Aunty Rachel Ch. 3


A faint groan came from Louise and we turned our attention to her, holding her hands and encouraging her back to some semblance of consciousness and awareness. Then she looked from Jimmy to me and back again, and grinned the hottest, horniest grin imaginable, “Wow, that was THE most sensational sex I’ve ever known … she laughed …I’m so glad I didn’t chicken out tonight”

I looked at Jimmy and grinned, “So are we, so are we!, but there’s a lot more to come yet, isn’t there Jimmy?”

“Oh yes, Aunty Rachel, MUCH,MUCH MORE!!” said Jimmy.

I looked down and saw that his cock was already burgeoning to life again, so I quickly slipped around Louise and took his cock in my hands, stroking it ever so lightly, watching it grow until once again all 10 inches were standing tall, quivering with suppressed lust. “Wow!” said Louise, “He really is absolutely massive, isn’t he? Did I really take all that into me?”

I laughed lightly, “All of it” I said, “And by the way you were lifting and thrusting, I think you were trying to get his balls inside as well!”

She flushed deeply. “Oh, that’s awful, I wasn’t that wild surely” she croaked.

“Wild and hungry” I said, and leaned forward to run my tongue the length of Jimmy’s cock, watching her eyes get hotter as she watched me, “So why don’t you join me and help me? I’m sure Jimmy would love to have two beautiful women touching him at the same time”

She hesitated only very briefly, then with a groan, she slid forward and pressed her lips to the underside of his cock, causing Jimmy to jerk and moan too, then there was a heavy silence broken only by the panting and slurping of three horny people as Louise and I licked and sucked on Jimmy’s massive cock.

Occasionally our tongues would touch and intertwine as we both worked on the same section of his cock. The first time it happened, Louise jerked back and half apologized, but I reached out and drew her head back to the same place, and slowly her tongue slipped forward again and tentatively danced with mine. After that it seemed to happen with greater frequency, and we both knew we were making love with each other as much as we were with Jimmy. Then my lips were at the head of Jimmy’s cock, and hers were there too, and they were pressing together, and we were kissing. My hand lifted up and hooked behind her head and drew her forward, and hers did the same to me, and our tongues danced wildly with each other, curling and jumping all over Jimmy’s cock head, causing him to jump and jerk and gasp loudly. My other hand reached out and started to caress and fondle her beautiful, firm breasts … And much to my delight, her own hand followed suit.

Oh god, it felt so exquisite! The first time I’d ever been touched by another woman! Her fingers were as light as a feather, and stroked and teased and caressed all around my swollen nipples, occasionally taking my whole breast in her hand and squeezing it gently. My body began to shudder as a series of small orgasms raced through me, and when we finally broke apart from the kiss, I was on fire! She smiled at me hotly and gestured to Jimmy’s throbbing cock, “Your turn, I think” she whispered … And I didn’t need any second bidding! I was up and straddling Jimmy’s thighs in a flash, rubbing my pussy lips slowly up and down his massive stem, still glistening from our tonguing.

“Oh yes, Aunty Rachel, I want you so bad, I want to fill your tight juicy pussy, I want to fuck you, Please” Jimmy moaned, and Louise looked a little surprised, then incredibly hot.

“Yes Rachel” she almost hissed, “Fuck your horny nephew, take his massive cock into your pussy, I want to see it, God I want to see it!”

Well, who was I to disappoint? I lifted up and shifted forward …Louise reached over and steadied Jimmy’s cock directly under my pussy lips …and I rammed down! Screaming loudly as his massive shaft felt like it was splitting me wide open. Louise’s eyes almost popped out of her head as she watched his cock skewer me, peeling back my pussy lips to reveal my glistening pink interior, thrusting in right to the hilt …where I sat, shuddering and shuddering wildly as an orgasm instantly ripped through me. Then I was lifting slowly up, and Louise groaned as his cock came back into view, liberally coated with my juices.

“Oh god, that is just so horny” Louise cried, and her hand immediately dropped to her own pussy and started to rub it.

