Bad Idea


This is a bad idea. Beer on my breath. And yours. Dim lights. Soft beats. I should be on the sofa. Not on your bed.

It’s just a hug between friends. Spooning.

Fuck, you look good. You’ve got a boyfriend. In that baggy t-shirt and pyjama shorts. I’m dating your best friend. You smell so good. Your bum looks so good in those shorts. Something floral. The air is heavy with it. I inhale. Deeply. I’m drunk. I should sleep.

“I’m cold,” you whisper.

You shuffle backwards. Pull my arm around you tighter. Your bum pushed up in my crotch. My dick twitches in my joggers. You shift a little. My breath on your neck. My nose tangled among your hair, breathing you in. Your breasts graze my arm.

You sigh, slowly. A beautiful, sexy sigh.

I get hard. Harder. Fuck. I freeze. Dick straining against my joggers. You’ll notice any second. You’ll feel my erection sticking into your back. You’ll yell at me. Kick me out. Tell your boyfriend. Tell my girlfriend.


And then… you move a little closer. Push back into me. I must be wrong. But there, definitely. Your bum pushing up against me. Against my dick. Your hand on my arm. Your bum against my dick. Thick joggers and thin pyjamas between us. You squeeze my arm. Making me hug you tighter. Making me pull you closer. kaçak iddaa My dick between your cheeks. My hand grazing your breast. I fight the urge to thrust into you. Pull you into me.

You sigh again. Fuck.

I can’t help myself. Blame the beer. Blame the music. Blame your sexy little sigh. I thrust forward. Just a little. Imperceptibly. Grind my erection against you. Firmly. Just once. A long, slow, gentle stroke. One to savour. One to jerk off to for weeks to come. The time me and you almost got carried away.

You don’t react. Not at first. I pull back. I crossed a line. Must have.

And then you push back into me again. Grind your bum against my dick. And squeeze my arm. Pull me tighter and I push against you. I gasp. Breathe onto your neck. A shivering exhale. You’re trembling. Me too.

I thrust against you again. Harder, more confidently. You gasp. Almost yelp. My girlfriend’s best friend. And you grind slowly up the length of my dick. I gasp. Almost groan. Fingers stroking the back of my hand. You have a boyfriend. Fuck. My hand just beneath your breasts. You sigh. I creep my hand higher.

Grinding slowly. Gently. In a dim room. Beer and your floral smell. My thumb grazes your breast. Inch it higher. Slowly tracing circles on your breast. My thumb. And then my middle kaçak bahis finger. Tracing circles.


Moments away from grabbing your breast. You pull away. Glad one of us is thinking clearly. Guilt washes over me. Why wasn’t it me? Fuck, your bum looks good.

You roll over towards me. Our eyes lock. Did you just bite your lip?

Your arms around me. Hugging me. Face-to-face. Your chin on my shoulder. Pulling us together. Crotches coming together. I thrust towards you. My erection up against your pussy. You drape your leg over me. Use it to lock me in. Your breasts against my chest. My hand on your lower back.

I grind against you. You against me. Slowly. Gently. But rhythmically. The music stops. Just us panting now. Louder. Trembling gasps.

Fuck, I want you so much.

Your hand in my hair. For years I’ve thought of you. Your breath in my ear. One of us always in a relationship. A quiet moan escapes your lips. You grip my hair tighter.

I respond with a whispered, ‘fuck.’

Shit, we’ve got to stop. We’ve gone too far. But you moan again and you breathe in my ear, and my hand moves to your bum and I pull you into me and grind my dick against you. I want to roll you over. Pin you down and take control. But like this it’s us together.

Your teeth illegal bahis on my earlobe. Moaning. Panting. Sweating. My lips on your neck. You pull my hair with one hand. The other on my back. Under my tee. Clawing at my skin.

I’m close. You must be too. This is it now. We’re going to regret it. We’re just sweat and breathy groans. You sound so sexy. With every thrust. You smell so fucking good. Can smell the beer on your breath too.

And then you whisper my name.

Fuck it.

I bring my hand up under your tee and squeeze your breast. Squeeze it harder than I should. Do it with a guttural groan. You respond with a low moan. God, it feels good. I thrust into you harder. Harder and faster. Show you how much I want you. Whisper your name back.

‘Fuck.’ You drag it out. Breathe it in my ear.

I put my other hand in your hair and pull your head back. Staring straight into your eyes. Your mouth is open. So fucking sexy. My lips almost on yours.

Oh fuck, oh fuck. Oh fuck.

And then shuddering and gasping and moaning and sweating and swearing we cum. Together. We don’t kiss. Just press our lips together. Breathing deeply into each other’s mouths. Convulsing. Shivering. Drinking it all in. Letting the moment last as long as it can.

Slowing down. Stopping.

Panting. Lips still together. Catching our breath. Bodies pressed together. My hand still on your breast. My dick still against your pussy. Chests heaving. Room starting to spin.

You pull away. Our eyes meet.

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