Aunt Becky


I was excited to get accepted to my first choice of University, but a little concerned too. See Mom and Dad didn’t have a lot of money and I almost missed my chance. Then Mom came up with an idea. Her younger sister Becky, lived in Texas, not far off campus and would let me live with her while I went to school. All I had to do was help her out with chores and stuff. See Becky had just had a baby and since the father had split, she was all alone. I loved Aunt Becky and agreed at once. Both Becky and my Mom were redheads but the similarity ended there. At 39 years old, my Mom was tall and slender, while Aunt Becky was 37, shorter and heavier. I hadn’t seen her in a couple of years but she was always funny and happy. I liked being around her. We shipped a bunch of my clothes and stuff down and I flew down during the summer after I graduated. Many of my friends were planning summer trips but I was too much of a nerd. I wanted to hang out, but no one ever invited me to parties or trips like that. My closest friends were nerds like me. We gamed online and went to some cons but nothing wild. I guess I was quite insecure, introverted, and innocent. Yeah, well that was all about to change.

When I arrived at DFW, Aunt Becky met me. She was pushing a stroller and sporting the same broad smile I remembered, but she looked heavier, the pregnancy had put some extra pounds on her.

“Kevin!” she squealed as she wrapped me up in a fierce hug, “Oh my god it’s so good to see you!”

I felt awkward as her big breasts were squeezed into me. Damn they seemed huge! I wasn’t complaining of course, but it was unexpected. We chatted as we made our way to her car, and since it was DFW, that took a while. My little cousin was Bryant and at 10 months old he was cute and happy. He babbled along as we talked. Aunt Becky and I clicked like we always had before… No, actually better. She treated me more like an adult than her nephew. I felt really comfortable. The drive was long though and soon Bryant started getting fussy. The traffic came to a standstill and we could see emergency lights up ahead.

“Kevin, we gotta swap! When I put it in park you jump out and run around here. Ready? Now!” she said as she put the car in park and opened her door.

I bailed out and ran around to jump in the driver’s seat as she climbed into the back seat next to the baby. We slammed our doors and I buckled in as the traffic started rolling slowly again.

“I’m sorry about that but he needs to be fed. I didn’t expect it to take this long to get home. I never get over this way so I had no idea what the traffic would be like.”

I adjusted the seat to fit me and the outside mirrors, then as I went to adjust the rearview mirror I saw Aunt Becky unbuttoning her blouse. The traffic stopped again and I tilted the mirror down just a bit. With her blouse open Aunt Becky unhooked the cup of her nursing bra and pulled it down, exposing much of her right breast. Her areola was huge and dark but her nipple seemed brighter and I had only this brief glimpse before she draped a cover over her shoulder and chest. She then started to unbuckle Bryant. Something weird happened and I heard my voice say,

“Do you think that’s wise? What if I have to hit the brakes or somebody rear ends us? Shouldn’t he stay buckled in?”

“Yeah, but what else can I do?” she asked.

“Can you lean over his carrier?” I asked. “I know it’s awkward but it’s safer for him and it’s only for a few minutes, right?”

“I guess I can try…” she replied.

I watched as Aunt Becky shifted around and finally found that by sitting with her right leg under her and leaning over and forward a bit, her tit was in little Bryant’s face. She nursed him this way for a while as I drove. I adjusted the mirror to watch what I could. After ten or eleven minutes, the little guy was satisfied and Aunt Becky sat back down and adjusted her clothing.

I was finally able to focus on driving again just as the traffic opened up. I was surprised that I had been so turned on by this little glimpse of her tit. I wasn’t able to really see that much but the experience left me with quite a hard on. Yeah like most guys I really, really like tits. And Aunt Becky seemed to have a massive pair. I tried to put it all aside while we drove. Aunt Becky stayed in the back seat and we chatted as I followed her directions to her home.

When we arrived I followed Aunt Becky in and she showed me around. I hadn’t been to this house before and it seemed really nice. She showed me her room was across the hall from the room she was hoping to move Bryant into soon. My room was the next one down the hall and shared a bathroom with the nursery. She had all of my stuff there but it took me most of the afternoon to unpack it all and get settled. I came downstairs and helped her fix dinner.

“So what are you majoring in?” she asked.

“Well I want to try to focus on Electrical Engineering, but I am also interested in Computer Sciences and Mechanical Engineering too!”

“Wow that’s going to be a handful! Are you up to it?”

“I think so, but I guess there’s no way to know until I try.”

