Another Perfect Day


I woke up that morning, in my cage on the floor at the foot your four poster bed. I woke up with my alarm and took the opportunity to reflect on how fortunate I am to be your pet. With that thought I got up to go prepare breakfast. I put on the green thong you picked out for me the night before and adjusted it over my cage. Last night you picked them out and told me “I need you in your sexy panties all day tomorrow.” As I was making your breakfast I was almost shaking with anticipation. I could already feel myself straining against my cage.

You came into the kitchen right as I was setting your breakfast at the table.”Turn around and face the wall pet, on your knees.” You tell me, before you had even sat down at the table to eat. I got on my knees and faced the wall. “I’m going to give you a special treat today pet. Amanda is coming over and I’m giving you the pleasure of serving us all day. She will be over a bit later this morning. After I’m done with breakfast I need you to do your morning chores quickly so that you can start preparing lunch for us.” “Thank you for this honor Princess.” I said.

As I was finishing up my chores I heard the doorbell ring. “Door!” You commanded and I hurried to comply. Amanda was standing there in a beautiful black dress towering over me. “Why are you not on your knees in front of me, loser” she demanded. I immediately obeyed. “This is not the best start to our day”. Then she kicked me in the balls. I gasped and did my best to not keel over. “I hope this isn’t an indication of what your service is going to be like today. Now get up and take my coat.” I jumped up and took off her coat and hung it in the closet. You turned the corner and you and she greeted each other enthusiastically as I got back on my knees. “Amanda tells me that you were not proper pet. We’ll talk about it later. I hope her reminder put you in your place. Now please bring us two glasses of wine and then get back to your chores.” I hurried and brought out a bottle of Cote Du Rhone and two glasses. “Thank you pet, now go and finish your chores and then start lunch.” I obeyed.

As I was finishing up making lunch I heard you call from the living room. “Pet, here now.” As I came in the room I noticed that your wine glasses were empty. güvenilir bahis I hurried over to pour. “Kitty, you simply need to condition your servant more. I would not tolerate this laziness.” “Amanda your standards are unrealistic. That being said, pet, you can do a better job attending to us. Now go and finish lunch. It better be out in 10 minutes or you will be punished. I won’t be embarrassed by you again.” I hurried to obey. As I served lunch I was told to sit in the corner while you ate. You and Amanda talked about your bulls and your losers. I was getting hard just listening to you.

“We’re done pet, clean up. After you’re done make sure you’re presentable and come back out.” When I was finished I cleaned myself up and crawled into the living room. “See how obedient he is Amanda. He came in right away and on all fours without explicit directions.” “Seems like the minimum to me” she said. “Let’s see if he can earn his keep. May I test his skills?” “Of course Amanda, what is mine is yours. Now pet, I need you to obey everything that Miss Amanda commands.” “Yes Princess, it is an honor to serve Miss Amanda.”

“Come here now loser and let me have a look at you.” I crawled over. “Stand up and let’s inspect what you’re working with, may I remove his cage?” You responded by taking out your phone and unlocking my cage. Miss Amanda, much to my surprise, gently took off my cage while still leaving the cock ring on. My little dick was immediately hard. “Well he certainly responds quickly. I’m actually surprised by his girth.” She said as she lightly stroked me.”His length of course is as I would expect. Alright, toy, let’s see how you have been pleasing your Princess. Get on your back on the floor”. I quickly obeyed. Amanda got up and effortlessly pulled up her dress, pulled aside her panties and sat on my face. Her pussy was shaved but had some course growth on it. It chaffed as she began to thrust herself into my face. I found her clit immediately and began by licking softly. I could tell by some soft moans that I was doing a good job.

