Aunt Kris and Cousin Lindsay


It was the middle of July, and my family was taking a vacation. I had made my decision to stay home because of other conflicts I had. My mother had told me that Aunt Kris was going to be in town while they were on vacation. My family left for vacation and I couldn’t wait to have some relaxing time all alone.

The next day my Aunt called the house and said she would be coming to visit me with her daughter, who was 26. At the time I was only 18, and full of raging hormones. My Aunt said she would be at the house in an hour. I decided to take a shower and clean up before they arrived.

I came downstairs and cleaned up the house, and laid down to watch TV. About ten minutes later the doorbell rang and My Aunt Kris and her daughter Lindsay were at the door. I opened the door and welcomed them into the house. We all sat and talked near the television for about an hour. My Aunt hadn’t aged much since I had last seen her. She was about 5’8” with short brown hair, long slim legs, very nice firm breasts, and a nicely shaped ass for a women of 47. My cousin on the other hand was absolutely gorgeous. She was around 5’10” long brown hair, big round breasts, and a great shaped round ass.

My Aunt was wearing black spandex pants and a pink shirt with no sleeves which revealed a good amount of her chest. My cousin was wearing a short jean skirt that gave me a great view of her thighs and a tiny blue shirt that came down just above Ankara escort her belly button. As I inspected both of them, I began to feel a little stirring in my pants. I starred at my cousin as she spoke trying to get some sort of view up her skirt.

My Aunt got up and walked toward the TV and slowly bent over and remained that way, for a little longer than I expected. I could see the outline of her ass cheeks and her camel toe. It looked as though she had no panties on. While watching my Aunt bend over my cousin must have seen me. Because what happened next led to my best sexual experience ever.

My aunt said she had been out running all day and she was very tired. She said to me, “Steve, would you mind giving me a foot massage I have been on my feet all day.” I hesitated for a second but then quickly said. “ I would love to.”

I got up and knelt at the bottom of the couch. I took off her running shoes and could smell the beautiful fragrance of her feet. I grabbed her socks and slowly pulled them off her feet. I was hypnotized by the smell of her feet. I couldn’t help but lower my face a little closer to her feet. I started to slowly rub her feet and quickly got into it. My cock was more than hard at this point. I was so uncomfortable in my pants.

My Aunt said, “ Steve, we you mind sucking on my toes a bit.” This seemed odd to me, I think both my Aunt and my cousin must have noticed my throbbing member and Ankara escort bayan new they could suck me into whatever they wanted. I lowered my mouth to her toes and suck them one by one. Taking my tongue and licking in between her toes. I loved the sweat smell of her feet and I could taste the sweat from her run earlier today.

I finished licking her feet and my cousin walked over to me, “ My turn, get over here and pleasure me,” she said. My mind was spinning out of control. I lay beneath my cousins feet and removed the heels she was wearing. I glanced between her legs and almost shot my load right then. She wasn’t wearing any panties either. She must have heard me moan and they seemed to be enjoying teasing me.

“Like what you see Steve?”

I couldn’t even answer her, I was memorized by her pussy. I could tell she had shaved it earlier that day and I could also see she was a little wet.

“ Forget my feet, I haven’t had a guy go down on me in quite a while. Get to it Steve. “

I immediately lowered my head between her legs, and kissed her lips. I stuck my tongue out and licked he pussy up and down. She tasted so good I couldn’t get enough of it. I continued to suck and lick her clit and she seemed to like it.

“Oh Steve, yes, ahhhh, fuck me with your tongue. How does that taste, huh? Oh fuck yes, I am gonna cum. Uhh, ahhh, yessss. “

She came hard, and when I was done my face was Escort Ankara covered in her love juice. I licked my lips and still couldn’t get over how great she tasted. Was I really here, I couldn’t believe I had just eaten my cousin out.

My Aunt then walked over to me and grab my cock. “ Wow that thing is huge, I would love to get a piece of that,” she said. She grabbed my pant and ripped them down. And quickly grabbed the waistline of my boxers and grab my cock. She took her hand and rubbed it up and down my shaft.

“ Look at this thing Lindsay, it must be at least 8 inches long. I have an idea. Lindsay you get behind Steve and play with his ass a little. “

My Aunt took my cock in her mouth and began to suck on it. I felt my cousin behind me grab my ass cheeks and start to play with them. She then took her finger and poked my asshole. Between her and my Aunt Kris I was in heaven. Lindsay started to put her fingers in my ass and poked at my prostate.

“ I am gonna cum,” I said.

“ Oh please little nephew, cum all in my mouth. I want to taste your seed.”

I came so hard , I completely filled my Aunt’s mouth, and I think it helped with my cousin probing my ass.

My Aunt then spoke, “ Steve I hope you enjoyed that, because for the rest of the week you will be Lindsay and my self’s little slave. You are going to do whatever we say, and pleasure us whenever we want. You we only be allowed to cum when we say so, and we will begin your slave training immediately.”

At this point I had no rejections to being their slave, I was so horny I would do anything. But I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

To be continued…

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