Aunt Ankara bayan escort Becky and I settled in to a nice routine that first week. I helped out as much as possible during the day and we relaxed in the evenings watching TV and talking. She was very easy to talk to. She often breastfed Bryant in front of me using a drape for modesty. But one night was a little different. She was exhausted and actually dozed off. Bryant fed until he was full and then got a little fussy. I took him and burped him. Aunt Becky dozed off again and the drape fell aside. This time she was not wearing a bra at all and I had a great view of her massive, milk heavy tit. It was beautiful. Her skin was fair with a few freckles where the sun could reach. Her areola was a dark maroon color and her nipple was the size of a mini marshmallow and more pink in color. I was afraid to move lest I wake her and worried that Bryant might disturb her. I wondered how it would feel to touch it. Was her skin as soft and smooth as it looked? Surely it was warm, right? And then I thought of her milk. What did it taste like? I was captivated. Aunt Becky was suddenly a beautiful, sexy and desirable woman to me. I found that I wanted her. But of course that was ridiculous. She was my Aunt…

“You have a very nice smile Kevin.”

I jolted from my fantasy. She was awake. How long had she been? And I had been staring at her tit!

“Geez Aunt Becky! I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to… but you, I mean … aw shit, I…” I struggled.

“It’s okay Kevin.” she said. “I’m kinda used to it. With tits like these, everyone stares. Besides, we’re family, I’m more comfortable with you staring than some guy in the store.”

“Uh… that seems weird but okay, I guess.”

“Actually it will be easier on me if I don’t have to constantly worry about hiding them, especially when feeding Bryant. I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that you’ve never seen anything this big before.”

“Hell, I’ve never seen a tit before, not really I mean. Just a little porn, but nothing in real life.”

“Oh shit Kevin! I’m sorry, I assumed you’ve had girlfriends and…”

“No, I mean I have a friend who is a girl but not like that. She’s a nerd and gamer and more like one of the guys, you know?”

“Well then let’s get this out of the way so we can relax again.” she said and simply pulled off her top and sat back on the sofa. Her breasts were not just exposed to me, but more proudly displayed. She turned to face me and smiled. “There you go. Two tits. Whaddya think?”

I was stunned. I stared for a moment or two then blurted out, “They’re beautiful!”

Aunt Becky grinned. “Why thank you! But this is simply a look don’t touch arrangement, got it?”

“Uhm, yeah sure!”

I sat there and gazed at her beautiful tits. They were huge, round and full in shape, though they seemed bottom heavy. Her areola were dark and now that I could see clearly, were a good two and a half to three inches across. Her nipples were erect and a brighter shade of pink. They drooped a little bit, pointing slightly downwards. Her skin was flawless.

I realized that Aunt Becky was watching me intently.

“I’m sorry, I just can’t get over how awesome they look.” I said. “This is gonna take some getting used to.”

“Sure thing Kevin.” She replied. “Just remember that this is our secret. No one can ever know.”

The next few days were a blast. I loved to watch Aunt Becky as she went around the house topless. I loved the way they moved and most nights I masturbated fantasizing about them. Yeah I wished I could touch them, kiss them, and squeeze them. But I soon found myself wondering about the rest of Aunt Becky. I kept kicking myself for these incestuous desires and eagerly looked forward to classes starting. There would be other girls. They may not have tits like Aunt Becky, but surely I could find a girlfriend with a nice big set. It dawned on me that I was more interested in a girl having big tits than being slender. Aunt Becky was chubby and that seemed fine with me. After all I was no stud or athlete. I didn’t expect to land a hot girlfriend. I just wanted one who had big tits and would fuck me. Often.

Our days were much the same pattern, Aunt Becky would get up at 6:00 am, change and feed Bryant, then get herself ready for work. I usually got up around this time. Partly to help out with Bryant and partly to watch her. She would leave around 7:15 and drop Bryant off at daycare then go on to work. I would do some chores, game, and watch TV until she came home at about 5:30-5:45. She would strip down to just a pair of PJ bottoms or gym shorts and feed Bryant again. Then we would eat dinner, watch TV and talk until bedtime. Sometimes I would go out to hit the store or game shop, or to grab a bite if I was in the mood. Friday came and around and I did just that. I went running around and when I got back around eight, there was another car in the driveway. When I came in Aunt becky was feeding Bryant and another woman was sitting on the sofa next to her. She was another curvy woman of about the same age. She wasn’t as pretty as Aunt Becky, nor did Escort bayan Ankara she have quite the same heavy titties, but she was busty and her dark brown hair was worn long and wavy.

“Kevin, this is Iris, a friend of mine.”

Iris smiled at me, “Hi Kevin.”

“Hi.” I replied. She had a nice smile.

