Austin Meeting


Pulling into the Austin Airport parking lot, Hank slides out hitting the power locks and makes his way to the main entrance. Still not used to the fact that the novel he and a writing friend collaborated on had done so well. Now he was here in Austin to attend some award ceremonies given by the state of Texas for Best novel, authored or coauthored by a Texan. Although it is a regional award and relatively small it will still look good on their cover sheets.

Hank stopped and glanced at himself in a glass pane. He noted the way his long dark brown hair seemed to contrast against his greying full beard. He had always liked his dark-brown eyes that were so dark that at times they appeared black. Then his eyes traveled to his beer gut. No matter how hard he tried, he had never been able to get rid of it. So one day he decided to just live with it.

Though he had never met her before in person his collaborator’s plane had yet to arrive. Turning on his heel, he strode over to the information desk and quickly scanned the arrivals and departures list. Piedmont from Raleigh-Durham is due to arrive in . . . a quick glance at his watch . . . about 15 minutes. Noting the gate number, he headed toward Hannah’s gate. Excitement built inside him and steadily grew as the time of her arrival grew nearer.

Hannah grew nervous as the plane began its decent. She was arriving in Austin to attend an award ceremony for Best Novel written or co-authored by a Texan. Hannah was surprised when Hank informed her of the award. It was small, but would look good on their resume.

Though Hannah and Hank had worked together furiously over the past year to complete the novel, Hannah was beside herself with worry. Hannah had chosen her outfit careful, totally unaware that she wanted Hank to take notice of her. The black dress with the flared skirt and low neckline emphasized her small curvaceous figure. The small delicate neck chain brought notice to her cleavage. Hannah wore a pair of sandals upon her feet. She was going to make as much of this trip as possible since she had combined her vacation with it.

The plane landed, Hannah had butterflies in her stomach. She tossed her head back, then brought it forward quickly. Her copper colored hair floated about her, giving her that just fucked look. Taking a deep breath, she grabbed her briefcase and her carry on bag. Hannah didn’t take much in the way of clothing on this trip, she figured if she needed anything more she could purchase it. Her briefcase contained the novel that they had written, pens, pencils and writing tablets just in case she discovered a good story line. Hannah wished she had a laptop but all she had was her computer and that was much too awkward to lug back and forth on a plane

Hank looked and saw a Piedmont Jet nearing the off ramp. That has to be her, he thought as his heart leapt. He was surprised at himself for being so excited. He felt as if he were going on a blind date rather than meeting someone he had gotten to know intimately while working on the story. Soon the passengers started flowing out of the gangway.

Hank had sent Hannah pictures during the year they had been corroborating. She hoped she wouldn’t have difficulty in finding him in an airport this size. She couldn’t wait to meet him, though you wouldn’t know it by the flipping of her stomach. Hannah entered the airport, eyes scanning the crowd waiting for the passengers as they filed off. Blue eyes settled upon Hank, his long dark hair, the full graying beard, Hannah couldn’t have missed him for the world. His black shirt and blue jeans contrasted nicely with the cowboy boots upon his feet. His black Stetson was incredible.

Then he saw her. He noticed her copper colored hair and blue eyes from the photo that she had sent him. Recognizing him, she waves frantically at him, her whole face lighting up with her smile. Hastily she pushes through the crowd and rushes toward him. As she approaches him, she drops her bag and encircles his neck in a hearty welcome hug. Hank returns her hug as the initial surprise wears off.

“Well it is about time,” she whispered in his ear. Her breath was warm as a summer breeze against his flushed flesh.

“Howdy, how was the trip in?” Hank asked.

“Smooth, though had some turbulence early on it passed quickly enough,” Hannah said as she removed her arms from about his neck, straightening herself up.

Hank had hoped but never dreamed, their first meeting, would happen the way it just did. His heart was racing when they finally stepped back from her embrace.

Tearing his eyes from the bottom hem of her skirt that barely concealing the soft curvature of her bottom and looking at the bag she dropped, he asked, “Is that all the luggage you brought or do you have another bag we need to pick up. I took the liberty of booking us adjoining rooms. I hope you don’t mind.”

“This is all the luggage I brought with me I figured anything else I would need I would buy here. I am a tourist you know, and I plan to have something Texan to take home bahis siteleri with me.”

“So you didn’t bring anything to write on?”

