Army times


This true story happened back in my army days. I was going with this girl I met at Ft Meade, Maryland, we were both very young at the time, 21 and 20, out on our own for the first time and willing to try just about anything. Being from Kentucky, she grew up around racist attitudes, but being around people of different races, working and living with them makes ones view of the world change. Cindy (as I will call her here) lived next door to a rather wild blonde girl who enjoyed going out with black men, and we could always hear the goings on in the next room in her barracks. It was not uncommon to hear moans and bed post poundings at all hours of the day or night….we often wondered when she ever slept! Cindy and I would often lay in bed listening to this and end up in each others arms as well.

One night, when Cindy had duty (C.Q. As they used to call it-guarding a building and manning a phone, back before cell phones were available) I was hanging out with her, which I was not supposed to be doing, and we got caught by her first Sgt., a big black man (6’3″ or so) and I was ordered to go back to my barracks. Now, being horny and all, I waited for about a half an hour then crept back to her building and she let me back in. We had the lights off and were making out on a cot they had for the person on duty, when suddenly a loud pounding on the door startled us both. I got under the cot and had the green army blanket hanging over me, as well as being in the dark room.

Cindy kocaeli escort went to the door, turned on the light and asked who was there. It was her first Sgt. Again, who she let in and they began talking, though I was too far away to hear the conversation, as they were almost whispering. Now, Cindy and I had talked about sex with black men and women (I had dated a black girl briefly myself), but she had never had the experience, particularly since it was a taboo subject back in her home town. Their conversation continued, and she suddenly put her harm on his big shoulder (she was only about 5″6, short blond hair, and rather petite at the time) and he lowered his head and they kissed passionately for what seemed a full minute. I could not believe my eyes as he grabbed her tits through the o.d. Green shirt and started to kiss her neck, as she looked over at me, smiled and gave me a wink. She then proceeded to tale off her top and bra, as he let out a moan and played with her beautiful perky tits. After a few minutes of kissing and sucking her tits, she got his shirt off and started to kiss his massive chest and slowly licked her way down to his belt buckle. She dropped down to her knees and started to undo his pants, pulling them down, exposing his bulge in his underwear, which was hard already. She then grabbed his shorts and pulled them down slowly until his cock sprang loose and smacked her in the face with a rather loud slap. She gasped (as did I, slightly) as it was the biggest dick I had darıca escort ever seen, and showering with black guys, I had seen some big dicks. Cindy reached out and grabbed his pulsing cock with her hand, her petite white fingers not even making it around his fat cock, which was, I swear at least 10 inches long. She started to stoke it, pulling back the foreskin on his uncircumcised monster, exposing his huge dick head, and started to kiss and lick the head as he leaned back against the wall, pushing his pelvis out to make it easier for Cindy to suck his cock, which she was now doing, trying to get as much of it into her mouth as she could, but not getting more than a couple of inches in. He reached down and grabbed her blond hair, making a pony tail in the back with his hand pulling her head forward, to get more and more of it in. By now she had her hands on his black ass pulling it towards her, as he continued to face fuck my girl. This continued until he pulled her up and she started to pull off her pant uniform and then her blue panties and socks and kicked them out of the way.

The sight of Cindy kissing this huge black man, stoking his huge black dick, the head reaching almost to her tits was driving me wild, as I stoked my own cock which was hard at watching this sight. She pointed his dick down to her pussy, which by now was wet, I am sure and started to rub his cock around the entrance to her wet cunt, rubbing herself over the top of it. I could see her pussy gölcük escort juice making his black cock glisten, as she teased him with this, squeezing her legs together, jacking him off with her body. After a minute of this, he picked her up and started to lower her down on his pole, while she guided it to her pussy, stopping at the entrance to allow for her to adjust to his huge cock breaking open her for the first time. She wrapped her hands around his neck and stated to slowly lower her pelvis down n it, taking a little more each time as she moaned in passion. He took her over to a desk where he sat her ass down and she laid back as he stoked his cock in and out of her. I could see after a few moments she was convulsing in what was a huge orgasm . Soon, he was fucking her faster and faster and then he pulled out and shot a big stream of cum right at her face, landing in her hair, as she got up to grab his dick and pull it to her lips to suck down the rest of his nut, some of which dribbled out of her mouth. She kept her mouth on his cock, drinking down his full load and sucked it and kissed it until it dropped down from her mouth, she licking it and looking at him as the smiled.

After a few minutes, he dressed and left. Cindy then came over to me and kissed me, and I could still smell the mixture of his warm cum and her pussy juices as her tongue met mine. We made love three times that night, before I headed back to my barracks, it being almost dawn, exhausted and satisfied. We experimented with other guys and couples many times over the next few months, until the military separated us and we moved on, but I will never forget that night with Cindy.

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