Bad Kitty Ch. 03

Big Tits

You might ask what the hell a guy like me knows about trying to woo a woman. Believe me, that’s exactly what I’ve been asking myself since I first booted up my lap top this morning, before I’d even had even had my first fix of coffee. Pinching the bridge of my nose, and shaking my head, I can’t believe I’m actually going online and looking this stuff up.

Having been in front of a computer since I was old enough to reach the keys — this was definitely a first — googling advice on how to win over the woman that I wanted, more than anyone I’ve ever wanted before. But of course if I didn’t need Kat in my life, as badly as I did, then I wouldn’t be sitting here, racking my brain, trying to come up with a game plan.

Lord knows, until now, I’d never had to work at being with a woman. Normally all I had to do was buy her a drink, smile into her eyes, tell her she was beautiful, and bingo, before you could say, One Night Stand, she’d be back at my place, naked, with me between her legs, and then later on, once we’d both come good and hard, we’d both go home happy. And that’s how it always worked.

Thing was, I’d already had the best sex of my life with Kat, and now I looking for even more. And not just more of what we’d shared when we were naked, although, damn, I could feel myself hard again just thinking about how fantastic it was with her every single time.

But the stakes were a lot higher than just keeping her in my bed. And if I messed this up, then I’d lose her, and she’d be marrying some boring old geezer from her church, that I knew she didn’t give a damn about, just because her old man thought at almost twenty-six, it was time she tied the knot.

So, knowing I couldn’t screw this up, going over the notes I’d jotted down on the pad beside my keyboard, according to the so-called relationship experts I was supposed to do things like:

Really listen to what she had to say, and not be distracted by things like my phone or somebody walking by, like another chick, or whatever was on T.V.

I frowned after I read that, because when Kat and I talked, we really connected, and I when I was with her, she was the only thing I could see, or hear — especially when she was screaming out my name, all the times I’d made her come. But I’ve got a feeling that’s not what by they meant by paying close attention to every word coming out of her mouth.

So, with a shake of my head, I read on and the next tip said:

– I should try to take an interest in whatever she was into.

Hmm, that shouldn’t be too hard. Of course I knew she loved to dance, since I’d seen her shake her sweet ass that night at the Halloween party, and since I was no slouch on the dancefloor, maybe I could take her dancing, or even offer to take a dance class with her, just so she’d know how far into her I really am. Let her see that I was willing to put myself out there, and jiggle my ass around in a room full of women — then she’d have to know I cared. And for Kat, I’d do it, too. Shit, I’d probably dance naked in Time Square if it meant I got to keep her.

Just the idea of her walking out of my life was enough to make me commit to changing my ways. So, I kept right on reading and taking notes as I went.

And the next one was a no brainer:

Always make her feel like she’s the only woman that matters to you.

Seeing as Kat was the only woman I wanted in my life now, I knew I had this one. All I had to do was let her know that what we shared was like night and day compared to what I’d had with any other woman before her — which of course was the truth. Before she came into my life, I’d had plenty of sex, but I’d never really made love with a woman, the way Kat and I did. Damn, and I could already feel my cock stirring in my boxers, just thinking about how crazy good it was with her, when we would taste each other’s bodies, kiss like there was no tomorrow, before we’d finally connect in the most intimate way a man and woman could connect — deep and long and hard, till we’d both collapse in each other’s arms, deliriously spent and sated. My semi-erect friend was twitching even harder, just thinking about what we did to each other. Stoked and ready to get at it by the feel of him, I almost wanted to yell at the damn thing to go down, since I still had some research to do, that obviously wouldn’t include him, or getting myself off.

But then I felt a twinge of guilt when I read the next tip, realizing it had never occurred to me that I should shower her — and not the way I already had, soaping her up, rinsing her off and then licking every inch of her delectable body clean. But it suggested I should take the time to let her know how I felt about her, by showering her with praise and compliments by making a point of telling her how beautiful I think she is on a regular basis, which I realized I might never have done. And I started to wonder if even once I’d told her how gorgeous she really was, with her long red hair, and bright blue eyes, canlı bahis and that dimpled smile that always made me smile right back. And god, don’t even get me started on her body. But I had a feeling that telling her she had the sweetest rack I’d ever set eyes on, or definitely the prettiest pussy by far, was not where I should start. But at least I knew I had some tools in my arsenal now, which I had every intention of using.

