Anne Takes Control

Big Tits

I arrived home with the brown paper bundle under my arm, sneaking into the house. The coast was clear, so I ran upstairs to our bedroom, to our hiding spot, behind our luggage. I threw the bag behind the suitcase, and threw over some jeans to cover it all up.Anne called out, “Alex , is that you ?”.I replied,”Yes, just busting to get to the toilet!”I went to our en suite to wash my hands and then came downstairs.Mission Accomplished.The question now is when would Anne be able to share our new toy, with her intended prospective recipient.The target was a ex work colleague who was a single, shapely and very demure. Anne still stayed in contact with Vanessa and had caught up with her for coffee regularly and was helping her with mentoring her in her new role.Anne’s plan was to invite Vanessa to meet with her in the city for Friday Night drinks and proceed to enjoy a lot of Aperol Spritz’s. Then after head over to the retro night club till late, Anne having packed an overnight bag containing her new toy, was going to ask Vanessa to stay with her in the city at a hotel.The weekend arrived and we had just finished all our house work and washing. The kids were all out of the house. Anne decided she wanted to see what I had purchased and try to work out how to use it. I came upstairs and Anne had a cheeky look in her eye. I went to our hiding spot and reached behind the luggage and found the paper bag. I brought it out to her and took out the box. It was a ruby red satin harness with a elegant black lace corset type ribbon at the back for adjusting the fit. Anne’s eyes lit up. She threw off all her clothes without taking her eyes off the harness. She loved it.It came with three different size rings for attachments. The question was which of our toys would we try first. Anne went to our hiding spot and came bahis siteleri back with her favourite 12 inch dong that had a suction cup on the bottom. It was her favourite when she had long showers or took it with her to the bath tub. She would place it firmly on the base of the bathtub. Fill the bath and would lower herself into the hot water and onto the toy. She would move her torso up and down very slowly so not to makeAnne came back with the dildo and we selected the largest ring and secured it to the front of the strap on harness. I then loosened the adjustable ribbons and straps. I knelt down in front of Anne and placed it all around her feet and then proceeded to raise the harness up to her hips. The process seem to make her shiver and breath heavier.The strap on was a good fit and proceeded to tighten the straps and the ribbon at the back so it fitted Anne’s curves perfectly. She said it felt wonderful and was actually excited to feel the weight of the dildo between her thighs. I was just adjusting the last strap on the side of her right thigh, when I felt Anne’s hand going through my hair. Her other hand reached down at the dildo which was dangling between her legs. She reached around to the back of my head and lifted the dong to my mouth. I tried to say something or protest to what she was doing, but she moved her hips forward and the head of the dong entered my mouth. Anne let out this moan as she could feel the long dildo consume all of my mouth. I had to quickly adjust to the intrusion and started to breath through my nose as Anne was not holding back.Anne was enjoying herself, feeding the long dildo into my mouth, I was enjoying the fact it felt good feeling it move in and out to the back of my throat and the fact it was giving Anne perspective on how I felt when I do the same to canlı bahis siteleri her. Anne pulled the dildo out of my mouth and pulled me up to kiss her. Her tongue darted in and out of my mouth as our lips pressed against each other. Anne moved towards me pushing me towards our bed. Thinking to myself, it’s going to be a bit of an obstacle having the strap on dildo in the way to make love to Anne. Anne went to the hiding place and came back with a devilish grin on her face. I was curious as to what she was up to?Moving towards me she gently pushed me back onto the bed and began to climb on top of me, kissing her way up. I could feel the clumsy dildo dangling between Anne’s curvy thighs, tapping my legs as it climbed higher. My thoughts were ” OK Anne, where is this going?” Our lips met again, kissing heavily, I felt Anne’s hips move away a little, feeling the dildo fall off my torso, and in between my inner thighs. Anne then moved a little forward and I felt the large head of the dildo nestle into my rear, just parking itself on the outside. Anne motioned back and forth, pressing the head against my butt. My erection was rock hard and was rubbing against Anne’s lower abdomen, leaving little smears of pre cum. I whispered “What are you doing ?”. Anne replied “I am going to take control”.She raised herself above me and turned around lowering her hips onto my face making sure she could position the strap on dildo to my mouth. Making sure my mouth was opened she began to suck my shaft, licking all the pre cum, at this point she lowered the strap on into my mouth and pressed down forcing it way into my mouth and against my throat. I felt Anne’s arms moving around and then felt the cold sensation of lubricant being applied to my rear, with a finger entering me. This made me squirm and Anne lifted canlı bahis herself for a moment. I pulled the dildo from my mouth and moaned. I knew what was coming. Anne then proceeded to insert more lube and increase the fingers to two. Luckily for me the dildo was to the side of my face and I had my arms freed, so I began to rub Anne’s clit and outer lips through the open slit of the strapon. She was already drenched and I actually brought the wetness to my lips and tasted her. I inserted two fingers inside her and my thumb was on her clit motioning back and forth. This made her moan and move towards my hand. Anne’s fingers were now going in and out easily in my rear and she then pulled them out. Sitting up, she grabbed some tissues and wiped her hands and turned around, facing me between my legs. She climbed on top and motioned herself between my legs with the strapon head right against my lubricated rear. She moved closer and I felt the pressure against my rear. Anne then kissed me, with her neck stretching to meet me (Anne is a little shorter than I am). She moved her hips forward and I felt the dildo press harder against my rear. There was a little pain here, Anne was so turned on she was a little forceful. Then suddenly my rear opened up and the head of the dildo went inside me. It was a little uncomfortable to begin with, but when I was able to accomodate the thickness, the pain went away. Anne had done it. She held for a few seconds then pulled out a little then slowly motioned back in. Then this wave of pleasure started to rise in my body. Something about feeling full and the motion of the dildo moving slowly in and out. I had a problem in that my cock was leaking so much, for some reason my cock also went a little soft. Not sure why but Anne suggested I roll over. I did not want to her to stop. She pulled out and climbed off me. So I moved over the bed and rolled over exposing my rear to her. I felt a sharp slap across my right cheek which was a surprise. It was hard but the sting turned into nice warmness.

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