Subject: Barber Shop Teddy, Part 6 (gay/incest) This is adult FICTION. It is not intended to encourage or condone any similar activities in the real world. It is merely ENTERTAINMENT, for which Nifty could use your donations! http://donate./donate.html Don’t read this story if you’re not old enough for this stuff, if m/m stories offend you, or if “family fun” isn’t your kind of fantasy. On the other hand, if that’s what you’re looking for, then unzip and get busy! BARBER SHOP TEDDY PART 6 When I woke up, I was disappointed to discover that Dad wasn’t in bed with me. I’d hoped that he would be up for a fully awake repeat of our first father-son fuck. My morning boner confirmed that I was ready, either that or I desperately needed to piss. Okay, my straining bladder quickly told me the latter was actually more urgent. My bouncing dick led the way to the bathroom, and when I opened the door, I discovered that Dad was in the shower. “Morning, Dad!” I called over the sound of rushing water. “Morning, Teddy,” he called back. “I’ll be finished in a minute.” “Sorry, I just need to piss, desperately!” I said as I stepped in front of the toilet. “Just warn me before you flush,” Dad called back. Rather than trying to judge the arc of a piss stream, I leaned over the toilet and aimed my hard dick to piss straight into it. I took a deep breath to relax and then unleashed the golden flow just as Dad turned off the shower. “Sounds like it really was an emergency,” Dad laughed. “Definitely,” I confirmed, looking over my shoulder to see Dad busy drying his glistening body. I caught him sneaking a quick look at my ass, which was pointed in his direction. I’m sure my bent-over stance made it look inviting. Suddenly the sound of piss hitting water changed to piss hitting porcelain. “Watch what you’re doing,” Dad said, “or you’re cleaning it up.” “Yes, sir,” I replied automatically as I turned my attention back to my cock and adjusted my aim. “What do you have planned for today?” “Well, I’d planned for you to fuck me again,” I replied, casually releasing my cock and reaching back to spread my butt cheeks. “You have a one-track mind,” Dad laughed. “Well?” I asked as my piss started to dwindle. “I’ve just finished showering,” Dad said, stating the obvious. “There’s more water.” “I’ll be late for work,” he objected, but I saw that his cock was plumping up quickly. “Please?” I said, working a middle finger across and into my pucker. It wasn’t easy, because my body had absorbed all of the lube and cum from the previous night. Still, I let out a low moan and bit my lip as I pushed the finger inside my ass just a little way. “Damn,” Dad growled as his cock arrived at full stiffness. “I really enjoyed you fucking me last night,” I assured him as I drove my finger deeper. “And I definitely want it to happen again.” “Are you sure?” he asked. “An accidental sleep fuck is one thing. This would be another.” “It was no accident, Dad. I wanted it and I got it. And now I want it again.” “Oh, Teddy,” he sigh as he wrapped his paw around his engorged cock. “Fuck me, Dad,” I whispered. “Do you really want it, Son?” “I don’t just want it, I need it,” I assured him. “You can even do it rough and ready, so you’re not too late for work,” I laughed. Dad hesitated for a moment but then stepped closer behind me. I pulled my finger out and braced myself against the wall. I moaned when I felt the tip of Dad’s cock pushing between my butt cheeks. Just as I felt him pressing against my ass pucker, he stopped. “Are you really sure you want this to go on?” Dad asked. “Absolutely,” I confirmed. “I really want last night to be just the beginning.” “And it really doesn’t bother you that you’re my son?” “We’re grown men. If we want to have fun together, whose business is it if that fun just happens to be sex?” “I doubt your mother would see it that way.” “Then I’ll have to remember not to tell her that Daddy’s fucking me,” I laughed. That comment caused Dad’s dick to pulse. I pushed my ass back against the increasingly slippery head of his cock. “I really want this,” I said seriously, looking over my shoulder and into his eyes. “If it’s really what you want,” he replied before hocking a huge wad of spit into his palm, “then it’s what you’ll get.” I could feel him stroking the spit along the shaft of his cock. Then I watched as he hocked up another batch of saliva. This time, though, instead of spitting into his hand, he aimed the spit at my ass. His aim was spot on. I felt the warm liquid hit my crack, and then he used the head of his cock to guide it into my hole. “Oh god,” I moaned, “that feels good.” “You relaxed?” Dad asked. I took a huge breath and then exhaled completely. “Go for it.” Dad pushed and pushed and pushed. I could feel the head of his cock forcing me open. I was