s hands, screaming into them for someone to help, but they felt like steel and refused to budge. After a few minutes and with another deep panicky breath, Vera was out like a light.


‘Too easy,’ Clarke thought to himself as he carried Vera’s unconscious body bridal style into her bedroom. He laid her down on the bed and admired her perfect body. Then undressed her until she was left in her bra and panties.

Leaning close to her neck under her curls, he deeply inhaled her jasmine perfume and cocoa butter scent. A tent was forming in his pants already but he didn’t want to rush this. Clarke wanted to take his time.

He reached into his backpack and grabbed the duck tape and rope he brought.

Gently leaning forward to Vera’s precious and unconscious face, he brought his lips to hers and kissed her passionately then gently sucked her chubby bottom lip making it blush red. Then he gently covered her lips in duck tape, and tied her arms and legs to the bed posts quickly.

Clarke’s cock was rock hard now and being constrained within his jeans. He unzipped them and pulled them down quickly.

Vera’s golden tits were so perky and he could see her nipples hardening underneath her bra and it was turning him on.

Standing over her petite body, Clarke finally removed his shirt revealing strong back muscles and a sexy six pack. Just as he was about to lean down to pull down her panties and play with her beautiful pussy, Vera’s eyes shot open.


“MMMMMMMMMMM!! MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!” Vera screamed under her duck tape.

Clarke smiled watching her squirm and struggle against the ropes. She was so cute when she was helpless.


Clarke sat next to her on the bed shushing her until she finally fell silent staring at him with wide, terrified eyes.

“Vera there is no need for that. I will gladly remove your duck tape. Just promise me one simple thing.”

Vera nodded her eyes filling with tears of fear.

‘I am so fucked. I am so fucked. This man is obviously insane.’ She kept repeating in her head over and over.

“Promise me you won’t scream or I’ll have to kill your precious bunny.”

Vera gasped as Clarke held PuniPuni in his lap stroking her soft fur lovingly while holding a sharp kitchen knife against its neck.

“Do we have a deal?” Clarke asked solemnly.

Vera nodded quickly, her tears spilling onto her cheeks out of fear for her bunny’s life.

Clarke very gently removed the duck tape from her lips while keeping the hand with the kitchen knife close to PuniPuni’s neck.

“There ya go, that wasn’t so hard.” Clarke said setting the tape on her nightstand.

“P-please d-don’t hurt me,” Vera pleaded with him. ‘I have done nothing to deserve this, all I do is stay at home and keep to myself.”

“Oh really Vera, nothing?” Clarke answered chuckling to himself. “That’s funny because you staying at ankara üniversiteli escort home all the time and practically skipping around this apartment butt ass naked is actually the reason I’m so sexually frustrated right now.”

Clarke leaned over Vera his huge cock making a very visible tent inside his boxers. Vera gulped in fear.

“Do you see that apartment across the street Vera?” Clarke pointed across the street through the glass windows while Vera tried desperately to close her legs.

She nodded quickly.

“That is my apartment, and ever since you have moved in all you like to do is fucking tease me with your little strip show every day at 9pm. One time I even saw you touching yourself Vera. Since you didn’t bother to buy curtains for two whole weeks, I had to suffer in my apartment and see you rub your pretty pussy while all I could do was watch.”

Clarke smacked his hand down on her nightstand hard making Vera yelp. “No more Vera. I’m gonna take what is mine.”

And with that said Clarke used the kitchen knife to slice Vera’s lace panties off in one clean cut and tossed them aside.

“W-wait!” Vera cried out in fear as Clarke started to move his face close to her pussy.

Clarke looked up and met her gaze. “Yes?”

“I’m still a v-virgin. I can’t lose it this way, please Clarke. Don’t do this.” Vera pleaded with him hoping there was an inch of humanity in him.

Clarke looked genuinely surprised for a moment and paused.

“Then I guess I have to make your first time amazing.” He answered.

Without warning, his mouth dove onto Vera’s pussy hungrily. He resembled a man starved. Vera tried to pull her body away from his lips but his strong arms dragged her pussy back to his mouth and he continued sucking her clit with passion.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh my fucking-” Vera was cut off as another wave of pleasure washed through her making her shudder uncontrollably. She had to fight this man. This was so wrong.

Since the ropes were slightly loosened while tied to the bedpost, Vera was able to deliver one strong kick to Clarke’s head but he ignored it and threw both of her bound legs over his strong shoulders. His back muscles flexed as he licked and flicked Vera’s clit making her deliciously wet. She hadn’t felt anything so incredible before. This man knew what he was doing with his tongue.

