Ariel’s Story


After my dad died in a farm accident, mum tried to make ends meet by leasing the farm and renting a house in town.

Mum worked hard as a receptionist in the local real estate office, and I had a part time job, working at the hardware store on weekends and after school.

I agreed with mum that if I could finish my last year in high school, we could have more money coming into the house once I had a reasonably paid job.

Mum was the prettiest girl in school when she was growing up and in all the school photos her light brown hair and pretty blue eyes caught everyone’s eye. For those who missed those details, her body made attracted plenty of notice and made everyone else look plain.

But now the mother of two grown adults was beginning to show the wear and tear of being a farmer’s wife. The death of dad hit her hard. There was no sign she would ever drop her bundle and lose everything dad worked for, but she had to keep fighting hard to make ends meet.

We all assumed that my older brother Mort would return from the city and run the farm. But he seemed to think he was close to getting a break in his acting career. He thought if he made it, we could hire as many people as we liked to work the farm for us, and we could travel the world as long as we liked. His dreams never really materialised, but like mum and dad, he never gave up, which really meant he never came home where he could be of real help.

When I left school, I was hired full time as a check out girl and customer help at the local Hardware Store. Two years had passed and we were never really able to save for holidays or to get reasonable presents for birthdays and Christmas for one another, or our friends. I was 19 years old and started to think my life was going nowhere. Mum must have felt worse.

One day after working at the hardware store, I met mum at the café and we sat down to a cup of coffee and she asked me if she would mind if we let out Morty’s bedroom to a boarder.

‘Have you got anyone in mind?’ I asked her.

‘Tyler Gordon, the new manager of the Supermarket.’

‘Have you spoken to him mum?’ I asked.

‘I haven’t met him yet. One of the agents at work said he would ask around for him to see if there was anything available. I wanted to talk to you first Ariel. There would need to be some changes made. You might not have the same privacy and you might need to keep a lid on the noise and so on,’ mum explained.

‘I don’t think it will make too much difference to me mum,’ I said. ‘He seems to be popular and sociable. I don’t mind.’

Mum said, ‘I’ll talk to him this week and see what happens.’

Mr Gordon moved in three days later and he kept to himself, mostly eating at one of the diners in town. At the beginning we didn’t see him very much. He was often home in the house on Sundays, Monday afternoons and Tuesdays, which was some of the time he was not required at work.

My mother was busy on alternate Sundays at the Real Estate office, assisting with auctions or consulting at inspection homes.

Mum seemed to get on well with Mr Gordon. I guess she enjoyed male company and he seemed to be very charming in a smooth practised way. People in sales and promotion probably become practised at that after a while. He was friendly toward me and always smiled when we saw one another in the house, particularly in the mornings. He was cheerful when he woke, not grumpy like my dad was, but I think his life was a lot easier than my dad’s.

After he had been boarding with us for a few weeks, mum started quoting Mr Gordon about different things, and he made sure she knew what he liked and didn’t like. She seemed to like him a lot and told me he was such a nice man.

‘Good for you mum,’ I said. ‘It’s not too bad having a man in the house is it?’

I think he charmed her almost off her feet.

On a Monday, about 2 months after he began lodging at our place, mum went to the city to visit my brother for 2 days. I told mum I would be OK and to enjoy having a break from work.

At work that afternoon, I was moving some stock around in the hardware store when I lost my footing and fell down and hurt the top of my leg. I limped to the doctor’s surgery, about six shops past the hardware store. When the doctor had examined me, she found that through touching the sprained area and noting where the pain was, that the injury was a slight soft tissue sprain. She prescribed rest for 2 days and then light duties, meaning no lifting, until another appointment the following week.

I caught a taxi home, stopping at the liquor shop to buy 2 cans of rum and cola. I knew mum didn’t approve of me drinking alone and had forbidden any alcohol in the house unless we were having guests over for a meal, but it was such a nice day to relax outside that I broke her rule just this once. As the weather was very pleasant with a clear sky, I decided to lie in the back yard and read. I stripped naked, left my clothes inside and settled on an inflatable double mattress to read and doze off as the tandoğan escort mood led me.

I had finished one can and was half way through the other one when I dozed off. I must have slept for a few minutes when a cool breeze woke me. I opened my eyes and saw a small cloud casting shade over the area.

