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BBC Only if I can Watch PT3 Blacken”Well Ezzy, where should we go? I was thinking of us going over to the hotel lounge unless you have another idea..” I inquired as I glanced at her profile, noting how cute she was with a little turned up nose and full lips.”That sounds good to me” she responds.As we drove through the night I felt quite awkward while she seemed at ease and we made small talk. We parked the car, she grabbed her over sized purse we and took the elevator to the lobby and went into the lounge. We grabbed a table in the corner and I went to the bar and got us drinks. I sat down across from her and took a pull from my beer as she sips her rum and Coke, nothing was said for a few moments until I inquired, “So, how long have you known Dwayne?””Oh, about 3 years, I met him at a club I was dancing at.” She responded, “He’s a charming man.””You’re a dancer in a strip club?” I asked.”I prefer the term gentleman’s club” She says with a laugh, “I did it when I was in college and for a few years afterwards, it helped pay my way through school. The money was terrific but eventually I got sick of drunk men pawing me over night after night and moved on.””What do you do now?” I asked her.”I work for law firm as an office manager, pretty boring work” She responded.I was pondering what her and Dwayne had for a relationship and finally asked, “So you and Dwayne are good friends? “”Oh yeah, we dated for a short time. It turned out he was not exactly my cup of tea, not for a long term relationship anyway. Every once in a while we hook up just for the sex, he is fun that way!” She ways with a giggle. “No strings or anything, just for fun and games.” She hesitates and sits back and looks at me for a long moment. “What’s with you and Amie? Dwayne is really obsessed with her, he has been with married women before but this is different with you wanting her to fuck him and wanting to see the dirty deed. I was also wondering about the all black gang bang she did with him in front of you, the two of you must be very kinky!””No, not usually. At least not until recently anyway. It started with her telling me about having some black lovers before she met me and for some reason it really turned me on. It turned out she had always had a thing for black men, only as fuck buddies it seemed. She also told me that she could be very submissive to them sexually and the sex was uninhibited. I instantly developed a fantasy to see her with a black man. Somehow it happened and when it did the multiple black partners was not originally in the game plan, It just happened. It was wild and it turned out to be very hot!” I then fell silent, thinking of Amy back at Dwayne’s apartment, what were they doing? I felt a pang of jealously.I then switched gears in my head and decided it was a waste to worry about Amie at least for the time being. I needed to take advantage of the situation I was in, I had a hot Asian woman drinking with me and I suddenly had a strong urge to get onto her pants. “What do you think? This lounge is lame, want to come up to my room?” I inquired, pretty damn sure I knew what the answer would be.She looked at me and smiled, “Let me finish my drink and let’s go, got something in the room to drink?””Sure do, got beer and wine. If you want anything else I’ll have to go out and get it.” I responded.”No need for that, beer is fine.” She said.With that we finished our drinks and headed to the elevator. Once on the elevator, we were alone and she was standing real close to me and she looked so cute with her large dark eyes and pouty little lips. I couldn’t wait any longer and leaned over and planted a soft kiss on her lips, she responded by reaching around me and pulling herself to me. We embraced closely, kissing deeply and as we did she reaches down and unzips my fly and reaches inside my jeans. As she pulls on my already rigid cock we felt the elevator stop and the door start to open. We broke our embrace and I struggled to zip up my fly as the door opened and this older couple steps in. I had quickly composed myself and stood there red faced as the couple eyed us knowingly. The four of us stood there awkwardly until the elevator stopped at our floor and as we exited the gentle man said with a smirk, “Enjoy your evening.”We quickly walked down the hall, it seemed like my room was 5 miles away as I was so anxious to fuck Ezzy. As I slipped the card into the lock Ezzy was kissing my neck and fondling my cock through my jeans. Once in the room she broke away from me and went into the bathroom. I stood there for a bit, nervous as hell and decided to get her a beer from the cooler. I cracked one for myself, clicked on the TV and waited for her to come out of the bathroom. After what seemed like an eternity she came out and walked over to where I was sitting on the edge of the bed. I hand her the beer and she takes a sip and sits on my lap, looking at me with her pretty dark Asian eyes. We kissed deeply and I reached up under her cropped top and fondled her firm little tits.I stopped for a bit and asked her, “You are obviously of Asian descent but something about you seems different, can you tell me about yourself?””Well my Mom is Japanese and my Dad is half white and half African-American.” She responded.”I like what I see, I’d like to thank your parents for having a beautiful girl.” I told her as we both stand up. I reach over and slowly pull her shirt over her head. As I remove my shirt I can’t take my