relaxed, but without more lube, the entrance was not speedy. “Relax, Son,” Dad grunted. I inhaled again, held it for a few seconds, and then slowly exhaled, willing every muscle in my body to relax. “FUCK!” I roared when Dad’s cock suddenly ripped into me. Just the head, but my dry ass was not happy as it clamped down on his shaft. “Sorry,” Dad whispered. “You okay? Maybe we should lube you up.” “No, I’m good,” I assured him through gritted teeth. “Just give me a few seconds. And some more spit,” I laughed. The laughter caused my ass to spasm, and Dad’s cock slipped farther into me. He hocked up another mouthful of saliva and spit it at my burning hole. Right on target. “With aim like that, you must have done this before,” I laughed, and his cock sank deeper. “A few times,” Dad replied distractedly as he watched his cock sink deeper and deeper into his son’s ass. “You’ll have to tell me about it sometime,” I panted. “Or I could just show you,” Dad replied as his cock bottomed out and I felt his pubes pressed against my butt cheeks. “Show me, Dad,” I replied. “Show me.” Dad tightened his grip on my hips and started to pull his cock out. He was only about halfway before he pushed it back in. Slow shallow strokes. Faster and faster. I tried to relax my ass, but even with the spit, it was a rough ride. “Fuck me, Dad,” I grunted. “Faster.” “Don’t wanna hurt you,” Dad panted. “Don’t wanna be late for work either,” I laughed. “Come on, Dad, fuck me good.” “Okay, Son,” he agreed. “Get ready for a ride.” With that, he slammed his cock deep and hard into my insides. “Oh fuck yeah!” I grunted. “Fuck me, Daddy!” Again and again and again. Slamming his cock into me. Filling me with his meat. Harder. Faster. Building friction. Burning off that saliva. Pulling my ass back onto his cock. Ramming his cock into me. “So fucking tight,” he grunted. “Then fill it with cum and lube it up,” I suggested. “Oh fuck, Teddy, this feels so good.” Slamming his crotch against my ass. Slapping my ass so hard it had to leave red marks. Filling my ass with his daddy dick. “I need your cum, Dad. I want your cum,” I assured him. “Oh, Teddy,” Dad panted. Fucking faster and faster. Grunting. Moaning. Pounding. Slamming. “Do it, Dad. Fill my ass with cum!” “FUCK!” Dad roared, plunging his cock into me and quickly pulling partway out. “FUCK!” he repeated as he slammed in again. “Coat my insides,” I begged as he pulled out again. “I’M CUMMING, TEDDY,” he bellowed as he slammed his cock all the way in one final time. I could feel his body trembling. No more words. Just uncontrolled grunts and groans and moans as his cock throbbed inside me. Huffing and puffing as his cock shot his hot jizz into my ass. Daddy cum squirting from his balls, through his cock, and into my guts. More and more. I could feel it leaking out, lubing my hole before trickling down my inner thighs. “That’s it, Daddy,” I whispered, gently fucking my ass on his still-throbbing cock. “Oh, Teddy,” he moaned as his whole body shook. “Keep fucking me, Dad,” I begged as I grabbed my own cock and frantically pumped it for all I was worth. Faster and faster as my dad slowly pulsed his cock in a shallow fucking motion. “Cum for Daddy,” he whispered. “OH FUCK!” I grunted as my cock throbbed in my fist and then started sending streams of jizz flying into the toilet bowl with my piss. “That’s my boy,” Dad cooed. He continued fucking my ass as it spasmed on his shaft. “That’s my boy,” he repeated softly as he gently rubbed my lower back. Finally, I released my cock and returned my palm to the wall for balance as I recovered. Dad stopped fucking me, and we stood there motionless. His cock in me. His cum leaking out of me. Both of us still panting heavily. Finally, I took a deep breath. “You’re really gonna be late for work.” “Maybe I should just call in sick,” Dad laughed. “Fine with me,” I replied him, squeezing my ass on his cock for emphasis. “Damn, I never knew you were such a horny kid!” Dad laughed. “Well, now you know,” I said, looking over my shoulder and grinning at him. “And I’m glad to know it,” he assured me with a wink. “This sure could come in handy,” he added, gently caressing my quivering butt cheeks and slowly rocking his softening cock in my tight hole. “Like when your date won’t give up her pussy?” I asked. “Exactly,” Dad grinned. “Well, if I’m here and you need it, it’s all yours,” I assured him as I tightened my hole on his cock. “Thanks, Son,” he moaned, gripping my butt cheeks more firmly and fucking my tender asshole more urgently as I felt his cock growing and hardening again inside of me. “Oh god, Teddy, this feels good,” he groaned. “Fuck my cum-filled ass again, Daddy,” I moaned. “Oh, Son, I’m gonna have to,” he muttered as he sped up his fucking pace until izmit rus escort he was slamming