As I continued I could hear Amanda moan a little louder. Then I felt a hand on my hard dick. I couldn’t believe how fortunate I was today. I was so caught up in my luck that I lost concentration. I güvenilir bahis siteleri felt her nails pressing in before she said anything. “Your toy loses his concentration quickly” she laughed. “He is excellent at pleasing with his mouth but needs more discipline. You should let me borrow him for a week. I would whip him into shape.” “I’ll consider it but for right now I need more wine. Get off of him and let him fetch us another bottle,” you said. Amanda got off of me and I crawled into the kitchen to fetch your favorite white wine. When I returned you and Amanda were laughing and looking at me. “Pet, come here and get on your knees. I did as I was commanded. After you pour our wine I need you to bend over. I have a special treat for you. Amanda, brought a special toy and I’m going to insert it now.” I shuddered as I felt the butt plug go in. It was not huge but big enough to make me gasp as it went in. You and Amanda laughed.”

“Now slave we need some entertainment,” you said. “I’ve told Amanda that I’ve trained you well and now I want you to prove it. First, you are going to please my guest with your mouth then you are going to please me. You have ten minutes to bring each of us to orgasm. If you fail then you will be punished if you succeed then you will be rewarded. Nod if you understand.” I nodded. “Then get started.”

I crawled over to Amanda and asked permission to pull down her panties. She responded by pushing her hips forward and lifting her legs. I slid off her sheer black thong and she opened her legs. I began to eat her out like my dick depended on it because it did. Her clit was slightly larger than yours so I was able to manipulate it well. As I sucked, chewed and licked I heard Amanda start to moan. I also noticed movement from above but I couldn’t see because I was so invested in my task. Ms. Amanda began moaning louder and loader and I could feel her getting wetter her juices mix with my drool as I worked. She began to shake and then I felt her orgasm and tasted her cum in my mouth. I continued to lick until she forcefully pulled my head back by my hair. When I looked up I saw you caressing Ms. Amanda’s breasts and stroking her hair.

“Good job pet! I told you that he earns his keep and with three minutes iddaa siteleri to spare.” “Let’s see if he can keep it up” said Amanda. “Go on loser and make your Princess cum.” I crawled over to you and put my face between your legs. You panties were already off and you were already wet. I went to work confident of my reward. I started slow and increased intensity gradually. I had ten minutes which was plenty of time with my training. As you began to move I started feeling some movement behind me. All of sudden I felt a hand around my hard dick. The hand began stroking my dick hard. It was heaven but also so distracting. I was gasping and moaning and whimpering as I tried to concentrate. Then I heard an alarm go off. You pulled my head back and I looked down to see Ms. Amanda’s hand coming off of my dick. I was shaking and right on the edge. My dick was dripping with precum.

Ms. Amanda laughed and said “see he’s skilled but is too easily distracted.” “You disappoint me pet” you said. I whimpers and apologized barely getting the words out as I shuttered. “No excuses pet. Amanda is right. You need more conditioning. Now I’m kinder than her so and I’m going to reward you for making my guest cum. After that you will get your punishment. Get on your knees.” I obeyed quickly although I was still shaking. “Amanda do you have a condom.” Amanda answered by opening her clutch and taking out a magnum condom. “This will have to do even though it obviously won’t fit.” You and she laughed as you rolled it on to my dick. It was a little baggy and still very thick at the end.

You put out your thumb and forefinger in a circle lazily in front of you. “Since you’re a fifth of a regular man then you will have a fifth of the amount of time to try and cum. So you will get two minutes to fuck my hand and try to cum. Starting now!” I’m crawled over as fast as I could and started pumping. I was going as hard as I could but you kept shifting your hand and make it hard to gain purchase. Even with this I was getting close. I could feel myself building up. Just as I was about to cum I heard the alarm go off. You removed your hand. I fell to the floor writhing and whimpering.

“That should be both reward and punishment” you said. You and Amanda were laughing. “Now crawl out of the room and get us more wine. When you come back we will talk about your punishment.” I crawled out of the room and collapsed on the floor. I could not imagine what would be more punishment than my reward.

To be continued.

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