Another One Night Stand Ch. 02


“Alright, alright!” I said. “That’s enough, let’s get busy!”

“Ok, if you say so,” she said as she walked over towards me with her tongue hanging out.

“No! Quit it!” I yelled at her, as I threw the dress at her, laughing. “That’s not what I mean! I need something to wear!”

She was giggling as she picked up the dress and hung it back on the hanger. “I’ll behave.” She said, pouting.

We both began to compose ourselves. Angelina started looking through the dresses again. She picked one out of the collection. “Oh you have to try this one!” she told me.

She handed the dress to me and started checking the various shoeboxes until she found what she was looking for.

I slipped the dress on and this time, put the shoes on myself. Once again causing the two of us to burst out in laughter. This was a chiffon and silk baby doll style dress. It was a pale yellow sheer dress, with a silk slip dress underneath. It too had spaghetti straps and a plunging v-neck. It was very light and airy with a silky ribbon waistline that gathered right below the bust line and tied in the back. The dress had somewhat of a Grecian feel to it. Angelina had chosen a pair of wrap around the ankle platform sandals with a 4″ spiked heel. The heels were wooden and the straps of the shoes criss crossed up the leg they were a soft velvety tan suede and covered in silver grommets that gave them the feel of eyelets. The heels went along with the whole “Greek Goddess” feel.

I loved this look and the pale yellow set my tan off exquisitely. Angelina went through several other things and pulled out a pair of earrings. They were long and dangly with pale golden beads in a chandelier style. “You will look fantastic in this outfit,” she told me “every eye in the place will be on you!” She walked around behind me while I admired myself in the mirror. She stood behind me and held my hair up as she pulled small pieces of it down, letting it fall around my face.

“Oh yeah!” she said excitedly “that’s it, the hair, the dress, the shoes, the tan…damn woman I could eat you up right now!” She kissed my shoulder and caused me to blush.

“Awww, thanks babe.” I said, “I am so happy you like it, so you think Eric will approve?”

“If he doesn’t he’s dead!” She said jokingly. “I think we did a fine job.” “Should I wrap these up for you Ma’am?” Angelina said as she winked at me

“Oh yes please, be a dear and have these prepared for me,” I said in my uppity Mrs. Howell voice. Causing us both to giggle once more.

I undressed as she got all the things ready to go. I put my old shopping clothes back on and started to leave. She grabbed my hand for a moment and squeezed it. “This was a blast” Angelina said, “We should definitely do this again!”

“By all means!” I said and gave her a quick hug as I left the dressing room. I proceeded to the register and paid for my things. All in all, it was a great shopping trip.

I headed home, on the way I had thought about the time I first saw my mystery man. I tried hard to remember his face but could not get it to come to me. I still had a few days to prepare myself for my night out. But I was very excited about wearing the new dress. It was gorgeous and I felt so sexy in it. So I went home and went about my life, waiting for my next adventure.

The day before the big day, I received an email from Eric. He asked how I was doing and if our date was still on. He asked what I had chosen to wear, the color of the outfit, dress, whatever. And that was pretty much all he had to say. So I responded to him. Letting him know that I was still anxious to meet him and share our evening together. I told him that I had decided on a Grecian style, flirty yellow dress. I confirmed the date and time of the show and inquired as to whether we would be meeting before for cocktails or dinner.

A few moments later I received his response. “I love yellow”, he said, “I remember just how you look and I know that yellow will make you look even bursa evi olan escort more delicious than I can even imagine.” He continued, “I do want to meet you before, I have made reservations at The Eagle’s Nest.” “The show starts at 8:00 p.m. so I would like to meet you at the restaurant, say around 6:00?” “The theater is within a short ride from the restaurant, and this should give us plenty of time.” “If you arrive before me, the reservation will be under Eric and keep your cell phone with you just in case.” See you then.

I emailed him back to let him know how excited I was to meet him and tell him that it will be a magical night.

So…there it was, a day before the event and I was so anxious! I was excited but a bit nervous. I decided to go for a tanning session and then back home to get shaved and all that kind of thing! After my tanning session I was feeling a little tense and decided to go for a quick massage. This might help relieve some of the stress. I found a massage therapist within a few blocks of my tanning booth and arrived there in a few minutes.

There were no customers in the lobby waiting so I approached the desk and asked if they accepted walk-ins. An older woman raised her head from over the desk and smiled, “Absolutely!” she said.

I told her good. I needed a little relaxation.

