Bailey’s and Cream


2am! 2am! Thats was the time I heard someone crashing around in the kitchen. I jumped, naked, out of bed and grabbed the bat I keep next to the bed. I smashed the door to the kitchen open and shouted how I was going fuck someone up with my bat. To be confronted by my idiot 18 year old son and his mate. His mate was leaning against him covered in sick. They were both very obviously very drunk. “Dad, Bailey has been sick.” My idiot offspring pointed out. “Can you help clean him up?” Just what I needed on a Saturday night.

I walked over, grabbed the very drunk Bailey under his arms and lifted him up. My son points at his clothes and said he’d get changed and help. I half dragged half carried Bailey into the spare room and laid him on the bed. I took off his shoes. Then wondered where my son was. I went to his room and he had passed out. Oh fucking joy. Now I had to deal with a puke covered moron by myself. I grabbed some underwear from my room and put it on.

I went back into the spare room and looked at the mess. I leant Bailey forwards and peeled his shirt off, I threw it onto the floor and he collapsed back onto the bed. I looked at his sick covered jeans and considered leaving them, then realised the smell would ruin the room. I went to get a black sack to put it all in. When I got back he was laying facedown on the bed. I grabbed the bottom of his jeans and started to pull them off. They wouldn’t move. I moved up and undid his belt and button fly and pushed his jeans down. The dirty little fucker was commando. His hairless teenage bum looked so soft, without thinking I put my hand on it and stroked it, the boy moaned softly. I felt my cock twitch. Behave I reminded myself. I took his jeans right off and moved to put them into the bag.

At this point I noticed his sick had dripped on to my fresh underwear. I gagged and pulled them off. My semi hard cock wobbled in front of me as I put the dirty clothes into the bag. I heard movement behind me and turned to see Bailey had rolled over. HIs cock was sticking up rock hard, and larger than I’d imagined, from a small patch of blonde pubic hair. The boy had a cock to die for, must have been at least eight inches long and uncut. It looked like a big meat lollipop sitting there waiting to be licked. I looked up at his face and saw him smiling at me. His eyes went down to my cock, which I now realised was rock hard. He moved his leg and it touched mine at the side of the bed. I put my hand on his thigh and slid it up. He watched me intently as I stroked my hand up his thigh. I wrapped my hand around his hard shaft and started to stroke it. He groaned. I knelt between his legs and pulled his foreskin back exposing the big purple head. I leant closer and ran my tongue up and down his big hard shaft, taking the head into my mouth. He groaned bahis şirketleri as I started to move my head up and down. Licking and sucking his hard shaft. My hand on the base of his big shaft stroking him into my my mouth. My other hand gently rubbing his balls. I moved my hand from his balls and gently pressed my middle finger against his tight little hole.

He grabbed my hair, I looked up at him. “It needs lube.” He said. I moved my mouth to his puckered little hole and licked it, tasting his musk, pushing my tongue into him, my hand still stroking his hard cock as I licked his bum. “Fuck!” He groaned “I’m gonna cum.” I quickly put his cock back into my mouth and stroked his big shaft as fast as I could. His breathing became heavy and I felt his balls twitch as a strong spurt of his hot thick cum spurted into my mouth, followed rapidly by another and another and another and another. I struggle to swallow it all. Some ran out and down my chin. I looked up at Bailey and he had a big smile on his face. I licked the cum that had escaped and leaned forward to clean any left on his cock. “Fuck me.” He groaned. I wasn’t sure if it was an exhalation or an offer. So I asked. He shrugged and said “Either? Both?” I didn’t need a second offer.

I took hold of his legs and moved them up so his knees were almost on his chest. I looked down at his still wet hole, took hold of my hard cock and rubbed the head at his tight hole. I looked up at him and he nodded. We locked eyes as I pushed the head of my cock into him. He gasped as I slowly pushed into him. “Fuck yeah! Fuck me!” He said. I pushed all the way into him. His tight hole wrapped around me, I knew I wouldn’t last long like this and didn’t care. I wrapped my hand around his still hard cock and matched the pace of my hips and hand as I started to move in and out of him. He stared straight into my eyes as I fucked him. Never looking away. Groaning as my shaft slipped in and out of him.

“I’m going to cum.” I told him. He groaned that I should cum in him. I knew it was already too late not to. I pushed into him again and felt my orgasm spasm thru me as I pumped my cum into him. HIs big cock was still hard. I slid my cock out of him. “I haven’t cum that hard in ages.” I told him. His cock twitched in my hands. “I can’t believe you’re still hard.” He smiled and nodded towards his big cock.

