At My Cousin’s Wedding


The invitation for my cousin’s wedding arrived in early May; the wedding was set to take place on Friday, July 1st (Canada Day) in Halifax. I tossed the invitation onto my computer table and didn’t give it a second thought. My cousin was a bit of a jerk and no one in the family really cared much for him. I doubted that anyone from my side of the family would be going to the wedding.

It was the first week in June when I received the telephone call that confirmed my suspicions. My Aunt called me wanting to know if I would make the wedding. Apparently everyone else in the family sent back their regrets. My aunt was devastated that none of the family would come for the wedding (except my father who still lived in Halifax). No one wanted to drop the money or waste the points on my cousin. After talking to my Aunt I decided to see if I could still book a flight with my air miles, luckily I was able to book one.

Let me explain one thing before I go any further. While I could care less about my cousin, I loved my Aunt dearly. My parents divorced 10 years ago and my Aunt was a tremendous help to both myself and my mother (even though she’s my father’s sister). If she hadn’t called me, I would never have gone, however I felt it was the least I could do to make her happy.

I contacted my mother and asked to stay at her place and made a few calls to friends in the area. I heard back from a few and made plans for the weekend back home. I realized that the wedding would only last a few hours and then I would get to catch up with some old friends. As the day grew closer I actually found my self looking forward to the trip.

Two days before I was scheduled to depart I heard back from an old girlfriend of mine. She wasn’t so much an old girlfriend as someone I would get together with every now and again with for a wild night of sex. She was available the Thursday night that I got in if I was interested in a get together. I sent her back an e-mail with a definite yes. I wouldn’t miss the chance to hook up with Bev for anything, hell I’d skip the wedding all together if that was the only time she was available.

My excitement level for the trip rose tremendously after Bev confirmed the details. Bev and I first meet at the accounting firm I worked at back in Halifax. She was a couple years younger than me when she started as a summer student and she was hot. Make that nasty hot. Bev was the type of girl that would make the faithful of men stray from their wives, which meant for most guys there would be little hesitation. Bev was about 5’4″ tall, dark auburn hair, nicely rounded figure with large firm breasts and an ass that men would beg to fuck. I did, and I got to do just that, and it was worth the begging.

Bev had no inhibitions that I was aware of, she had no moral issues with sleeping with married men, or married women for that matter. Nothing was taboo with her and she was always willing to try out something new. Bev did have standards though as she wouldn’t jump into bed with just anyone (thankfully I met her standards) and she was always careful. No sense being a hot, available and sexual woman if you wind up catching something she always said.

Thoughts of our last encounter before I moved to Toronto filled my head as I sat on the plane headed for Halifax. The thoughts, while enjoyable, also made the flight somewhat uncomfortable as they caused considerable growth in the pleasure regions. I’m certain at least one of the flight attendants noticed the rather large and uncomfortable bulge in my pants. Not that I’m complaining about the favorable looks I received, it just sucked not being able to do anything about it (not yet anyway).

I banished thoughts of Bev from my mind and got my erection under control before we landed in Halifax. I disembarked from the plane to the whispers and stares of some of the flight crew. I winked at them as I left, trying to cover my slight embarrassment. I only had carry-on luggage and headed straight to the car rental booth. 20 minutes after landing I was on my way, trying to keep myself under control until after I left my Mother’s. I still had over two hours to kill until I was to meet Bev.

It took twenty minutes to get to my Mother’s. It was a long twenty minutes. Once at my mother’s thoughts of Bev were temporarily pushed to the back of my mind. My mother and I chatted for an hour or so before she decided to head to bed. I hopped in the shower, dressed and headed over to the Velvet Olive, a nice relaxed bar in downtown Halifax. I got there about ten minutes early and entered the bar to find Bev already there.

I didn’t see her right away but I saw the group of guys around someone at the bar and knew enough to realize who it was. I made my way to the bar and ordered myself a vodka and lime. I watched the guys jockey for position around Bev while I waited for my drink. She still hadn’t seen me yet so I dove into the melee until I caught her eye. I gave her a quick sign to play along and she smiled. She lived for torturing guys at bars, and I had a thought that would drive them crazy.