And finally the electronic love guru suggested I do little things to impress her, like offering to fix things around her place, cook her dinner, write her a love letter or poem, give her flowers for no reason, or just send her a text to let her know she was on my mind. Considering the fact, she was always on my mind I started to wonder why I hadn’t thought of doing some of these things before.

Fool that I am it suddenly dawned on me that most of it was simply common sense — if you wanted a woman to know you cared — then what you had to do was really show her how you felt about her, and not just through sex.

So, maybe I wasn’t as good with women as I’d thought I was, if I could read this list, and realize all I’d ever done was give her some pretty wild times when we were naked, but not much else.

But now I knew I had some work to do, especially if I didn’t want to lose her to the old fart her father had handpicked for her to marry.

I would have to up my game. And now I knew that I would have to put some effort into letting her know in every way possible way, that she’s the only woman for me, while also to trying to convince her that I’m also the only man she’ll ever need.

Since I’d taken the day off to work on the list, deciding there was no time like the present, the next thing I knew I had to do was go out and do a little shopping to put my plan in motion.

And by the time Kat got home, although I was working my ass off on making her a nice dinner, I also had my ear trained on the door, smiling when I heard her arrive. So, after turning off the burners on the stove, so I wouldn’t burn down the building or ruin our dinner, while I was out trying to win her over, I grabbed the big bouquet of long stemmed red roses I’d bought for her, and went and knocked on her door.

When she opened the door to my knock, flashing me that pretty dimpled smile, instead of locking lips with her, like I normally would, I just bent and brushed a soft little kiss to the end of her nose and told her, while looking her over, “Wow, don’t you look pretty.” Which she really did — in sexy red heels and a little off-white fitted dress that showed off her breasts and those gorgeous legs, her lush red hair in a long, thick ponytail, draped over one shoulder, she looked absolutely stunning.

But the moment I pulled the bouquet from my behind my back and held them out to her, her eyes got all misty and she gave me a crooked smile. “What’s wrong?” I asked her, hoping she wasn’t allergic to flowers.

Blinking a few times, she smiled into my eyes and said, “It’s nothing. It’s just that no one’s ever given me flowers before.”

“Never?” Holy shit, how was that even possible, when she was such a stunner? Of course she’d told me that she’d never really had a man in her life before, but now that I’d made up my mind that I would be her one and only, I decided she’d be getting flowers on a pretty regular basis, like pretty much every day, if it made her this happy.

Inhaling their scent, while warmly smiling into my eyes, she pushed up on her toes and pressed her lips to mine and whispered over my lips, “Thank you, Ethan, they’re beautiful.”

God, if just giving her flowers could get her this emotional then I was ready to write her an entire book of poetry if would keep that delighted look on her face.

Then stepping back inside away from the doorway, she asked, “Would you like to come in?”

Since I’d never been in her place before, I have to admit I was a little curious. Not surprisingly it was neat as a pin, if a little feminine for my tastes with a lot of pinks and mauves and lace and stuff, but it was nice, and it suited her, too — warm and inviting, just like her.

And when she asked if I wanted anything to eat or drink, I wanted to give myself a smack in the head when I finally remembered I had seafood linguini sitting on the stove back at my place, hopefully still edible. So, after I’d quickly filled her kitchen sink with water, and set the flowers inside to keep them fresh, I told her, “I already made us dinner.”

She grinned, looking surprised. “You did?”

I nodded, loving to see her flash those dimples whenever she was happy. “Yeah, I did. So, we’d better get over to my place, and eat while it’s still hot.”

After she grabbed her purse, she took my arm and let me lead her back over to my place. Remembering that the last time she’d walked into my apartment I had her pinned to the wall with my dick in her before she even knew what hit her, this time I just led her into my kitchen and offered her a bahis siteleri glass of wine and smiled into eyes, loving the way those pretty blue eyes of hers were coyly smiling back.

