Ass Man


We’ve finally gotten a chance to spend some time together, after your schedule and mine conflicted for so long. It was worth the wait. Although I am dressed casually, I was very careful in choosing my attire for the day, and wore my “Ass Pants,” a pair of jeans that really makes my butt look outstanding – perky and round.

We’ve spent most of the day together, and have enjoyed each other’s company and conversation for the past hours, getting to know each other, verbally sparring and teasing with our eyes and suggestive talk. We’ve stolen a kiss or two here and there, copped a feel, and now, without words we’ve agreed that it would be fun to explore each other in a more physical way.

Under my clothing I am wearing some new lingerie, a black lace bra with pink lace trim and matching thong.

We come together in a passionate kiss. My hands run over your shoulders and chest while yours caress my back, heading south to my ass. Our breaths mingle as we taste each other, testing different techniques, teasing, and learning each others’ reactions.

I feel you pull me close, using your strong arms to crush me against you. I catch my breath and for a moment can’t breathe as your rock hard cock pushes against my thigh. My fingers clench against your lower back, holding you close, not wanting to break away, then I push you backwards, and help you out of your shirt.

I explore your body with my hands, touching every square inch of skin now available to me, feeling the muscles below flesh, your soft chest hair against my palms, my fingernails drawing shivers down your spine.

I lean to kiss your chest, but it turns into a nibble, then a soft lick and a light bite. My hot, wet breath traces a path down your abdomen, to the spot where your waistband begins. Your hands are clenching my shoulders reflexively, and I love their strength. You move them up into my hair, massaging my scalp and pulling my silky hair softly as I lick the edge where your pants prevent my further exploration of your body.

One of your hands leaves my body, and moves towards your belt buckle. “Ah-ah,” I say, and move it away. I want to be the one to do this. I reach my hands up to your belt, and loosen it, gaining access to the top button on your pants.

I slowly undo the button, gazing up at you, looking into your eyes and seeing your need gazing back at me. I smile in anticipation, and lower my lips to the soft skin just behind your pant waistband, and nibble as my fingers move towards your fly.

As I expose more of you to the night, my mouth is right there, making sure that each centimeter receives its fair amount of attention.

Your pants fall to the ground, and you step out of them and kick them away before I draw you back towards me. On my knees on the floor, I run my hands over the cotton of your undergarments, feeling your desire rush through your body beneath my touch. Your cock springs to meet my hands as they pass, and I just can’t resist. I lean forward, and breath a long, hot breath through your shorts onto the tip of your head. I feel you tense and hear you sigh softly. Your hands put additional pressure on the back of my head, tightening your grip against me.

I will not be rushed, but I am looking forward to this as much as you are, although you probably don’t realize it.

Slowly, I use my tongue to wet your shorts through along every inch of you cock, licking and breathing hot wet breaths, feeling you quiver with each movement. I slide my hands from the small of your back down your ass, dragging your last bit of clothing with me. As I let the fabric drop, you are now gloriously exposed, while I am still fully clothed, and kneeling in front of you, intent on giving you pleasure.

I begin with my hands, caressing and touching your penis, feeling its rock-hard stiffness underneath the silky soft skin. I run my hands lightly up and down your shaft, watching your expression, and listening to your breaths. I ask, “Do you like this?” You reply that you do, very much, and I continue. “Would you like me to suck your cock?”

“Your eyes get wider with pleasure. “Oh yes,” you say.

I begin with my tongue, licking just the very tip of your head, swirling my lips around, tasting your salty tang. I breathe hot, wet heat out over your cock, as I lower my lips to take your full head in my mouth.

My hands are still encircling your shaft, almanbahis şikayet keeping a soft yet firm pressure on your prick.

I suck lightly on the tip of your cock, running my tongue all around the sensitive edge of your head while my hand glides up and down in rhythmic motion. You hips move a bit, trying to push deeper into my mouth, but I am in charge right now, and I hold you back – there is going to be much more to do this evening, I want to draw this out.

Ever so slowly, I work my way further down your length, pulling you deeper between my lips, my tongue dancing all around you. My one hand continue to stroke you while my other is weighing your balls gently, rocking them back and forth, and playing my fingers on them lightly – like I would play a piano.

I feel your excitement building and think maybe it is time to change things up a bit, keep them interesting…

With a few long up and down strokes of my mouth, I stop and stand up before you. I see a chair behind you, and guide you down to sit. I back away by a few steps and begin disrobing.

As my top comes off, you see my nipples peeking through the black lace of my bra, matching the light pink trim – looking almost innocent – but not quite, of course. I run my hands along my abdomen, up and over my shoulders, and back down to cup my breasts, while looking you directly in the eye, watching your reaction.

You lift a hand to reach out, and I back up a step. You’ll get yours soon enough.