that hard daddy cock into me again and again and again. Dad had more staying power the second time around, but I didn’t complain. I just relaxed, enjoyed the pleasure of having my own dad’s dick inside me, and waited for a second load of cum to join the first. “OH, TEDDY, TEDDY, TEDDY,” he finally began grunting with every thrust. “Fuck me, Dad,” I begged. “FUCK!” Dad roared as he slammed his cock into me and unleashed a second flood of jizz. “Oh yeah,” I sighed as Dad’s seed flowed into me. “Oh god, what have you started?” Dad panted. “Nothing I can’t finish,” I laughed. “Again and again and again.” “Well, that third ‘again’ will have to wait,” Dad laughed. “Shit! I’m way fucking late for work now!” he said after glancing at the bathroom clock. “Fuck,” I grunted when he suddenly whipped his cock out of my butt. “Sorry, Son,” he apologized as he jumped back into the shower and turned on the water for another quick wash. I turned around and sat on the toilet so I could watch Dad lathering up his hairy, muscular body. As he began to clean that cock that had just been in my hole, I casually reached between my legs and began to finger my cum-lubed hole. I leaned back and began stroking my cock with my free hand. It wasn’t long before I started shooting my own load over my belly. I let out a long, low moan as Dad turned off the shower. “Nice load,” Dad observed as he stepped out of the shower and began to dry off. “Sure is,” I replied, scooping up some cum on my fingers and then feeding it to myself. “Mmmmm,” I moaned, looking right at Dad and sucking my fingers. “Damn, Teddy,” Dad laughed, but I noticed that his cock was beginning to plump up yet again. “You want to taste your boy’s cum?” I asked, scooping up another load and holding my fingers out toward Dad. He stepped forward and grasped my wrist, but then he hesitated uncertainly. “Go on, you know you want to,” I whispered. “You are a nasty little pervert,” he hissed right before he pulled my fingers into his mouth and sucked them clean. “Look who’s talking,” I smiled, reaching out to grab his growing cock. “Oh, Teddy,” Dad moaned as he straightened up and I pulled his cock forward and into my warm, wet mouth. “I’m gonna be late for work,” he complained unconvincingly. And he was definitely late, but at least by the time he finally left for work, I had a load of his cum in my belly to go with the two already in my ass. I also had another free day on my own. ***** When I was showering, I noticed that I was getting a bit of a bristle on my head and in my crotch. I thought about a home shave, but then I decided to take up Mr. Warner on his offer to keep me trim while I was home on break. I thought about waiting until closing time and killed a couple hours with that in mind, but then my cock told me it couldn’t wait. I looked at the clock and saw that it was close to lunchtime, so I decided to try for a little afternoon delight instead. ***** “Hey, Mr. Warner,” I said as I stepped into the barber shop. Mr. Warner looked up from trimming his customer’s hair and smiled when he saw it was me. “Hey, Teddy. Be with you in a minute.” “I can come back after your lunch break,” I suggested casually, as I grabbed a magazine and sat down with no intention of leaving. “No need, but now that you mention it, I do feel like eating something,” he replied with a wink. “I feel more like getting eaten,” the customer laughed. “The wife’s gone off her feed lately, if you know what I mean.” I glanced up and realized the customer was Jack Crow, whose son, Adam, had been the other member of the Three Fuckateers, along with Larry and me. Yeah, the man in the chair was the father of my other high school fuckbuddy. “Your wife and mine both,” Mr. Warner laughed back. “What’s Adam up to these days, Mr. Crow?” I asked, looking back down at my magazine. “Probably sucking cock somewhere,” Mr. Crow replied casually. “What?” Mr. Warner and I asked simultaneously, although Mr. Warner was a bit more surprised than I was. “Yeah, he came out to his mother and me at Christmas,” Mr. Crow replied. “Can’t say we were all that surprised. He was asking just last night if you’d been back to town, Teddy.” “He’s in town?” I asked as casually as I could. “Home for the break,” Mr. Crow confirmed. “You want the back trimmed straight across as usual, Jack?” Mr. Warner asked, getting back to business. “Yeah, same as usual,” Jack confirmed. “Damn, all this talk of cocksucking sure got mine jumping.” “You dirty bastard,” Mr. Warner laughed as he continued trimming Mr. Crow’s hair. I hesitated a moment and then said casually, “I could help you out if you’re really desperate.” Mr. Warner stopped clipping with the scissors and silence filled the barber shop. After a few moments, Mr. Crow finally asked, “And what could you help me out