“You want it?” He asked me. “Sit on it!” He told me. I moved so his cock was behind me, I felt it rubbing up and down my bum. I felt the big head of his cock rubbing against my hole and push into me. I sat down on him. His full length disappearing into me. I had never felt so full. His head rolled back in pleasure as I started to ride him. My balls and cock slapping on his belly as I bounced up and down on him. His hips started to rise to meet bahis firmaları me as I sunk on his hardness. Pumping into me. `I felt his hand wrap around my cock as I started to get hard again. His soft hand around my shaft squeezing me as I felt him pound into me. I heard him breathing hard. “Oh fuck yeah, yeah, yeah.” I knew he was close. “I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum!” Hearing this and feeling him spasm inside me drove me over the edge. My own cum came flooding out all over his chest as he filled me with spurt after spurt of his hot young cum. He slid out of me as I collapsed on top of him. Our cocks rubbing together, his still felt hard. My cum on his chest squishing between us. He kissed me. “Thanks for looking after me.” He said. I laughed and told him any time.

I sat up. The cum on us making us sticky. “I should put that stuff in the wash.” I said pointing at the bag. He nodded as I stood up. I looked at his still hard cock. “Dam kid, does it never go soft?” I asked smiling.

He shrugged and said “I get horny when I’m drunk.” I picked up the bag and headed for the laundry room. I bent over the machine and started loading it. I heard a noise behind me and felt a hand on my naked butt. “I’m still horny.” He said, I felt his hard cock rub against me again. I was naked, bent over putting washing in machine, with a horny 18 year old rubbing his big hard cock on my bum. What was I supposed to do? I reached back, took hold of him and guided him to my hot willing hole. I let go and his cock slid up and down my cum slicked crack. He took hold of it and guided himself into me again. Bailey grabbed my hips and thrust right into me. I felt his balls against mine as he filled me with his big young cock. He pulled back and thrust again. The feeing of being filled with his big hard cock was even better now he was in control. He picked up the pace and was pounding my butt hard and fast. His big hard cock pulsating inside me as he pushed forward and the thick end almost popping out of me as he pulled back. I could feel my bum cheeks shaking as he pounded me for what felt like ages. I felt his soft hand wrap around my now hard cock and he stroked me whilst continuing to fuck me.

I could hear him grunting as he pumped into me. “I’m cumming!” He groaned. And thrust hard into me. I could feel him pulsating inside me as he gushed into me, at the same time my own cock spilled all over the floor and his hand. I looked round at him as he slipped from me, he held his now semi hard cock in his cum covered hand and slapped my bum with it. “Thanks Mr North, that was amazing! I’m glad I was sick now.” He chuckled.

“Bailey you can come back whenever you want more.” I told him. He nodded and headed to bed.

I grabbed a towel and wiped myself off. Putting the towel in the wash with the rest. kaçak bahis siteleri I made my way exhausted, yet still horny, back to bed.

My alarm went off next morning as normal and I awoke slightly unsure if I had dreamed the night before. A quick feel of my well fucked and still leaking cum slightly bum said I hadn’t. I got up and jumped in the shower. Dried off. Grabbed some shorts, put them of and went to make coffee. I stood staring out the window as the coffee brewed. Lost in thought. I didn’t hear someone else enter the kitchen. Didn’t notice the teenage boy behind me until I felt a hand slip into my shorts and grip my cock. Bailey had found a robe in the spare room and he was now stood behind me with the front open. I could feel his cock, hard again, pressing against my shorts. “Morning mr N.” He whispered in my ear as his hand grasped my growing cock. “I’ll take a coffee.” He told me.

“How do you like it? I asked.

“Hot and creamy.” He replied and giggled “oh the coffee, yeah I’ll have that creamy too.” He turned me around and kissed me.

“We can’t.” I said looking around “Not here. Not now. What if JR comes in?” I pointed towards my sons room.

“I looked in on him. He’s spark out.” He told me as he pulled my now hard cock out of my shorts. He dropped to his knees. I looked down as he engulfed my cock with his lips. Taking me completely in his mouth. I ran my hands thru his tussled blonde hair as he started to bob up and down. I could see his hand moving on his cock as he sucked me. Watching his hand moving on his big hard cock, I had to have it again. I moved and lay on the floor. He lay on top of me and started to suck me again I took him in my hand and guided his big stiff cock into my mouth. The sight of his bum hovering above me as I swallowed as much of him as I could and his warm wet lips moved on me was intoxicating. I moved my head and sucked his balls into my mouth. He did the same. I looked up at his tantalising hole. I had to do it. I licked my way from his balls to his hole and stuck it deep into him. He gasped and sat up slightly. Pushing himself onto my face. His hand stroking me as he rode my face.

I reached under him and rubbed him. I couldn’t hold back any longer. I felt my balls staring to empty. Bailey leant forwards and caught the spurts as they erupted from me. He turned round and guided his cock into my mouth. He started to move his hips, fucking my mouth. I could feel his big balls slapping against my neck. He grabbed my hair and pushed as far into my throat as he could, I tried my best not to gag as he emptied his cum down my throat. He slid back and I licked his cock clean, savouring every last drop. He stood up and put his robe back on. I stood and pulled up my shorts. I poured us both a coffee. Bailey took his coffee, leant in and kissed me. “Mr N you’re alright. And you fuck like an animal. We have to do this again.” I nodded. He walked to the hallway. “Hey Mr N,” he called as he opened his robe to show his cock was still hard “better make it soon.”

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