I slammed back down onto Jimmy’s cock. loving the hardness of it, the thickness of it, the massive length of it … then lifted…and slammed back, increasing speed all the time, fucking down onto his cock as Louise looked on. Mmmmm seeing her watching was turning me on like crazy! And when she started to urge Jimmy on, crying out “Yes Jimmy. Fuck your horny Aunt, fuck her good, make her cum Jimmy, fill her with your hot cum, yes, yes, FUCK HER!” , well I lost it …and so did Jimmy …with an animal growl he rolled me over and fucked his hard Ankara bayan escort cock into me like a demented animal …AND I LOVED IT! responding to his every thrust with one of my own …and then Louise was kissing me and caressing my breasts, and I was CUMMING, and CUMMING and CUMMING.

And then Jimmy was arching and thrusting and EXPLODING …shooting his hot cum so deep I almost tasted it! .. and Louise was still urging him on, “Fill her up Jimmy, fill Rachel’s pussy, make her cum again!!”

Then I flew off to the same place Louise had …fainting dead away.

I came to moments later when I felt a tongue at my pussy .. no, not a tongue … two tongues! ..and I instantly realized that they were both licking his cum out of my pussy! Oh god that was an awesome feeling, her small gentle tongue and his larger, rougher one taking it in turns to lick me clean …and turn me on all over again! and then they were both sitting up looking at me , grinning, “Louise thought that would wake you up quicker than a cold, wet towel” Jimmy said.

I grinned over at Louise, “Mmmmm, remind me to do the same for you sometime was very effective … and very, very beautiful” I said.

I saw the slight shiver run through her and her tongue run over her lips. “I’ll look forward to that” she said, staring hotly into my eyes, then dropping them down to my body, “Mmm, you have such a beautiful body, why do you hide it so much with those loose clothes?” she asked.

I shivered as I felt her eyes roaming my naked body, “I guess I’ve never thought I was beautiful before, not compared to you and the others’ I said, and lifted my hands to her breasts, “I still think yours are much better” I added.

It was Jimmy that jumped in, “Well, I think you’re both beautiful and incredibly sexy!!” he said “And both silly if you don’t flaunt it more! … gosh you’d have half the men in this town drooling over you …and the other half killed in the stampede!”

Well that set us both off laughing and we fell into each others arms. Jimmy went off and made us all a cool drink and brought it back across to us, standing there with his gorgeous cock looking limp and red from all the action. He saw me looking at it and grinned, “Oh, don’t worried, there’s plenty more left there” he said with a laugh. I grinned back…”Mmmm, we might just have to make you prove that!” I said.

“Not ‘might’ … WILL” said Louise, and we all burst into laughter once more.

It was at that moment that the doorbell rang, and we all froze. Looking at each other. It rang again, and I jumped up, “What’s the time?” I asked .

Jimmy looked down at his watch, “Almost quarter to eight” he said.

I groaned, Louise’s early arrival had thrown me, now was the time they were all supposed to arrive … but it couldn’t be … they’d rung and said … Jimmy took things in hand and threw me my robe and threw his to Louise, then rushed into the bathroom for another one, before walking down the corridor and opening the front door.

“Hello” I heard him say, “Can I help you?”

I heard a female voice .. no two female voices …then Jimmy again, laughing, ‘Oh, come on in, we weren’t expecting you to come, I thought Aunt Rachel had said you’d rung and …”

And then they were walking into the lounge, both looking a little flushed and uncomfortable. Louise had made a beeline for the kitchen , and I could hear her rattling around in the fridge, trying, I was sure, to compose herself completely. I stood up, self consciously, pulling my robe together, making sure it was belted tight. “Hello Mary, hello Rebecca, so glad you changed your mind” I said, smiling brightly and walking over and giving them a big hug, “You’ve met Jimmy, of course, he’s really been looking forward to meeting you all, oh I hope you’ll forgive the robes, we decided to make it a very informal evening, I’m sure we can find some for you too” I said.

At that moment Louise returned from the kitchen, with a tray of cool drinks, smiling broadly, and looking extremely confident, “Hello, Mary, Rebecca, I think I’ve remembered your preferred drinks, so glad you could come, it wouldn’t have been the same without the two of you … after all, it’s the four of us that make up the terrible tennis club!” she said .. laughing, and Jimmy and I joined in.

Mary and Rebecca still looked a little uncomfortable, but giggled a little, and cast surreptitious looks in Jimmy’s direction, but I loved the sharp intake of breath and widening eyes when Louise bent over the small table to put down the tray, and it became crystal clear that she wasn’t wearing anything under that robe! I enjoyed the view too …of her firm breasts and large nipples … but saw Mary glance at Rebecca and blink rapidly.

