Subject: bad santa-5 BAD SANTA-5 Written by Eugene Marvin �aka- [email protected] The final days of Christmas was coming up fast! I’d gotten so accustomed to wearing my Santa suit that I’d stopped taking it off until I got home! On the subway, I got a lot of cat-calls [especially from women]! They acted like they’d never seen a strong muscular black Santa before…!…and they probably didn’t…given all the movies and tv shows depicting him as white! A few wanted pics with me on the sub, some even sitting on my lap! I couldn’t help but pop a willy at all the butt attention my lap was getting! One of the girls jumped up when she felt my hard-on trying to enter her through my red lacks! Everyone started laughing when they saw the state Santa was in! I saw one guy [a young latino] sitting across from me, videotaping me and the big stiffy in my pants! When I got up, I made a big SHOW for the college twink, pushing forward with my hips, making sure my erection tented out the front of my Santa suit like a tee-pee, giving him an obscene bulge for his video [knowing my face was covered with an oversized white beard and mustache], (who would recognize me if he posted it online)…? The twink’s eyes lit up as I held onto the metal pole and waited for my stop! When the doors open I stepped off…, the twink follow me! “uh…excuse me…” he said in a tiny voice, one I chose to ignore as I continued walking towards the elevated exit! “…um, hello…?…excuse me, Santa…?” he called again [firmer], as I turned to see what he wanted…? “Whatcha want, kid…?” I asked, ready to hit my brother’s couch to get some sleep! The boy [no taller than 5’8″-5’9″] (dressed warmly in a hooded coat and backpack) hesitated [I noticed his cellphone camera was still rolling]…! “I, uh…” he paused, unsure if he should say what he wanted to say [fearing the consequences]…? “…I…just…wanted to know…if I could get my Christmas wish this year…?” he asked, innocently [sounding like some of the kids at the mall, begging for their favorite toy]! “And what’s that…?” I asked, pushing my way through the metal turnstile to leave! “To suck Santa’s dick!” smirked the boy, once I got to the other side of the wall! I stopped on the other side of the gated wall, staring back at the cute kid through metal bars! “You should’ve said somethin’ b’for I left, kid…!” I said, disappointed that I couldn’t get back IN to get that blowjob [especially on a cold winter’s night like tonight]! The boy dropped to his knees…! “I can suck it right here, sir!” he said, looking up at me with reindeer eyes! I looked around the outdoor elevated platform! The train had just left, which meant the station was empty! The other side had a few people (about 6) waiting [bundled in the corners to keep warm in the 20 degree weather], but they wouldn’t be able to kocaeli escort see much from that distance at night! I felt my dick stiffening again at the idea of a blowjob before bed, AND really liked the thought of getting head outside in public! There were security cameras hidden about in the upper corners of the platform, but how often did those work, -I wondered? The boy was still on his knees, taking off his backpack and headphones [leaving on his hoodie], making himself comfortable while licking his sweet pink bubblegum lips at me lewdly! This kid had no idea who I was or where I came from! I ate boys like him for lunch in prison! He was LUCKY we were in civilian life! I stepped up closer to the gate…, then pulled down the front of my bright red pants [and long-johns] and hoisted out my swinging 9.5″ erection! The boy pulled up his cellphone, videotaping the whole encounter! I slowly eased my hard-on through the COLD bars, making sure not to touch the sides and risk losing my excitement to the bitter cold metal! The boy held his cellphone in one hand, and grasped and stroked my big black hard-on in the other! I could see him admiring it, getting good angles of it for his video audience [whoever they were]! He released my dick and reached in through the bars to cup my hairy balls-sac, massaging them gently in his warm hand as he leaned in and started to sweetly suckle my fat dickhead like the pit of a juicy peach! I didn’t know this kid from Adam! I barely paid him much attention on the train, until I noticed he was videotaping my erection! Now he knelt in front of me at an empty platform station, sucking my dick in the cold of winter with others standing on the other side of the platform awaiting their train! The air was crisp and the winds were starting to howl, telling us to seek shelter inside soon [winter was here and in full bloom], but the kid was determined to get his nutty eggnog, as he started sliding his lips further down the shaft, taking more of me in his mouth! I assigned myself as `lookout’, keeping a keen eye on our surroundings to make sure no one walked up and surprised us while the boy was in action! Nobody seemed to have noticed us yet, as the people across the way kept to themselves! The twink with the warm mouth was enveloping more of my dick, slurping his way midway up and down the hard shaft as if it were his favorite flavored Blow Pop or something! I found myself standing in even closer to the bars, trying to get my entire dick on the other side of the wall and into his throat for warmer shelter! The boy tried to swallow me whole a few times, but kept gagging as he retreated back to the head and started swirling his mouth around it like a whirlwind! “fuck dude…” I moaned, loving the feel as he suckled me madly! “…keep that up, kid…, and I’m gonna have to anoint you as one of Santa’s kocaeli escort bayan Helpers at The Mall!” I joked, as the boy glanced up at me and smiled [with his lips still