B D I M NH 8


I am alive, just school stuff, chores…

Anyway, enjoy. Feedback please!

Oh yeah, some of the new characters are… uuuuh… you decide, but mildly put, they’re offensive. They will be reoccurring, and around more than “Texas” had been.



6.03am, N.Y.C., N.Y.

I am sitting in my car stopped at the curb. Cars pass on the street, people on the left. I observe a bike courier and entertain the thought of flinging my door open just to see him smack into it.

On the sidewalk I see the tourists taking photos of themselves and each other in front of The Flat Iron Building.

Stupid chink bimbos, dressing like hussies in their newly purchased “I Love N.Y.” tee shirts and skimpy skirts. Easy on the eyes, I admit, but I just don’t get why being a tourist brings out the dumb in people.

Then again, I am watching my contact, just a yard or two behind those same Chines girls, getting arrested by the cops.

He looks on at me with a look that says help me, but honestly it is his own damn fault. He fucked the wrong girl, the wrong way, now he is going to pay.

What I fins really surreal about the whole thing, is the fact that people unconsciously part and move around the scene then come together. Like a herd of wildebeests moving around a large boulder in their way.

My contact continues to silently plead with me.

I fish a joint from my center console, light it up, and flick the ashes towards him. The grey dust turning into a small cloud that rains upon my dash and lap. “You did it to yourself, you stupid, tweaked cracker!” I say, but only I hear it. “Besides, you weren’t my only hope for a lead, you dipshit. Just the one I didn’t need to rough up to get to talk.”

I sniff the air and look around my old webeater. Steering wheel, new cover for it, but the wheel its self, the pleather flakes off from under it.

There is duct tape over the slices in the back seat. Bleach stains too. You stab someone a bit too deep, that sort of happens. I threw an old blanket over it.

The view in either side mirror shows Bondo, dents, scratches. No new paint to cover it. Plus the passenger side front fender is off another car, same model, different color. Do I give a fuck that it’s pink? Maybe a little. I might just paint this thing tie-dye style and sell it to some burn out hippy type.

For now, the AC works, the breaks are great, the engine is a work of art and the suspension is a dream! I ran down some fat fucking wop last week, didn’t lose speed, barely felt the bump.

I linger a moment longer, wait for some Ethiopian looking stick figure types to finish crossing and pull into the road. The horn blaring behind me receives the mandatory middle finger signal, as I was more than clear enough that I didn’t cut the asshole off.

I finish off the cup of cold coffee, it was hot when I had gotten it, and chuck it in the back.

“Note to self, clean out the fucking car!” I say.

The asshole that had been behind me rolls up along side me now that we’re at a red light. His window comes down and he’s shouting like he’s some badass. I roll my window down, grab a carton of eggs and wait. He’s still ranting at me. I take an egg out, watch the light, as soon as it turns green, I chuck the two month old cholesterol bomb through his open window. I calmly drive off as he tries to process what had just happened. That shut him up!


I am halfway to my apartment when my phone rings.

I put it on speaker as I find a spot to pull over. I don’t need no tickets now. Or ever.

“What?” I ask a bit curtly.

“Aye! Good morning, sun shine!” It is Tony G. and he has that tone in his voice like when I get a bonus or a cake walk job. “Hey, listen, I gots somethin’ fer ya!”

I’m brought out of my thoughts of why my dear mother would name me after some white bread singer and how that sun shine joke is getting old.

“Yeah?” I ask, feeling a bit motivated. Sometimes it’s a free pie. Tony can really make them nice! “What is it?”

“Aye, now, that’s a surprise, Donny!” He is calling me Donny, that means he isn’t with family. Only family will ever hear him use my real name. “Ya come on over to the pizzeria, it’s on my couch.”

Pizza. It’s okay, I love a good pie.

“I’ll be there in fifteen, Tony!” I am feeling happy! My breakfast today was a jelly doughnut, a stale one at that.

I start on over, this time pulling into traffic without the horns or cursing and get no more that fifteen feet from where I was and the fucking phone rings again!

Pull over, answer phone. “The fuck you want!?”

I may have sharted.

“Hey, cousin!” I listen as my cousin from Chicago, forgets my attitude, and asks me for a favor. “Sure! Absitively posolutely I’ll do it!” Upon hearing the way I said that last part, I cringe. ‘I’m hanging around Tony too much!’ I think to myself and my cousin is now giving me instructions.

