Aunt Rachael, Our Story Part 2.


This is a true story, Please read Aunt Rachael, Our Story before reading this. Also, please feel free to write or email me if you enjoy it. I do not mind criticism as long as it is respectful. Enjoy…

After my first experience with my beautiful aunt Rachael, we distanced ourselves from each other. I do not know if it was on purpose or if it was the fact that we committed incest that put a wall between my aunt and I. We saw each other at family functions and on occasions but we pretty much acted like strangers around each other until my aunt Rachael introduced me to my cousin Tiffany, from Texas.

Tiffany is beautiful and could make your heart race wildly just by looking at her. She is stunning, to say the least. Well, one day my aunt Rachael called me to her house to meet my cousin Tiffany, I could tell that my aunt saw the attraction I had for Tiffany the moment I laid eyes on her. I wondered if she was jealous, but she did not let on one way or the other. She just smiled and walked away, leaving my cousin and me to get to know each other. We got along pretty well, but I was constantly hard just being in the presence of this stunning beauty. Imagine being related to someone like Denise Richards and you will know how I felt around Tiffany.

My cousin went to her new home, which was just around the block from my aunt’s house. I was alone with my aunt Rachael again. We were both quiet and watching TV. The tension was so thick you could cut it with a butter knife. I was very nervous, despite what we did years ago I remained shy and naïve. My aunt Rachael was lying on the couch and I was at the other end. Her feet were near me, getting closer with each passing second. I was aware of this but acted as if I did not notice.

Next thing I knew my aunt’s bare feet were in my lap and rubbing circles on my hard cock. I looked at my aunt’s face and was startled to see she had a look of lust that was almost frightening in its intensity. I thought our short affair was over but I guessed wrong. My aunt began rubbing her pussy through her slacks. I was getting even more turned on watching this and remembering my night with her long ago.

She licked her lips and closed her eyes, rubbing her pussy with both hands, through her slacks, while she rubbed my cock through my pants with both her feet. I never found feet to be erotic before then, but when they rub you like that; it is hard not to be turned on by the beauty of them.

I was still stunned and on the verge of orgasm as my aunt continued to rub me through my pants with her sexy feet. She opened her eyes and looked at me. She stopped rubbing her pussy and my cock.

“Do you want to fuck your beautiful cousin Tiffany so much that you don’t find your aunt Rachael sexy anymore?” She asked.

It rather woke me out of my trance I was in since meeting Tiffany earlier. “No, aunt Rachael. You are very beautiful. I’m just nervous because I have only been with one woman and that was the time we did it a few years ago.” I responded.

My aunt arched her eyebrows in surprise.

“Really?” Aunt Rachael asked, stunned.

“Yeah, I am a little nervous too.” I said.

“You just want to fuck Tiffany, don’t you?” My aunt asked.

I nodded my head.

“Do you want to fuck me again, or am I too old to compete with my niece?” My aunt Rachael asked.

I laughed.

“Aunt Rachael you define sexy. I guess it just runs in the family.” I said.

My aunt Rachael laughed Ankara escort and seemed to relax some. She began rubbing her tits through her blouse and started massaging my cock with her bare feet again, Sweet torture.

I moaned and closed my eyes.

“Don’t you want to kiss aunt Rachael and touch me, baby?” My aunt asked.

I nodded my head as I continued moaning. My eyes still shut.

“Then do it.” Aunt Rachael said seductively.

She pulled her feet from my lap and I felt a relief and felt the absence of her feet at the same time. She spread her legs slightly and I leaned in with my body on top of hers. I leaned in slowly and kissed her on her full, sexy lips. I felt a spark that I did not remember years ago. An excitement washed over me that I had never known before, even the first time I was with aunt Rachael again. I had grown up some in the years between our first time and now and I understood what was taking place, unlike before when I dove in head first without knowing what I was doing.

Aunt Rachael spread her lips slightly and our tongues met again. I found it very sexy to be kissing my aunt while she was fully clothed. My erection pressed into her pussy through our clothes and I could feel her huge tits through her thin blouse. I was in heaven!

