Aunt Lucy Takes Jason in Hand Ch. 03


Please read the previous stories to full understand the context. Lily and Sonia give Jason a vigorous dose of the strap before aunt Lucy returns. For the reader who was disappointed by the delayed entrance of aunt Lucy, she is featured in Part 4 of this story and subsequent parts.

There was blood in Lily’s eyes as she strode back into her room.

‘Okay, panty boy, strip and bend over.”

Jason stared at the strap. He didn’t move.

“Well, what are you waiting for. This thing is itching to get at that ass of yours.”

“You have to strip, too, or I won’t do it.”

“Hey, Lily, fuck him, like who does he think is in charge here.”

“My rules, Jason.”

He turned and started to leave.

“Hey! Get back in here, meat beater.”

“We all strip or forget it.”

Jason was praying that they would give in. He knew if he could hold on, he might get it his way.

“Okay, mini dick. We’ll get naked, too, since we’re gonna get it on anyway.”

Jason began to take his shirt off, but waited until he saw some action from the girls. When Lily took off her top, exposing her lovely breasts, since she had not bothered with a bra in the quick cover up, Jason stared in awe. She was really hot. Sonia, who had seen her any number of times, was still drawn to stare. Without missing a beat she dropped her pants, and stepped out of them, tossing them on the chair.

“Okay. Your turn.”

“What about her?”

“Hey, prick, you get going and don’t worry about me. Like, get moving.”

Jason took off his shirt, then carefully pulled his pants down taking the shorts and panties together. Sonia waited a beat, then stripped quickly without any attempt at trying to be sexy.

Now that they were all nude, the mood in the room changed. Sonia was completely gay, and the sight of the naked young man didn’t really do anything for her. Lily wasn’t quite as totally committed, although she had only been with girls. That had been out of necessity because of her strict mother.

She took a moment to check out her cousin. He was slim with really nice skin and looked much younger than 19. He had nice legs for a guy, with not much hair. His eyes were actually pretty, with long lashes.

“We go first, Jason. We both get to give you twenty on your ass with this.”

“Hey, Lily, make him like, put the panties on and we can take them down before we roast his skinny ass.” Her eyes lit up at the idea.

“No way! I’m no queer. I won’t do it.”

The protest was loud, but not heart felt. The idea started to soak in and his diminutive cock started to fill with blood.

“Whoa, Lily, look at his dick! It’s getting stiff thinking about wearing the panties. Sicko, or what?”

“Why not, Jason? It looks like you want to.”

Jason was beet red now, and willing his cock to soften was having the opposite effect. It swung out and started to rise.

Lily went to her drawer, reached in and took out a pair of very sexy black panties. They were see through and very brief.

“Put them on, Jason.”

As he stared at the sexy little panties, he reached full erection and it thumped up and down with each one of his rapid heart beats. Almost in a trance he slowly reached out and took them. The fabric was light as air. The prospect Ankara bayan escort of these being against his cock was now compelling. He arranged them properly and awkwardly stepped into them. They were actually a good fit, except his cock strained at the waist band.

Sonia’s eyes came alive.

“Wow! Sexy little panty boy ready to like get his skinny ass spanked?”

“How do you want to do this, Sonia? My mother makes me bend over and touch the ground with my legs apart.”

“Yeh, that’s a good position for the little freako. You give him like, 10, then I will then we can switch back. I want to see how red we can make his ass.”

Jason was feeling giddy. Standing in the panties was surreal. His cock was twitching.

“I’ve got a great idea, Lily. Make him wear your come fuck me pumps. Get his ass, like, way up for us and make it stick right out.”

She went to Lily’s closet and selected the shoes. When she stuck them out at Jason he stared in disbelief. So much for the Goth look. There wasn’t much to them, but they took on a special quality that mesmerized him. He didn’t resist as she put them on the floor. They were a close fit, since he was shorter than his cousin. It added 4″ to his height, but he nearly fell. Sonia gripped his arm hard and pulled him so he staggered forward.

“Bend over, you fucking sick freak!”

She forced him into the submissive posture. The blood rushed to his head as his hands touched the floor. He felt the strain on his legs and back. He felt a pair of hands reach for the panties. The nails scraped lightly across his buttocks as she pulled the panties down. The waist band caught on his cock, and, when it finally released it, it vibrated wildly. He turned his head as Lily took up a position beside him.

“Now then, Jason, this is your punishment for spying on us.”

Smack!! Slap!! Crack!!

“Ow, Lily, that’s too hard.”

“Shut up, panty boy! Take it like a man.” Sonia followed up with a wicked laugh. She stood in front of him and held his shoulders. As he tried to get up, she closed her legs around his head and gripped him tightly.

“Give him some more, Lily. Like, beat his fucking ass to mince meat.”

Crack!! Crack!! Crack!! Smack!! Slap!! The colour rose in his ass like a fire raging out of control, yet his cock stayed rigid, thumping as the searing heat spread to his nut hard testicles.

Smack!! Crack!!

“Okay, Lily. My turn.” She released him and took the strap from her friend. At the same time she gave her a deep kiss, and caressed Lily’s pussy.

“Wow, you’re soaked!” She rubbed Lily more ardently.

“Now, hold him down while I give him some.”

Lily took her position in front of Jason, but stood spread legged against him. Her saturated pussy was thrust against his back, and Jason felt the warm juice drip onto him as she pressed forward.

Sonia struck full force. Skinny as she was, she packed a wallop. She cannonaded five rapid strokes that nearly lifted Jason out of the shoes. Her own pussy was now getting really moist. She took a moment to stroke herself without any sense of shame.

He shrieked in pain with each blow.

“God, Lily, I love this. Look at his ass now.”