eyes off her bahis şirketleri pretty dark nipples, they were so different from my wife’s pink ones. She shimmies out of her jeans and helps me undo my belt and pulls down my jeans. Once we are fully naked I noticed she had her black pubic hair trimmed short in the shape of a heart, so different from Amie’s bare pink pussy.We embrace tightly with Ezzy grinding her breasts into my chest as we kiss deeply. She starts stroking my cock and balls with her right hand as I reach around and grab her firm ass. It was so much easier to do this than I was used to with Amie with Ezzy being taller than my wife. Ezzy starts kissing my neck and giving me little kisses down my chest as she drops to her knees and looking up a me with her beautiful dark eyes she licks my cock and balls. Without breaking her stare she engulfs my hard cock with her mouth. She fondles my balls with one hand and reaches around with her other and squeezes my ass.After just a few minutes of this I thought I was going to blow my load into her mouth so I reached down and stood her up and then laid her on the bed. I got on top of her and kissed her deeply and worked my mouth down her chest pausing at her delicious dark nipples, as I do this she is moaning loudly and pushing my head down. I pause for a few seconds at her belly button and finally I reach her pretty pussy. I dive my tongue in and swirl it around a bit, tasting her musky saltiness and trying to touch her G spot with my tongue. I then lick her clitoris lightly as I reach up and pull on her nipples. Finally she can stand it no longer and reaches down, grabs me by the ears and pulls me up to her.As our lips meet and I kiss her she reaches down and guides my cock into her moist pussy. I raise myself up onto my hands and look down at my cock sliding in and out of her eager pussy. I am really turned on by the contrast between our skin colors and my red pubic hair against her black pubes. She is gritting her teeth with her face contorted with passion. She reaches up and pinches my nipples hard and I am trying hard to prolong this wonderful fuck. After some hard stroking she changes her breathing and reached around and grabs my ass cheeks, pulling me deep into her and she lets out a squeal as she cums hard on my cock. It was then as I shot my semen into her I realized we hadn’t put on a rubber. Oh well, I figured if it was good for Amie and her black lovers it was good for me! Ezzy told me later she had been tested recently anyway as I had so we should be safe.I could not believe how nice it felt balling Ezzy, she was a dynamo! We fell asleep in each others arms and I was awakened a few hours later with her sucking my cock. As I lay on my back she gets on top and mounts me, riding me hard. I just laid there and was amazed how it felt to have her fuck me with her soft talented little cunt. I lasted longer this time and she had multiple orgasms before I dumped another load into her.We made love one more time in the early morning and afterwards I laid there as she showers and gets dressed. “Do you want to get something to eat?” I ask her.”No,” she says as she leans down and kisses me. “I’ve got to get going .””Do you want a ride?” I ask.”No, you just relax, I’ll take a cab.” She says as she opens the door and leaves the room. I look over at the clock, it’s only 7:15, I wonder what Amie and Dwayne are doing right now as I doze off into a deep slumber.I awoke an hour later with a start, I had dreamed of Amie and she was naked and all these strange black hands were feeling her up. I was slightly dazed and as I shook off the sleep I remembered the previous night’s events, how I had left Amie in the arms of a black man who was in reality a stranger to us. I thought of my fun night of passion with the delightful Ezzy. It was time for me to get a shower and get reunited with my beautiful Amie and go home.Once I was cleaned up, I made myself a coffee in the room, waited until 10:00 and called Amie’s cell phone. She didn’t pick up immediately which I found disturbing but she finally did before the voice mail kicked in. “Hi Honey” Amie sighed in her soft voice. “What’s going on?””I was getting ready to come over and pick you up if you are ready.” I told her.She hesitated and I heard a muffled conversation she was having with Dwayne. After long few minutes she come back and says, “Instead of you coming over to Dwayne’s apartment, he wants to meet you at a restaurant downtown around 2:00 in the afternoon if that’s OK with you.” I was caught off guard and even though it wasn’t really what I wanted to do, I wanted to pick her up immediately, I agreed. She gave me directions to the restaurant and hung up. I sat there and watched TV for awhile feeling very agitated and finally it was checkout time so I gathered our luggage, checked out and went to find something to do for three hours. I browsed a music store and a book store for awhile and finally it was time so I went to the restaurant.I went into the restaurant and seeing few people there I had them sit me near the entrance and sat down facing the door so I could see them when they come in. It got to be 2:00 then 2:10 and finally the door opens and Dwayne is holding the door open for Amie, she smiles when she sees me and comes over and sits down in the booth next to me. She slides off her coat and was wearing the same black sheer mini dress with bell sleeves she had worn the night before. It was off her bahis firmaları smooth shoulders and her blond hair brushed them lightly. I could see