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Subject: Back to boyhood part 12 Gay – Adult-youth : M/b This is a work of fiction between boys and a man. If this is not your type, please find a story that is, there are plenty to go by. Do not repost without authorization. Please let me know you liked it by sending me an email. It is, after all, the fuel for me to keep going. Please donate to Nifty to keep this archive alive. Back to boyhood 12 One evening in November, Jane was away attending a meeting out of town and would only be back the following day. I had prepared dinner for Jay and I and it still needed about an hour to cook before it was ready. I was watching tv and saw Jay come out if his room and look for something to drink. “Try not to drink Coke if you don’t want to ruin your appetite. All done with your homework?” I asked, seeing him still browsing the content of the fridge. “Yeah, all done. What are we eating?” “A nice oven cooked chicken with rosemary and a white wine sauce”. “Sounds delicious! Want a glass of wine?” “Oh yeah, please”. Jay then took a bottle of white wine in the fridge and poured me a glass. He then came next to me on the sofa and sat down, handing me the glass. I took a sip and thanked him. “Can I have a taste?” Jay asked. “Sure”, I handed him my glass. He took a sip and, to my surprise, didn’t seem to dislike it. That Riesling is definitely on the sweet side, that may explain why he seemed to like it. “Dang, that’s much better than I thought. Can I have a glass too?” I wasn’t sure about this one. Guess it’s better if he learns to drink with me than some shady friends later on. At least he’ll know what’s to come and I can educate him. “Okay, but under one condition, you have to understand that this is an exception and that your mother would probably not approve, so, no word to her about it”. “Cool!” Jay said. Running to the kitchen and pouring himself a glass as well. We then watched the sports news, sipping our wine. “What does it taste like to you?”, I asked. “Humm… sweet and a bit peachy. But it doesn’t taste like peach juice at all. More like the way the fruit smells”, he answered, frowning. “Wow, pretty impressive for a newbie”. “Well, I kinda have been stealing a few sips here and there from people’s glasses every once while. Some stuff is just gross, like beer. And some stuff is just too strong, like mom’s bourbon, it feels like my throat is on fire and not in a good way. But some drinks and wine, I like”. “Do you know what alcohol does tho?” “It makes you drunk? Hehe” “Yes, but that just how you perceive it. Alcohol is poison. If consumed in great quantities, it will kill you. We use it to disinfect for a good reason, it is very efficient to kill life. This is why you have to drink in moderation”. “Oh shit”, Jay said, taking a sip while looking at his glass. “But, it’s not all bad. There is a good feeling you get from it. Some sort of sweet euphoria”. “Eh?”, Jay said, looking at me with a puzzled look. “A feeling of well-being and sometimes amusement”. On that, I finished my glass and put it on the coffee table. Jay gulped the rest of his glass and took the two glasses to the kitchen, refilling them both. “There are also other unforeseen consequences”, I said, as he gave me my glass, now back to full. I took a sip and continued. “It takes down your psychological barriers”. “What? What does that mean?”, he said, taking a large gulp, leaving his glass half empty already. “It’s kind if hard to explain. But your mind builds a public persona you show to the world. When you drink, it kind of slowly fades away, leaving you in a more vulnerable state where you could say or do things you may regret in the morning”, I said, laughing a little. “Yeah, people do some dumb stuff. Mom once said something stupid when she was really drunk. She said that I was so hot that if I wasn’t her son she would love to be fucked by my huge cock! I was like eww eww eww!”, he said, making a disgusted face and finishing his glass. He then went up and refilled his glass and came back next to me on the couch. “Well, your mother is a good-looking woman”. “Yeah but eww, she’s my mom. No. Just no”, he said, still wearing a look of disgust. He was obviously now pretty tipsy. That wine was strong and he was clearly not used to drinking. “I don’t even think she remembered she had said it the following day. Or she pretended it never happened”, he said, laughing a bit drunkenly. “Guess drinking makes her horny and crave a cock”. “Well, she probably got that part covered now”, I said on a sad tone. “What do you mean?” Jay asked, taking yet another sip of wine. “I heard you guys talking weeks ago. One of the last days before school. You confronted her about