I heard Mr Gordon’s voice say, ‘Hi Ariel. Are you enjoying the sun?’

He was smiling, obviously enjoying the view of my naked body. I was shocked to see him leaning against the back door, which of course I had to go through to retrieve my clothes. I had nothing to cover myself up with and was very self-conscious.

‘Could you pass me my clothes please Mr Gordon?’ I pleaded with him. ‘They’re just inside the back door.’

‘There’s no need for you to dress for my benefit, Ariel. I’m not offended.’ Then he added, ‘Why are you home. Don’t you work on Mondays?’

‘I’m very self-conscious with my clothes off Mr Gordon. Could you get them for me please?’ I pleaded.

‘Don’t be self conscious Ariel,’ he said removing his shoes and shirt and socks. ‘Would it help if I join you?’

‘No! I should get dressed,’ I said very nervously. ‘I thought I was alone. It’s usually private out here.’

He removed his pants and stood with his white underpants still on. I was in mild shock at Mr Gordon’s almost bare body. He was holding a large tube of Sun block which he must have had in the pocket of his pants, but the biggest shock I received was watching his penis change shape in his shorts. I was fascinated to see a change in a person’s anatomy with nothing apparently causing it. It was like it was another creature with it’s own life. .

I could see that he would not cooperate with me so I got up, not caring that he could see my bare body. I limped for the door and found it was locked.

‘The door is locked. I left it unlocked. Where is the key?’ I demanded.

‘I have it. It’s safe,’ he said with a wicked grin on his face.

‘Can I have it please Mr Gordon?’ I pleaded.

‘Sure. In a few moments.’

I picked up his pants and felt in all the pockets. He did not object, nor did he try and stop me. All his pockets were empty.

‘Where is it?’ I demanded.

He said in a friendly tone, ‘Look, you were enjoying lying out here in the sun shine. I would feel bad if you had to stop on my account and there’s enough room on the double inflatable for both of us to share. I promise I won’t remove my shorts and we can both enjoy some fresh air.’

‘But I’m naked,’ I said, resigned to the fact that I would have to stay that way.

‘Yes,’ he replied. ‘You might as well relax and enjoy some time off work. We’ll go back in the house in a while,’ he said, trying to justify being with me while I had nothing to cover my naked body with.

I asserted, ‘Don’t touch me!’

I seemed to have no choice. I had no access to my clothes and I was locked out of my own house. Still, I was relatively safe. If he did anything out of line, I could scream and then nearest neighbour would hear me.

He took up his position on the inflatable mattress lying on his back, but leaving room for me. He had the good sense not to gloat by saying ‘Join me’ or anything smart-ass like that. By the time he settled beside me, the bulge in his underpants was pronounced. The fabric had stretched and his penis seemed to be trying to escape.

Reluctantly, I resumed lying down on the available space on my stomach. My tits and my pubic area would be out of his sight and if he wanted to stare at my arse, I could live with that.

I found it was difficult to relax with him so close to me and being naked only made it worse. The silent tension was making me tense and the whole idea of relaxing was impossible.

He said in a quiet voice, ‘Ariel, you might get sunburn if you stay there too long. I have some Sun-Block. Perhaps you should use it.’

That actually made sense. I had been outside for some time already and restricted to lying on my stomach, I was likely to overdose on sunlight on my back if I remained here too long.

‘I’m not moving. You will have to put it on me if you don’t mind,’ I retorted with no hint of friendliness in my voice.

His soft voice would have been like honey if he had not placed me in this compromising position. He poured some lotion onto the small of my back and began spreading it around my back with his fingertips.

It felt very relaxing after I accepted his touch. There was no alternative. I did not want to suffer with the discomfort of sunburn in addition to recovering from my leg injury during the next week.

As he spread the lotion over me, his touch on my shoulders and the back of my neck sent shivers through me. I tried not to show any response but he must have noticed my shiver followed by a long sigh, as he lightly smeared more lotion on the sunny side touching the swell of my right breast.

I was trapped by my nakedness but mostly because I did not want to display the front of my body to tunalı escort him. I did not want to be part of any advantage he wanted to take. If necessary, I would remain outside until he had to move back inside himself. At that point, I would stand up and not even worry about my breasts and pubic area being exposed to him. Once I could reach my clothes, I would feel much less vulnerable.