with?” “Well, if your wife’s really off the feed, I’m not,” I replied. “Don’t pussyfoot around, boy. Say what you’re offering or go back to your magazine,” Mr. Crow growled. “I’ll suck your cock,” I replied. “Is this a new service of yours, Charlie?” Mr. Crow asked Mr. Warner. “Yeah, but only for the best customers,” I said boldly. Mr. Warner’s mouth dropped open as he stared at me. “You swallow?” Mr. Crow growled. “If that’s what you want.” “Or would you rather take it up that college-boy ass of yours?” Jack asked without missing a beat. I said the first thing that came to mind, “I’m easy, Mr. Crow.” “So it seems,” he laughed. “Well, what are we waiting for?” “Now, Jack,” Mr. Warner objected. “How much is this extra service gonna cost me, Charlie?” Jack asked. “This has gone far enough,” Mr. Warner said sternly. “I’m no pimp.” But when I looked, I could see that his cock was hard and tenting his trousers behind his barber smock. “My services are free,” I assured Mr. Crow as I crossed to lock the door and pull down the shades. “Have you decided which specific service you want?” Mr. Crow looked at me for a moment while I crossed the shop to stand in front of him. Then, a huge grin spread across his face as he pulled up the barber bib to reveal the tent in his own trousers. “Let’s start with seeing if your mouth can handle this,” he said as he unbuckled his belt, undid his trousers and pulled down the zipper. “Then we’ll go from there. At the moment, I’m not too picky about where this cum ends up.” “As long as it’s in me,” I smirked. “You got that right, kid,” Mr. Crow laughed. He then looked at Mr. Warner in the mirror and asked, “You stopping us or not, Charlie?” Mr. Warner paused and then brushed the back of Mr. Crow’s neck. “I’m all finished. Just pay for the cut, and then what you do with your lunchtime is up to you.” Mr. Crow fished a wad of bills out of his pocket. He pealed off a twenty and handed it to Mr. Warner. “For the cut,” he said. Mr. Crow then pealed off another twenty and held it out to Mr. Warner. “And for you trouble.” Mr. Warner hesitated but finally snatched the additional twenty. “I’ll be in back if you need me,” he said as he disappeared, leaving me and Mr. Crow alone. “Name your price,” Mr. Crow growled, ready to peal more bills off of the wad. “Like I said, there’s no charge at all for the dad of my old fu– friend,” I replied. “It’s payment enough just to finally taste your cock after all these years.” “All these years?” he asked with a raised eyebrow as he shoved his money back in his pocket. “Ever since I discovered I liked sucking cock.” “Is that all you like?” “Well, I like sucking cock, but I love getting fucked,” I grinned. “Well, what are we waiting for, then?” Mr. Crow lifted his hips enough to push his trousers and underwear down onto his thighs, revealing a hard, fat, uncut cock. “Nice,” I observed. I’d heard of beer can cocks, but I’d never seen one before. I was impressed. I was also wondering if I was going to be able to handle it or not. “Changing your mind?” Mr. Crow asked, as if he could read my mind. “I never guessed it was so big,” I admitted. “And just waiting to be eaten,” he replied, grabbing his fat cock and waving it at me. “Well, it is lunchtime,” I replied, planting my hands on the arms of the barber chair and leaning over Mr. Crow’s lap. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Mr. Warner peaking through a gap in the back door to watch the action. The idea made me grin before I opened my mouth. “Just watch the teeth,” Mr. Crow growled as he pulled the foreskin back to reveal the plum-shaped head of his cock. It was already oozing precum, and I licked my lips before lowering my head. “Mmm,” he sighed when I stuck out my tongue and lapped up the sweet juice. I continued licking the head as I slowly began to stroke the shaft, as much of it as I could hold, anyway. “Are you gonna eat me or just tease me?” he finally asked. “Does this answer your question?” I opened my mouth as wide as possible and curled my lips over my teeth. Mr. Crow moaned when my lips touched the plum head and started to slide around it. Plum, hell, it was more like an apple! But I kept going and was relieved when I could feel my lips closing in behind the head and circling the shaft. “That’s a good start,” Mr. Crow grumbled. “Keep going.” I could feel my mouth filling with cock flesh. Fuller and fuller. The head pushing against the opening to my throat. I felt Mr. Crow’s hands on the back of my head, pushing me lower and lower. Trying to push his cock deeper. I tried to relax and take it, but it was too fat. I did my best to lick the underside of his shaft, but with so izmit escort much of it still in my fist, I knew I hadn’t taken much. It didn’t help when I started gagging. “You’re chocking the kid!” Mr. Warner objected, stepping into sight. “Looks like his eyes are bigger than his mouth,” Mr. Crow grumbled. “Okay, Teddy, just suck the head,” he added, releasing the pressure of his hands and letting me pull up a little. