Andy Saves the Burks Pt. 03


Part 1 has been revised to address the name confusion. I appreciate the folks that gave me constructive feedback. Now on to part three! The story picks up in the shower room at the Conor home.


Part 3

Andy and Susan Visit

Ron smiled at the Burk family, “Please get dressed and I will escort you back to the dining room.”

The Burks dressed and Ron escorted them back to their seats. When they had taken their seats Don stood, “I am very impressed. I had hoped that our deal would work out, but I couldn’t have hoped for a better outcome. The contract provides for 5% payment per session. That number is not an upper limit. I am happily giving you 10% for tonight.”

The Burks looked at each other and smiled. Andy spoke for the family, “Thank you, Don. My family and I appreciate your generosity.”

“You are welcome. We sincerely want this to be joyful for everyone. We would like to have Andy and Susan visit us Wednesday evening. Would that work for you?”

“I don’t see why not,” Andy said.

“Thank you.”

Ron escorted the Burks to the door, “Please be careful driving home and thank you very much for coming.”

The Burks walked to their car in a bit of a daze. They were tired, but very happy with the help their family was getting. In all honesty, the sex had been amazing as well!

Jeremy was in the back-seat grinning, “I know tonight started out kind of weird, but it sure ended great!”

The entire family burst out laughing. They drove into the night, and home.

Wednesday rolled around and evening came. Andy and Susan kissed the guys goodbye and set off for the Conor house. Susan looked over at her mom as she drove,” I know I am supposed to be upset about being paid for sex, but…But honestly, I am so turned on thinking about it. I don’t know what is going to happen and that makes it so much more exciting!”

Andy chuckled at her daughter’s exuberance, “As your mother I probably should be all kinds of upset too. I am not. As a matter of fact, I feel exactly the same way you do!”

Ron opened the door as the two women approached. “Please come in. You both look very beautiful this evening.”

Andy stepped in first and Ron gathered her up into a passionate kiss. He released her and kissed Susan in the same manner. Andy and Susan both nearly melted.

“I am very happy to see you both. Please follow me.”

Ron led them to a private dressing room. “You can lock the doors in this room and the attached bath. When you are here no one will enter this room without your permission. Your clothing for tonight is on your mannequins. There is an intercom on the wall. Please press the button next to my name when you are ready.

Ron walked toward the door, stopped and turned toward Susan and Andy, “When Mr. Conor talked to me about what he wanted to do I was skeptical. I was concerned that I wouldn’t like the people involved. I am no longer concerned. It is my privilege to have met you and I look forward to our future adventures.” He gave them both a lusty smile and closed the door as he left.

Susan’s eyes were huge and her cheeks flushed when she looked at her mother, “Oh, my god! He makes me want to climb him like a tree!”

Her own cheeks flushed as Andy remarked, “He is an amazing man.

She seemed to shake herself a bit, “Now we need to see what we will be wearing.”

The door to the bathroom was on one end. A dressing table, closet, and day bed were against each adjacent wall. A two-foot by three-foot stained-glass window was hung like a picture on the wall above each day bed. Beautiful colors swirled toward the center of each window. The windows were backlit, making the colors come alive. Susan’s name glowed from the center of one while Andy’s glowed from the other. The windows were beautifully executed. If Andy were asked to use one word to describe them, it would be “Art”.

The windows not only let Andy know which wall was hers, it also let her know that she, and her family, were appreciated. You spend that kind of money, in that thoughtful of a way, for people you care about. The windows went a long way in reassuring her that she had made a good choice. There were so many ways that what they were doing could have gone wrong.

Susan was amazed, “The window is awesome, and it has my name on it! Uhm mom, check out what is on my mannequin!”

A mannequin stood on the side of the dressing table opposite of the day bed. A nearly transparent red camisole rested on Susan’s. On the floor were a pair of red dance slippers. A red garter belt and semitransparent red hose were laying on the table. A red thong was the only undergarment. A red hair scrunchy rounded out the ensemble.

Susan walked over to the mannequin and touched the camisole, “Mom, I think this is silk. It feels wonderful.”

Andy walked over to her mannequin. Andy’s held the clothing identical to her daughters with one exception, hers were blue.

The two women went about removing their street clothes and donning their clothing for the evening. istanbul escort The camisoles were indeed silk, all of the garments were. The shoes were remarkably comfortable. They seemed to caress the foot, but they looked sexy. They were certainly a lot more functional in the heat of the moment than high heels.

Andy looked at her reflection, “These are what my generation refers to as “Fuck Me!” clothes. I never would have thought they could be so comfortable. No, that’s not it. They are so smooth that when they rub against my skin it feels erotic. I have never had clothes feel this way. I could wear this twenty-four hours a day and be happy. Well, at least until I had to go out in public!”

Andy walked over to Susan and put her arms around Susan’s waist. She looked Susan in the eye, “Are you sure you are alright with this? If you are not, I will stop it right now.”