To my relief, he switched his attention to my feet where he lightly smeared my ankle that was unbandaged, then began moving up along my lightly muscled calves. It felt very nice on the back of my knees. He ran the tips of his fingers up along both sides of my lower legs which felt less like smearing lotion and more like a light massage.

Without conviction, I hissed, ‘Just spread the lotion please Mr Gordon. Stop feeling me up please.’

He made no response, then continued on the back of my thighs. He smeared his hands with lotion again and after two minutes on my thighs, I started to feel an alarming increase in my arousal.

‘I need to apply some on the inside of your thighs, Ariel.’ He explained. ‘Would you mind just moving your feet apart a little please?’

He moved behind my feet and held my ankles firmly, then moved them what felt like three feet apart.

‘That’s about right,’ he said.

He must have been examining the view from behind me, as he did not move or speak for about a minute afterward. After the first flush of self-consciousness, I decided to try not to be embarrassed. He was the intruder. I was innocently and discreetly relaxing when he arrived.

After a few minutes, I was becoming more relaxed with him. I was relieved he was behind me because without having to look at him, I could ignore what he was looking at. I need not acknowledge anything he might see.

From a kneeling position between my feet, his hand slowly crept up my inner thighs, one at a time until he could run his fingertips in the crease between the top of my legs and my arse cheeks.

‘That’s close enough!’ I snarled at him.

He began to spread sun block on my buttocks.

‘Don’t touch my bottom Mr Gordon,’ I demanded, trying to sound as cross as I could.

‘You might get sunburn there the same as anywhere else,’ he replied.

‘Give me the Sun-Block. I can do it myself thank you.’

He gave it to me and watched while I tried to do it from a lying position without letting him get a view of my tits. It was awkward and I soon conceded that he would do a more thorough job than I could. I closed my legs again

Once again he poured lotion on me, covering my bottom and I could feel it seeping down between my cheeks and over the rose of my sensitive arse hole. Its ticklish flow aroused me enormously.

As he continued spreading the Sun-block to protect me, his fingers followed the lotion between my buttocks. I wanted him to stop, but I was becoming so aroused.

My protest, ‘Stop Now Please Mr Gordon,’ was without any force.

He responded, ‘You are getting sunlight right between your arse cheeks and should protect yourself there as well.’

Once again he moved my feet apart and his fingers resumed their maddeningly stimulating effect between my legs. Then from the small of my back, he trailed his fingers down between my cheeks. I thought he would stop short of my anus, and he did, but after a few long seconds he lightly slid them right over my sensitive little hole and past it.

My resistance seemed to have disappeared with his continually sensual touching of my tingling skin. He momentarily stopped, then after half a minute’s agonising wait, he re-started running four fingers very lightly up and down between my arse cheeks several times until I was ready to shriek at the top of my lungs. When his index finger stopped right on the spot of my anus, I inadvertently raised my buttocks wishing his finger would penetrate me. What he did was even worse. His finger remained still for some seconds, and then he began to revolve his finger on my arse hole very slowly, alternately in both directions.

‘What are you doing Mr Gordon?’ I asked, hoping he would stop but hoping even more that he wouldn’t.

He didn’t answer. He just continued to revolve his finger on the sensitive rose of my anus without invading.

Somehow I came to my senses and said, ‘You really must stop doing that please Mr Gordon. It’s so bad.’

He said, ‘I think you’re right. Just lift up a little and I’ll finish with the lotion.’

I had no idea what he meant but as he appeared to be agreeing with me, I followed his instruction and raised my buttocks so they were directly above my knees which were still wide apart. My chest was still on the mattress.

He began smearing me past my anus and across my perineum. His fingers trailed lightly through the short light fuzz of my vagina. It was the most arousing sensation I ever felt. Everything Mr Gordon did seemed to keep getting me more and more worked up.

I felt my pubic hairs being pulled lightly turangüneş escort apart and he must have seen my open pussy and my anus clearly from behind me. I must have looked very rude from the position where he could see me.