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Mr. Warner backing into the shadows again. Mr. Crow apparently noticed too. “Might as well come out and watch the show close up, Charlie. I know you want to.” I suckled on Mr. Crow’s cock head as Mr. Warner hesitated a second before stepping out of the shadows again to reveal his own hard cock sticking out of the front opening of his trousers. As I bobbed my head on as much of Mr. Crow’s cock as I could, I casually stuck out an open hand toward Mr. Warner’s drooling dick. “Looks like he wants to help you too, Charlie,” Mr. Crow observed. “What are they putting in the boys’ damn water these days? First my own boy tells me he likes cock and now one of his best buds is slobbering all over my meat.” “Not like when we were young,” Mr. Warner replied nervously as the shaft of his cock fell across my open palm. He let out a soft moan as I closed my fingers around it and slowly began pumping him. The foreskin slid back and forth over his oozing slit. “So much for leaving us to it,” Mr. Crow laughed. “It’s my place,” Mr. Warner reminded him. “So it is,” Mr. Crow agreed, slowly starting to thrust his cock into my mouth. I still couldn’t take much of it, but that didn’t seem to matter. I kept a tight grip on the shaft as my saliva spilled down along it. I began pumping it in time with his thrusts. “I had no idea you were so big,” Mr. Warner said with obvious admiration. “A blessing and a curse,” Mr. Crow grunted. “The kid’s not doing too bad for a first-timer. Sure shocked the wife on our wedding night,” he added with a chuckle. “I’ll bet,” Mr. Warner said, thrusting his own cock into my tight fist. My jaw was getting stretched and tired, but I was too embarrassed to stop now. I kept licking the underside of the shaft as it pulsed in and out of my mouth and swallowing the precum that continued to seep from Mr. Crow’s cock. “Well, Teddy, is your ass still on offer?” Mr. Crow asked. I froze for a moment and then pulled my mouth back, letting the huge head pop from my mouth. I worked my jaws to relax a little before responding lamely, “I didn’t know you were so big. I’ve never…” “So, get me all worked up and then back out? Is that your game?” “No, I’m not–” “Give the kid a break, Jack,” Mr. Warner interjected, and I could feel his cock softening in my hand. “Nobody gets me all worked up and then backs out on it,” Mr. Crow growled, forcing himself out of the chair. I let go of Mr. Warner’s cock and stumbled back against the ledge under the barber mirror. “That’s enough, Jack!” Mr. Warner growled back, stepping between me and Mr. Crow. I was grateful to Mr. Warner, but I couldn’t let him protect me. “No, a deal’s a deal. I said you could fuck me and you can.” I stood up and started to undo my jeans. “If you still want to fuck me, Mr. Crow, I’m ready when you are.” “That’s better. I like a kid who delivers on his promises,” Mr. Crow replied, stroking his cock. “Don’t do anything until I get back,” Mr. Warner ordered, and then he disappeared into the back room. “I guess he doesn’t want to miss the show,” Mr. Crow chuckled. Mr. Warner returned with a large tube of lube. “If he’s going to have any chance of taking that thing, he’ll need lots of this, in him and on it.” “Sounds good to me,” Mr. Crow agreed. “Turn around and brace yourself,” Mr. Warner ordered. I did as instructed, planting my hands on the wall below the shelf, letting my jeans and underwear sag to me knees, and looking in the mirror at the two men behind me. I moaned when Mr. Warner started filling my asshole with lube and fingers. More lube. More fingers. Finally, it felt like he’d formed all five of his fingers into a cone and was pushing them into me. Opening me. Lubing me. Prepping me for the monster to come. “I think I’m really gonna enjoy fucking that cute ass,” Mr. Crow informed us. From the motions of his shoulder, I figured he was lubing and pumping his cock. “Just take it easy on him,” Mr. Warner said in a warning fatherly voice. “As easy as I can,” Mr. Crow assured him. “Now let’s get on with it before lunchtime is over.” “You sure about this, Teddy?” Mr. Warner asked as he continued to finger my ass, opening me up as much as he could. “Never make a promise your ass can’t deliver,” I replied. “We’ll see how ready I am, but I’m willing to try.” “Just relax as much as you can,” Mr. Warner advised. “The more relaxed you are, the better it will go. “Thanks,” I said as his fingers slipped out of my ass and Mr. Crow stepped closer. “Here we go, kid,” Mr. Crow said casually as his big head began to slide between