the nipples of her 34c tits through the semi sheer material and when I put my arm around her slender waist I noticed she was without panties even though she had some in her bag when she went to his place. When she dressed for Dwayne the night before she had gone without panties but for some reason I thought she would have them on now.Dwayne sits across from us and we make small talk and order some appetizers and a round of drinks. I couldn’t help but notice there seemed to be some tension between them, what was going on? When we finish our food and drinks Dwayne abruptly stands up, throws some cash on the table and says, “Well, time to get out of here.” Amie stands up and gives him a quick kiss and a hug and sits back down with me as he leaves. She snuggles up to me and says, “Did you have fun with Ezzy last night?”I respond with a smile, “Oh yeah! She was great! I’ll tell you about it on the way home but first you will have to tell me about the rest of your stay with Dwayne.”We settled the tab and went to the car and headed home. Amie seemed preoccupied in her thoughts and I couldn’t help looking her up an down as she sat in the passenger seat. Her coat was off and the dress had ridden up so I could see a hint of her pussy as she leaned towards me and kisses me on the cheek. I looked into her beautiful blue eyes and said, “Why don’t you tell me about your night before I tell you about mine? Don’t leave out any details!”Amie thinks for a minute and says, “After you left with Ezzy Dwayne and I took a shower together. We did plenty of playing around with each other but didn’t have intercourse in the shower. We got out and dried ourselves, I dried my hair and put more makeup on because he wanted me to. We had a little to eat and a few drinks and the next thing I know we are going at it again. It was long slow lovemaking with Dwayne stroking me easy and saying sweet things to me. I kept building up again and again, having one orgasm after another. Finally I told him I wanted him to come in my mouth and I went down on him licking my juices off his black dick. I then licked his balls and and spent some time tonguing his ass. It didn’t take much time when I returned to sucking his cock before he came in my mouth.”Did you swallow his cum?” I asked as my cock hardened.”Yes,” She said, “very tasty too! We fell asleep and hugging each other and in the morning I woke him up with another blow job and then…” Her voiced trailed off, and she looks away from me and out the window.”Then what?” I inquired.After a long hesitation Amie continues, “I had been thinking, thinking that Dwayne was getting too serious about our relationship. I really just want him as a playmate but several times during our lovemaking his sweet talk included him telling me he loved me. I know it’s silly, we barely know each other, but he seemed so passionate about it and I have to admit it was a real turn on for me when he told me he loved me. It really enhanced my orgasms and I came so hard on his cock.”I felt a sharp pang of jealousy and I pulled over into the breakdown lane. I looked at her and her eyes were overflowing with tears. “I can see him feeling that way, you are wonderful.” I told her, “How do you feel about him?”She immediately responded, “No! I don’t love him, I have strong feeling for him but it is really a physical attraction.” She hesitates and then continues, “I decided to tell him that I didn’t really love him and I also told him that it was probably best we didn’t see each other again.”I sat there trying to figure it all out and finally I asked, “What was his reaction.?””Like I said, I had greeted him in the morning with a blow job and when done he and I were cuddling and he asked me if I would consider moving in with him. That is when I told him how I felt and how we should not see each other again. He was pretty upset and told me he was moving too fast and apologized for pushing the issue. He said he still wanted to keep seeing me and wouldn’t mention his feelings again. I told him it wasn’t a good idea and our night together was it.” She tell me.”Then what happened?” I inquired.”He got out of bed and seemed to be furious. He went in and took a shower and when he came out seemed to be much calmer.” She thinks for awhile and then continues, “I think that is all need to tell you now.””You mean there is more?” I ask, What happened after that?””I don’t really want to talk about it” she responds.”Come on Amie, you have to tell me what happened!”I didn’t think she was going to tell me more but finally after a long pause she continues, “He told me that if this was going to be our last time together, would I be willing to do him a favor and fulfill one of his fantasies.””What was the fantasy?” I asked.”He said he always wanted to take one of his ladies to an adult book store or an adult movie theater and have some fun. I told him no way even though it kind of excited me. He kept pleading with me and finally I agreed as a going away present. That was when you called and that is why we didn’t want you to come right over. After I got off the phone with you I showered and put on makeup and dressed in the same outfit as I had worn the night before. I hadn’t really spent much time in it, I was naked most of the night!” She said with a smile. “Unlike the night before, I had put on kaçak bahis siteleri some panties but when Dwayne saw them he told me it would be better if I didn’t wear any so I removed them.””You actually went though with this?” I was incredulous.”Yes, I