it”. “Oh uşak escort shit, you heard? Mike man, I wanted to protect you. You know, I realized something at that moment… I realized that I didn’t want to lose you because I really like you. It hit me that doing stupid stuff can harm those you love. I already knew that, all truth is not good to say, but the thought of you gone from our lives really hit me”, he said, his eyes watering. “You’ve such a sweet, good, generous and understanding person…” I was taken aback by this and started to tear up as well. I couldn’t help it. “I’ve never said it but… I do love you. You’ve been a great parent, friend and fuck buddy, never complaining, always in a good mood. You always want to please and make people happy. I had seen that in you but I took advantage of it, took advantage of you… and you thanked me for it. I’m so sorry Mike. I’m ashamed that I took advantage of you”, Jay said, now fully crying silently. “I didn’t care at first because I didn’t know you”. This heartfelt confession made me cry. I looked at him in his eyes, and gave him a long kiss on the lips. “Jay… It may not have come from the the best of intentions but it did something wonderful. You made me realize I loved having sex with guys. You made me feel better than I ever had having sex! And I’ve loved every other time after it. I thanked you because I’m grateful you showed me how good I could feel! And I know you are, deep down, a good kid”. This made him cry a bit more. He looked at me, wiped his tears and kissed me on the lips tenderly. He then broke the kiss and looked down, tearing up again. I took his chin with my thumb and finger and lifted it. I looked him right in his eyes. “I’m so happy to have met you Jay. I love you very much my boy”. And kissed him on the lips again. I broke the kiss and released his chin. “I’ve been rude to you so many times too, but I can’t help it, I love feeling on top. I’m sorry”, Jay said, snuggling against me. “You know, that kind of turns me on when we have sex”, I said, laughing, “so don’t worry about it”. I started caressing the back of his head and his back. We then stayed like that for a few moments. “Got any other confession to make?”, I asked, laughing and wiping my eyes. He looked at me, tears still in his eyes and laughed. “Maybe…”, Jay said smiling mischievously. “I may have visited Becky two or three times on Thursdays while the kids are at their taekwondo lesson”, he said, giving out a small laugh. “Oh. I see”, I said, not really surprised by this. That woman just seem to love his big cock. “Also… well, you probably know that one already but when I sleepover at Grant’s or he comes here, we always have sex, hehe”. “Yeah, that I figured out pretty quickly”, I said, laughing and ruffling his hair. “When and how did it start?”. “Well it was a few years ago, we were both nine. Grant was a few weeks away from his tenth birthday. His parents had just finished building a new room and bathroom downstairs for him. Before that, he was sharing the bigger room upstairs with Cody. Now Cody had the room to himself and Nate, well, he always had his room to himself but it was really small. Anyway, so yeah, Grant was all exited to get his own room and invited me for a sleepover. I also think he was secretly scared of being alone in the basement hehe. So I got there, he showed me his room and stuff and we played some game till late. His mom got downstairs and told us it was time for shower and then bed. Grant offered me the shower first. It was right next to his room and also freshly built. It was different from what I was used to. There was no bath, just a shower head surrounded by glass that went from the ceiling to the ground. So yeah I close the door and start showering. When I get out I realize I don’t have any towel. So I’m like dripping with water and looking around to see if there are any. I didn’t know if anyone was sleeping already so I didn’t want to yell to Grant to get me a towel. As you know, I’m not shy about being naked and I wasn’t then either. I had been to the nudist camp with mom a few times and wasn’t bothered by nudity. So I just got out of the bathroom and went to Grant’s room naked, not really covering myself. I then asked him for a towel. He was surprised to see me naked but hadn’t thought about towels so he ran upstairs to get me one. When he came back, I was waiting for him in the bathroom, not wanting to put water everywhere. He entered and he threw me one and put another on the counter for him afterward. He was looking at me as I was drying myself. He told me something like ‘why is your penis so long’ or something. I just looked down and didn’t know what he was van escort talking about. He then removed his clothes too and we were both naked. When I looked