“No, I didn’t, all I have is my desktop at home. I figured if the urge hit me I could do it the old fashion way with pen and paper.”

“OK so what first, Hotel, or sightseeing?”

“Well let’s go get settled into the rooms then we can go from there.”

“OK you are probably tired from your trip.”

Hank took Hannah by her elbow and expertly guided her through the airport to the parking garage. There, at his pickup he turned and looked at her. Hannah smiled rather shyly.

“You are beautiful,” Hank said.

“Aw shucks bet you say that to all the girls,” Hannah chided.

Hank chortled as he tossed her bag into the back of the pickup. He opened the door and helped Hannah inside.

Hank slipped in beside her through the driver’s side, as he did his thigh accidentally brushed against her thigh. She warmed to the touch.

Hank started the pickup the roar of the engine filled their ears momentarily. Hank turned on the radio some nice mellow country and western music filled the cab. Hannah settled back, her eyes darting to Hank absorbing his features. The ride to the hotel was filled with good conversation and laughter. Hannah was feeling pretty good about this trip. Hank’s looks and demeanor were working on her. Her thighs were growing moist.

Once they reached the hotel, Hank took Hannah’s bag as Hannah checked in. He dropped her bag on her bed once they reached the hotel rooms, Hannah had to chuckle as she discovered the rooms were indeed adjoining. She wondered if Hank had planned this, it left an aura of mystery to the trip. Hank excused himself and left for his room leaving Hannah to freshen up. Jumping into the shower, Hannah couldn’t keep her mind off Hank. He had a wonderful beer gut. Hannah blushed as she wondered how comfy it would be to rest her head against it.

While Hannah checked into her room, Hank went to his room to give her time to freshen up and retrieve a small surprise he had bought for her.

Hank returned for her an hour later, with a small package in his hand. When Hannah arrived at her door Hank handed her a wrapped package, about the size of a large box of chocolates, which she took and looked up at him, her blue eyes danced with mirth.

“Chocolates for me?”

“Not exactly,” he commented grinning ear to ear and his face suddenly filled with a soft reddish hue.

“Then what is it?”

” You’ll have to open it to find that out ’cause I ain’t sayin’.”

Quickly she unwrapped the box to reveal a laptop computer.

“Awww I was hoping for some chocolates,” She said in mock disappointment. Then stepped up and gave him his second hug and a light kiss on the cheek. “You shouldn’t have bought me anything this expensive.”

“Well I picked it and its twin up at the Dallas swap meet. Paid one low price for both of them and the seller wouldn’t let me buy just one. So . . . “

“Well it is just what I have always wanted. “Thank you, it is just perfect!” she said.

“Me too now I can go out in the woods and write my stories.”

“I was thinking the same thing.”

“Yeah seems like mother nature just gets the old creative juices flowing. So what now? Do you need to rest or what?”

“Well right now I am famished I really need something to eat.”

“Ok what are you hungry for?”

“I want something Texan.”

“Ok Chile or better yet let me introduce you to the famous Texas Chicken Fried Steak.”

“Chicken Fried Steak?”

“It’s a beef flank steak tenderized till it melts in your mouth and covered with cream gravy served with fries and a salad. It’s delicious you will love it.”

“OK you’ve convinced me. Okay, take me, I am yours!” said Hannah impishly.

Hank’s loin jumped at that thought. His!? Hmm how wonderful that sounded. He recovered quickly and led Hannah to the elevator, then out to the pickup, once again helping her inside the cab.

“Let’s get on the Internet and see if I can find a nice place to eat chicken fried steak in this town.”

Not finding anything on the web that specialized in Chicken Fried Steaks, Hank decides to go to a restaurant that he had tried once before while in Austin. The steak was good, although not the best Hank had ever eaten, Hannah thought it was terrific.

Dinner was relaxing, getting to know Hank was better than Hannah could have thought. The night was wonderful and as dinner came to a close, she hoped it wouldn’t end so soon.

They decided to take in the sites of the Famous Austin’s Sixth Street. After a few hours of going from one restaurant/bar to another and seeing all the different theme shops, until they decided it was enough for one day. Heading back to the hotel, Hannah sported a new western outfit complete with boots and hat. Seeing it was about sunset as they pulled into the parking lot. Hank announced he was going to pull out his laptop computer, go watch the sunset and try to get a little writing canlı bahis done. Hannah decided to go to her room for a bit.