“Hey gorgeous” Ankara bayan escort I shouted just loudly enough to be heard by Bev and the guys surrounding her, “why don’t I buy you a drink and then we can go somewhere private where you can suck my cock and then I can fuck you silly?” All of the guys around her stopped talking, some looked shock, and others looked like they were going to kill me.

“Sounds good to me,” Bev replied, equally as loud, “Get me a rye and ginger and I’ll be waiting for you in the wagon.” Even more guys looked shocked, although several still looked like they wanted to kill me. I smiled and ordered the drink and headed back to the wagon with a dozen pairs of jealous eyes focused on me. The wagon is what we referred to the small private sitting areas in the back of the bar as. They had curved ceiling over the tables, covered in velvet, which reminded us of a covered wagon.

Bev was laughing as I slide into the booth and handed her the drink. She smiled and we kissed deeply for several minutes. “Nice touch, very subtle. I actually thought a couple of those guys would kill you there for a second.” She said as she caressed my leg. “So did I!” I replied as I returned the favor. We laugh for a minute or two over our antics and then got caught up on what was new and exciting in our lives. Bev’s descriptions were, as always, very arousing and far more interesting than what was going on in my life at the time.

“I almost forgot, I owe you something for the drink.” Bev said and a rather mischievous smile crossed her lips. I knew that smile well, and knew I would like whatever happened next. Bev reached over and caressed my now hard cock through my pants. Her stories always had that effect on me. She slowly pulled the zipper down and reached in to free my overly erect dick from its confines. Ducking down she enveloped over half of my nine inches and then began to work up and down on my shaft.

I laid back against the booth and enjoyed Bev’s talented tongue. We both knew that I wouldn’t last long and Bev was employing some new techniques to hasten my orgasm. Reaching into my pants she cupped my balls and found that sensitive little spot behind my nuts. She pressed into it and sucked me fully into her throat. I could feel her throat muscles massaging the head of my cock. My balls tightened at the intense stimulation and I exploded down her throat. It had been a while since I’ve had sex and thinking about Bev all day really built up quite the load. I think it surprised even her, and that’s hard to do.

Bev was equal to the task however, and ensured every drop found its way down her throat. It felt like a long time but it only took two minutes for me to blow my load. Bev extracted my slightly softer dick from her mouth and tucked it back in my pants. I zipped up then gave her a deep kiss. I tasted just a hint of cum on her tongue as we swapped spit. “You have no idea how much I needed that.” I said after we broke our kiss.

“Oh, after that massive load I think I do know!” Bev laughed and kissed me again. She turned and downed her drink before whispering in my ear, “Now aren’t you suppose to fuck me silly next?” I smiled and grabbed her hand, and thirty seconds later we were out of the bar and headed to her apartment. Thankfully she lived only five minutes from the bar. We walked quickly at first, then started to run towards her apartment, still holding hands.

Once in the apartment we hopped in the elevator and hit the button for the 14th floor. As soon as the door closed I dropped to my knees and pushed her dress up. I knew she wouldn’t be wearing panties, and I was right. I dove into her pussy and quickly found her clit. It was slick and hard already, giving head always aroused Bev. I sucked her clit hard into my mouth and jammed two fingers deep into her soaking cunt. I worked her as quickly as I could and was rewarded with a light gush as she came just as the elevator reached the 14th floor.

I scooped her up and carried her to her apartment before I set her down and kissed her deeply. Bev smiled and fumbled with her keys, her dress was still bunched up around her hips, her pussy glistening in the hall lights. The door finally opened and we rushed inside. I pulled her dress up over her head and latched on to her very perky and very responsive nipples. I loved nothing more on a woman than responsive nipples, although a tight ass was a close second.

While sucking gratefully on Bev’s nipples, moving back and forth between the two delicious nubs, we managed to get my clothing off as well. My cock was back to its full glory again as Bev reached down and grabbed it with her left hand. I responded by probing her juicy centre with my left hand, all the while keeping my lips locked over her sweet nipples. I knew just how Bev liked to be touched and that combined with my nipple sucking soon brought Bev to another orgasm.

“As good as that feels, I want the main event.” Bev said breathlessly and I responded by picking her up and carrying her to couch. I dropped her playfully on the cushions and quickly raised her legs Escort bayan Ankara up, exposing her very wet and exquisite pussy. I rubbed over her slit with my hard cock, applying extra pressure to her clit. I could see she was starting to build towards another orgasm, so I released her legs and stood up from the couch.