Then it occurred to me that I was enjoying this with her, since we’d basically never really dated, and just fucked each other silly almost from the first moment we’d met at the Halloween party. And from the look on her face, she was obviously enjoying being treated the way she deserved to be, too.

So, it looks like there was something to this wooing business after all.

And later, sitting together and just enjoying dinner with her was nicer than I ever imagined. As we ate, we talked a lot, about pretty much everything under the sun, and no big surprise, I soon realized that in addition to being gorgeous and sexy as hell, she was really bright and fascinating to talk with. And I already knew that I’d never get I’d tired of her, noticing we laughed a lot, too, happy to realize that we shared the same sense of humor.

And by the time we were savoring the sweet taste of strawberries marinated in a red wine and sugar syrup with French vanilla ice cream and freshly whipped cream for dessert, playfully feeding each other little spoonfuls, I was actually really glad we were taking the time to get to know each other, rather than just stripping off and fucking like bunnies, which was normally what happened whenever we’d gotten together.

Then she reached into her purse, smiled a little shyly into my eyes and handed me a piece of paper, and said, “I made this list today, and I wondered if you’d um… be willing to help me work on it, I guess.”

Nodding, I unfolded it, wondering if she might have a few repairs around her place that she might need some help with, which of course I’d be happy to take care of. But once I got a good look at her surprisingly lengthy list, my eyes almost popped right out of my head. Especially when I saw that the first thing on the list was: Being tied up while having sex, followed closely by number two on her list which was — holy shit — experiencing a rape fantasy!

Now what the actual fuck was this?

As I quickly scanned down the page, my eyes grew even wider, as I realized that everything else was every bit as raunchy, if not even more. Then I looked across at her, stunned. “What is this some kind of bucket list, Kat?”

Her entire body going into a pretty adorable full body blush, she anxiously licked her lips and nodded. “Yes. They’re all things that I’d like to try with you… just in case, I uh…never get a chance to try them.”

And then it hit me, and I narrowed my eyes on her. “You mean if you actually go through with marrying that old fart William, right?”

When she flinched as she silently nodded, I just shook my head at her and read what else she wanted to try in case she married that lump of shit her father had picked to tie his daughter down to, who I knew for a fact, would never even consider doing any of these things with her

When I read out, “Have sex in a public place, really? Wow, I never would have guessed.” I already knew if it would tickle her fancy for me to fuck her in Central Park in the middle of the day, then I’d be more than happy to oblige, as long I was the one who got to keep her.

Glancing down the page, there were just so many sex toys that she was curious to try. And no surprise, my dick was stirring pretty damn hard in my pants as an image began to form in my head of sexy little Kat naked and bound with those pretty pink nipples clamped, while I worked a dildo in and out of her tight little pussy while sucking her clit between my lips. Man, who knew quiet unassuming little Kat could be such a dirty girl. And I’ve got to say, she had me intrigued, and pretty fucking horny now, too.

Damn. As I kept reading, I could hardly believe my eyes. She actually wanted me to spank her, too? Holy Shit. Who the fuck was she?

Although she gives the appearance of a quiet little school teacher by day, by night, it seems, she’s actually a frustrated sex fiend, at least if her naughty little bucket list is anything to go by. Blowing out a breath, I looked over at her and shook my head, grinning to myself. Wow, she was just full of surprises, dirty, fun ones, too.

But my eyes nearly popped when near the bottom of the page I read the one word that every guy fantasizes about trying with his lady:


Holy fucking shit, she even wanted me to take her ass. I was so hard now, and only half way through the list, it was a miracle I wasn’t pushing up the table with my dick. Seeing as she was so new to sex, it never crossed my mind to take her that way. Jesus. Looking over at her and watching her squirm I flashed her a knowing smile, wiggling my eyebrows. What a naughty little thing she was turning out to be, and damn, did I ever hope to make her mine, now more than ever. We had more in common than I knew. Seems we both really enjoyed sex — and the kinkier the better.