She moaned and shuddered as another orgasm flowed through her body. Her hands found Clarke’s dark curly hair and held onto it gently as he worshipped her pussy. Clarke liked the way Vera tasted, it was salty with a hint of sweetness.

“Oh god Vera you taste so fucking good.” Clarke said with a grin before diving back in to lap up her sweet juices as they flowed out of her tight, virgin pussy.

Vera began to relax. She was bound, there was no stopping this. Clarke then reached up and grabbed her soft, perky breasts. He massaged them gently then began to flick her nipples with his thumbs until they stood proud and erect like his cock was at that moment.

That sent her over the edge. Her senses were overloaded. Vera grabbed Clarke’s curls in her hands and bit her lip in ecstasy as he twirled his tongue in circles on her clit then licked it up and down. Vera’s thighs clenched around Clarke’s head as she climaxed hard.

Vera cried out as her cum dripped from her pussy onto Clarke’s chin. Clarke licked up her juices like a dog in heat. She never came that hard before in her life.

Clarke stood up and looked at her with a gentle smile. “I’ve wanted to do that for so long Vera. Did you enjoy it?”

Vera’s chest heaved up and down still recovering from her multiple orgasms.

“Clarke, can you please untie me now?” Vera asked quietly not wanting to show how turned on she was by what just happened.

Clarke’s cock was throbbing with impatience and lust seeing her glistening wet pink pussy and sexy light brown tits but he tried not to think about his giant erection and cut her free of the ropes.

Vera sat on the edge on the edge of yenimahalle escort her bed and gently rubbed the red marks the ropes made on her soft brown skin. Clarke stood over her covering his huge 11 inch cock afraid she was going to try to bite it off or slap it angrily.

Suddenly Vera pounced from the bed onto Clarke’s tall, large, and surprised body making him fall flat on the floor with his dick standing straight in the air and Vera sitting on his stomach.

In a fit of lust, Vera kissed Clarke’s pussy juice drenched lips deeply. Clarke looked up at her in surprise.

“You are one crazy nigga and I might press charges on you when you leave. But that all depends on how well you fuck my pussy.”

Clarke’s mouth dropped.


Chapter 2:

Vera reached down and grabbed Clarke’s rock hard 11 inch cock with her small manicured hands and began to lick it up and down.

‘Oh fuck yes,’ Clarke thought. He finally had her wrapped around his finger, and soon she was about to be around his throbbing hard cock as well. He couldn’t believe his luck. All those tortured nights jerking off to her from afar seemed miniscule and unsatisfying now.

Vera’s wet pink tongue glistened as it twirled over Clarke’s soft brown tip. She moved her tongue in circles teasingly over the head, and then gently licked his slit up and down making Clarke shiver. Clarke laid his head back against Vera’s white carpet and moaned in pleasure holding back the urge to shove his entire cock in between those soft pouty lips of hers.

Her sexy dark brown eyes looked up into Clarke’s innocently as she quietly and lovingly slid his huge cock into her mouth. Watching the lust in her eyes grow was making him incredibly stiff, and he almost wanted to blow his load right there.

Clarke’s monstrous 11 inch cock was so long and girthy that Vera was having a hard time taking all of him in her small mouth. His giant member was the first one she had ever touched let alone sucked, and soon Vera’s eyes were filling with tears as her gag reflex kicked in. Her tongue gently massaged the bottom of Clarke’s dick as she worshipped his manhood making his toes curl in pleasure.

“Wow this feels fucking amazing,”Clarke told Vera as she drooled on the head of his fat cock like a woman possessed, while firmly jerking him off. Vera moaned around his cock in reply as she continued to hungrily suck on it. The fact that Clarke’s thick rod felt almost like stone in her mouth was making Vera juicy wet. Still moist from the pussy licking she received earlier, tiny trails of clear sticky pussy juice began to crawl down Vera’s caramel colored inner thighs making Clarke’s thick eyebrows raise with a smirk.

Clarke sat up giving Vera a naughty look.

“Goddamn Vera you are dripping wet…”

Vera looked down and began to close her legs in embarrassment a little.

“Oh my god-I’ve never been this wet bef-…”

Vera was suddenly cut off by Clarke’s thick soft lips. His lips were sucking hers so hard and passionately that they began to feel a bit bruised. But in a good way. She could feel how badly he wanted to be inside her. The heat of his lips made her feel a little dizzy.