never thought I would ever do something like that but he seemed so persuasive.” She told me, “We left his apartment and he drove us to a kind of seedy part of town. We parked and went into this dingy adult book store, as we did he assured me I could back out at any time. Inside it was filled with hardcore DVDs, magazines and sex toys. We browsed for awhile and a couple of older black men in work clothes, one of them was quite fat, were hanging out leering at me, kind of giving me the creeps. Finally Dwayne gives some money to the store clerk and takes me by the hand and leads me down the hallway, the two black men follow us. Dwayne opened this door into a dimly lit room with couple of chairs in it and and an adult video playing. He closes the door and I just stood there feeling very awkward. The first thing I noticed was the faint smell of pine cleaner, like someone had recently cleaned it. In spite of that the room seemed dirty and shabby. I looked around and I saw a hole on each end of the room about 6″ in diameter, I had a good idea what they were for!””I can’t believe this!” I said, feeling a bit light headed.Amie continues, “I heard the doors on each side of us open and close and I could hear the clinking sound of someone fumbling with their belt. There was a knock on the wall to the left and Dwayne reaches up and slides a panel aside revealing a plexiglass window and on the other side was one of the black men we had seen out in the store peering at me with a broad grin. I look down and his semi hard cock is sticking though the hole. Dwayne pushes me towards him and tells me to play with his cock. I hesitate at first but he gently pushed me down to my knees with my face in front of the now growing uncircumcised black cock. I reach out and gently stroke the cock with my fingers. As I do that Dwayne pulls my dress up over my hips and starts playing with my ass and pussy. I look over my shoulder and behind Dwayne I can see he had opened the slide on the other side of the room and the fat older black guy is leering at me.””Christ! I exclaimed, “Why did you agree to go in there?”Amie bites her bottom lip, “I dunno, I have to admit I was curious and kind of turned on and I just could not say no to Dwayne. I also figured I could back out at any time.”I was now curious and I have to admit a bit turned on by her account of the visit to the adult book store, “So what happened next?” I inquired.Amie continues, “Like I said, Dwayne had me playing with one man while exposing my backside to the other. I was then shocked when he stands me up and tells me to show the two gentlemen the rest of my body. He grabs the bottom hem and starts pulling my dress up, I resisted weakly but he persists and gently pulls it up over my midsection and breasts. I lift my arms straight up over my head and he pulls the dress up and over my head, I was now fully naked. Dwayne then pushes me back down in front of the cock I was playing with before, and when I was on all fours he pushes my head towards the cock sticking through the wall and I started licking it. I knew the other man was looking at my nakedness, especially my exposed ass and pussy and I never felt so exposed in my entire life.”Amie pauses but soon continues, “I then felt Dwayne rubbing my anus, I look over my shoulder and see he is applying lube. He works his finger into my ass and I react by pulling away and as I do I start sucking the cock in front of me. I hear Dwayne unzipping his fly and soon he is shoving his big cock into my ass. I gasped and tried to catch my breath but I am struggling to do so with a big black cock in my mouth. Suddenly, I felt a big rough hand rubbing my tits and the guy in the other room had come in and was feeling me up.””Were you turned on by this?” I asked.Her eyes glaze over and she stares off and says, “You would think I would not enjoy this at all, there I was totally naked on the filthy floor of a glory hole room with Dwayne fucking my ass and me sucking off a smelly cock with a fat black man twice my age pawing my tits with his big rough hands. Incredibly, I felt a wave of an orgasm coming over me. It was so degrading but also so hot and sexy in some bizarre way. Shit, I must be a real nymphomaniac, how can you stay with me? When the stranger behind the wall had cum in my mouth, I turned my attention to the other one in the room with me. I had no more than got his cock in my mouth when he let go with a stream of jizm and his cock popped out and splattered on my cheek and onto the floor. It was then I noticed some remnants of dried cum on the floor and wall. Dwayne then filled my ass with his semen and soon it was all over. I went into the bathroom and cleaned myself up as best as I could and fixed my makeup. It was then that I got quite mad at Dwayne for taking me to that place.””Yeah, he was being a dick because you had told him you didn’t want to see him anymore.” I observed.”He seemed to want to push me to my limits and to degrade me. I told him I thought he wasn’t too nice to me and the bastard defended himself by telling me that I seemed to enjoy myself and he thought it was an incredible thrill and fulfilled one of his fantasies. He also reminded me that I could have backed out at any time.” Amy’s voice trails off and says no more and with that I pull back out into traffic. As I drive home she seemed to be absorbed in deep thoughts, staring out the passenger window at the passing scenery as we drove home.

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