my butt cheeks. “Just relax and enjoy the ride.” “Yes, sir,” I muttered as I felt the slick head find my pucker. I just tried to concentrate on relaxing my ass and welcoming that monster in. “Relax,” Mr. Crow hissed as he grabbed me by a shoulder with one hand and continued to guide his cock with the other. I felt the pressure increase. His cock head demanded entrance to my ass. The paw gripping my shoulder grew tighter and tighter. His cock pushed harder and harder. “Come on, boy,” he hissed. “FUCK!” I roared when his head finally ripped into my ass. “FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!” I bellowed as he pushed it deeper and deeper. His hand still held my shoulder firmly. His other hand switched from his cock to my waist, pulling me back onto his invading pole. It didn’t feel like any cock I’d ever had in my ass before. It felt more like a fist and a forearm. Burrowing deeper. Filling me. “You okay, Teddy?” Mr. Warner asked urgently. “I think… I think… OH FUCK!” “Just relax, Teddy,” Mr. Crow said when he finally stopped pushing in. “Just relax and enjoy the ride.” “I’m trying,” I assured him through gritted teeth. I panted rapidly, trying to relax, trying to recover from the invasion. “Maybe if you gave him something to take his mind off his ass, Charlie,” Mr. Crow said. “What?” Mr. Warner asked. “Well, he does have an empty mouth at that end. Why don’t you use it?” “Fuck you, Jack,” Mr. Warner growled. “You want to suck Charlie’s dick, don’t you Teddy?” Mr. Crow asked casually. I took a break from my panting and said, “Yes, sir.” “That’s what I thought. Go for it, Charlie.” “You sure about this, Teddy,” Mr. Warner asked, but I could see his cock finally stiffening up again. “Yeah, I’m sure,” I said, releasing a hand from the wall to let Mr. Warner step in front of me and then putting my hand back for support. “I bet he’ll have better luck swallowing that cock of yours than he did mine,” Mr. Crow said. “We’ll see,” Mr. Warner muttered as he pulled the foreskin back to reveal his precum-glistening head. In spite of the burning sensation in my ass, or because of it, I didn’t waste any time swallowing Mr. Warner’s cock. And swallow it I did. The dick slid easily through my lips, across my tongue, and down my throat. In no time at all, I had my nose buried in Mr. Warner’s bush. “Told you,” Mr. Crow laughed. He was right. Having Mr. Warner’s cock to concentrate on helped me a lot. I began to relax more as I bobbed my mouth on that cock and my lips slid up and down the throbbing shaft. Mr. Warner eventually began thrusting his hips to meet my bobbing head and drive his cock deeper into my throat. Slow, steady, feeding. “That’s it,” Mr. Crow hissed, and I suddenly realized that Mr. Warner’s face-fucking motions were creating a chain reaction that pulsed my ass on Mr. Crow’s cock. Shallow motions. But movement. Fucking. Feeling better. Feeling fuller. Feeling relaxed. Taking it. Enjoying it. Balancing my attention between the cock in my mouth and the cock in my ass. “I can’t believe we’re doing this,” Mr. Warner grunted. “When I only came in for a trim,” Mr. Crow laughed, tighten his grip on my hips and gently beginning to thrust his cock to meet my swaying ass. “I feel so dirty,” Mr. Warner hissed. “That’s the point, buddy,” Mr. Crow replied. “Two old men getting serviced by a hot, horny young man who really wants it,” he added, continuing to increase the thrusts of his monster meat in my ass. “You do want it, don’t you, boy?” he asked, giving my ass a hard slap. “MMMMPPHHH!” I replied around Mr. Warner’s cock, and increased my swaying motion between the two cocks, in case there was any confusion. My ass was still on fire, but it felt good. Being filled. Being plumbed to my depths. Being fucked. “That’s what I thought,” Mr. Crow growled as he finally let go and begin fucking my ass in earnest. Driving that huge cock into my insides. Opening my ass like a rail splitter. “Gonna fuck this tight ass for what it’s worth. Never be the same again.” “Take it easy on him,” Mr. Warner objected nervously. “He likes it. Don’t you, boy?” Mr. Crow said with another hard slap on my ass. “MMMMPPHHH!” I repeated, sucking Mr. Warner’s cock harder, tighter, faster, so he knew I meant it. Slurping. Slobbering. Sucking. “Fuck, Teddy,” Mr. Warner growled, gripping my head tightly and starting to fuck my throat as fast and hard as Mr. Crow was fucking my ass. “This feels so good. I really need it, boy.” “You and me both, Charlie,” Mr. Crow grunted. “This just might be the best fuck I’ve ever had.” “I can’t believe he’s taking that cock up his ass,” Mr. Warner replied. kocaeli escort “It might have been too much for his mouth, but his ass sure likes it,” Mr. Crow laughed. “MMMMPPHHH!” I repeated, slamming my ass back on the invading cock. I