wrapped around my dark steely prick]! Having forgotten about his phone, I watched him starting to corkscrew his head along the lengthy shaft, swirling his mouth in tiny circles, burrowing his face back and forth on my rod as his mouth sped along the solid staff leaving spit glistening wetly along the base! “yeah nigga…suck that dick, homie…” I moaned softly, encouraging him to go deeper as I pushed my hips forward, trying to bury myself in his mouth! The swirling mouth was starting to feel real good, the sexual heat making me forget it was COLD outside as the boy’s face started to come closer and closer to the metal bars in front of him! There was still 2 to 3 inches his mouth hadn’t touched yet, but the rest of my dick was basking wonderfully in his oral cavity, as he tried taking me into his throat again! “urrkkgg…” he gagged, pulling back to recoup before continuing! I looked across the platform and noticed ONE gay starting to stare in our direction! He could see the boy kneeling in front of the gate, but he couldn’t quite make out what he was doing! I noticed him moving closer towards us on the other platform, trying to figure out what was happening…? I didn’t say anything my little `helper’, knowing I was close to losing my load anyway! It was the end of a tiring day! I was only a few blocks from home, from grabbing a beer and chillen on my brother’s sofa for the night, and this hot lil’ BJ was just what the doctor ordered to help knock me out! The kid was really into sucking that big black dick, whoring his mouth on the shaft as his tongue slid lovingly along the underside, drawing my orgasm nearer by caressing the urethra gland underneath, bathing it with the bed of his tongue! “Fuck kid…” I moaned, reaching in through the bars, grasping the top of his hooded head as I started guiding his noggin back and forth faster, making him suck deeper! “ummpphh…umm…umff…urrkkgg…” he moaned, groaned, and choked, spittle now dripping from beneath the shaft as he continued to massage my balls as they tightened in their hairy sac [preparing to release the goods]! The guy on the other platform was now standing directly across from us, staring hard! I knew he could see me now, and knew he knew the boy kneeling in front of me was giving me head! I saw his hand reach down to massage the growing lump in his crotch, just when his train suddenly sped into the station…, blocking his view! The kid never stopped sucking! If anything, hearing the train rumble in behind him only made him suck harder, trying to get me off before OUR train came in [knowing more eyewitnesses would interrupt our mission]! The boy picked up the pace, as I started izmit escort thrusting my hips into the gate, fucking his mouth! He continued to gag ever-so-often, but he didn’t let it derail him, hungry for the load now baking in black Santa’s balls! As the train started to pull from the platform, I noticed the guy that had been staring stayed behind, wanting to see the outcome of our show! He went back to rubbing his crotch as soon as the coast was clear, even going as far as to unzip his pants and hoist out his average looking hard-on to stroke openly! “I’m get’n CLOSE, kid…” I warned, looking down at the boy as he feasted hungrily on my slab! That only inspired him to go wilder, as he released my balls and started seriously stroking my rod while suckling the head madly, milking me like a cow! “Shit man…” I groaned, leaning in against the bars, loving the feel of his hand and mouth coordination working in unison, thoroughly attacking me! I could feel my dick starting to thicken and throb as he sucked/stroked, bringing me ever closer to coming! “…urrhh fuck…” I grunted, feeling my asshole tighten just before the cum started to surge up from my balls and out through my throbbing dick! “…ARRHHHHHHHGG…!!” I yelled aloud as I came, blowing a viscous wad as the boy suddenly pulled off my dick and started jacking me off over his upturned face and open mouth! The first stream of cum jetted out over his top lip and facial cheek [just beneath his eye]! He quickly adjusted the head so that the rest of my load erupted directly in his mouth, each thick gob spurting straight into his open crater, filling it full of creamy white ball juice! I panted heavily as he milked me dry, suckling the flaring head like a juicy piece of candy! I hadn’t noticed that the boy had videotaped the entire service [filming himself sucking]…until he pulled back and showed his open mouth [full of my cum] to the camera before swallowing! That shit was HOT! I noticed the man on the other side of the platform groaning, as he dumped his own load out over the edge of the tracks [climaxing after hearing me cum]! The cold AIR started to hit me with a vengeance [now that I’d orgasmed], causing me to re-tuck my wet softening dick back in its warm resting place! “Thanks kid…” I said, as the boy cut off his phone and stood up [grabbing his backpack]! “…I’ll have to put you on Santa’s `good list’ for a xmas present this year!” I joked, just as his TRAIN started to rush into our station! “I’ve already got what I wanted, Santa!” he smiled, waving goodbye as he got onboard the train! I watched it pull off [my babies having found a new home in his stomach], before leaving the station and heading home myself…, knowing I had nothing waiting for me at my brother’s apartment other than a cold beer and a warm sofa! Written aol Join me on Facebook for quick updates on what stories I may be working on next. Or hit me up email for comments and suggestions. ___________________________ Please DONATE to Nifty if you enjoy reading erotic stories like these for free online!

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