All thoughts of my cousin Tiffany vanished for the moment and I was consumed in the overwhelming beauty of my aunt Rachael. I felt her thrust her hips up toward mine indicating that she wanted to do much more then just kissing.

Our kiss turned very passionate quickly. Our tongues battled furiously as our hands roamed each other’s body. I found it sexy that my aunt seduced me and continued to do so even while fully clothed. I ripped open her blouse not caring about the buttons that flew off in the process. I grabbed her tits, massaged them, bent down, kissed, and licked them.

Our bodies continued to grind into each other with a passion I had not known before then.

“I want you!” Aunt Rachael said as she licked and bit gently on my earlobe.

I want too consumed by passion to respond with words but I reached around, unsnapped her bra, and pulled it roughly from her. I took her nipple and sucked it into my mouth like a man dying of thirst. I alternated with the other nipple and stuffed as much of her tits in my mouth as possible. I was completely consumed by my passion for my aunt. I never felt this hunger or lust before, not even when I first met Tiffany.

My aunt unsnapped my jeans, reached inside my underwear, and rubbed my cock with her hand.

“Oh God, I need your cock!” She said to me and I kissed her before she could say more.

I fumbled with my aunt’s black slacks undoing the belt and zipper as fast as possible. I tugged on her slacks and she raised her hips to allow them to come off easily. I smiled as I noticed the purple panties she was wearing. She smiled at me in return.

“I’m wearing these for you. What do you think?” My aunt asked seductively.

“I think they need to come off!” I said as I yanked her panties off and dove for her pussy with my watering mouth.

I needed to eat her more then anything now. The world could end and I would not have stopped. I had to taste her sweet pussy again. I was not disappointed. She tasted sweet like some kind of fruit. I looked up into her face with a puzzling expression.

“I put sex juice on myself for you. I remember how much you love eating pussy so I wanted to reward Ankara escort bayan you for being a good boy.” My aunt said.

Her face was flushed She put her hands on the back of my head and pulled me back to her pussy. I licked and sucked on her sweet pussy like there was no tomorrow. I needed to do it as badly as she needed me to eat her pussy. She started moaning and screaming, exciting me that much more. If she had asked me to stop, begged me, I would not. I could not control myself anymore. Lust had overwhelmed me for the first time in my life. “Ooooooooooh, I’m going to cum!!!” My aunt Rachael screamed.

I rubbed my cock against the inside of her thighs as she let loose her orgasm. She covered my face completely with her juices. I could not lick fast enough to keep up. I found it sexy to be covered in her juices.

“Let me help you.” Aunt Rachael said pulling my face up to hers.

She licked her own juices off my face and I was turned on in a way I had never known before.

“Looks like I need to help you in more then one way.” Aunt Rachael said as she felt my hard cock against her soaking pussy.

She turned me around so I was lying down on the couch flat on my back. My erection stood up like a flagpole and it seemed as solid as well. She rubbed my cock up and down and moaned as she did this. Her face approached my penis and I faintly remember the amazing sensations the last time she did this.

I watched as my aunt’s mouth slowly descended upon my hard cock. I threw my head back and clutched at the throw pillow behind my head.

“Oh yeah!” I moaned.

My aunt attacked my penis with a lust that could only compare to the lust I had when I ate her pussy. She sucked and jerked my cock with her hands at the same time. She played with my balls which excited me even more. She seemed hungry, determined to make me cum.

I thrust my cock in and out of her mouth, reached down, and grabbed the back of her head. I began thrusting faster and she moaned. She seemed to enjoy it. I began fucking her sweet mouth faster as I felt an intense orgasm approach.

“Oh fuck yeah!” I said as I flooded my aunt’s mouth with my cum.

I had so much cum built up over the years between the last time we did it that my aunt had trouble swallowing it all. I held her head down giving her no other choice but to swallow. I heard her swallow like someone drinking for the first time in days. My aunt seemed even more excited by me taking control of the blowjob she rubbed her tits against my legs and fingered her pussy with amazing speed until she moaned loudly with my cock still in her mouth.

