Bath Time


He woke up with that familiar feeling; he rolled onto his back and stretched his arms and legs. The sheet covering his body slipped down and rested just below his waist. He opened his eyes and gazed out the window; looking at the blue sky he decided that it was time to get out of bed and go and enjoy the day. He looked down and chuckled to himself, seeing the tenting of the sheet that his hard cock was making; he reached down and pulled the sheet off himself. He grabbed his smooth hard cock and stroked it a few times; his eyes closed and visions of his wife riding him the night before entered his head. He started to stroke faster, running his fingers the length of his cock; then suddenly stopped, he didn’t have time for this right now.

He jumped out of bed and went down the hall to the bathroom, rubbing his eyes and adjusting to the day; he walked in the bathroom and relieved himself. On turning around he froze; his eyes widened at the beautiful sight in front of him. She was lying in the bath, her eyes closed and her knees slightly bent; she was peacefully dozing and had no idea he was standing there. He knew he should leave, it was wrong, to watch, to admire, but his feet stood firmly in the same position. His eyes gazed over her neck, slender and tilted back as she lay dozing; his eyes roamed down across her shoulders and then down to her chest. Her soft breasts were mostly out of the water, her brown nipples sticking out and hard; he wanted to touch and follow the soft curves of her beautiful breasts.

He looked down at her curvy body beneath the water, she must’ve been in there for a while; the bubbles were sparse, only a few left floating around her body. Her belly was soft and slightly rounded and her hips flared out; he had not really noticed how beautiful her curvy body was until now, seeing her all wet and softly resting. His eyes knew they shouldn’t look any further down her luscious body; his cock was rock hard. He knew it was wrong but he couldn’t help it; he had to, had to look that little bit further down. He stared at her belly button and her soft belly; moving his eyes down further slowly, and then his breath was taken away. She was completely shaven, not a single hair down there, not one. It looked incredibly soft and he gazed at her folds, all bare and exposed to him.

He looked back up at her face, she still had her eyes closed; he let out his breath slowly, she hadn’t caught him, thank god. His eyes looked back at her pussy; her long legs were bent at the knee so she could fit into the tub. Her knees were slightly apart, it gave him the perfect view of that smooth pussy. Before he realised it his hand was slowly rubbing his cock again; he glanced down and saw what he was doing. NO! This is wrong he thought and jerked his hand away from his smooth hard cock. He started to move out of the bathroom, telling himself over and over to stop looking at her. All the while his eyes never left her young body, just as he was tearing his eyes away from the lovely sight before him, she shifted in the water; her knees opened and they rested on one side of the bath each. Her legs were now wide open, her pussy was exposed and opened; he could see more than before, oh god, so much more than before.

He paused; he wanted to leave, he knew he had to, yet he wanted to get closer. She wouldn’t know she was sleeping. He checked her face again, still soundly sleeping, She looked so beautiful and so peaceful. He loved her so much and he had to look just a little more. He moved bursa escort bayan slowly and so carefully to the edge of the bath; he peered in between her legs. Her smooth pussy looked so beautiful, his eyes followed every fold of her; he wondered how long she had been keeping it this way. It was such a gorgeous sight. Once again his hand was on his cock as he stared at this beautiful pussy in front of him, stroking himself slowly, up and down, rubbing the head with his thumb, wishing it were up against that fantastic pussy.

“Could you help me wash my back?”

He froze, completely naked, cock in his hand, and swallowed hard. My god did I really just hear that? He slowly looked at her face, she was still so peaceful, yet her eyes were wide open and sparkling at him. There was a sly smile on her face and she held up the body wash, offering it to him.

“I’m sorry baby, I know I shouldn’t…but….I….. I was leaving its just that you moved and………well I’m sorry,” he stammered, though knowing he wasn’t making any sense.