at his dick I knew what he meant. His was still the one of a little kid, like two inches and thin”. “How big were you at that age?”, I asked. “Not very big, I was still thin, altho not as much as him. As for length, I didn’t measure back then, so I’m not sure. Probably around three inches soft but much thicker than his. When hard I was probably around four/five inches. But Grant was much smaller so he was really interested in mine. He took his shower and came back in his room with a towel around his waist. I was already in bed in my PJ. He then removed his towel and jumped on the bed naked. He asked to see mine again so I stripped and showed him again. He was fascinated by my dick and started playing with it. Of course I started getting hard and Grant was even more impressed by its size. I told him something like I can’t wait to fuck someone with it”. “You were already thinking about that at that age?”. “Yeah, I’ve been thinking about that ever since I can remember!”, Jay said, laughing. “Mom had books about sex. I had read and knew all about sex and stuff. I was jerking off at eight looking at the drawings in her sex book. Now at nine, I wanted more. That’s what made me look stuff up on the internet to find out more. Mom never bothered putting any kind of parental control on the computer so I had the freedom to look for anything. Now I found a few sites and could now see actual people having sex. I also knew that guys and girls could have sex between themselves because I had seen videos of it. They all turned me on. So… where was I? Yes, with Grant playing with my cock. So yeah, after telling Grant I wanted to try to have sex, he wanted to know all about it. I kinda gave Grant the bird and bees talk with the extra bits, haha. He was especially curious about butt fucking. I had been wanting to try that stuff for months so I asked him if he wanted to try to take my cock up his bum. He nodded and smiled like an idiot, hehe. We didn’t have any lube back then so I asked him to suck it to make it slippery. He was happy to take my cock in his mouth. I remember I had to tell him to be careful with his teeth but, oh shit did it feel good. Much better than jerking off. After a few minutes he stopped and turned around, showing me his ass. I put my dick at his hole and started to push. It had trouble getting in so I told him to do like when he pooped to open it… and pop! it went in. Grant complained it hurt some but I was way too horny to stop. I’d like to say I was good but it’d be lying, it wasn’t the best at first. I guess it was good enough to convince Grant to give it another go a few days later after pestering him for hours. This time I took my time some more and it was better. With time it was finally pleasant for both of us and it was now Grant who was asking for it”. “Dang, no wonder you’re so good at it at your age, you’ve been going at it regularly for years”, I said, definitely jealous he had such a great experience growing up. Both our glasses were now empty so I got up and refilled them. I noticed the chicken was ready and I called Jay in the dining room to eat. We ate as he kept telling me the experiences he had with Grant. I don’t think my dick ever went soft during the whole meal. Once we were done I did the dishes and put the remaining food away in the fridge. I then joined Jay on the couch and watched TV with him. “Mike, let’s get naked and cuddle”, Jay said. I did as he asked and removed my clothes. He did so as well and then sat down on the couch next to me and cuddled me tight. “I love you Mike”, he said. “I love you too Jay”, I said, kissing his forehead. “You know you’ve had a lot to drink tonight, maybe it’s the alcohol talking and saying that”. “What? No! I’m saying that! Me. It’s just maybe… I was lacking the courage to say it”, Jay said, looking pensive. “It’s okay tough guy, I understand”. “You’re always so nice Mike, I want to make it up to you… I know! I’ll do something I’ve never done with anyone, not even with Grant!”, Jay said, taking my small dick between his thumb and fingers, giving it a few wanks. I looked at him puzzled and he lowered his head, opened his mouth and engulfed my four inch pecker. I felt the wet warmth of his mouth on my dick and immediately felt a surge of pleasure. He started bobbing his head up and down on my penis, making me feel wonderful. I laid back, closed my eyes and relaxed, letting Jay service my dick as he pleased. He was really doing a good job, not that my cock was hard to suck, it was thinner than two fingers stuck together, yalova escort but he was still making me feel great. “Oh! Thank you Jay this feels soo good!”, I said, my voice tinted with pleasure. As an answer he just started going faster and