I realize that I need to write this down and kocaeli escort grab some scrap paper and a pen. I lick the jelly off the wrapper and ask her to start over. She chuckles, says I haven’t changed and starts over.


“Aye, yous late!” Tony greets me with a hug, a hearty slap on the back, that admittedly sort of hurts. I don’t show it and instead enjoy being part of the family. “It’s back hear!” He motions me to follow.

I do.

We get to the employee break room and he opens the door. I can’t see in with how he holds it and stands there.

“Hey!” He shouts. “Get yer scrawny ass up!”

I watched as a throw pillow bounces softly off of Tony’s face and he frowns. “Shuddup.” That voice caught my attention. “Four useless bikes all fixed and a shitload of heavy crates all moved. Sleepy.”

“I said get yer ass off my couch.” Tony seems amused despite the tone he is using. Not many people can get snippy with him, much less the attitude he was taking now. “Up!” He says again and it responded to with a second pillow. The couch only has two.

“Bring me piller.” The unseen owner of the voice asks sleepily.

“Yous threw ‘em, yous picks ‘em up.” Tony nods to me with a grin.

I hear shuffling, then I hear someone stand. A few steps and I gasp in shock as I see the person pick up the pillows.

My gasp must have caught their attention because they push Tony aside and study me a moment. “Donovan!” The squee type tone hurts my ears, I am latched onto, lifted off my feet and nuzzled as if by a big cat.

Not many people use my real name.

Even fewer are allowed to yell it at the top off their lungs in a crowded building. My mother being one of the five.

One of those five currently holds me.

I stand a good five eleven, broad shouldered, barrel chested, thick arms and legs. I am being held up by a six foot six runner who is using one arm to keep my held close and one to ruffle my hair.

I finally get myself together, burry my face into their shoulder, clinging to them and bawling like a baby. “I thought I’d never see you again!”


So I am healing properly.

Dina and Marissa are splayed out on the floor. We all fell asleep watching television after helping Dina empty her room and move everything to the attic. Well, finish moving everything. I couldn’t do much, they still want me to be careful.

I did get to carry a few plastic bags of clothes over. I have to admit that going through Dina’s unmentionables was thrilling.

She did tell me about the underwear incident, but I guess it had only stopped her from buying them. I used a picture on my phone to test the colors with her skin tone. Typical artist, the colors paired well, and I don’t think my phone did any justice. I set a few on top that I decided to get her to wear.

Over all, I get breakfast made. Fried hamburgers, fried eggs, bacon, and I toasted the buns in the pan. Slices of cheddar melted on top and country potatoes. It all needs to be eaten, okay, and breakfast burgers are good.

I had no complaints. Neither did my guests, nor Jayden and Anna when they rolled in.

“Where’s Pop?” I ask Anna.

“Finding employment.” Anna answered. “Or filling out the forms to officially keep the little monster, here.”

“What?” I ask.

“Oh, Jayden has some family on his dad’s side. They kind of want the welfare benefits. He doesn’t even like his cousins or aunt, so Dad is helping me with getting full custody of my little brother.” Anna hugs him to her side and I see Jayden agreeing with her the whole time.

I never really realized how much bacon we keep stocked in house until I had started the cooking.

Most of the stuff I cook up is what needs to go. I decide to stuff sweet peppers with bacon and cream cheese. Not really a breakfast, but I know Anna will eat anything with bacon on it. I then make some more breakfast like stuff and set the table.

After we eat, we gather in the garden.

“I know how we can fix the fence.” I point to a familiar hole. “Put in a gate.”

“That’ll be kind of small, babe.” Dina jokes. “You might fit but we wont.”

I see Jayden look at Dina and I curiously. He is set right by her, I guess he hasn’t caught on yet.

“It does sound like a wonderful idea!” Anna says. “Not having to go all the way around the front, we can just go between the yards.”

“Cool!” Dina agrees.

Conversation moves to less important stuff.

All of my friends are in on my revenge plot, and soon we discuss the small topics that we can cover with Jayden around.

Before long Jayden is out in the street playing street hockey.

“What’s the matter, Dina?” I ask, noticing how she stares out at them.

“I’m just wondering if Kenneth had stolen from any of them. I really should have checked his room.” We all look out at the kids playing with her. “Could you Imagine having kids?” I’ll admit, I am surprised with her seemingly random comment.

Marissa is quiet a moment. “I’m pregnant.” She does not kocaeli escort bayan look excited, more as if she was going to cry.

I have to say that I am surprised. I have always seen condom wrappers after she and her boyfriend hooked up.