The whole time she just smiled at him. She sat upright, her legs straight in front of her, her heavy breasts sagging down a little now that they weren’t floating in the water, her nipples still rock hard. She squeezed out some body wash into her hands and started to lather up her hands, her eyes never leaving his. The smile on her face was comforting and happy. His hand still rested on his cock, but not moving; he was still in shock and couldn’t believe what was happening right in front of him.

She started to wash her shoulders, slowly rubbing them and then over her neck; her hands glided softly over her naked body as he watched. His eyes stared down at her hands then checked her eyes for permission to watch. She smiled at him as she washed up and down her arms, lifting them high into the air and washing under them, her breasts rising with her arms. He looked at them, so soft and round, perfect in his eyes. She started to rinse off the soap with the water, splashing herself and rubbing off the lather. She grabbed the body wash again and went to squirt some more into her hand. She stopped and paused for a minute; she looked up at him and whispered, “You could help me if you wanted to.”

He thought hard for a moment, looking in her eyes that were more than accepting. He knew it was wrong, but in this moment, it would feel so right; he wanted to do it, but…………………yes he could do it, he would, he had to.

He just nodded his head and made a grunting sound as he took his hand off his cock and laid it out for her to squirt the body wash into it. She squirted a good amount into his palm and put the lid back on; she then put it up on the side of the bath and waited patiently. He leaned down and dunked his empty hand into the water and started to lather up both hands, slowly rubbing them together. Then he knelt down onto his knees, getting himself closer to her, down to her level. She turned her back towards him, offering it to him; he moved his soapy wet hands to her shoulders and slowly rubbed into her back. He felt her shiver all over when his hands first touched her; he rubbed around and around on her shoulders, then moved his fingers slowly down her back, washing slowly. His hand rubbed in a circular motion around and around, applying some pressure. He saw her tilt her head forward and heard a little moan escape from her, his cock jerked; she was enjoying this as much as he was. His hands moved a little faster, up and down nilüfer escort her back, rubbing to the sides, down over her hips, getting bolder and bolder with every second that passed. Then he shifted down to her ass, his fingers just brushing down low enough and then back up over her spine, to her neck. She groaned as he applied more pressure and did the same thing again over and over. She leant forward giving him more access to her ass; each time he rubbed down a little farther, his finger started to go in between her ass cheeks then quickly back up again. He dipped his hand into the water and brought some up and poured it onto her back rinsing off what he had washed, rubbing then rinsing.

“Lie back for me so it can all rinse off, honey.”

Without a word she lay back into the water; he looked at her face. She was flushed but was still smiling. He looked at her breasts; god they looked beautiful. He couldn’t help but stare. She grabbed the body wash and offered it to him again.

“They need cleaning too,” she whispered, her voice crackled a little as she spoke.

He took the body wash and squirted it straight onto her round breasts, over one and then the other, leaving a trail between them. He closed the lid and set it on the side of the bath, his big hands carefully lowered onto her breasts, they were so soft. He looked at her and saw her eyes roll back into her head as he started to rub them gently, around and around, feeling there size, moving his fingers over her nipples, still rock hard, stroking them gently. He started to roll her nipples between his fingers; he heard another moan from her filling the silence of the bathroom. He smiled and rubbed a little harder, he thought to himself, surely this is the hardest his cock had ever been; it felt like it would explode. His hands moved over her tits, down her sides and back over the mounds on her chest. His fingers started to pluck at her nipples; she moaned and sank down a little more into the water. The water washed over her breasts rinsing them of the suds. He looked at her face and grabbed the body wash, smiled at her and started to lather up his hands again with lots of soapy suds.

“Stand up for me so I can wash the rest of you properly, please.”

He said it with strength; he knew exactly what he wanted now and asked for it calmly. She slowly stood up in the bath facing him, her naked body dripping wet right in front of him. He looked up at her and said, “turn around for me.” She slowly turned around; she felt so exposed, naked and cold, the feeling was electric. Her body was covered in goose bumps from the combination of the cold air and the excitement.