Hank went in and retrieved his laptop, which had been charging up, then headed out to a nice oak tree that over looked a jutting point. From his vantage point he could look out over the water and see the setting sun as it slowly slid down the clear Texas sky bringing it alive with glowing reds, ambers and oranges. The evening air was cool as a breeze started to blow in from the lake. The sounds of roosting birds and lapping waves seem to cast a spell of tranquility upon the landscape, which slowly sank into Hanks bones and opened up his creativity. Unlocking the laptop’s screen he flips it back on turns it on the screen springs to live and he starts the word Processor. Sitting back, he decides to write a scene much like he was experiencing.

Hannah cleaned up, and made a few phone calls. She paused by the window. Hank was resting against an oak tree that overlooked a jutting point of the lake. The sunset was exquisite, an array of reds, oranges and yellows played along the skyline. Hannah quickly grabbed her laptop and went to join Hank. He must have been so absorbed in the sunset and his writing that he never heard her come up behind him.

After typing a few paragraphs, Hank became aware of a stirring beside him. So lost in the story and the scenery he hadn’t noticed Hannah had came out with her laptop and now set next to him drinking in the same experiences as Hank. It wasn’t long until Hannah broke the silence.

“This is such a lovely way to spend a sunset isn’t it?”

“Well I for one can do this for a while that’s for certain.”

“The peace kind of makes me drowsy, I guess I am more tired than I realized from the flight and all. Do you mind if I just lay my head upon your shoulder for a bit?”

“No, I don’t mind, in fact, I think it would be the perfect topping for the sunset. To have someone you care about leaning on you as you watch the setting sun has always been on of my most sought after experiences. It just never seemed to come about though.”

“Well I would be all too happy to make that dream of yours come true,”Hannah sleepily smiled as she rested her head on Hank’s shoulder. Hank placed his arm around her shoulders and drew her in closer. Breathing a sigh of contentment, Hank and Hannah sat like that for a time just watching the darkened lake. It wasn’t long until Hannah said she wanted to stretch out and asked if it would be all right if she laid her head to rest in Hank’s lap.

“Do you mind if I stretch out and lay my head in your lap?”

Hank’s heart leaped at her request. “Uh sure I would love to offer you my lap as a pillow, if you don’t think you would be too uncomfortable.”

“Oh I doubt I will be uncomfortable,” She reassured him.

Hannah lay her head in Hank’s lap and he immediately began to softly stroke her silkened curls. The strands of her hair felt good as he ran his fingers through them. Deeply lost in thought Hank continued to stroke while starring out over the lake. He was deeply lost in the thoughts of what was happening between he and Hannah.

Something that although was completely innocent yet strayed so close to being not so innocent. While he contemplated the situation at hand, Hanks continued to play with Hannah’s hair, but his hand seemed to have a mind of it’s own, and soon began to caress Hannah’s back and shoulders. Hank was totally oblivious to what he was doing as he was so lost in thought. Hannah on the other hand was a long way away from sleep and was totally enjoying the attention Hank was bestowing upon her. Hannah being the lovely creature she was it wasn’t long before Hank’s thoughts turned to things less innocent and his hand seemed to pick up these thoughts on its own.

Hannah shifted her body so Hanks hand dropped to her breast, as if on cue he slowly started to caress it. Hannah moaned softly, she wasn’t sure if Hank heard her or not. His touch was gentle, warm and wonderful. She nuzzled his thigh, sighing contentedly and her thighs began to quiver. She was aching for him.

Hannah took matters in her own hands at this point. Hank oblivious to everything around him, never noticed his zipper had been slowly lowered.

Hank felt Hannah shift slightly but didn’t think too much of it until he suddenly felt a breeze wash through his pants as if his fly were open. Looking down he noticed that Hannah was now wide awake and looking up at him with a smile on her face.

“I’m sorry but what you were doing to me made me so hot I had to return the favor to you.”

“What I was doing?”

“You were playing with my breast.”

“I am so sorry.” Hank blushed visibly.

“Don’t be I was wanting you to, but was too afraid to ask. In fact, I am surprised that I even asked if I could lay my head in your lap.”

“Well I supposed we both wanted it then.”

“Should I stop what I was about to do?”

“Do you really want to stop?”

“No, not really I enjoy doing it.”

“Well güvenilir bahis then I would love for you to continue.”

