Angelina’s Pears


Angelina sat on the cool marble bench inhaling the perfumed garden air. The breeze was light, yet thick with the scent of blossoming pear trees, as it gently stirred her dark tresses in a caress of her exquisite face. The spacious garden was dimly lit by a half moon, and Angelina’s eyes shone as dark as the night sky. Her eyes betrayed her abstracted state. Her luxurious surroundings had seduced her into a dreamy thoughtfulness. Yet, a certain sensual awareness remained, and Angelina increasingly noticed the powerful force of the garden upon her senses.

So, when she first saw a fleet white figure dart behind a garden wall, her only reaction was to part her soft lips into a gentle smile at the tricks of her overwhelmed imagination. But, Angelina’s silky skin rippled into goosebumps when she heard a soft melodic laughter arise from behind the trees. Captured again by the garden’s spell, she rose to find the source of the unearthly female music. She was not moved by sterile curiosity, but by a consuming desire that drove her body to its attraction almost against her will.

She stepped down the garden path, straining her delicate ears for the laughter’s source. She turned her luminous eyes upon the rows of pear trees and dense foliage, seeking the white figure she was now sure she had seen. The enchanting laughter suddenly stopped, and Angelina stopped also, no longer knowing what to do or believe. A surge of sadness, not unlike heart-break, rushed through her chest as she felt the frustration of unfulfilled desire. Yet, she remained unsure of what it was that she desired.

It was then izmit escort the Angelina felt the gentle touch upon her body. In the faint moonlight she saw graceful long fingers as they slid their touch from her back to the front of her waist. Her senses aroused, Angelina remained still and silent, afraid that acknowledging the action would bring it to an end. She felt the other’s body move more closely to hers as the white fingers made their way to the top button of her thin dress. Soon Angelina’s full pert breasts were fully exposed to the intoxicating garden air. Her pink nipples came to tight hard points, and the unknown fingers stopped to gently run around them. She then felt her dress pushed back away from her shoulders, slipped from her arms, and then dropped to her waist. The other’s hands then gently pulled it and her remaining underclothes over her rounded buttocks and let it fall onto the cool grass.

Angelina got her first glimpse of her mysterious companion when the other stepped in front of her and led her out of her dress. She recognized the bare white skin as the previously viewed white figure. There, before Angelina, stood a beautiful woman, as naked as Angelina herself now was. Her lithe body was obscured only by her flowing auburn hair. Her blue eyes dazzled and her smile was warm as she led Angelina off the path and into the depths of the garden.

There, beneath the shelter of the pear bowers, she knelt on the ground and brought Angelina to her knees as well. The blue-eyed beauty bent toward Angelina’s curvaceous body and extended the tip of her glistening tongue to Angelina’s izmit kendi evi olan escort pleading nipple. Angelina could feel her pulse pounding through her body, but the scent of pears was more overwhelming than ever, and the tantalizing odor soothed her. She allowed herself to be gently pushed into a reclining position by the blue-eyed stranger. The stranger’s hand passed over Angelina’s round breasts and down to her smooth abdomen. Her auburn head then lowered between Angelina’s slightly quivering thighs.

Angelina was startled as the beauty’s tongue made contact with her swollen clitoris. Angelina closed her eyes and delighted in feeling the woman’s wet tongue glide across her glossy opening. The beauty gently stroked Angelina’s genitals with her tongue as her hands explored the rest of Angelina’s young body.

Angelina softly moaned as the pleasure overtook her. She felt the woman’s tongue gently probe inside her body. By this point Angelina was panting for release. An excited cry escaped her parted lips as she felt a light moist pressure exerted on both of her achingly hard nipples. Her dark lashes fluttered open and she hazily observed two more women set upon pleasuring her excited body.

Angelina saw their breasts gently sway as they licked and sucked her greedy nipples. Angelina could no longer resist touching their nearly perfect bodies in return. She was still moaning under their flicking and sliding tongues as she extended her golden-skinned arm and touched the bouncing breasts of the golden-haired beauty on her left. She was overjoyed to feel in their firmness a tangible reality she had doubted. Her release came suddenly as she cried out and shuddered in an ecstasy of feeling and senses. Only then did the blue-eyed woman cease her efforts and crawled up Angelina’s body to deliver a kiss. Angelina, still reeling and convulsing, felt the salty taste of her own body, another assurance that this spectacular orgy of the senses was real.

In all this time no words had passed. Not a thing had been heard but Angelina’s impassioned moans. For a moment the silence such as can only be heard on these intoxicating nights fell with intensity upon Angelina’s ears. Then the mysterious women began anew their melodic laughter and took off at a devilish sprint across the garden. Angelina wanted to cry out for them to stop, but she sensed that even the pleas of her voice would sound too painfully ugly on a night of such beauty. She knew too, instinctively, that it was impossible to run after them. Though she was breathtakingly beautiful, she knew she was somehow unequal to them, and had been favored with their graces undeservingly.

From that night on, she savored the pears of the garden with an unnatural pleasure and wore their blossoms always entangled in her glossy dark hair. Angelina spent many future nights in the paradise of that garden, but her ephemeral visitors never returned in flesh and blood. On certain nights, when the air was right, and the breeze was light, and the perfume of the blossoming pear trees was in her nostrils, the memory returned to her so vividly that she could hear the enchanting laughter echo through her head. Eventually, she was proclaimed to be a little insane, but she remained to the end confident that she knew something that most of the world did not, and every night she walked among the pear trees.

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