My left hand stays on my breasts, while my right trails down my stomach to the waistband of my jeans, slipping below. You can see the shape of my hand delve further, and I let out a soft gasp when I reach my goal. I pull my hand back up, and stick a single glistening finger in my mouth, then two, licking them thoroughly.

I reach down again, now with both hands, to unbutton my jeans. You can see the lace of my though for just a moment before I turn my back to you as I shimmy out of my jeans, gliding them down, bit by bit, exposing a small portion of a cheek with each move.

I turn around and approach your chair and straddle you like a lap dancer. I gyrate my hips back and forth, in small circles over your hard cock, teasing my swollen clit against you.

I kiss you deeply, dipping my tongue into your mouth, then I place a hand behind your neck to pull you to one of my breasts. Your breath tingles as your tongue wets me and your lips surround my nipple with heat and suction. I feel your teeth softly nip me, sending shivers cascading down my body. My hand tightens in your hair and holds you to me as my other hand clenches fingers tightly into your shoulder.

You are groaning against my breast, and I gasp as you move away. I sigh with pleasure when your mouth finds my other breast and begins sucking my nipple hard.

I lift my hips up just enough for your cock to stand up straight and feel the heat of my cunt, then slide forward again, rubbing your head against my clip and my hot pussy lips against your shaft.

I intend to tease you until you can’t take it anymore and you finally fuck me like I need you to.

My other breast wants more attention, and so I shift. Pulling the one from your mouth with a small ‘pop’ sound and roughly shove the other into its place. Excited beyond measure, I growl low “Suck it. That’s right, suck my tit!”

You take a deep breath as I work my cunt over your cock, sucking my nipple harder and deeper into your warm mouth, biting it softly. A hiss escapes my lips as you nibble at my nipple, and my fingers dig into your head and shoulder in rhythm.

As I get hotter, my pussy leaks slick juices onto your cock, adding more lubrication to its throbbing length ever slicker. You can’t see what I’m doing to your cock but you can feel it, and your hips begin to move in time with mine.

I know you want to sink into my wetness, and I want you inside me as well, but I am determined to make this last. As I lift up, you can feel the wetness of my cunt, warm and inviting. You sigh, then my pussy lifts off of you and you gasp and bite my nipple a little harder, feeling it harden more in your mouth.

Suddenly, I stop my sensuous rubbing of my clit and slit over your cock, and turn around to reposition myself to squat over your lap, with my ass toward you. Taking your cock into one hand, I position that purple swollen almanbahis canlı casino head at my cunthole and lower myself just enough to have it tickle pussy lips and dip its throbbing head in. You groan with anticipated pleasure as I place your throbbing hard cock at my entrance and push down a little allowing the head to enter me ever so slightly.

You might not be able to voice what you’re wanting, but your moan tells me what I want to know and brings a pleased edge of a smile to my face. My eyes slide closed at the sensation of you so close to filling me up.

I lower myself another half centimetre onto your cock, sighing as I feel you stretch me. I’m not moving on your cock, no lifting and falling of greedy cunt, simply adding that bit more into me and stopping. I’m battling with my own need to be fucked and all I can think of to ease the situation is another order.

Careful to keep my pussy as still as possible, I lean backward to run my tongue up along your neck and over your ear, then whisper huskily “You’re going to finger my clit now. Nice and slow. Get me even hotter for you.” There. That should do it.

You groan again as I push my pussy further onto your cock, you try and thrust upwards lifting your hips to push that cock into my pussy. Your tongue flicks out, tasting my neck, sending shivers through me. I feel you shudder as I whisper in your ear but you obediently spit on your fingers and lower them towards my throbbing clit, reaching around me to feel your way. You begin rubbing it lightly, with just a little pressure to built up the moment.

But, Tsk, tsk, you moved. You tried to take what you wanted with that upward lift of your hips. And so, I pull my pussy free from your cock, much as it complains, at being so rudely divested of throbbing hardness.

You have to learn. You need to know that if you want this pussy, you’re going to have to be a lot more forceful than the attempt you made, because I’m going to fight you for control tonight.

You did however, set those delicious fingers of yours to work, rubbing over my clit in precisely the way I like it, drawing a low moan from me “Mmmm…that’s it. Yes, don’t stop.” I rub against your lap with my ass and pussy, squirming around as your wonderful fingers bring me waves of pleasure.

You reach your other hand around to caress my ass, sliding it along my back and thigh, then down under my seat, where my pussy rubs you. I feel you reposition your cock towards the crack of my ass, never stopping our rubbing rhythm. Just as I am about to say something, I feel your finger exploring my pussy lips. I can’t hold back and a groan escapes my lips. I feel you insert one finger inside of me, and I rock back and forth on it.

Your fingers on my clit and inside of me, and your cock teasing my ass as it slides back and forth is almost too much. The sensations are amazing, and for a moment I forget that I am in charge, as the pleasure you are giving me racks my body.

Suddenly, you growl out loud and push me to my feet using the hands inside me and at my clit, forcing your way to a standing position. I’m thrown slightly off balance, but you catch me before I fall.