Iris stood and took Bryant. “I’ll put him to bed for you…” she said and left the room.

“Kev, we need to talk.” she said and patted the couch next to her. I sat down as she reached out and took my hands in hers. “I need you to understand that this is as awkward for me as it’s going to be for you. You see Iris is my lover…”

“Oh! You guys are lesbian, that’s…”

“No,” she interrupted, “well she mostly is but I’m more bi-curious, but it’s complicated.. Look, I really need her tonight and with you here now, it’s a little awkward.”

“Okay, do you want me to go out?”

“No, I want to try to work this out. What I need is an uninterrupted night with her. Would you take care of Bryant and do your best to ignore us? I’ve pumped a few bottles and moved the crib and changing table into the nursery. If you leave the connecting doors open you can step in if needed and the baby monitor is already set up. Please, Kev. I know it’s asking a lot. But I really need her tonight.”

Something in my brain clicked and before I could stop myself I replied. “Aunt Becky, you know I’ll do it. It’s no problem to babysit. There is a problem, but it has nothing to do with him. You and me, well we’ll need to talk about upping my fee. See it’s the fact that I’ll be across the hall thinking about what you guys are doing and jacking off buckets of cum. I’m afraid simply looking at your tits isn’t going to be enough. Tomorrow I want to touch them and kiss them. I want to taste your milk too. I’ve fantasized about it but never expected to get to. Now it looks like you’re gonna owe me at least this much.”

Aunt Becky’s mouth hung open for a moment as I spoke and then she covered it with one hand while the other arm covered her breasts.

“Kevin! You can’t be serious! I’m, I’m…”

“My Aunt? My Aunt who’s been going topless around me for two weeks?”

“Really Becky?” Another voice chimed in. Iris was standing in the hallway. “If the boy wants some tit, fucking give him some tit… TOMORROW! Tonight is ours. Now get your ass in the bedroom.”

Aunt Becky leapt to her feet and hurried past Iris who smiled and winked at me.

“Come here.” she said. I did and when I got close I realized I was looking up at her. She was a little taller than my 5’10”. Of course she was wearing high heels. Then she turned her back to me. “Unzip me.” she said as she pulled her long chocolatey waves aside with one hand.

As I reached for the zipper my hands were trembling slightly. I slowly slid the zipper of her dress all the way down to her hips. Iris slipped out of the dress and without turning, handed it to me. “Hang this up for me.” I stared, unmoving as she walked slowly into Aunt Beck’s bedroom and turned to face me in the doorway. Iris was wearing only a smile.

“Do try to avoid wasting that ‘bucketful’ Kevin.” she said softly. “Someone might be wanting it…”

She closed the door and I heard the box fan turned on and humming.

I hung the dress up and went to my room. I sat on my bed for a while in a daze. I couldn’t believe I had voiced my desires so openly to Aunt Becky. Then to have Iris expose herself to me like that was stunning. Her figure was lean and muscular, the woman obviously worked out, a lot! Her tits though smaller, had seemed firm and were carried high and proud. Her nipples were smaller too but pale pink and erect. I guessed she was at least a D cup. (I had checked out one of Aunt Becky’s bras in the laundry and it was labeled 42E) When she had faced me for that brief moment I had seen a smooth mound, but her legs had been closed. Now I wondered about her pussy. The thought then came to me that I would never see it because she was a lesbian and had done this little stunt just to tease me and to show Aunt Becky who was in charge of their relationship. The next thought to hit me was that Aunt Becky was probably eating that pussy right now. Damn!

Honestly, I don’t know how I kept from jacking off right then. Shock I guess. Then my bladder demanded release and after that I checked on Bryant. I kept busy for a while, and kept my pants on. I figured this would all make for a great masturbation session when I went to bed later. I could occasionally hear muffled sounds from Aunt Becky’s room and turned on the TV. Bryant woke up a couple of times, but was not a problem. I dozed off.

“Kevin, Kevin!”

I jerked awake. Iris was standing in my doorway, adjusting her dress.

“Zip me up.”

As I did I noticed a strong,though not unpleasant odor about her. Her skin was damp and sweaty, but she seem completely composed and relaxed. She turned to face me.

“I want to thank you. I’ve been Becky’s lover for about seven or eight months now and tonight was one of the best sessions we’ve had since the first few. I was worried that it was getting stale, Bayan escort Ankara but you’ve added a new element to the mix. And you’re going to be rewarded for being so helpful and understanding. Sit down.” she said and pushed me back into my chair.

She smiled at me. I was struggling to ge my head around all of this.

“Becky! Come here!” Iris called out.