knew I was going to be sore later, but in that moment, it felt fucking amazing. I wanted more and more. Faster and faster. “Definitely the best fuck I ever had,” Mr. Crow panted as he continued to churn my insides. “Fucking fantastic ass. You gotta try this sometime.” “It’ll be looser than a pussy after you’re done with it,” Mr. Warner laughed. “He’ll recover,” Mr. Crow assured us both. “If not, he’ll just have to keep coming back to me for satisfaction.” “MMMMPPHHH!” I moaned, to indicate that it would be fine with me. I even managed to squeeze my stressed ass to tighten it a bit. “Damn, boy, you really want me to shoot this load up your ass,” Mr. Crow laughed. “MMMMPPHHH!” “Then get ready, because HERE IT CUMS!” Mr. Crow’s fingers dug into my flesh as his cock rammed balls-deep in my ass. “FUCK!” Mr. Warner bellowed, only moments before his cock throbbed and began spitting cum in my mouth. “FEED THE HUNGRY FUCKER!” Mr. Crow ordered as he jerked his hips rapidly and fucked his throbbing cock as deep into me as it would go as it unleashed a flood of cum. “FUCKING SEEDING THIS BOY’S ASS!” “Oh, Teddy!” Mr. Warner moaned as his cum spurts turned to an oozing of jizz that I continued sucking down my hungry throat. “TAKE IT, TEDDY,” Mr. Crow ordered, giving my ass several hard slaps in a row. “BE A GOOD BOY FOR UNCLE JACK!” “And Uncle Charlie,” Mr. Warner laughed. “TAKE IT, BOY!” Mr. Crow roared as he slammed his cock into me and his body began to quiver. Throb. Pulse. Explode. Filling my ass with cum, cum, and more cum. “Fill him up, Jack,” Mr. Warner panted, exhausted from his own orgasm that had filled my belly. “Oh, he’s full alright,” Mr. Crow finally panted. “Damn, I think this young man deserves a reward,” he added when he’d recovered from his orgasm. As I continued to suck on Mr. Warner’s spent cock, Mr. Crow reached around my waist, found my own bobbing cock, and began rapidly jerking me off. It didn’t take long. “MMMMPPHHH!” I roared as my cock throbbed and shot cum all over the barber shop floor. “That’s a good boy,” Mr. Warner said, gently rubbing the top of my head. “Damn good boy,” Mr. Crow agreed. “Feels like you need another shave,” Mr. Warner observed as he continued rubbing my head while his own cock head slipped from between my lips. “That’s what I came for,” I replied. “The shave or the cock?” Mr. Crow laughed, giving my ass one more hard slap for good measure before slowly pulling his meat out of me. “OH FUCK,” I moaned when my asshole was forced wide open again to let Mr. Crow’s head escape. “FUCK!” I repeated, as I felt his cum oozing out and running down my inner thighs before my hole could recover to keep it in. “Sorry about that, kid,” Mr. Crow said. “I never thought you would go through with it after you saw my cock. I’m impressed.” “So am I,” I laughed, trying to stand up straight on very unsteady legs. “I’m glad I did it.” “Let’s get you cleaned up,” Mr. Warner said, grabbing a barber towel and wiping a few stray gobs of cum off my face before turning me around and wiping my ass clean of all the lube and cum. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Mr. Crow stow his softening cock away in his trousers. “You can pull up your pants now,” Mr. Warner suggested. “Oh yeah, thanks,” I said with a nervous giggle as I pulled up my pants. “So, you shaving this boy’s crotch as well as his head?” Mr. Crow asked with a laughed. “Well…” Mr. Warner looked down at the towels in his hand. I just smiled and said, “Mr. Warner promised to keep me shaved all over while I’m home and show me how to keep everything shaved when I go back to college.” “You really are a dirty old man, Charlie,” Mr. Crow laughed. “My ass says he’s not the only one,” I smiled. “Touche,” Mr. Crow acknowledged with a tilt of the head and a smile. “You ready for that shave, Teddy?” Mr. Warner asked, trying to take control again. “I’m a little tired now, for some reason,” I laughed, looking in the mirror to make sure I was presentable. “Maybe tomorrow.” “My door’s always open,” he replied. “When it’s not locked,” I replied. “You should give Adam a call,” Mr. Crow said as he crossed the shop and unlocked the door. “I know he would be glad to hear from you. I never knew you two had so much in common.” Mr. Crow gave me a final wink and exited. “Are you open?” a new customer asked, slipping inside before the door could close behind Mr. Crow. “Uh yeah, sure,” Mr. Warner replied, quickly dropping a towel on the floor to cover the puddle of my cum. “Just give me a second to clean up this mess, and I’ll be right with you.” “Later, Mr. Warner!” I called as I exited past the next customer. “Later, Teddy!” Mr. Warner called back as the door closed. ***** On the walk home, my mind slowly drifted to Mr. Crow’s final comment. Did he just mean that Adam and