The woman asked if I would prefer a male or female therapist and what type of massage I would like. Well, I had never had a massage, I told her, and didn’t know what to expect.

She produced a small brochure with a list of services. She suggested the “Gentle Touch” she told me that this was a good one for “first timers” not too intense, just a mild, relaxing rubbing and caressing type massage.

I told her that it sounded perfect and that I would prefer a male therapist. I was told to take a seat and that she would be right back.

She returned a few moments later through a door across the room. “Follow me” she said. I did.

She led me down a narrow hallway with several doors on either side. She stopped in front of the last door and opened it for me, I stepped inside. It was a small room with the massage table sitting in the middle. It was dimly lit with candles burning and soft music playing. There was a small waterfall in the corner that trickled with a soothing sound.

The woman told me to undress and put my clothes in the basket provided. She told me to wrap myself with the white towel that had been laying on the table and climb onto the table, face down with my face in the hole at the end of the table. Then she informed me that my massage therapist would be right in.

I undressed and wrapped the towel around myself as she had said and climbed onto the table. I lay down on my belly with my face in the hole. Just a few seconds later, there was a gentle knock at the door. I told them to come in.

I heard someone enter the room and sit down something. I raised myself up on my elbows to see the person. It was a cute younger guy, dark hair and eyes with a nice tan. He was wearing a pair of white shorts and a white polo type short-sleeved shirt. He reminded me of a tennis instructor. He was quite hairy. I could see quite a bit of dark hair sticking out from the unbuttoned top of his shirt and his thin legs were covered in dark hair as well.

“Hi,” he said, “I’m Oliver.” And he reached out to shake my hand. I shook his hand and smiled. “Lay back down and place your face in the hole, please.” He told me. “Now let’s get started.”

I watched as his feet walked towards me and then next to me. He was wearing a pair of sandals. Then he loosened the towel from around me pulling at it so that it was no longer wrapped around me but rather just draped across my ass. I felt chilled and could feel the goose bumps rising all over me.

“Now, you are going to feel something warm on your back, just relax.” He said. I then felt a warm sensation and at the same time smelled a wonderful scent. It was his altıparmak escort massage oil, he was drizzling it down my spine. It was very warm.

I know I jumped when he put his hands on me and he chuckled a little. He began at my shoulders, rubbing and kneading them, it felt awesome. He continued down my spine and all over my back, ribbing and working his fingers into me. It was so good. He rubbed my arms and down to my fingers. I then felt him rub the excess oil from my back and raise the towel up higher to cover my back. I could feel the air hit my ass and knew that the end of the towel was just barely covering the cheeks of my ass. I didn’t even care, I’m sure he knew what he was doing.

He touched my feet and raised the right one up, bending it at the knee. He started running his fingers in between my toes and massaging each one as he ran his hands down my calves. I felt him lean into my leg and I could swear I felt his dick get hard as he rubbed up against me. He put my leg down and picked up the left one, doing the same thing, his hands on my feet was erotic for some reason and I could feel myself getting aroused.

Once he finished with my second leg he raised the other one again. He held both of them up and I felt him slide his body in between them, opening my legs. Then I felt something different. He was licking between my toes. I felt myself start to squirm, but didn’t move. He was massaging my left foot as he licked and sucked my right one. He sucked each toe into his mouth, softly and sensually. It felt amazing.

I felt him lay my left foot back down onto the table as he continued nibbling the toes on my right foot. As he did I felt his hand run up my thigh. He worked it and rubbed it. He laid down my other foot and used both hands to massage the entire length of my legs. As he did I could feel him move the towel up, exposing my ass. He ran his hands from my ankles, slowly to my thighs and then to my surprise, cupped my ass in his hands.

As he did so, he was leaning over the table and I could feel the weight of his body on top of me. He caressed my ass and fondled it. I felt him rub his cock against the inside of my leg, it was very hard. I was enjoying this! I’m sure this is not your typical massage, but I didn’t care. As he continued massaging my ass his oily fingers slid down between my as cheeks. He rubbed his fingers up and down the length of my ass crack and I couldn’t help but arch my back slightly to give him better access. I heard him moan. “Mmmmm.”

He spread my ass cheeks open and then to my amazement, he climbed onto the table. He bent down and I could feel his mouth on my ass. He gently bit one of my cheeks as he continued to probe the outside of my asshole. I was so excited. I was so wet. He then licked my asshole and I couldn’t help but moan. It was so sensual so erotic. He licked my asshole and began to slide his finger into my wet pussy. I felt his tongue as it slid into my ass. He was fingering my cunt as he stuck his hard tongue in and out of my ass. It was so good. This went on for a few moments and then I heard him unzip his shorts.

