Anxious Pool Fun


Of all the women who I’ve slept with over the years, almost all of them needed to be wooed, cajoled, persuaded and – in the extreme – inebriated before I could have a chance of getting into their pants. It would usually take all the charm and raw sexual magnetism I could muster and then some before I could even start unbuttoning their shirt, though that’s what I expect the guy has to do. But like I said, almost all the women I’ve slept with, save one.

Being a 23 year old guy, and in relative good shape, thanks to all the water polo I play, you wouldn’t think that it would be too hard for me to get a shag, or at least a date with the prospect of a shag. But sometimes it just takes too much time, effort, and that dreaded thing – commitment – before I can even think about taking my pants off. That perspective changed pretty quickly when I met Bec.

Bec was a friend of a teammate of mine, who also played on the women’s water polo team of the same uni. I’d seen her a couple of times at comps and thought she was a bit of a horn bag, but never really found the opportunity to put the moves on her, until my teammate introduced us. Being a water polo player meant that she was muscular in all the right places, but was also well endowed, since polo players have got usually a lot more meat on them than regular swimmers. At the age of twenty, she was pretty tall, about three inches shorter than me – about five-nine – but with legs up to her throat, and breasts large and perky enough to guarantee that I hardly wanted to look at her face. She also had a firm and shapely ass that I just dreamt of hanging onto while she gyrated on top of me. Now, I’m not saying she was a super model or anything – being an athlete meant she wasn’t exactly feminine all the time, and since she was fairly tall, she was a bit gangly, to put it plainly, but that didn’t matter much. Throw in with all that an almost identical resemblance to Michelle Timms – with short, bleached blonde hair and a confident, wicked grin – and you can see why this story may be worth telling.

Bec was a wild one, to put it simply. All the time she’s spent around the guys at training had taught her to be ballsy and confident, as well as smart enough to know that cleavage alone is enough to bend most guys to her will, which she took frequent advantage of. And yes, it was the one look at her cleavage that made me start to hope that I’d be taken advantage of as soon as possible. So after meeting her, I basically went into ‘work it’ mode and tried intently, and obviously, to get her to fancy me but since I thought that she was a bit of a tease, I had myself set for the long haul. But to my surprise, after a couple of weeks of the occasional meeting and chat over drinks, I got a call from her inviting me over to her house for a swim, with enough of an alluring tone in her voice to make me think I might not need my boardies.

But when I arrived at her house, the half wood I was working on canlı bahis disappeared without a trace when she opened her door and I saw her parents sitting in the lounge room. Bec was an only child, and as such I felt that her parents had plenty of time to keep an eye on her, so when I said hello I tried desperately to look like just a friend, and not like some guy who’d expected to be making their daughter scream like an animal as soon as he got through the door. Feeling dejected, Bec led me to the pool out the back and we jumped in. After a short time, she started to swim close to me, and though I wasn’t sure at the time, I thought that she was intentionally brushing her body against my dick.

“You don’t look happy to be here,” she pouted as she again rubbed past my crotch.

“I’m happy, just not as happy as I thought I’d be,” I replied a bit suggestively, a thin ray of hope still remaining in my mind.

She put her arms around me and hugged me close to her bikini-clad breasts, her erect nipples calling me to suck on them. She whispered into my ear, “maybe you’ll be happier once I’ve sucked your cock.”

My eyes almost exploded out of her head. I hadn’t expected her to say that, much less put it that way, but I was sure at that point that she definitely understood the male mind. I was rock hard before her hands touched the waistband of my shorts, but my hard on wavered when I quite clearly saw both her parents through the nearby kitchen window. My look of apprehension didn’t stop Bec from submerging under the water and removing my shorts. For a split second, fear took over and I tried to pull her back up, but as I felt the cool sensation of the water replaced by the warmth of her mouth, I was too happy to care. How I didn’t come in her mouth straight away was a miracle, and I continued to think that as I watched her head bobbing up and down on my cock through the rippling water. I was in absolute heaven, though I again caught a glimpse of her parents through the window. Now, being a swimmer, Bec could hold her breath for a long time, but with feeling of her warm mouth sucking my cock against the feel of the cool water on the rest of my body, as well the anxiety of her parents possibly catching the look of ecstasy on my face, and just the fact alone that I was getting a blow job was enough to bring to climax in under thirty seconds. I blew my load into Bec’s eager mouth, and she continued to suck for a little while longer, just to make sure she’d got it all, as well as to prove how turned on she was. She reemerged with that wicked grin on her face, wiping at the corner of her mouth with her hand.

“You’re a lot bigger than I thought you were,” she said mischievously, having had plenty of opportunities to see my equipment tucked into my polo speedos. I didn’t think that she was really as honest as she was pretending to be, but after just having blown my load into her mouth, I was too fired up to really care. I was going to be bahis siteleri the aggressive one now, having regained my composure, and I wasn’t going to be satisfied until I had this horny bitch impaled on my cock and screaming for all she was worth.

