BackTo The Crib pt. 2


Back to the crib pt.2
About fifteen minutes later, I followed her into the parking lot of a small, nice apartment complex. She signaled to me with her hand where I was ‘okay’ to park at, and I did. So did she. I stepped out of my car, and walked over to hers. I opened the door for her, and as she stepped out, she rubbed her leg up against my crotch. I reached out and took hold of her ass, and gave it a big squeeze, and she rose up on her ‘tip toes’ and kissed me on my lips. “C’mon papi” she said to me. “Let’s go get part two started.” And, I replied, “look down and you’ll see that it already has,” and with that said, she looked down at the growing boner behind my zipper and smiled. “Vamos!”
As soon as we got through her apartment door, her hands were all over me, and mine were all over her. We were frantically pulling off each other’s clothing, while sucking on each other tongue and lips. After about seven seconds, we were both completely naked and she was pulling me into the living room, and she pushed me down on her knees, and kneeled down in front of erect cock. Once again, she got to work on my dick; kissing, licking, stroking, slurping and sucking each and every piece of my erect dick. “Oh baby, that feels so good” I said, and she continued to work on me. I marveled at how beautiful she looked while her lips were wrapped around my dick. She looked up at me while she pulled on the tip of my dick with her sexy lips, and I almost came in her mouth once again, but I held myself back. I wanted izmit escort to return the favor, so, I pulled my dick out of her mouth and reached under her arms, pulled her up, and sat her down on the couch. I then leaned over her breasts, and began to suck on her right nipple, while I pinched her left. She started to moan and placed her hands on the back of my head as I switched. Then, I moved my hand away from her nipple and down to her belly button, and then down between her legs. I gently massaged her clit between my pointer and thumb fingers. I pulled my mouth away from her nipple and looked at her closed eyes. “Man I could marry her,” I thought, as I smiled at her beautiful facial features. I then told her to get ready, and I smiled as she opened her eyes, and then I lowered myself to her pussy, and divulged myself into her sweetness. She was so fuckin’ wet, and sweet, that I thought to myself that I would never wanna’ leave this place (in between her legs.) I flicked my tongue back and forth across her clit, while I held her waist down, because she started to trash about. I continued to lick, and suck on her clit as she started to breathe heavily. After another few minutes I knew that she was just about ready to climax. As she convulsed with pleasure from her climax, I started to quickly suck on her clit until I felt her pussy juices dampening my chin hairs, I put my mouth to her pussy opening and sucked the juices out of her, and licked all up the sides of her thighs, because it spread. I then lifted yahya kaptan escort my face up to hers, kissed her gently on the mouth, and asked “now, are you ready for some fuckin’.” Her reply was to lick her own juices off of my chin.
I stood up, took hold of my erect penis, and rubbed the head of it against her clit, and watched her shiver with pleasure. Because she was still lubed up from her cumming not a minutes before, I was able to slide right in. “Ohhh,” she moaned, and if I wasn’t too busy admiring the expression on her face, I would’ve “ohhh” ed to. I started to slowly pull my dick out until just the tip was left inside, and I slowly pushed back in, until her pelvis was touching my own. I slowly fucked her for about five or six minutes, loving each and every moan she let escape her precious lips, and of course the feeling of her warm pussy wrapped around my dick, when she opened her eyes and told me “do it faster!. “Harder!” Without a second’s hesitation, I willingly obliged. Now as I was pounding her fuckin’ brains out, her hair was flailing about like it had a mind of its own, and she started to scream with pleasure. “ YES, OH SHIT PAPI, FUCK ME! FUCK YOUR NASTY LITTLE HISPANIC SLUT! FUCK ME!” I continued to fuck the shit out of her, watching her titties bounce up and down, and listening to her talking dirty until I felt myself almost entering my point of no return. I started to slow down because I want this fucking to last a little bit longer. She then sat up and told gebze escort me to sit down. “I’m not done yet,” I told her, but she got up, and turned me, and sat me back on the couch. She gently took hold of my wet, hard dick and started to stoke it. “You are a good fuck baby,” she told me, and I said to her, “Well, technically I’m not, because I haven’t finished fucking you yet.” She then told me, “Well then I hope you never do,” and she mounted my hips, and slowly lowered herself onto my cock. She placed her hands onto my shoulders and tilted her head back as she vigorously bounced up and down on my dick. It was incredible. I leaned into her chest, and suckled her right nipple, as I helped to bounce her with my hands on her hips (not that she needed any,) and listened to her start her moaning back up. She rode me for about five minutes when I felt that pressure building up again. I told her that I was about to cum, and she said to me, “just hold it in a little bit longer baby. I’m almost there too.” I let go of her hips and just sat as she continued to slide up and down my dick. I was trying my hardest to stop myself from cumming, but up until this point in my life, it was the hardest thing that I think that I’ve ever had to do; keep myself from shooting my hot sperm up into this sexy Hispanic woman riding my dick.
Then, the front door opened. “Oh Shit,” we both said in unison as two things happened simultaneously; we looked into the face of a woman holding the hand of the little boy from the library, and as I shot my load of hot semen up into her pussy, she convulsed again with another orgasm, and I felt her pussy juices dripping down my dick and my balls.

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