Beach Lovers


We met on a beach, two travelers from different countries drawn together by the sun, the crystal clear blue ocean, and the sandy beaches.Laying on our bamboo mats as waves hit the shore, we shared our thoughts, dreams, and experiences; the connection was magical, so intense, and extremely sensual.I took a break from the heat and lay down in one of the many hammocks under the palm trees, taking shelter from the afternoon sun. I closed my eyes and dreamed of you, wondering if we would spend some time together later tonight, in a bed.A hand on my shoulder woke me from my fantasies, and you smiled down at me. Your eyes mesmerized me with your innocent beauty; reaching out, I pulled you to me, your body on top of mine. I loved how you followed the customs here, and your bare breasts caressed my chest. Our eyes locked; no words necessary. My hand traced kaçak iddaa your beautiful face, and I memorized every detail; never wanting to forget you.Softly, I whispered to you all the things I wanted to do to you. Your eyes delved deep, right into my soul. My hands slid down your back, and I gently drew you closer to become part of me. My touch traveled lower to your suntanned cheeks exposed by the white thong you wore; such a sexy ass, so soft, tender, so full, and so kissable.You reached between us and freed my hard cock from my shorts. My eyes grew in surprise as your hands urgently squeezed and stroked me. You shifted a bit to one side, and I slipped inside your moist opening.I checked to see if anyone noticed us, but the dozens of tourists on the beach frolicked in the ocean or lay sun tanning on mats.Locked in our rhythm, we were kaçak bahis oblivious to all around us; experiencing sex in a public place, so forbidden, yet so erotic.I felt the urge to change positions, to drive deep into you, but the hammock was too unstable, and I couldn’t bear to take the chance of losing you or being caught.You squeezed down in time to sucking my tongue like you wanted to consume my whole body. I surrendered myself to you, allowing you to set the pace, stopping and starting when you decided. Sometimes we laid dormant for minutes, neither of us moving, not wanting this to end until your passion surged forcing you to start again.A couple walked by, and we heard her say to her husband/boyfriend, “Why don’t you hold me like that?” They never realized we embraced fully joined. I whispered in your ear I would tell them what we were illegal bahis doing. For a second, you thought I would; your face filled with anxiety.Then it was your turn to tease me as you slowly clenched down on me, so hard I couldn’t believe it was your pussy and not your mouth until my willpower yielded. As I came, I saw by the look in your eyes and the moans coming from your tightened lips that we climaxed together, as if we had rehearsed this a thousand times.My cum filled you up, and I couldn’t stop heating you from the inside out. Reaching between your legs, you scooped up our combined juices, sucking on your fingers, enjoying the taste of our love. Once more, you reached down, and this time you offered it to me. I shared us; we made a good combination.Sated, we lay in each other’s arms, your cheek against my chest, my hand massaged your back in gentle circles as you made the sounds of a contented woman. The surf noises lulled us asleep, my cock still buried inside you, waiting until we awoke to make love again, this time in the moonlight.

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