Louise folded herself into an armchair, tucking her legs up beneath her and adjusting the robe around her knees, and smiled. Jimmy left the room, but was quickly back, saying that he’d put two more robes Escort bayan Ankara on my bed where Mary and Rebecca could easily find them. I gestured to him to sit on the couch alongside Mary and Rebecca, and suggested that he might like to talk to them a little about college, as I was sure things had changed since we were there, and I had to go and finish the preparations for dinner. I turned and smiled at them, “Oh, it will only be a light salad, with some fruit, if that’s ok” I said, and they indicated that was fine.

I left them to it and went in to the kitchen. I could hear low voices from time to time and the occasional laughter, and at one stage Louise popped in to refresh the drinks …which she did so with a fairly large dose of vodka mixed in …and winked at me, “They’ll never know” she whispered, “All they can do is ogle Jimmy and hang on his every word, but it’s bound to loosen them up”

I grinned, “Louise, I didn’t realize you were so wicked” I said, and walked over and put my arms around her and kissed her deeply …she responded, pressing her almost naked body against mine and slipping her hand inside my robe to brush over my ass cheeks.

“Mmmmm, God, I do love your kisses” she whispered as she pulled back, “I never realized it would be like that with a woman, do you think Mary and Rebecca? …”

I shivered, “I don’t know …but I hope so” I said, surprising myself a little.

She hugged her arms around herself and grinned at me, “So do I!” … Then she was gone, back into the lounge.

Not long afterwards, Mary came in, looking totally relaxed and back to her usual bubbly self. Mary was one of those females that looked as if they were born to be a cheerleader or a model. About 5ft6, with long blonde hair that was always shining, always cut perfectly, and always dressed in up to date fashions that enhanced her model looks. Even in her ‘casual’ clothes she looked a million dollars, and I think we all envied her a little. I noticed the slight flush in her cheeks as she came closer, and realized that Louise’s drinks were starting to have an effect, “Um, Rachel, can you get to your room through here? I thought I might get a little more comfortable”

I grinned and said, “Follow me”, leading her out through the patio and in through the sliding doors to my bedroom, and pointing to the two robes on the bed, “Take your pick” I said, “You can come back through the kitchen or go in via the hall if you want” She flushed slightly and thanked me, and I turned and headed back for the kitchen. But just outside the door, I stopped and looked back, sucking in my breath as I saw Mary lifting her top over her head and throwing it onto the bed. I know I should have ignored it and gone on, but I suddenly found myself wanting to see her. I waited, licking my lips as she reached around and unhooked her bra and tossed that down too, but she had her back to me, so I couldn’t really see her. Then she was bending forward and stripping both her skirt and panties down, to stand there totally naked, and I felt the heat rising in me. I stepped back further into the shadows as she turned side on and walked over to stare at herself in the mirror, stare and lift her hands to her breasts, cupping and looking at them critically. I was looking at them too, a little surprised that they were much smaller than I had imagined, she must always wear those push up bras that made you look twice as big, I thought, because I doubted she was any more than a 32b.

Then she turned full on to the window and I sucked in my breath ..her pussy was totally clean shaven, and one of the most beautiful I’d ever seen, and on her small breasts were some of the puffiest nipples I’d ever seen! God I could just imagine wrapping my lips around those! Now I could see that she would have excited any man that laid eyes on her, she looked so young and vulnerable … the body of a teenager and, if one could believe her at the club, the sexual appetite of a nymphomaniac …what a devastating combination! I couldn’t look any more, I was getting too turned on! I waited until she turned back to the bed and rushed back to the kitchen. Louise was there when I arrived and took one look at the expression on my face and grinned “Mmmm, I think the next few hors are going to be very interesting” she said, and slipped her hand inside my robe to stroke my sopping wet pussy. She pulled away as we both heard Mary coming, but lifted her fingers and sucked them sensuously into her mouth, almost causing me to cum on the spot!…damn, Louise was turning out to be a damn sight hotter than I’d ever thought!

Mary scurried in, still pulling the robe together and tying it, and I got another quick glimpse of her breasts, as did Louise, and I saw her eyes widen with surprise, then her quick look over at me, I nodded confirmation …Louise had assumed she was bigger too. We were all still standing there when Rebecca came in, laughing and flushed, “Oh, that nephew of yours is so Bayan escort Ankara wicked Rachel, do you know what he suggested?, that I do a striptease for you all, isn’t that awful?’ she said.

