At Last


Dear readers this is my first story on here so it may be a little rough. All characters are 18 and up. Critism is welcomed. I hope you enjoy it.


We meet at Asian Cuisine. I have already picked out a booth and now waiting. My stomach is full of butterflies. We have been talking over internet for over a month.

I can’t believe you are coming up from Florida just to meet me. You are all that I think about. I see you walk in and head towards me. I’m super nervous. What if you don’t want me after you meet me. What if you don’t like me as much as I like you? You sit down and smile at me. Your smile calms my nerves. Conversation is really easy and we really hit it off.

As we get up to get our food I compare myself to you. You are 5’9″. You have turquoise eyes, long silky black hair, and full luscious lips. You’re not a toothpick and yet I wouldn’t say you’re fat. You have nice firm 38 D breasts. The thing I love the most though is you nice round juicy ass.

Now as for me. I am 5’6″. I have blue izmit escort (sometimes green) eyes, short straight brown hair, and skinny lips (I think). I am a bit on the fluffy side. I have bigger (but as firm) breasts at size 42 D. Plus I have a fat ass.

While we are eating I feel your foot gliding up and down my leg. I nearly choke on my shrimp. I look around to see if anyone is looking. Your getting me wet.

You look at me and say,” Mommy open your legs.” I’m so turned on right now. I know i should feel weird with you calling me Mommy (which I am not), but god u get me so horny when you call me that. I look around again before opening my legs. A moan escapes my lips as your foot makes contact with my jean covered pussy.

“Does mommy want some dessert now?” You’re looking at me like I’m your desert.

“Babygirl let’s skip the dessert,” I manage to finally choke the words out. You smile as the check gets paid and we gather our stuff to leave. As we met at the restaurant we both get in separate vehicles.

We izmit kendi evi olan escort finally get to your hotel room. Once we enter u shove me against the wall. Kissing me urgently. Your leg is between my thighs. I start to grind my pussy on your leg.

You break the kiss to whisper in my ear, “Has babygirl made momma wet? Mommy is acting like a slut rubbing her pussy against babygirl.”

“Yes baby girl. Mommy is a slut. She is your slut.” As I continue to grind my pussy into her leg I remove her shirt to see her gorgeous 42 DD breasts not covered by a bra. She has gorgeous dark dime sized nipples. I lean down and take her left nipple in my mouth. Gently rolling it between my teeth.

“Oh fuck! Mommy you have me so wet. Yes suck my nipples mommy. Oooohhhh. It feels so good.” I continue the assault for a few minutes then switch and do the same to her other nipple. As I pleasure her right breast I move my left hand down to unbutton her jeans.

“Does babygirl want mommy to fuck her sweet little pussy?” I ask as I trace her outer lips.

She starts bucking her hips,” Yes! Fuck my pussy my beautiful slut.” With that I penetrate her with two fingers and drive them in and out. Her pussy juice coats my hand and makes a squelching sound as my fingers fuck in and out her deliciously tight pussy.

I continue my assault on her nipples as I fuck her pussy. I slid in a third finger and in no time I can tell she is getting close.

She grabs my hair and shoves me to my knees, “Lick my pussy mommy slut.” I obey as I pull her jeans down. I don’t even give her time to catch her breath before I dive into that delicious pussy. I keep fucking her with three fingers as I suck her clit into my mouth. I nibble it with my teeth a little and I feel her insides tighten.

“Oh fuck mommy! I’m gonna cum!” I look up as her face and suck her clit into my mouth hard sending her over the edge. She screams my name as she cums.

Her knees buckle and she slides to the floor on her back. I don’t stop though. I keep eating her pussy until she cums three more times. On her fourth orgasm she passes out. I pick her up and take her to the bed, curling up next to her. I wonder what tomorrow brings.

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