“If you want any more, you’ll have to cover that bad boy up.” Bev smiled at me and grabbed a condom from the bowl on the coffee table. Like I mentioned before, she has standards but she definitely loves sex. I stood before her as she unwrapped the condom and placed the tip in her mouth. Smiling up at me she pulled me forward by my cock and placed the condom over the tip of my dick. With practiced ease she pushed the condom down over my cock using only her mouth. It was a great trick and if you have to wear a condom, you might as well have fun putting it on.

“I’m glad you remembered the rules, now get over here and fuck me silly like you promised.” I pushed Bev back down on the couch and lifted her legs once again to expose her beautiful pussy. After a quick rub over her juicy lips, I slipped the head of my cock into her tight entrance. I don’t know what she did to keep her cunt tight considering how much fucking she did, but at that moment I really didn’t care. I held myself just inside her cunt for a moment before slowly pushing myself all the way in.

“God, I missed you!” We both said at the same time and then proceeded to burst into laughter. I kissed Bev deeply before I began to pump slowly in and out of her tight cunt. I built my rhythm slowly, increasing my speed and length of stroke until I was going as quickly and as deeply as I could. With each down stroke I ground against her clit and each upstroke I pulled out almost completely. I reveled in the intense pleasure of every stroke into Bev’s tight, slick pussy.

“Oh God! You are hitting the magic spot perfectly. Harder, I need you to hit it harder.” Bev cried as I began to drive even harder into her cunt. Her finger nails were tightening on my back and I knew she was nearing a tremendous orgasm. “That’s it, oh God, oh God. I’m cumming, oh God am I ever cumming. Aaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!” Bev’s nails bit deep into my back as I drove into her as deep as possible and held myself there, firmly pressing against her hard clit.

“I haven’t cum like that in months! You always did know how to hit the right spots.” Bev said as she finally relaxed her now painful grip on my back. I kissed her deeply and began to move within her once again as I still had not cum. Bev started giggling as I began to move in her wet shaft. “God, I’m too sensitive for you to keep fucking my pussy at the moment, however, I think I have an alternative you’ll go for.” Bev smiled up at me and I withdrew from her tight cunt.

Bev grabbed my cock and pushed the condom all the way back down before grabbing the small bottle of lube on the coffee table and squirting some on the tip. She slowly spread the lube all over the already slick condom before letting go and pulling her legs up to her chest. She insert the tip of the bottle into her ass and squirted out some lube before pulling it out and using her finger to spread some more around the tight brown entrance.

“How do you want me big boy? Legs pulled back or doggy style?” I grinned as I reached down to spin her over. There is something about the sight of sliding into a woman’s ass doggie style that drives me crazy. “I thought so, you always preferred it this way.” She whispered as she braced herself against the back of the couch, her ass swaying brazenly in the air.

I moved behind my coveted prize and slide my hard cock between her cheeks. I could be content with sliding between her cheeks all night but I desired more than that at the moment. On the next downward slide I gripped my cock and positioned it over her puckered asshole. Pushing in firmly, the head popped into her ass and we both let out a sigh. I took a minute to slowly work all the way into her tight ass. The muscles in her butt were working there magic on me very quickly but I wanted to enjoy this for a little longer yet.

I pulled back and drove into her ass hard, then did it again, and again. I quickly built a fast, hard pace and was pounding her butt for all it was worth (and it is worth a lot!). Bev reached back with one hand and began rubbing her clit as I continued to pound her perfect ass. I reached under her and grabbed a breast in each hand and continued to pound away. I sensed Bev getting close to another orgasm so I started to pound even harder, pushing myself towards a wonderful release.

“Oh shit, I can’t believe how good you feel. I hope you’re almost there because I’m cumming very soon.” I managed to say as I pounded her tight opening with all my might. Bev said nothing but I felt her muscles contract as her fourth orgasm of the night hit, her reaction triggered my own orgasm and I unleashed another massive load, filling the condom. I held her, still buried deep in her ass, for a minute before I withdrew, extracting the filled condom with me.