His hands started to wash at her ankles, rubbing them gently, then up her calves. Both hands worked at the same time, one leg each, rubbing her soft flesh slowly, moving their way up, up higher. She felt his hands slowly teasing her; she wanted him to touch her where he shouldn’t. She wanted to feel his hands where she was the wettest; she longed for it as he slowly moved his way up further. He washed her knees and then moved to her thighs; she spread her legs a little more for him and then leaned forward and put her hands on the wall in front of her to support herself. She was nervous, he was nervous; but it was going to happen, it had to, they both needed it now.

The sight in front of him was unbelievable, her beautiful round ass, the sight of her pussy lips and her thighs; no man could resist this he thought, assuring türbanlı escort himself of what he was doing. He paused and got more body wash, lathering up, then placed his hands on the sides of her thighs and rubbed her gently up to her ass, rubbing those round cheeks massaging them, kneading them with his fingers. He slid a finger up and down her crack, sliding his finger up against her tightest opening; he heard her gasp and then noticed her trying to relax her muscles. He rubbed her ass up and down, pulling her cheeks apart and rubbing it over and over; then he slowly pushed one finger into her tight asshole. She gasped loudly and tried to relax; he only went in till the first knuckle then he slowly slid it out. He repeated the process over and over; her hips started to sway a little. He could tell she was loving it.

He suddenly stopped finger-fucking her ass and moved his hands to her inner thighs; he moved his fingers up to her bare pussy slowly, one finger touching then another. Her head fell back as she moaned, “ohhhhh yesssssssssss!” This made his cock jerk; he used two fingers to rub along her pussy, moving up to her mound then back to her ass, over and over. He let a finger slip into her and rubbed up to her clit circling it gently. Her moans were regular now as his fingers manipulated her soft pussy folds over and over, running up and down the length of her slit. He could feel how wet she was. He could smell her aroma; it was filling the bathroom. He moved his hand faster and faster making sure to hit her clit every time. Her hips started to push back at his hand; she wanted him to go inside her. She pushed back at him as he rubbed her pussy back and forth. Her hips started bucking wildly and she started making wild noises, moaning loudly as he rubbed faster. Knowing she was getting close his one hand rubbing up and down, his other hand on her hip. He noticed her whole body starting to tense and her legs starting to tremble as she let out an almightily scream of, “IM CUMMING!!!”

Her entire body trembled, he kept on rubbing; he couldn’t believe the amount of juices that were gushing onto his hand. His other hand grabbed his cock and he stroked himself hurriedly and he was on the verge of cumming just from watching her. She was still moaning and he was still rubbing her soft smooth pussy as his hand pumped his cock harder and harder, his fist slamming against himself as he pumped with all his might. He stopped rubbing her pussy, wet with her juices, he grabbed his balls with his juice covered hand and massaged.

She dropped to her knees in the tub, weak from the incredible orgasm she just had. She turned and gasped as she saw how fast his fist was pumping his hard cock; there was pre-cum dripping from the tip. His other hand, covered in her juices was rubbing his balls. His eyes were closed and concentrating, she leaned closer to his cock, admiring it, so big, so incredibly hard. She looked up at his face and his eyes opened, and looked down at her. She smiled and said, “cum for me, Daddy.”

These four words sent him over the edge and he shot his thick cum all over the edge of the bath, some splattering onto her arm. She giggled and licked it with her tongue while her eyes looked up at his eyes.

“Mmmmm yummy!” she whispered as he sat back on his heels and let out a long sigh. She smiled at him and pulled out the plug. Climbing out of the bath and standing in front of him, she leaned down and kissed him gently on the cheek. “Mmm, thanks, Daddy; that was the best bath ever. She giggled as she left the bathroom.

He sat back against the bath, breathing heavily and thinking about what he and his 22-year-old daughter had just done. He felt a stirring in the pit of his stomach, was it guilt or was this lust?

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