“Goody, and please carry on with your attentions as well. I love having my breast played with.”

With that Hannah proceeded to remove his now totally hardened member out and deftly placed her mouth around it. Hank returned once more to stroking her breasts but this time fully aware of what he was doing. Moving his hands inside her blouse in order to touch her bare skin the began to rub her nipples until they became as hard as he was. Hannah enjoyed the feeling so much that she really got into her oral delights.

The warm moist feeling of her mouth wrapped around him is so exciting and pleasurable to him, but Hank is over come by the need to do more pleasurable things to Hannah than he is able to do in the wide open.

Hannah worked expertly upon him. It wasn’t long before his balls began to tighten under the full moon. Hank grew taught as he sprayed Hannah’s throat with his hot sticky seed.

Hannah licked her lips, as she looked up at Hank.

He flushed. “I am sorry, Hannah, I couldn’t hold back any longer,” he said.

“You taste yummy,” she said, her blue eyes dancing beneath the moon.

“Hannah Darling what your doing is so very pleasing but I crave for the sight and taste of your body as well as the feel of it. Do you mind taking a breather and finishing up inside?”

“Mmmmmm no I guess not.” A heavy tone of resentment mixed with equal portions of excitement could be heard in her voice. “And you do have a very comfortable lap you know. I could rest my head on it forever in complete contentment, and would have done so tonight, if you hadn’t stirred me up.”

“Well I am still stirred up. Let’s get back to the motel. There are so many pleasures I want to share with you.”

With that Hank grabbed Hannah by the hand and half dragged her back to the room. Once inside Hank grabbed Hannah and pulled her to him. He buried his face in her shoulder and neck and began softly kissing and nibbling her there. Moving up her neck until he came to her ear which he gently nipped and then sucked on her ear lobe.

” I really want to bury my face in your lap and taste your sweet nectar. I want to feel the power of your orgasm around my tongue and feel the rush of your freely flowing juices as the wash over my tongue and slide down my throat.” He whispered softly in her ear.

“Well what in the hell are you waiting for?”

“I am not sure where to start.”

“Well, Honey, getting us out of our clothes would be the most logical place to start,” she said.

“May I undress you?” he asked.

“Sure Honey if I can do the same favor for you.”

“Only if you promise not to play until we are finished I need a little time to cool down a bit although that may not be possible after I get a glimpse of your lovely body up close.”

Hannah hooked her fingers inside of the snaps on Hank’s western shirt and pulled with a light jerk causing his shirt to fly open. Hank lowered his shoulders letting it slide to the floor. Hannah began running her fingers across Hank’s heavily haired chest.

“Uh no playing Hannah.”

“Oh OK. I just wanted to feel it for a little while.”

“NO playing,” Hank repeated.

Hannah stuck her bottom lip out in a playful pout. Hank felt his hardness twitched to a new heightened state of excitement.

“You can play later I promise. I need to cool down just a bit I don’t want it to end so quickly.”

“I promise it won’t end anytime soon lover.”

“Still you have played for a little already now it’s my turn to catch up with you.”

“OK, but can I at least finish undressing you?”

“Yes as long as you don’t take too long, I am anxious to get at your luscious body.”

Hank set on the edge of the bed so Hannah could pull off his boots and remove his socks. Standing again Hannah quickly undid his belt and unbuttoned and unzipped his levis. Hank stepped out of his jeans for her and then she hooked her fingers in the elastic of his shorts and slowly slides them down making a cooing sound as his member sprang out fully erect.

Hank noticed her lingering and again had to remind her that will come later for now it was his turn to get a good look at her.

“OK but I don’t know why you want to see me naked?”

“Because you are a very desireable and lovely looking woman and earth has nothing more beautiful than a nude woman.”

“OK my body is now yours to do with as you please.”

“Correction my love your body is mine to do with as you please.”


“I get more pleasure from pleasing than anything else. You might can say I get my jollies from you getting your jollies and I expect you to tell me exactly what you want me to do. Not when but definitely what. I will decide when,” he added with a sly grin.

“Oh my you are a naughty boy and I think I like that in you.”

Chuckling Hank proceeded to tug her T-shirt off of her head exposing her bare skin. Locating the clasp of her bra he proceeded to fumble with it until he finally unfastened it.

“I never was much good with these blasted things, it’s a good thing I am not female and have no desire to be a drag queen .”

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