She then took careful aim and landed the next two Escort bayan Ankara blows at the very base of his cheeks, the second curling into the thigh almost tearing into Jason’s little nuts. He jerked as though he had been electrocuted. Lily was barely able to keep him bent over.

“Now then, panty boy, take this.” She lay on three more vicious straps on the meat of his ass, which was now blazing red.”

Lily backed away and Jason slowly stood up and nearly fell over as the blood drained out of his head. His ass was in agony, but his amazing little dick was still fully erect.

“Wow, Lily, like he is on fire.”

“Pull his panties up so we can give him another dose in a minute.”

Lily carefully pulled the panties back up, more to save them from being ruined than to avoid further discomfort for Jason. She tucked his cock back inside, but the merest contact of her hand with his balls during this moment caused Jason to erupt. He spasmed and shot a wad on Lily’s arm before she could jump back. Jason clutched at his cock and caught the mess in his hand before it landed on the carpet.

“Eeeooowww! Shit! Sperm got on me.” She gave Jason a slap on the face before he could recoil.

Lily dashed out to the washroom and Sonia stared after her before returning her gaze to the stunned Jason as his cock began to subside.

“You’re ruining those panties, sicko.” She grabbed a tissue and shoved it at him. Jason dabbed at himself and wiped the goo from his hand.

“I oughta make you eat that shit, freak boy.”

Jason was beet red again with shame. His ass was on fire and he was in real anguish from being bent over so far and held in place.

“That’s enough.”

“It’s enough when we say it’s enough, panty boy. Like, who do you think you are? It’s Lily’s turn now.”

“Do you know how stupid you look, Jason? Take a look in the mirror.”

Jason turned and got a glimpse of himself in Lily’s dresser mirror. He looked at the skimpy panties barely covering his shrinking cock. He looked down at himself and the black pumps. The sight of them rather than disgusting him, was actually a turn on, even with the blazing hot ass.

“Actually, he, like, looks like an ugly slut, Lily. One that needs another whipping. Give him another dose of the strap.” She handed over the leather dominator.

Lily looked at the instrument. It was polished smooth by years of use on her own naked rear end. She hated it, and, as she looked at it, memories of countless sessions in her mother’s bedroom bent over with her bare ass at her mother’s mercy swarming in her head. And, at the same time, having just used it and felt its power, she could see why her mother was so addicted to using it on a helpless victim. It’s ability to control and subjugate was amazing. As she let her hand slide along its full length, its energy suffused into her. With it came the sense of danger. Uncontrolled use could cause serious harm to the sub. She walked over to Jason and inspected the angry welts, especially Sonia’s uncontrolled lashes. She knew Jason wouldn’t be able to take much more for a first time, and she also knew that if her mother were to find some reason to whip him, she’d see the evidence on his ass and that would raise a whole shit load of questions.

“Let’s Bayan escort Ankara hold off the rest of this whipping until next week, Sonia. Better to let his ass heal up so he’ll look nicer for the next session.”

Jason’s hopes surged.

“Shit, Lily, fuck his stupid ass. Give him the rest of it, or I will. Like, who really cares.”

Lily pulled her out of the room and ran the problem by Sonia.

“And I’m ready to have my pussy eaten, too.” Was her final comment.

Sonia grinned.

They went back into the room and faced the nearly tearful young man.

“You’re in luck, panty boy. We’re like letting you off the hook until your ass heals up. But we’ll make up for it then.”

Jason was so relieved that he almost forgot about the other part of the deal. He was about to leave, when Lily asked for her underwear and shoes.

“Don’t go anywhere in my panties. Take them off. And the shoes, too.” She took them from Jason who stood completely naked, his penis at rest.

She lay on the bed and spread herself open.

“Come on, Sonia, let’s give panty boy his show.”

She glared at Jason, but slid to her knees at the edge of the bed and gripped Lily’s lovely ass that still had the ghost of previous whippings faintly showing. She stared at the firm clit that poked boldly from her lovers shaven pussy lips. She slowly descended her face and took it right in her mouth and began her act of worship.

Jason carefully moved a bit closer and watched in rapt fascination as the skinny dyke sucked Lily’s cunt. Lily slowly ground her hips up and down, letting Sonia follow her motions. She tugged on her own nipples, moaned as Sonia pressed her mouth more aggressively over Lily’s saturated pussy. She licked up the delicious vaginal juices as though it were some nectar.

Jason could smell the sex of the two women, especially as Sonia started using her fingers on her own tiny clit. He could see the glistening moisture on Sonia’s inner thighs as he leaned over for a closer look.

Sonia seemed to have lost interest in Jason or his presence. She was in her glory eating Lily’s delicious pussy. The two young women soon became oblivious to their rapt audience. Jason’s ass, though burning intensely, was forgotten as he watched in open mouth excitement at they performed their woman on woman mysteries. As he watched the slow grinding of his cousins hips, his penis started to rise again. It ached from the excessive use, but it refused to stay quiet confronted with the stuff of his fantasies. As though aware of his rising interest, the women moved rapidly to climax. Lily came first with a almost tortured cry. Sonia’s finger movement was a blur and she clamped her own hand as she came with her mouth sealed over Lily’s pussy. As they subsided, Lily opened her eyes.

“Okay, Jason, get out. Shows over.”

Jason, naked, had the presence of mind to take the soiled panties and leave. He went back to his room, cock still semi hard, took the panties and wrapped them around it, then feverishly worked himself to a painful ejaculation. As his cock sagged, the searing heat in his ass took on a life of its own, and the need to find relief became his sole concern. He crept out of his room, dropped off the panties and arranged the hamper to make it look more or less like it did, then made his way to the washroom for some cold cloth to ease the throbbing heat. And after that, he had a class to attend, and didn’t think sitting in an uncomfortable school chair was going to make his day any more comfortable.

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