Well, it may have been awful, but it was clear from the hotness in Rebecca’s eyes that the idea appealed to her, so Louise and I were quick to tell her we thought that it was a fantastic idea, she’d always told us she was something of a gogo dancer when she was younger, now we’d get to see it. Even Mary joined in, and Rebecca really didn’t have any choice … we hustled her back into the lounge and I put on some slightly up tempo, but sensual music, and retired to one of the lounge chairs, saying dinner could wait just a little longer. Mary, I noticed, sat right alongside Jimmy, her thighs almost touching his, and it wasn’t long into Rebecca’s dance that I noticed Jimmy’s arm slide around her shoulders and draw her even closer.

But I only saw that from the corner of my eyes, I was too busy watching Rebecca …it quickly became clear that she really could dance very well, and I began to wonder if some of that gogo dancing hadn’t turned into exotic, erotic strip dance back in her college days. Rebecca had the most glorious mop of almost flame red hair, and she used it to perfection as she twirled around, posing in front of each of us, staring at us through lowered lids, a smoky quality to her pouting look, her hair loose and draping down over her shoulders and over her breasts. Then she was in front of Jimmy, leaning forward, her hair almost hiding her face, then slowly lifting it back as she arched and her breasts came into clear profile through her blouse. She dipped again and her hand went beneath to lift back her hair, but this time when she did, we realized that she’d quickly unhooked a number of buttons on her blouse … and it was pulled aside, revealing her lacy bra and the swell of her breasts.

Jimmy grinned and gave a low wolf whistle, and if I could have done one, I would have, she really did look sensational, so wanton! I could see from the look on her face that she was enjoying it now, enjoying being the centre of attention. She grinned hotly and turned side on to Jimmy and pointed to the zipper on her skirt, Jimmy leaned forward and pulled it down tantalizingly slowly. She stepped back and with a flurry of her hips, the skirt cascaded to the floor, leaving her in just a pair of red satin thongs, and her open blouse and bra. The blouse disappeared next, slipped off and twirled about her head as she danced and danced around the room.

I’m not sure if it was accidental or deliberate, but when she came to a halt the next time and reached back behind her to unhook her bra, teasing it off, first revealing, then concealing her breasts, it wasn’t in front of Jimmy, but in front of Louise! And I heard Louse’s loud moan as she finally tossed the bra aside and cupped and ‘offered’ her breasts to Louise. It wasn’t really ‘offering’, just a part of the dance, but I could see from the expression on Louise’s face that she was wishing it was for real…and so was I! Rebecca had very large breasts! what most men…and women too … would probably call honey melons, and I drooled looking at them! I glanced across at Jimmy and saw him smiling as he took in the full magnificence of Rebecca’s breasts, but there wasn’t the lust I’d seen there earlier with Louise or myself, Mmmmm, maybe he was a small breast man.

None the less, the dance was having its effect on him as much as on me, and his massive cock had broken free of his robe, and was jutting out and up! …and Mary was gawking at it with her eyes wide and her chin almost down on her breasts! suddenly she was realizing that I hadn’t lied at all, Jimmy really was 10 inches! Her hand moved of it’s own volition and cupped around it, stroking and caressing it almost with reverence. Jimmy leaned over and whispered something in her ear, and I saw her sudden flush and head shake…Jimmy just smiled …then reached down and gently lifted her hand from his cock. Even over the music, I could hear her groan of disappointment, she whispered something to him and this time he smiled and shook his head, then slipped his hand inside her robe and cupped her small breast, and squeezed it, and she jumped and moaned again.

Then I was distracted …Rebecca shifted from Louise and was standing in front of me, writhing her body sinuously, causing her large breasts to bob and shake in front of my eyes, and I drooled at their nearness. Then she was staring straight into my eyes as she hooked her hands into the waist band of her thongs and began to ease them down over her hips. I felt my throat go dry and my eyes widen as the anticipation worked its magic on my libido, then I was groaning and shuddering as her glorious pussy came into sight … and it WAS glorious! Rebecca was a natural redhead, and had a glorious, mouthwatering thatch of bright red hair all around her pussy .. except …she had obviously done some plucking, because the area directly around her pussy lips was clear of her red hair, and juicy, glistening pink lips that were quite thick stared straight at me as she leaned back and back, spreading her legs wide, almost bending herself in half.

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