swirling his tongue on my sensitive glans. After a few minutes, I was starting to get really close. “Jay, I’m cumming!”, I said having trouble muttering the words, the building orgasm making me tense. He kept his mouth on my dick and sucked harder. I then exploded in his mouth and he swallowed all my cum. He stopped sucking my sensitive dick and freed it from his mouth. “How was that?”, Jay asked, smiling widely. “Fantastic!”, I answered. “You’ve never sucked a dick before?”, I asked, not believing it. “Nope, but I’ve been sucked so I know how it works, hehe”. “You’ve never done it even to Grant?” “Nah, it doesn’t fit with my style”, Jay said, laughing. “He’s pretty happy to have his ass pounded anyway”. “Did it taste bad?”, I asked, a bit worried. “Not really, can’t say it was good tho, it was kind of salty but had very little taste”. “Oh”, I said, a bit relieved. “Well I have sucked Grant and maybe you should try him, he tastes kind of sweet”, I said, smiling. “What? It tastes different on other people?” “Yeah, haven’t you ever tasted yours?”, I asked. “No! hehe”. “Well, you taste a bit sweet too but with another stronger taste that’s not unpleasant”, I said, looking at him in the eyes. “Unfortunately, I’ll never be able to do a very good job because you’re just so big! Last time I tried it wasn’t a success”. “What? Nah, you made me cum, it was great… but I do like your ass better than your mouth. It can take the whole of me and I can pound it the way I like it”, he said, smirking. “All right, now I’m really horny, go shower and join me in my room, I need your ass asap”. I did as he asked and took a shower, making sure I was all clean everywhere for him. I then went to his room, his boy universe, and he was waiting for me lying on his back, naked, on his bed with a huge erection. He was holding it upright, offering it to me. I just never got used to this boy’s size. It looked so freaking huge, especially from the side and sticking up from his body like that. I got closer, and lubed up his cock and my hole. I then got on his bed and sat down on his cock, slowly. I could feel each of his ten inches slowly entering me as I lowered myself on his pole. When I was fully impaled on it, I stopped and closed my eyes to concentrate on the feeling of his large cock inside me. He then took my head in his arms and lowered me onto him, his cock still fully embedded in my ass. He hugged me tight and kissed me on the lips. We then started kissing pasionately. I never thought he would do something like this! He was usually very distant when he fucked me. This time it was different. He started humping my ass to fuck me. He was only removing three of four inches and shoving them back in to the root every time. He kept hugging me and kissing me as he slowly deep-fucked me. Yes, this was not like the previous times. Those other times, he was simply fucking me. Now, he was making love to me… for the first time! “Oh Jay, I’ve always known you were a sweet boy”, I said, as I finished a long kiss with him. I then started matching his movements and go up as his cock left my ass and down as he was pushing it back in to receive longer strokes. He then took my ass with his two hands to fuck me harder. I kept looking at his cute face as he was plowing my ass lovingly. He seemed content… and a bit drunk, hehe. He fucked me gently for almost an hour, changing position once in a while. He came twice and I came three times, without even touching myself the first two times. He was a great lover, an amazing one. I envied the person he would eventually choose to be his mate. He or she would experience that many many times. We both fell asleep in his bed afterward and cuddled the whole night. The following morning Jay was back to his normal confident self. He didn’t mention anything about the previous night. But he was a bit different with me, he was nicer and tried to be more helpful by helping with the house chores and stuff. He did fuck me before his mom came home after lunch but it wasn’t like the night before. He was dominant and wasn’t into kissing. I couldn’t really complain since he was making me feel so good once again. He pounded my ass hard with his big cock showing me who’s boss. But I now knew that, no matter what, he was a really sweet boy. To be continued… ————– Liked this story? Please let me know your comments: ota I really enjoy people writing to me about my story. Don’t hesitate to write and say a few words 🙂 Don’t underestimate the power your words of encouragement have. One more thing: I love stories where boys are better endowed than their adult friends or older boy friends. If you know of any of this kind on , please share!

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