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Kate stood in front of the mirror, and looked at herself. She stood five feet ten inches tall, chubby and big-boned, with large, firm breasts and a wide, forty-inch butt. Her skin was black as coal. Her head was shaved. This thick girl had just stepped off the scale and realized that she weighed two hundred and fifty pounds. For many women, this would be a reason to panic or feel depressed. But to Kate, it was glorious. Why? The one she loved accepted her just the way she was.

Johnson stepped out of his car. He was a tall and large, somewhat chubby black man. Six feet two inches tall and weighing exactly two hundred and thirty pounds. This former college wrestler worked as a corrections officer in Plymouth County. After a long day at work, he came home to find his girl waiting for him. Kate was completely nude and smiling. Laughing, Johnson spread his arms and embraced her. The two of them shared a deep, passionate kiss. Kate had come home early from the hospital where she worked and decided to surprise her man.

The two lovebirds made their way to the bedroom. A big man and a big woman who were madly in love with each other. Tonight was a special night and both of them wanted each other badly. Johnson stripped before joining Kate on the bed. Naked, they faced each other. Playfully, they wrestled on the bed. Johnson got on top of Kate and kissed her, then he began to lick almanbahis her breasts. His agile fingers wandered to her pussy and he began fingering her as well. Kate felt her man’s nimble fingers moving around her pussy. He moved down her belly, then began licking her pussy. Kate closed her eyes as her man pleasured her.

Later, it was Johnson’s turn to be pleasured. Kate kissed and licked his body from head to toe, then she took his cock into her mouth. Johnson moaned in pleasure as Kate sucked his dick. He thrust into her mouth, loving the soft feel of it. When he came, Kate drank his seed without spilling a drop. She loved the taste of his masculine essence. When she was done, she grinned and got on top of him. Johnson put his hands on her hips and thrust into her. His hard cock went deep inside her pussy. Kate gasped when she felt Johnson’s thick cock go deep inside her. She began to bounce up and down on him, her thick and soft body shaking as she did so. Johnson fucked her hard and fast, just the w ay she liked it. They went at it like this for some time until he came and pulled out of her.

Johnson looked at Kate’s sexy, forty-inch wide bubble butt. The woman had the biggest, thickest butt he had ever seen. He whispered something into her ear. Smiling, Kate complied with his request. The big girl got on all fours and shook her big and sexy ass in her man’s face while almanbahis yeni giriş he came into position behind her. Johnson held his thick cock in hand and spread Kate’s butt cheeks wide open. He saw her brown little asshole. He pressed his cock against it, and pushed. Kate howled when Johnson’s nine-inch cock plunged deep into her asshole.

The pain was unlike anything she’d ever felt before. Johnson’s cock felt huge in her ass. He held her by the hips and began fucking her. He thrust his dick deep into her ass. Kate screamed and tried to flee. The big black man held her firmly into his place as he slammed his dick into her asshole. Johnson had never fucked a girl in the ass before. Once, while at work, he fucked a guy named Ramona. Ramona was a Puerto Rican prostitute who was currently serving a year in prison for attempted robbery. This chick had a foul mouth but with a cute face and sexy butt. Johnson loved fucking that tight ass of hers. After fucking Ramona, Johnson had acquired a taste for the brown trout. So now he was banging his longtime girlfriend in the butt. He fucked her hard, ignoring her screams. Finally, he came, sending hot cum deep into her asshole. He pulled out of her. Kate didn’t say anything. They never talked about it again.

A couple of days later, the two of them lay in bed together. The night was still young and they were both still almanbahis giriş horny. A big black man and a big black woman in bed together. What do you do you think is going to happen? First, they had regular sex, then Kate asked Johnson to try something kinky with her. When he heard what she had in mind, he was definitely down for it. He got ready while Kate went to fetch her special tools for the task at hand. Moments later, she came back with a strap on dildo and a bottle of lubricant. She smiled at Johnson, eager to try this with him.

First, she had to get him ready. Kate sucked on Johnson’s cock and stroked his balls while digging into his asshole with her thick finger. Johnson lay there, trying to enjoy what his girlfriend was doing to him. He came and Kate drank his seed once more. Next, she greased his asshole with the KY Jelly and put on the strap on. Johnson looked at her. The big girl simply looked hot. Smiling, Kate pressed the dildo against her boyfriend’s back door, and pushed.

Johnson grunted when he felt Kate’s dildo slide right up his ass. The dildo wasn’t thick but it was easily ten inches long. Kate thrust into him, slowly at first while he stroked his cock. As he got used to the size of the dildo up his ass, Kate began to fuck him harder. She reached with her thick hand and began stroking his cock. Johnson simply relaxed and enjoyed what his girlfriend was doing to him. He got so turned on that he came for the third time that night. Kate pulled the dildo out of him and sucked his cock. Greedily, she drank his cum. Afterwards, they embraced each other and went to sleep. Never to speak about it again.

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