“What happened?” I ask.

“It broke.” She stares at the ground with a blank face. “I don’t want to tell my child that they are an accident.”

“I was, and my parents love me!” I say. Mom and Dad never hid that fact, one night where they had sex in the backroom of a house belonging to a friend of theirs. “It was right before Dad left for boot camp.” I place a hand on her back. “You will love the baby! You’ll be a good mom!”

“No college. Staying home, working a minimum wage job, making ends meet just barely…”

“I can help watch the kid.” Dina offers.

“Me too.” I add.

“So can I.” Anna speaks up. “I baby sat all the time.”

Marissa sort of smiles. “What do I tell…” Marissa’s phone rings. She looks at the screen and grows nervous. “It’s him!”

“Just talk with him.” Anna says.

We watch as Marissa heads further back in the garden. She takes time with small talk, then starts to bite her nails. She turns her back to us and we assume she is telling him.

The three of us stare with wonder.

After a bit she hangs up and walks over.

“Well?” Dina asks.

“I will be…” She grabs her over shirt and slips it on. “I will be back tomorrow.” We each get a hug.

We are all left to wonder further. Marissa neither seemed upset or elated.

Before the three of us go our separate ways for the night, Anna says. “Daddy is going to help at the store, is that okay?”

“It’s a family business, you guys are family.” I get a hug from Anna and Jayden, I am surprised to see Dina get one from Anna too. I guess I got real use to them fighting.

Jayden hugs Dina, her breasts rest atop his head. When he starts getting taller, for a time they will end up in her cleavage.

Anna and Jayden go home whilst Dina and I take the Ducatti, she pilots the bike while I ride in the side car, to work.

Surprisingly the late afternoon and night are slow.

Pete decides to enjoy his night off toking his bong and eating nearly expired ice-cream in the back room while watching b rated horror flicks.

We alternate talking with him and helping the occasional customer when Rachel comes in. I watch as she goes around the store and gathers items on her list. She pauses here and there to compare the differing brands we carry and then selects the cheaper option.

I know the looks of the packaging.

As she approaches the counter she sets her hand basket down on top. “And a pack of Camels, please, Pete.” She looks up to see Dina and I there. “Oh…” She trails off after the extended ‘oh’ and we three stand there a moment.

I decide to let Dina check her friend out.

I only go around the corner, sitting in a small chair there.

“You’ve been avoiding me.” I hear my girlfriend tell her friend as the items are being rang up.

“I’m not actually sure how I feel about this, D.” I hear Rachel. “Not too long ago, we sort of made her life unpleasant. You were straight…”

“When was I ever straight?” It is a serious question from Dina, and I even hear Rachel ‘Hum’ in thought. “I don’t ever remember talking about stuff like that.” Dina adds.

“It isn’t that, I swear! It’s just… a lot to take in.” Rachel replies. “I’ve had this view of things, and us, for so long. I really don’t know what to do or think. I mean what T…” Rachel cut off quickly. There is a moment of silence. “What Cinders did for Ellaine was pretty decent, but, I can’t… I don’t… I have no idea, okay. Sorry.”

“I got these. Tell your mom to stop smoking, okay.”

I have no idea what Dina had, I just wait there a bit after Rachel mutters ‘Thank you’ and ‘I will’ before I return.

Dina looks lost in thought, so I let her think.


We arrive home in early morning. The nigh being uneventful after Rachel’s visit. Slower than usual, we spent the rest of the night watching Godzilla, the original one.

Anna’s dad went off to scope put a few other job prospects. Working at a store doesn’t bother him, it just isn’t his preferred field of work.

Dina and I had wished him luck and we were talking about it as we pulled to a stop in front of the house.

“Cinders, stay here!” I wonder why she sounds odd, but I soon see why. The front door is wide open.

“It’s probably Anna.” I say slipping out of the side car.

As I say this a police cruiser pulls in behind us.

“You ladies call about a break in?” Deputy Shaw asks as he steps from the car. At this time I see Anna coming out of the next door home, which Dina had graciously allowed them the use of.

“I was just calling you!” Anna directs the statement to me. “I walked out the front and saw the door open!” Anna added and hugged me. “I got scared and went back.” She gestures to Dina’s house. It is going to take time izmit sınırsız escort getting used to calling it something other than that.

“She has been having issues with her ex.” I explain to Shaw. “Let’s ask the nosy, old biddy if she saw anything.” I motion to the old woman sitting out front. “As far as I know she sees all, knows all and never sleeps.”