My eyes fly wide with shock as you stand and send me tumbling off your lap. As you catch me I realize what you’ve done, a snarl at being robbed of my plaything comes spilling out and I try to wrest control back.

You roughly turn me around push me backwards onto the nearby bed, a look of shock on my face, as I fall helplessly.

You can see in my eyes that that is exactly what I wanted you to do, despite my feeble attempt to fight you off.

You take me by the legs and move me roughly, again, but I enjoy that, being manhandled by you just makes my pussy wetter. You pull me towards the edge of the bed opening me up for you to impale me on your amazing cock.

Although I ache for you, I still try to wriggle away, but you are too strong. My legs are on your shoulders, leaving me helpless in a position that you can take full advantage of. You take your throbbing cock in one hand and guide it towards me, looking down briefly to see it glistening with my excitement.

I try to sling myself over onto my stomach with a view to crawling away. Too late, your hard cock comes raging into my tight, hot cunt and I gasp, back arching and hands clawing at the sheets under me for almanbahis casino that long awaited and much needed thrust, when you grunt out aloud, “There you fucking little tease that’s how it’s done.” Now you start fucking me hard and fast, at last.

You have done my bidding, regardless of whether you realize that just yet or not. And you’re giving me a thorough fucking, balls slapping against my ass that is slippery from my own juices dripping down. My hands fondle my breasts as they bounce and jostle rhythmically with you.

Suddenly you pull that hard cock out of my pussy, you flip me over onto my stomach, and out of nowhere you slap my ass. I stop, shocked, and even more turned on.

You pull me back towards you and your waiting cock, sinking it deep into me again with no warning. I can’t even try to crawl away as your strong hands have a firm grip on my hips, as you now start to fuck me from behind.

You look down and can see just how swollen and puffy my cunt lips are, your cock running in and out. Your cock throbs so hard I can feel it inside me making me want to cum all over your hardness.

I stop struggling, pushing back to meet each stroke with a moan. I allow my fingers to slip down over my breasts, down my stomach and between swollen lips to my clit. I tickle myself there, heightening the pleasure you are already giving me, as I feel one of your hands join mine as your fingers push mine out of the way.

Feeling you fucking me from behind and your fingers rubbing my pleasure nub sends me over the edge. I hear your sounds of satisfaction as you feel my cunt gripping your cock as I climb higher and higher into orgasm. I moan, “I’m cumming! Oh God, yes, you fuck me so good,” as I shudder into release.

Turning to look over my shoulder, I catch you smiling. You slide a finger, already so wet from my cum, up between my ass cheeks, running it over my puckered hole.

I look forward and squeeze my eyes shut in anticipation. I know what is coming next and can’t wait. My ass shifts around, trying to find that finger and invite it into me.

I know the minute you push it into my ass it would take two, maybe three thrusts in and out of my ass and cunt at the same time and I’d be cumming again – hard enough to take my breath away.

My fingers are back at my clit as you thrust in and out of my cunt. You are waiting, watching, knowing what I want, your finger sliding up to my puckered little ass. You can feel my pussy clench down on you, wanting you to touch me deeper, wanting you to push in a finger.

Apparently you feel that your fingers are not yet wet enough, so you move them to join your cock in my cunt, cock and fingers thrusting in and out, hard and steady.

Your fingers are now soaking wet with my juices. You remove them from my pussy and place one at my asshole, probing gently. You can feel me try to open to you, to let you push it in, and you slip quickly into my hole, thrusting your finger in time with your cock, you are so close to cumming you start to groan, but admirably, you manage to hold it off a little longer.

My breathing is ragged and patchy from your expert pounding of my pussy. I gasp at the new sensation of finger and cock working in unison in and out of my cunt and ass.

You’re stretching my puckered hole with your finger and matching your cock thrusts in timing. I manage to pant “Fuck! I’m going to cum again.” a small whimper slips in “Please…make me cum.” another gasp for breath as I feel myself going over the edge.

Once more, my cunt contracts hard around your cock, my puckered hole imitating my pussy as I keep up the back and forth thrusting with you riding through wave after wave of ecstasy. Your fingers are still working on my ass at the same pace, sliding in and out with the motion of your cock, making sure you get every shudder out of me.

You can feel me contracting around you, tightening muscles and gripping your cock and finger, but you keep going until I can feel your cock jerking deep into my pussy, still thrusting as you take your own satisfaction and burst into me.

My thighs begin to tremble from aftershock, and I slowly lower myself down to the cool sheets of the bed as I try to get my breathing under control.

I feel your arms around me as you lift me up again, and feel your cock leave my pussy.

I sigh and turn my head to look into your eyes, as you push your cock against my ass crack and settle down behind me on the bed, wrapping your hot body around mine.

We lay satiated for a moment, then I feel you begin to get hard, gently moving against me, your cock head nuzzling my back door…

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