Aunt Becky came through my doorway slowly. She was wearing a ball gag, dog collar, wrist and ankle restraints with short chains, and clad in a pair of shiny black leather leggings that left nothing to the imagination. Her big tits were imprisoned in a very tight black long-line strapless bra that lifted them up and shoved them together to create the most incredible display. They jiggled like jello as she walked in, stepping carefully in her precariously high stiletto heels. A chrome chain leash hung from her collar and Iris took it.

“You see Kevin, your sweet aunt is not just my lover, she is also my toy. I just love playing with my toy. And she loves it too. Tonight my toy gave me three really nice orgasms and in turn I gave her a couple back. But we’re not quite done yet. She owes you payment for babysitting and she’s going to pay you now.”

I looked at Aunt Becky’s face. She was trying to avoid my eyes. My heart was pounding.

“Becky?” Iris tugged slightly on the chain. “Are your tits full of milk?”

Aunt Becky nodded.

“Do you need relief?”

Aunt Becky nodded again.

“Do you want Kevin to help you?”

Aunt Becky hesitated and Iris tugged sharply on the leash. Slowly she nodded. Iris looked at me as she gently caressed Aunt Becky’s massive mounds.

“Kevin do you want to help her? I know you want to touch these big titties, to squeeze them, to kiss them and to suck on them, don’t you? You’ve watched her breastfeed and fantasized about them. Now they are full of milk and aching for release, will you give her that release?”

“I… y-yes.” I stuttered. “I-if she wants me to.”

Iris reached up and removed the gag.

“Ask him Becky.”

Aunt Becky hesitated again and Iris grabbed a handful of red hair and tugged.

“Do it! In bed you told me you wanted it! You told me you fantasized about him! Now look him in the eyes and ask- no BEG him to do it!” Iris hissed.

Aunt Becky looked in my eyes and, as tears started to flow she spoke.

“I-I want you to suck my titties Kevin, please.”

“Beg!” Iris urged.

“Please Kevin, they ache and I want it so badly!”

Reaching up I touched those beautiful mounds of flesh and marvelled at their warm softness. Aunt Beck sighed. I stood and kissed them and she moaned softly. I struggled to undo the many hooks of the bra and then finally slipped it off. Aunt Beck groaned with relief. Her breasts were heavy and leaking. The seams of the bra had left indentations in her flesh.

Iris pulled her away from me with the leash and toyed with them causing more milk to flow.

“Sit down Kevin.’ she said.

Iris turned Becky to face her and sampled some of the milk.

“Mmmmm soooo good.”

She turned Aunt Becky back to face me and gave her a little nudge.

“Go on.”

Aunt beck bent over, placing her hands on the arms of my chair. Her breasts hung in front of me and I reached out. Lifting one to my face I kissed her nipple, then slid it into my mouth and sucked. The taste of her milk was strange but sweet, warm and good. I sucked more and savored the flavor as well as the sensation. Aunt Becky was moaning and rested her cheek on my head.

“Oh yes… that feels nice Kevin.” She lifted the other breast and brought it to my hungry mouth. I alternated from one to the other. Soon she straddled my lap and her hands caressed the back of my head as I fed from her wonderful titties. It was sheer bliss for me. It seemed I had craved this all of my life and now it was here and better than I’d ever expected. I watched in awe as Aunt Becky lifted one breast to her own mouth and sucked on it. I have no idea how long we fed but it seemed like forever and I didn’t want it to end.

“Open your mouth.” she said and the squeezed her breast to squirt spray after spray of milk. Most of it missed my mouth and coated my face but I reveled in the experience. Aunt Becky laughed and then leaned forward and began to suck and lick the milk from my face. Eventually our lips met and she kissed me. I was surprised to find her as hungry for it as I was. We kissed passionately, her big, wet titties pressed against me. Her hands were gripping the back of my head and mine explored her back down to her ass. I suddenly wanted more. Aunt Becky seemed to as well. She began to rub her crotch against my trapped hard on.

“Ah hahahhah! I KNEW it!” Iris laughed as she pulled Aunt Becky away from me. Pinning her against the wall she pressed her mouth over Aunt Becky’s and kissed her with equal passion. I watched as her hands squeezed those wonderful tits and saw Aunt Becky succumb to her lover. Iris was working her magic and her kisses traveled from mouth to throat, to chest and then to her breasts. As Iris sucked and squeezed, Aunt Becky looked longingly at me, gasping and sometimes biting her lip. Iris slid one hand down to Aunt Becky’s leggings and then inside. Aunt Becky’s mouth flew open wide and she groaned as Iris fingered her. Suddenly Iris pulled her hand out and held it up.

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