I pulled her close again, and turning her in the water so her back was to the house, I pulled her bikini up and began to suck on her erect, cherry red nipples. She groaned with pleasure as I sucked and nibbled, and her hand drifted to my quickly recovering dick. I could already begin to feel the blood surging back as she started to quickly jerk me off, while I continued to suck on her magnificent tits. Within seconds I was raging hard, and with a terrible lust driving me on, I reached beneath the water and pulled her bikini bottoms to one side and started to eagerly explore her warm and slippery cunt with my fingers.

Her moaning became more audible as I probed her tight hole and rubbed lightly at her clit. Feeling that the moment was not far away, I began to rub the engorged tip of my cock against her cunt, while she tried desperately to stop the teasing by grinding down on top of me.

“I swear if you don’t fuck me soon, I’ll go crazy,” she said in a guttural voice into my ear, which she then bit on hard.

“But I thought you liked teasing,” I said confidently as I again rubbed my cock against her pussy. She arched her body back as a shot of pleasure ran through her, and she then looked back at me with fire in her eyes and an intent look on her face. “Fuck me now!” She almost screamed, loud enough that there was a good chance that it would carry to the house.

Thinking that it would be only a matter of seconds before her father would be outside with a shotgun, blasting away at me, and that I couldn’t possibly get any more turned on – I can’t resist a woman who talks dirty – I threw caution to the wind, and in one quick motion, thrust my cock into Bec’s hungry pussy.

“Oh…!” She began to scream again, but stopped as I jammed my tongue into her talented mouth. She clutched me close and kissed me back twice as hard as she started to grind down on me with her strong hips. I was cheering my own luck as I grabbed onto the ass that I’d been craving after for a good while, all the while thrusting with everything I had into her warm and slippery cunt. With all the built up frustration, anxiety and excitement, I was experiencing the most enjoyable sex I’d ever had, and I couldn’t believe both how tight and wet she was, considering how much sex I’m sure she’d had in her life.

Without removing my dick, I drew her over to the built in steps of her pool so I could get some real purchase so I could fuck her even harder. She was obviously in agreement as she yelled “Yes, yes, yes – fuck me harder!” I couldn’t care less that she was probably putting it on a bit thick at that point, but at that stage I had to at least allow myself to believe that she was enjoying herself almost bahis firmaları as much as I was. After another couple of minutes of hard fucking, watching her firm tits rocking back and forth as I pumped into her still slippery cunt, I knew I was getting close, and the look of both pleasure and expectation on Bec’s face hopefully meant that she was feeling the same.

She stopped me suddenly by putting her hands on my chest, and looked at me with those eyes again as she clawed my chest. “Do you want to come in me?” She said in a demure voice that almost made me blow right there and then. I nodded so quickly I almost injured my neck. “Good, because I think I’m about to come so hard that I won’t be able to stand for a week. Now, I want you to fuck me from behind.”

Who was I to argue with that! I pulled myself out of her, and I watched almost mesmerised as she turned and perched herself out of the water on the stair, with her gorgeous ass pointed right at me, her glistening and dripping cunt almost inviting me to finish her off. With a wicked look across her shoulder, she slowly and erotically pulled her bottoms all the way down, then rubbed softly at her soft labia. Within a second I was against her, and with a shaky hand, guided my tool into her.

Re-entering her was almost as good as the first time, and knowing I was free to blow my load, I pumped with even more vigour. Within seconds Bec was bucking back against me with everything she had, undulating in a hugely sexy way, rubbing at one of her tits while she used her other hand to steady herself against the edge of the pool.

“Oh yes, I love it like this! Fuck me!… I’m coming!!!” She yelled finally, her head snapping back so hard that it was like she was receiving an electric shock, the soft inner walls of her cunt squeezing me even harder. And on the next thrust I blew my load, every last drop, into her glorious cunt.

All strength having been sapped, I slumped contentedly onto her back, and with an equally contented smile, she turned enough to give me a lingering kiss. After all that, my anxiety quickly returned, having fully realised what I’d just gotten away with, and I hastily looked at my watch and tried to form an acceptable excuse to get myself out of there without making Bec feel as if I’d just gotten out of her all that I’d wanted to. This turned out to be a lot more worry than was needed, as she said that it was probably time for me to go. Though a small part of me began to become outraged at the prospect of being used just for sex, I quickly came to my senses and discovered this was all I really wanted.

Bec escorted me back through the house past her parents, who fortunately acted as if they were none the wiser to the fact that I’d just fucked their daughter. But for a second as I was leaving, I thought I saw a silent message pass between the stern eyes of her parents that they’d seen more than they were letting on to. However, I was just glad for the fact that I’d just gotten a commitment-free shag, survived with my balls intact, and that any retribution for the day’s events rested far more with Bec than they would with me. For that, I was very thankful.

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