We lay there spent for about an hour. My aunt rested her head on my stomach and after awhile my cock rose again like the Phoenix. She looked up into my face and smiled as she felt it pressing against her tits. She cupped her tits around my cock and began rubbing them up and down against my hard shaft. It felt damn good. “Let’s go to bed, baby!” My aunt said. She stood up and helped me up. We finished taking off our clothes the rest of the way and stood there naked. I approached her with lust in my eyes as I swept her off her feet and carried her upstairs to her room. I walked quickly to her bed and dropped her onto it and I quickly followed. My cock entered her pussy as I lay above her. We both moaned and lay still for a moment.

I then began thrusting in and out of my aunt as she gasped. I thrust furiously and she wrapped her legs Escort Ankara around my back and her arms around my head.

“Oh yeah FUCK ME!” My aunt Rachael screamed.

My balls were hitting her ass as I thrust in and out of her faster. Her tits were flopping against my chest and I leaned down and sucked on her nipple as I fucked her. She was moaning and her pussy began convulsing around my cock, squeezing it and soaking it even more with her juices.

“I’M CUMMING!” She screamed.

Just then, I unloaded inside her. Streams of cum shot out from my cock flooding her pussy. I pulled out of her and lay back and watched as her pussylips opened and closed and I saw my cum dribble out of her. I collapsed next to her and we held each other. We were both covered in sweat and smelling like sex.

She had just caught her breath and said, “My God that was the best ever!”

I smiled and nodded my head in agreement.

“Wait until I fuck your hot ass again!” I whispered in her ear.

She grabbed me by the shoulders and said, “Do it! Now!”

Fortunately, we were soaked with sweat but I reached for the flavored lotion, put some on two of my fingers, and thrust them into her ass and she moaned. I then took my fingers out and replaced them with my tongue and mouth.

“Oh my God!” My aunt said, “That feels fucking great!” She said.

I continued tonguing her ass and putting more flavored lotion on my fingers and fucking her ass with them. I pulled my tongue out, reached down, and rubbed my cock. I loved seeing my aunt in the doggy-style position. It looked so damn sexy and made her look vulnerable as I put the head of my cock at her asshole. Without a word I thrust in deep and my aunt gasped and her head fell onto the bed.

“Oh, YES! Fuck my ass baby! Give it to me good. I want to feel you cum inside my ass. Yeah don’t stop baby!” She said as I fucked her ass.

The intensity of my thrusts increased with each passing moment and I reached down and rubbed her asscheecks as I fucked her. She was going crazy screaming and moaning and asking for me. I could not stop myself even if I tried. I fucked her hard and faster making her big tits flop around. I reached under her, squeezed, and pulled on her nipples, making her more excited.

She was fingering her pussy as I fucked her ass. I started slapping her asscheecks as I fucked her ass.

“Oh yeah baby that’s it slap my ass while you fuck me!” My aunt said.

“Oh, oh, Ooooooh yeah!” My aunt said as she came again.

I started cumming in her ass and pulled out stroking my cock over her tits and face and soaking her with my cum.

“Oh yeah baby! Drown me in your cum!” She said.

I rubbed my cock over her face and rubbed it over her huge tits, spreading the cum even more. She opened her mouth and I inserted my cock. She licked the remains of cum from my cock and kept sucking it until it was dry. She let it go from her mouth with a “plopping” sound. We lay there and fell asleep. When I woke up she was gone. She left me a note saying that it was the best but that we could not do it anymore for fear of being caught by her boyfriend or a family member. She also hinted in her note that I should go after my cousin Tiffany. I lay back in bed, looked at the note, and started nodding my head. Yeah, that is a good idea……..

Next up: The Seduction of My Cousin Tiffany.

Note: I was not going to write the second part of the story about my aunt but due to positive feedback from the first story I felt I owed it to all of you who might enjoy it. I hope you do enjoy it as well and feel free to email me with your thoughts. Please read my other stories and vote for them. Thank You.

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