“Whitehall, you check the house.” Shaw orders his partner. Shaw proceeds to meet with the old woman.

Ten minutes later both deputies are back with us.

“There is nobody in the house.” Whitehall informs us. “I would go in and have a look, but, everything seems to be in place.”

Whitehall’s wife is in the book club. On days he has to pick her up, he arrives early and likes to look around. He’s pretty good at Guitar Hero, and even sings along.

“I’ll take your word for it.” I tell him. I turn to Shaw. “What did neighborhood watch say?”

“A Jeep was parked out front. It was there about ten minutes. She had seen it before, but never at this time so she went to check the plates with her notes. It was gone by then.” Shaw looked over his notes as he answered me. “That old lady gives me the creeps!” He added.

“They say she killed her husband and his mistress.” I said off handedly.

“I’ll let them rest in peace.” Shaw closed up his notes. “I’ll have someone swing by later. Okay.”

I nod and step into Dina’s arms. I inadvertently coo as she cuddles me and blush as I hear Shaw make an aw sound. The doors on the cruiser closed and the car drove off.

“Anna?” I ask. “Does Texas drive a Jeep?”

“I’ve only seen him in that Audi.” Anna answers. “Of course he says that’s a friends car.”

“Well, we’ll keep an eye out.” I answer. “Lets go in. I’m tired.”


I wake up from a dead sleep. I swear I hear knocking on the door. I cover Dina up, we stripped nearly bare before sleeping.

Then I shuffle down stairs.

Anna and Jayden are playing Street Fighter. They’re pretty engrossed and don’t notice me. I get to the door and stop.

I feel…

… bad.

The knocking starts again.

I shake it off and open the door.

Seven foot, I know because I measured the porch when we added it. This Asian woman nearly hits it and if I had to guess I would say she was half a foot shorter at six foot six.

I see short, chopped black hair, very punkish. Tanned skin, natural looking, like she spent a lot of time outdoors. Green eyes with a purple sparkle in them are set in her oval face. Thin nose with a thin, faded scar across the bridge of it. An impish smirk is on her face and the contrast between her black bottom lip and Violet upper lip and her surprisingly white teeth draw my eyes to that smirk.

I look over her clothes.

Black, all of them.

The plaid over shirt that covers her pants pockets, Black.

The faded tee with a Green and Purple dragon skull on the front and shows off her belly, Black.

The well worn jeans with the missing right knee, Black. It doesn’t appear that she needs the Black leather belt with the Silver buckle, which is a skull.

Her boots, Black, they shine like my dad’s used to

Like Mr. Howard’s do, Anna’s dad even keeps extra shine around on the off chance he runs out.

I catch glimpse of a chain hanging down, most likely a wallet. She also has a black wrist watch, that seems sturdy but cheap.

“You done ogling me?” Her voice, I hear a playfulness, it also has a lovely musical tone. If everything about her didn’t scream DANGER. It felt like I had just met the lion at the zoo and it was out of the cage.

I manage to nod.

“Cinders residence?” The woman asks? I don’t get a chance to reply. She bends slightly at the waist and locks eyes with me. Those hypnotic eyes. “They call me De…” She perks up and looks past me.

We’re interrupted. “Cinders? Babe?” I want to turn, but I don’t want to take my eyes off this person.

I feel a hand on my shoulder and finally look up at my girlfriend. “Why are you holding the door open?” She peers outside.

The woman is gone!

“Did you see her?” I ask.

“Babe. I’ve been here for five minutes. Nobody is there.” I see Dina shiver, check outside and hug herself all at once. “I’m gonna burn some Sage, okay.” She places her hand on the small of my back and we head to the couch. “I’ll get you some water. You two need anything?” She asks Anna and Jayden.

“Soda, please.” Anna says. The round in over and Jayden mentions using the restroom. His steps and Dina’s go off different ways.

“You okay, Tet?” Anna asks with worry.

“I think I just met The Devil.” I respond. I see her face reflected in the screen of the TV. I don’t blame her for her expression.

3.45pm (? POV)

I wake up from my dream. Odd one to have. Donny is getting back in the car. “Bean doesn’t believe me.” He says and I laugh.

I pull out the sketch pad I fished from the dumpster a month ago. The thing had some water damage and the store just threw it out. Lucky for me. I had been filling it with memories from my time over seas, the short time back home before I got it. Now I have caught up and I’m sketching out the scene from my dream. The girl, so, real, like we were really talking!

“She looks a lot like Hazelnut.” I mutter.

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