Aunt Faith Ch. 02


To all of you who liked my story with Aunt Faith and asked to know how the story developed and what took place between the two of us I give you the second part of the story.

Part one ended with me busting my nut as my aunt was trying to get me warmed up and was kneeing my balls while rubbing her freshly shaved pussy on my thigh.

She smeared my cum all over my left thigh with her right knee and asked me if I was feeling better. What a silly question!

After doing what she did to me, my body temperature was noticeably elevated and my muscles were becoming relaxed after my orgasm. She was hugging me tightly and pulling me to her chest when I suddenly felt wetness on my arm.

I exclaimed as to the origin of that wetness and we both discovered that her lactating breasts had leaked through her nightdress and onto my arm.

“I have always wondered what human milk tasted like.” I said.

“You know what, I’m not sure. I’ve never tasted it to tell you the truth.”

“Can I taste it?”

“I suppose I can let you do that rather than leak it all over the bed sheets.”

She got up and she removed her nightdress, which exposed her breasts to my hungry eyes and could see the milk droplets forming at the tip of each nipple and gently dripping down the curve of her tits and forming a stream to her belly.

She massaged her tits a bit and squeezed them gently making the milk flow in very rich streams and pooling in her bellybutton. She asked me to suck the milk from her bellybutton and I moved my head down to taste that white juice.

I licked all around her bellybutton and sucked the milk that was collecting in it. I then licked up her stomach all the way up to her left breast and took her erect nipple into my mouth and gently curled my tongue around it and started sucking the nipple into my mouth.

Streams of sweet tity juice were flowing into my mouth and it tasted sweeter than honey. My eyes where closed and I was sucking on that tit like it was my last meal.

I felt her grabbing a handful of my hair on the back of my head and she pulled my face up and kissed me on the lips sticking her tongue deep into my mouth.

She pulled my head away and licked her lips and said, “Tastes pretty sweet.”

She pushed my head Ankara escort to her right breast and I was laying flat on her belly trying to reach her breast but I was not very comfortable. I moved my body over hers and was now between her open legs and lapping on her right nipple.

I was squeezing her left tit with my right hand and feeling the warm milk spraying all over my back dripping down my ass crack and trickling down my balls.

My dick was hard like a rock. As I was having my way with her tits my waist was involuntarily humping and my dick was rubbing against her. I felt my dick hit damp and wet meat and I started stabbing that meat with my dick until it slipped into a warm and wet whole.

As I penetrated that whole all the way until I felt my balls slam against her butt checks she tightened her grip on it and squeezed it until a sigh of pain escaped my lips. Her pussy was so warm that it felt hot on my dick. I moved in and out of her and she milked my dick as I was milking her nipples.

It wasn’t more than a minute and I felt my shaft tingling and that sensation traveled down my dick to my balls and crawled up my spine. I slowed my thrusts; my breathing indicated a certain level of stress.

With a last push inside her baking oven I released multiple bursts of my man juice with sighs of pain and relief and several miniature muscle spasms coming from my lower back and my ass.

I lay there with my face buried between her bosoms and dick twitching inside her pussy. She turned me over and got herself on top of me and told me that I should be able to handle some more.

She kissed me on the lips and moved down on me. She spread my legs wide open and put her nose at the base of my balls and pushed up.

“When a calf is breastfeeding and his mother’s milk is no longer flowing he bumps her tits with his head to make her milk flow again.” And she bumped my balls with her nose as she said that.

It sent a painful signal up my body that I felt its response in my pecker. She licked my inner thighs right next to my penis and sucked that area into her mouth.

She then sucked my balls into her mouth and moved her head back until it felt like she was gonna suck them clean off my body. My dick was instantly back to life and she gave my Ankara escort bayan shaft small and quick sucks before she took the whole length into the back of her throat.

She gently positioned herself on top of me in a 69 position so that I was staring at her messy pie that was iced with my cream. She looked at me and told me to clean her up with my mouth.

It was my first creampie and was not gonna be my last. I lapped up her juices mixed with my own and was sticking my tongue inside her pussy looking for more.

She then straddled me in a reverse cowgirl and rode my dick like a rodeo champ. The slapping noise from her love juices covering my thighs and belly, and the vacuum created from the contact between her ass and my belly was heavenly.

I was watching her beautiful ass go up and down and my dick appear and then disappear; I was almost dazed and confused with all that was happening to me.

She turned and faced me, kissed me on the lips and told me that she wanted me to fuck her from behind. I got on my knees from behind her and penetrated her open lips while grabbing her by the waist. She had a thong tan-line that was in the shape of a V and I was fucking that V letter with all my might.

The slapping noises were more than I can ever describe. I had already come twice that night and was feeling in control of myself and was not about to bust my nut anytime soon.

I started to vary my speed and motion picking up the pace and then slowing it down some. Going all the way inside of her and then stabbing her with the shaft only for a few times.

I grabbed her hair with both hands and was fucking her like I was riding a mare. Her affirmative “YESes” got louder and louder and her feet rose up to my waistline before her muscles started to spasm and her feet started kicking like someone who is having a seizure.

She collapsed with her face buried in the pillow and I was still rock hard inside of her. I pulled her head back with her hair and whispered in her ear, “I’m not done yet.”

I flipped her over onto her back and put my arms behind her legs and pulled them to her head until her ass was swinging in the air. I penetrated her pussy and started pounding her violently until her pussy was farting with every thrust. She was Escort Ankara crying out my name and asking for more.

I laid her back on the bed and grabbed a hold of her ankles. I brought her feet to my face and started licking and sucking on them while I was thrusting my hardon in and out of her.

I stuck her big toe in my mouth and soon I felt my orgasm building up in my loins. With few more pumps I was pumping my third load for the night and my second load inside of her.

We spent the night in a sweaty embrace until the morning came. I woke up that morning to the feel of two lips on balls kissing them and sucking on my dick. She sucked me relentlessly until I gave her a protein rich breakfast as she referred to it.

This became our ritual for many mornings to come and I was receiving a creampie for breakfast almost every morning.

One day, uncle Harry calls and tells my aunt that he was coming home for a month in a month. I was very pissed off because I knew what that meant. NO MORE CREAMPIES. When she told me the news I was very upset and it was very obvious because I was not behaving like my usual self.

She felt that the news upset me and wanted to cheer me up. She hugged me and asked me if Harry’s coming was the reason for my sadness and my answer was, “Yes, most definitely.” I told her that I was in love with her and that I couldn’t bare the thought of not being able to have her while another man could.

At that moment she kissed me so passionately and revealed to me how much she shared that same thought with me and revealed her master plan to me. She told me that she was gonna quit taking her birth control pills and was gonna get an ovulation kit to determine her fertility days.

She wanted to conceive my child that same month when Harry was due back; that way no one will know that the child was mine, not even Harry will suspect other wise, considering that he is sure to have sex with her when he comes home.

The kit indicated that her best days for conceiving were Thursday, Friday, and Saturday while Harry was not due until the next Tuesday.

Naturally we fucked like rabbits on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Even Tuesday morning we fucked twice before his plane was due at 11 o’clock that day.

Two months later she told me that she had missed her period and in nine months we were in the hospital delivering a beautiful and healthy baby girl whom we named Hope. As a symbol to the hope that we had for our love.

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