This had clearly gone too far and I called an immediate halt. ‘STOP it,’ I snapped at him. ‘You can’t just keep feeling me and tickling me whenever you feel like it, Mr Gordon.’

Of course, what I feared most was that he would do what I told him to do. I resumed my position lying on the mattress but forgot to close my legs.

‘Well I think you have a lot to learn about your body and I think this is an ideal time and place for you. I know you’re a virgin and I believe you think you’re getting a bit too old for that and I agree with you.’

‘What makes you think I’m a virgin?’ I asked.

He moved around and sat in front of me on the concrete patio where I could see him. His cock was still tenaciously fighting to escape from his underpants. He must have been very aroused to produce an erection of such vast proportion, but his voice remained calm and even had me beginning to relax.

‘Veronica thinks you might start going out with boys sometime soon. That makes me think you haven’t started yet. Would you prefer to let some bumbling pimply youth embarrass himself as well as you, or learn what you can from someone with a little experience?’ he asked me.

‘What’s to learn? I’ve got two arms and legs the same as every body else,’ I reasoned.

‘Well I think you’re a vibrant, wonderful, unique woman Ariel. It would be my privilege to learn about you and to see what I can help you find out. You might have learnt something already. Answer me this truthfully. Did you know how responsive you would be to having your arse hole touched?’

I was shocked at his explicit language, but he was right. I remained silent. That invasion of my body had me close to some kind of internal pleasure explosion. I didn’t want to give him any credit when all he was probably doing was feeling me up where ever he could get at me. But this whole game had changed from pretending it was protecting me from sunburn to dubious groping with my consent.

He continued. ‘I think you know I’m right. You just don’t want me to win. Well I don’t want to win either Ariel. I want you to win. But nobody wins anything by resisting.’

His arguments seemed to have no answer to them. I did not want this conversation. I had no idea what I wanted.

He was very persuasive. He said, ‘Just let me finish applying Sun-block, and I’ll stop whenever you ask me to.’

‘Haven’t you finished yet?’ I snapped trying to exert the control I felt was slipping away

‘Almost finished, but you shouldn’t get so cross with me Ariel. Just let me proceed. . . . Is that OK?’

“I suppose,’ I answered reluctantly.

‘Right. Now lift up again for me.’

Once I started agreeing with his suggestions, it became hard to change what appeared to be an established trust regardless of how irrelevant his logic was. Why would I need to lift up and display myself to him again? Reluctantly, I resumed my position, with my behind raised up. I knew I was showing him a full display of my sex organs.

But another vital part of me was very excited and aroused by the idea of Mr Gordon watching a blatant display of my exposed vagina. Once again, he brushed his fingers over my pubic hair but this time I began to feel like I was wanting more. I wanted to display everything I had to him.

He spread me open again by pulling on my pubes. I imagined what he was looking at. The excitement caused me to start twitching. I felt his fingers ploughing down the cleavage between my arse cheeks, slowly over my anus and between the drenched lips of my exposed vagina.

‘What are you doing Mr Gordon?’ I asked but I didn’t want an answer. I just wanted to feel his hands all over my slavering cunt.

‘Have you ever had an orgasm Ariel?’ he asked me in his quiet voice.

‘I don’t think so. What do I do?’ I asked.

‘Do nothing at the moment. Just remain still and think about what you can feel. You might like this.’

He sounded very confident.

I felt so vulnerable. I had no idea what Mr Gordon was going to do to me. I couldn’t see, and that made everything I could feel so much more intense. I could feel his fingers ploughing my dewy cunt lips then one of his fingers continued to the front of my vagina and began circling wide circles around what must have been my clitoris. Those circles became smaller and his movement remained slow.

I could feel contractions throughout my helpless vagina, but they seemed to be centred on my clit. The pulsing intensified and I felt another finger invade my cunt slowly, rubbing the inside of me at the front, exciting me even further. But the intensity of the tingling targeted on my clitoris increased to a point where I had began to lose control.

Exquisite streams of pleasure coursed through my body increasing as I heard my-self whimpering. Soon, a high pitched squeal escaped me when my clitoris felt as though it had powerful currents of pleasure controlling me like nothing I had ever experienced before. I could feel my vagina muscles gripping his finger still planted in my wet hole but it came out as I collapsed on the mattress, gasping for breath.

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