Afraid to read bahis firmaları any more, seeing as my cock my was actually aching in my pants just from the filthy images she’d put in my head, folding up the list, with my hand shaking, I tucked in my shirt pocket and told her, “You know I’d be happy to help you with anything you’ve ever wanted to try, no matter how out there it is, but not if you’re only doing it so that you can go off and marry William once I’ve helped you tick off everything last thing on your kinky little wish list.”

Swallowing hard, her eyes trained on her hands in her lap, refusing to look up and meet my gaze, she nodded. “I know some of those things might seem a little shocking, but I just can’t imagine never getting a chance to try some of them, whether I marry him or not. You have to understand, being denied for so long, has only made me more curious about sex, and you’re just so good at it, that I’d only ever be willing to try these things with you.”

Tipping up her chin, and forcing her to look in my eyes, blown away by her admission, I told her, “And believe me, Kat, I’m honored that you trust me, not only with your secrets, but that you trust me enough to let me be the one to share your desires with you. But you are never going to marry William. And we both know you really don’t want to. For one thing he could never handle you, or at least satisfy you, might be a better way to put it. Your dad told me the first time I met him what a good little Kitty he thinks you are, but we both know you’re not, as least as far as sex is concerned. You’re a girl who’s not afraid of getting down and dirty, and there’s no shame in that. We all have desires that need to be fulfilled. And if you want me to help you live out your fantasizes no matter how wild, then I’m your man. And don’t forget, we can keep right on living them out, and it doesn’t have to be a onetime thing for any of the things you want to try. But I won’t do it, just so you can check them all off, and still go ahead and marry that old geezer, just to please your father.”

Nodding her head, imploring me with her eyes, anxiously wringing her hands in her lap, she said, “I know. But no matter what, I’d still like to try some of them at least once, especially with you. And who knows, maybe eventually I won’t be so curious and I won’t feel so deprived anymore, once I’ve finally had a chance to do a little experimenting.”

Staring into those baby blues, I knew no matter how sweet and innocent she looked that she had a sex drive that rivalled mine, although she might not know it. And here I was, trying to get my head out of the bedroom long enough to make her realize that what we have is real. But it seems she’s way too curious about what we haven’t done together yet, to be reading any poetry I might write for her, or caring much about whether or not I fixed her leaky tap, or anything else I had planned to do to try and woo her. Not when all she could think about was being tied up and fucked within an inch of her life. And really, if that was how she wanted me to win her over, then who was I to argue. Especially since my cock was trying to break past my fly to start getting busy on her kinky little wish list.

The air was practically crackling with sexual tension as we cleaned up our dinner together. And every time she looked at me with those blue eyes, dark now with anticipation, I’d get just that much harder, knowing that she wanted me to do things to her that I’d only ever dreamed of.

Finally, tired of messing around in the kitchen, I just lifted her off her feet, tossed her over my shoulder and swatted her backside, hard enough that I knew it had to sting, surprised that all she did was giggle and squirm, like she loved it. So, it seems the games had begun, and damn, I could hardly wait to start ticking off every last thing she was desperate to finally try — especially since they’d all be with me — and only me.

Tossing her roughly on the bed, my tone was firm when I pointed at her, figuring she might be into a little domination, too. “You stay right where you are, you naughty girl.” Then a moment later when I returned with a pair of smooth silk neckties in my hands, I couldn’t hold back a groan seeing how eager and aroused she looked, her eyes having grown even darker as she anxiously licking her lips, with those full breasts of hers heaving, knowing that I intended to tie her down and fuck her good and hard, just the way she’d apparently always dreamed of being taken.

Now I just hoped that I’d make it through the next few weeks without getting carried away or even getting arrested, because now that I knew what a naughty little Kitty she really was, there was no telling how erotic or outrageous our games would get.

I didn’t take my time like I normally did getting her naked, quickly peeling her out of her clothes, tempted to pull a knife and cut off her panties, just for the shock value I thought she’d enjoy, too horny to mess with any of that, I just went with tugging them off her and leaving her naked and waiting as I stroked my steely erection in my palm. My heart already pounding, I knew I had to calm myself enough to give her what she needed, or this was going to happen really fast.

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