I removed the Bayan escort Ankara condom and tossed it in the garbage before dropping on the couch next to Bev. She cuddled into me and purred softly as I scratched her back lightly. Bev always appreciated a little back scratch after a good fuck. I glanced at the clock, we had only been back to the apartment for about a hour and we were already satisfied. Bev looked up at me and smiled, I smiled back before kissing her softly.

“Do you ever regret moving up to Toronto?” Bev asked softly. Bev was many things; subtle, however, was not one of them.

“At times like this I do. I think every time we have had sex it has gotten better. I really do miss having you around.” Bev smiled and hugged me close. I missed having her around for sex but I could never have a relationship with her, and she knew it. I could never trust her. I might be open minded, however if I’m in a relationship, I keep it with that one person and I expect the same from woman I’m in the relationship with. I don’t believe Bev could stick to just one guy for any period of time.

“A girl likes to hear that sort of thing every now and again.” Bev said softly into my chest. “Let’s go to bed, this couch really isn’t that comfortable for lying on.” Bev laughed as she poked my ribs and stood up. I followed her into the bedroom, watching her sweet ass sway with each step. I think a nice tight ass just moved ahead of responsive nipples. My dick twitched and started to grow as we made our way into the bedroom. By the time we slide under the sheets, I was hard again.

“Still a quick recovery I see. I don’t know if I can take another fucking right now but I can still look after you.” Bev slid beneath the covers and began licking and kissing around my balls while slowly jacking off my cock. She sucked each ball into her mouth, moving back and forth, while keeping a steady pace going on my dick. After a few minutes she released my balls and moved up to take the head of my cock in her mouth.

“Oh Bev, that feels amazing!” I said as she kept a steady pressure sucking on my dick head while still jacking my cock at the same pace. Bev slowly started turning her hand as she jacked me off and turned her lips around my cock head to match the motion. She kept this steady pace for several minutes making slight changes to the motion of her hand or mouth. I felt another load of cum rising in my balls as she continued to work away. I gripped the sheets tightly as my muscles contracted and I shot one more load into her mouth. It wasn’t as big as the last two but it felt absolutely amazing.

Bev swallowed the load while slowly easing her movements on my cock. After a minute I started to soften and she finally released my now limp dick from her hand and mouth. Bev moved up from under the covers and settled in next to me. We smiled at each other and kissed deeply before falling into a peaceful sleep.

I woke in the morning to the sound of a running shower. It was a little after nine and I knew Bev had to be at work for ten. I slipped into the bathroom and quickly relieved myself, knowing enough not to flush, before stepping into the shower behind Bev.

“I was wondering when you’d get up. I was hoping for a nice morning fuck before I had to go to work. It doesn’t look like we’ll have time now.” Bev smiled and I took the challenge that she threw down. I spun her around and kissed her deeply, my cock was almost hard already. I lifted her legs up and pinned her against the shower wall, her ass resting on my now hard dick. I reached down to position myself at her tight entrance and paused, remembering the rules.

“Oh, fuck the rules! Just don’t cum in me.” I smiled and slid easily into her hot cunt. I held her against the wall and pounded her tight pussy with everything I had. This was the first time I entered Bev bare and I was loving the feeling. I got no problem with a condom but bare skin feels that much better. It didn’t take long for Bev to hit her peak and she reached down with one hand to rub her clit as I pounded her pussy to push herself over the edge. She clutched onto me tightly as she came, I held her against the wall until she finished then smiled as she kissed me deeply. “You hurry up and finish, I got to get to work you know.”

I popped out of her slick cunt and slipped my cock between her still soapy butt cheeks. I raised an eyebrow and she nodded. I quickly repositioned her to expose her ass better and pushed into her tight hole. “You can cum in there if you want.” She whispered to me as I thrust into her sweet ass. It didn’t take long before I did just that. Three or four thrusts were all I could take before I let loose in her wonderful ass. I held her for a minute before popping out of her butt.

“That was wonderful, thanks for bending the rules just this once.” Bev smiled and we quietly and quickly finished showering. If we lingered too long Bev knew she would be late for work. After we dried and got dressed I walked Bev to work. Most business were closed on Canada Day but she worked at a US run call centre that dealt with US customers so they were business as usual. She would have Monday the 4th of July off. I kissed her goodbye and told her she was always welcome to come visit me in Toronto. She laughed and headed into work; I hailed a cab and headed back to my mother’s.

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