I felt him lift his weight form on top of me and spread my legs apart. Then I felt the head of his cock as he slid it up and down my ass crack. He spread my cheeks apart and stuck a finger, just into my tight asshole. It was very oily and he moved it around gently as if to lube it up. I then felt him as he lead his cock into my awaiting ass. He put it in, just the tip and it was very tight. His cock head was quite large. I grabbed the ends of the table, never raising my head. He slowly worked his big dick in and out a little at a time, each time he put it in a little farther. Finally managing to bury his huge shaft deep in my asshole. I had never felt so full!

“Ohhhhhh yeah” he sighed deeply. As he began to fuck my butt. He slowly moved his dick in and out of me, massaging the cheeks of my ass as he did. He then reached under me and began to finger my wet snatch. I then felt him insert something into my pussy. It was very large. Then I began to feel it vibrate. He was using a large dildo to double penetrate me.

Oh God, the feeling of his huge dick fucking my asshole and the vibration of the dildo was almost too much. He was pounding harder and faster as he fucked my pussy with the dildo. By now I was on my knees, face still buried in the hole, I was slamming my ass into him as he rammed me with his cock. I was in ecstasy! I began to moan, loudly, “I’m going to cummmmm!” “Oh God! Yes I am cumming!” As I started to explode he buried his cock deep in my ass and held it there, pulling me to him. He then turned the dildo to high and rammed it in my cunt. I could feel the dildo against his hard cock, inside of me and I could not take it anymore! I came, hard. I could feel the juices run out of me and onto the table. He pulled his dick from my ass quickly and removed the dildo at the same time.

He bent down again and I felt him pull my ass up high and lick my pussy. He was sucking my clit as I came again, right in his mouth and all over his face. He buried his face in my cunt and was devouring it. He licked from my pussy up to my ass and back again, doing this several times. He was licking me hard and fast and I came once more! It was so good! I was soaking! He then put me back down onto the bed and I felt him climb off the table. As I was looking down through the hole, I saw his feet appear in front of me and then I saw his big dick, right in front of my face!

He then leaned into me and stuck his dick right into my mouth. It was very long and thick. He was gyrating in front of me as he fucked my mouth with his big cock. He held my head down into the hole and was shoving his cock as deep as it would go, into my mouth. He then move back and said, “Turn over.” I did. As I did, he grabbed my shoulders and scooted me down towards the end of the table, my head hanging over the end. At this position he had full access to my mouth and he took full advantage of it, plunging his rock hard, giant throbbing shaft deep down my throat.

He reached up and grabbed my tits as he rammed himself deep down my throat. I was choking and gagging, the more I gagged the deeper his dick went into my throat. And suddenly he stopped fucking my mouth and slammed his dick completely down my throat all the way to his balls as he shot his load down my throat. He pushed his dick in deeper a few times and then pulled it out quickly. As he did he grabbed it with both hands and jacked the rest of his cum into my open mouth. He then rubbed his cock on my lips as I stuck my tongue out to lick it clean. Then he leaned down and plunged his tongue into my mouth kissing me.

He held my head up and helped me scoot back down so that I was resting on the table. I was completely used up! But at the same time, quite relaxed. “Gentle touch huh?” I said jokingly.

He laughed and I could see him blush, “Sorry, sometimes I get a little carried away.” He said, “Especially when I see a nice tan ass like that!” “You might want to clean up a bit, before you get dressed.” He said. “Thank you very much for using our services, ma’am!” He winked at me and left the room.

I could barely stand! My legs were trembling and I felt a little lightheaded. I steadied myself against the table, as I got dressed. I headed back down the hallway and into the lobby. “Everything work out ok?” the woman at the desk asked.

“Oh yeah, just fine.” I replied.

“Would you like to set up another appointment? She asked.

“I just smiled and said. “I’ll call. Thanks.” I grabbed one of the business cards from the holder and left.

As I got into my car, I was still a little shocked. I had no idea that was going to happen! But it was a pleasant surprise! I would have to remember this, for future reference!

I drove home and ran a bath. I soaked in the bubbly water and drifted in and out of sleep. I thought about Oliver and I thought about Eric. I came to my senses and washed myself thoroughly. I then shaved my legs and my pussy. I was completely clean and soft and smooth. I decided to call it an early evening and went to bed. Tomorrow is the big night, I should get some rest.

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