I had being gay in common? Or as of that lunchtime, did we have something more specific in common? “God, you’re a twisted fuck,” I finally said to myself. “Not every dad in town is fucking his own son.” Still, I couldn’t get the idea out of my head. I thought about it all the way home. Picturing Adam sucking that fat cock that had just fucked me. Picturing Adam getting fucked by that fat cock. His father’s cock. I knew from personal experience that he enjoyed getting fucked, but I wasn’t so sure he was into getting fucked with one that big or one that belonged to his own dad. Even when I got home, the thought still had me so horny that I jacked out a load while taking a shower to clean up from my latest barber shop escapade. ***** After the shower, I wrapped a towel around my waist, wandered out to the living room, flopped down on the sofa, and tried to watch some television. No luck. I just couldn’t concentrate. Finally, I grabbed my phone from the coffee table and dialed Adam Crow’s old number. “Teddy?” “Yeah, hi, Adam.” “This is a surprise. I haven’t seen your name in my caller ID for a while.” “Yeah, sorry about that. Look, I saw your dad today, and he said you were in town. I thought we could get together.” “I’d like that.” “Um, is your dad there?” “Yeah, why?” “Can I talk to him?” I couldn’t think of a reason, so I just didn’t give one. “Sure, I guess.” There was a long pause before I heard Mr. Crow’s voice say, “What’s up, Teddy?” “Are we on speaker?” Mr. Crow chuckled and then said, “No.” “I can’t stop thinking about you.” I couldn’t bring myself to tell him about Adam being part of those thoughts. “Oh?” Mr. Crow replied. “Yeah, I really want to do it again.” “I’m not surprised,” Mr. Crow replied, continuing his cool attitude with Adam standing there listening to his end of the conversation. “About Adam…” “Yes?” “I was wondering…” “About?” “Well,” I said nervously, “you said he and I have something in common now. What exactly did you mean by that?” “You’d have to ask him,” Mr. Crow replied casually. “Have you fucked him or not?” I blurted out in frustration. I shocked myself, and I apparently surprised Mr. Crow, because there was a long silence on the phone. “You have quite an imagination, Teddy.” I gulped, unable to believe what I’d just asked my old fuckbuddy’s dad. Before I could say anything else, though, Adam’s voice broke the silence. “What was that about?” Adam asked when the phone was obviously back in his hands. “Your dad said this afternoon that he needed some help with some stuff. I thought maybe you’d want to help him instead, since you’re home. Quality time and all that.” “Yeah, right,” Adam replied with a short grunt, “you do have a good imagination.” “Guess so,” I replied, not knowing what else to say. “Um, well, since you called,” Adam said, “do you wanna do lunch tomorrow?” “Uh, sure. At the pizza place?” “Perfect.” “Later.” “Later.” As I stood there looking at my phone, I still couldn’t help wondering about Adam and Mr. Crow. Were they doing what my dad and I were doing? And if they were, how long had it been going on? Or was Mr. Crow just shitting me (in addition to fucking me)? A text message popped up from Dad: “Be late. Got a last-minute date.” I texted back: “I’ll keep the reserve ready just in case.” His reply came quickly: “That’s a good boy, but this is a sure thing. Get some rest.” My immediate reaction was disappointment, but then I figured that my ass could really use an evening of rest after Mr. Crow’s assault on it. I was about to put down the phone and watch some television when a message from Owen popped up: “How about dinner and a movie?” I thought for a second and then replied: “OK, but that’s it tonight.” Owen replied: “Fine with me. I’ll be over around 7.” ***** True to his word, Owen settled for just dinner and a movie. “I had a good time,” he said as we sat in his car in front of Dad’s apartment at the end of the evening. “Me too,” I assured him. “I would invite you in, but…” “Just dinner and a movie,” he replied. “That’s all I wanted tonight.” I looked at him for a moment and then leaned across for a quick kiss. Not a tongue-swallowing feast. Just a quick kiss. “Thanks for the date,” I smiled. “My pleasure,” he assured me. I gave him another quick kiss and then jumped out of the car before I could change my mind. “Good night,” I called over my shoulder as I hurried toward the apartment. My throbbing cock definitely wanted me to change my mind, but everything else was telling me to run. ——————- I hope you enjoyed this bit of fun. I always enjoy hearing from satisfied readers: hoo Remember, always play SAFE in the real world; you never know where that thing has been! You can check out my other stories fty//authors.htmlhotfordads

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