Baby Sister Pt. 01


My baby sister isn’t that young anymore. She’s taking her nurses degree and I’m proud of her. She’s the prettiest little thing and I know and she’s even prettier when she looks after older people.

She’s turning 22 this year and still can’t fix her own leaking sink which is fine because I do.

As I turned 29 she told me that I should get my prostate checked. I questioned why because I’m not medically in check with my body. I work out and eat well so I always figured that’s enough but she insisted.

So one day I finally gave in and said I’ll talk to my doctor and she was quick to offer to do it. She said :

“Do you really want an old lady sticking her finger up you? Anyway, I can do it in the privacy of your own home!” She said with a very professional face.

Of course I was wary due to all the dangers involved. This is my sister and yes she’s hot and I’ve known her forever. But I figured that it’s a prostate check and it’ll be fine, she can refer me to a hospital of she finds anything suspicious.

I agreed to it

She said “I’ll see you Wednesday and don’t bother wearing any pants!”

I was nervous. şişli bayan escort I mean, what if I had prostate cancer? I did some reading and it seems more common than I thought. But I just need to do it, after all, she loves me.

Wednesday came, the doorbell rang and I came let her in my boxers and a T-shirt. She had a white blouse on with long grey work pants. Her hair was in a ponytail and her makeup was light but sweet.

As she took of her shoes she went to get a glass of water. After we had a brief chat about random things she asked if I was ready in a very excited tone.

“Why are you so excited?” I asked.

“Because it’s you silly, BTW, this might take like half an hour or so,” she said.

“But I read online that you should be done in a few minutes or less?”

“Well yeah but I’m a fresh graduate and I need some practice, don’t worry, I’ll make this as comfortable for you as I can, anyway, I used to watch you masturbate when you were in highschool so I know all about your ‘junk’,” she said.

“You what??”

“Come on, we were all in one room and what did you expect? I could hear you fapping away. şişli escort Did you think I didn’t know just because I was 12? I already knew how to touch myself then,” she told me calmly.

I must admit that I didn’t know what to make of it but I knew I had a hard in which needed to go away fast. I told her that I needed to go take a shower and I did, a very very cold one which did the trick.

So after my quick shower she took my by the hand and dragged me to my living room. She sat on the couch and positioned me facing her. She took my towel off with a “well hello there big boy! Seen a lot of action lately? I bet you’ve been working hard on them ladies huh?” She said smiling at me with a wink which slightly aroused me.

She took out a small tube of gel and put on one latex gloves. Lubricated and told me to relax.

She started my massaging my ass hole before slowly penetrating it.

I let out a small gasp and she asked “are you OK? How do you feel?”

I replied “it feels fine, thanks for being gentile.”

She smiled and continued.

After about a minute of what felt like random fingering I felt something, something mecidiyeköy escort that aroused me, something that gave me a weird sexual sensation. When I looked down I realized that I was rock hard erect and she had her eyes wide open on my dick.

She said “hello, nice to see you awake, I didn’t think you’d like this”.

She turned to me and said “You know your cock is nice and big? I mean it’s a nice 7-7 and ½ inches with a great girth and all the veins popping out. I bet girls love sucking it don’t they?”

I was a bit speechless because I felt like I was about to cum and I was…I could feel it.

She seemed focused, I didn’t know what she was doing but before I knew it I was moaning and let out powerful stream of cum shooting out of my dick. I couldn’t help but moan loudly.

Some of it hit her blouse and she gasped and giggled in excitement and as I was cumming I could feel her push her fingers in deeper. Her face was blushing but she looked so happy and excited and I was caught up in the moment of my own orgasm that I forgot it was my sister.

I crumbled to my knees in a mild sweat and asked “did you do that on purpose??” She said “no, but I have heard that the right pressure on a prostate can make a man cum.” As she withdrew her finger from my asshole and got up, she went to the bathroom to leave me to catch my breath.

End of Part 1.

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