Clarke let his body fall on top of hers while continuing to suck Vera’s face lovingly. Their bodies rolled around on the carpet in a steamy naked, and entangled heap while PuniPuni looked on from her bunny house with a watchful eye and twitchy nose.

Soon they lay panting, Clarke’s body resting on top of her with Vera staring up at him with wide eyes; her long thick eyelashes fluttering a little nervously. She could feel his giant monster of a cock pressing into her inner thigh a few centimeters away from her extremely wet, exposed pussy. She contemplated her decision silently. Did she really want to give her precious flower to this man? This creepy, incredibly attractive man hunting her across the street?

Clarke asked her for permission with his eyes. His sweet puppy dog eyes and intense gaze enclosed by the shadow of his thick brows ankara zenci escort gave her the answer she needed to feel certain.

Vera nodded. With a slightly shaky breath she parted her legs and pulled Clarke’s face close for a deep kiss. During the kiss she could feel his big mushroomy tip at the entrance of her pussy, and suddenly with a firm, and gentle thrust he pushed it inside her.

“GAAAHHHOWWW” Vera cried out with a gasp.

Vera felt a sharp sting during the first thrust. A slight sting during the second. And then a very full, pleasurable sensation during the third. After that she lost count cause it felt too fucking good. Her hymen was utterly but satisfyingly destroyed and small drops of blood dribbled onto the snow white carpet underneath their entwined bodies.

As soon as Clarke entered her sweet, delicious pussy he thought he might bust a nut on contact. It was so deliciously hot, slippery, and tight inside. But he knew he couldn’t do that, he wanted to make her cum again all over his long, girthy cock. His thrusts became a little less gentle and a little more rough and urgent.

His ballsack, soaking wet with her pussy juices, slapped loudly against her ass cheeks startling PuniPuni as they fucked passionately on the floor. Vera moaned and shuddered against him while Clarke groaned almost drunk with pleasure. Her pussy was so incredibly tight and wet. She wasn’t even trying but was choking and milking his cock with her pussy perfectly. He was getting close but he wasn’t ready to cum just yet.

Suddenly pulling out of her and catching a breath, Clarke stood up and picked up Vera with his meaty, strong biceps until Vera’s legs were wrapped around his muscular torso and her arms were wrapped around his neck. He loved that he could admire her sexy perky tits from this view and had perfect access to her plump, round ass.

Supporting her ass and frame with his strong calloused hands, he gently impaled her on his fat cock once more and power-fucked her standing up. She felt as light as a feather in his arms and Vera felt safe… protected even.

Clinging desperately to his neck, Vera let him take control and control the pace. His cock stretched her sweet pussy with ease and her strong pussy muscles clamped onto his girthy manhood with each thrust. He wanted to stay in her pussy forever.

Smack! Smack! Smack!

Clarke’s rough hands left red angry looking hand prints on Vera’s juicy booty cheeks.

“Say it, Vera,” He said panting while continuing to thrust upward into her heavenly abyss.

“Say w-what?” Vera asked innocently, still recovering from the ass slapping.

“Admit that you’re my dirty cock-hungry slut and beg for me to come inside you.” Clarke answered with a naughty grin.

Vera’s mouth dropped.

Mostly because at that very moment Clarke had hit her G-spot and right now she was pretty sure Niagara Falls would be very jealous of the amount of juices gushing out of her pink, well- fucked pussy onto Clarke’s veiny throbbing erection.

Her curly head fell back full of bliss, eyelashes fluttering as she shuddered on his long, hard manhood and experienced a second powerful orgasm that evening. Clarke began to speed up the pace. He was fucking her seriously now, like a man possessed. He had made her cum hard, now it was his turn.

“I-I’m y-your d-dirty c-cock h-hungry s-s-slut. P-Please f-fill me w-with y-your sticky, h-hot load C-Clarke…” Vera sputtered out gasping, wrapping her legs tighter around Clarke. He was fucking her so furiously fast now that she felt like she was riding a bull at the rodeo.

“Say it louder, Vera. Don’t be shy. Don’t you want your neighbors to know you’re my dirty little slut?” Clarke asked her smirking evilly.


“YUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!” Clarke cried out as he orgasmed and released a giant load into Vera’s womb.

Both of them fully sweaty and spent, they both flopped onto Vera’s bed exhausted but extremely satisfied.

Now, I know what you’re thinking.

Is there any chance that Vera and Clarke will form a loving long term committed relationship and end up spending the rest of their happy lives together for all of eternity?

The answer is no.

But they did remain close fuck buddies for years to come.


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