“Mom at this point I don’t care about the money. I have been constantly horny since we started the contract! This is the sexual adventure of a lifetime. Think about what happened at our dinner here. They do not mean us any harm. Actually, I think the opposite is true. And these clothes! I can’t imagine a better way to experience this adventure. “

“I happen to agree. Lots of women would, if they were honest to themselves, love to have an experience like this. I am your mom and I have to be sure you are not going to get hurt.”

Susan pulled her mother close, “I might be a bit sore the next day, but I don’t think I will get hurt.”

Andy chuckled as she held her daughter close. Susan placed her hand on her mother’s cheek and looked up at her. Andy gazed into her daughter’s blue eyes and could see the love. She tilted her head and kissed her daughter lightly on the lips.

Susan responded by putting her hand on the back of her mother’s head and pulling her into a passionate kiss. Andy’s arms slid up from her daughter’s waist and pulled her into a body to body embrace. The silk made it seem like they were naked, only better. They were really getting into it when Andy came up for air, “Add that to the list of things I could do all day, but there are people and fun waiting for us.”

Hand in hand the walked over to the wall and Andy pressed the intercom button for Ron. He arrived in a few moments and knocked on the dressing room door.

“Come in,” Andy called out. Susan and Andy had decided to use Ron as another mirror. The look on his face would tell them a lot about how well their outfits were working.

Ron opened the door, walked in, and froze. Andy and Susan stood side by side, hair pulled back and held by the scrunchy. They had struck a pose in anticipation of his reaction. Both women could see his massive bulge begin to twitch and slowly slide its way up his trousers. “You are both magnificent! I wish the three of us could just stay in here all night! But, as lovely as that would be, I think you are going to like what we have planned for this evening.”

Ron escorted Andy and Susan down the hall and into a tastefully decorated room. The room is roughly thirty feet by thirty feet and contains a small stage, a king size bed and a plush couch. A variety of chaise lounge and other seating is scattered throughout the room. Andy, Maria, Don, and Mary are watching from their seats as Andy and Susan enter into the room. Ron brings Andy to a chaise centered between Mary and Tony. He then takes Susan to the stage, just two steps up from the floor, and asked her to sit on the chaise centered on it. He then leaves the room.

Andy reclined on the chaise and looked at Mary. Mary is a beautiful woman by anyone’s standards. She is five foot three with auburn hair, green eyes, and pert barely c-cup breasts. The color is the only difference in the clothing the two women are wearing is. Mary’s is of a green that perfectly matches her eyes.

Mary immediately leaned over and kissed Andy on the lips. Andy kissed her back with enthusiasm and the kiss soon became passionate. Mary slowly parted her lips from Andy’s. She looked deep into Andy’s eyes, “You are a beautiful and sexy woman Andy. This isn’t just about what we want. I want you and your family to get as much joy as possible out of our agreement.”

“I know, and thank you,” Janet whispered as she kissed Mary lightly on the lips.

Janet and Mary ended their kiss and as they sat back Andy felt a hand on her shoulder. Mary’s son Tony slid his hand from her shoulder to her neck and pulled her into a romantic kiss. Andy wasn’t unhappy in the least. Tony is a six-foot-tall image of his father with his black hair, blue eyes, and very fit body. Tony kissed his way to her ear and lightly nibbled it. Pleasant chills ran down Andy’s body as he whispered, “You are the sexiest woman I have ever seen. I want worship your body and watch your face as I make you orgasm. I think the look on your face will be the most erotic thing I will ever see and I will remember it as long as I live.”

“I’m ready to go right now you sexy mother fucker!” she thought as she latched her mouth beşiktaş escort onto his and buried her tongue in his mouth. Andy finally got a hold of herself and realized she hadn’t spoken to Don or Maria yet. She slowly untangled herself from Tony and went to them. Maria sat on a chaise next to her brother. Don sat in a plush wingback chair on the other side of Maria.

With the exception of being two inches taller, Maria was a near twin to her mother. Their clothing for the evening was nearly identical as well. Andy walked over to Maria, leaned over, and kissed her on the lips. Maria kissed her back, much like her mother, with enthusiasm. When they came up for air Maria looked up at Andy,” Watching you with Ron was so erotic. Of course, he is hot. But it really made me want to do things with you. I want make love to you so much I can’t stop thinking about it.”

Andy felt herself blushing, which she thought a bit odd all things considered. She had been struck by the innocence combined with the sexual need Maria exhibited. “I want you too. And we are going to do something about that real soon.” Andy kissed her lightly, stood, and turned toward Don. She could feel the heat rise in her as she approached Don.

He stood to meet her. He, like his son, wore only silk boxers. For the first time since she had known him, Don touched her. He more than touched her, he pulled her close to him, and kissed her in a way that made her toes tingle. There was an animal magnetism to Don. When her body made contact with his it became his to mold. She would have let him fuck her on Main Street at mid-day. It also didn’t hurt that she could feel his exceptional cock rigidly pressing against her stomach. Don kissed her deeply and let her go, “I must say hello to Susan,” he huskily whispered into her ear.

“Oh yes, and, if you don’t mind, say hello to her like you said hello to me,” Andy smiled, “I want to watch her knees get weak.”

Don walked over to Susan, pulled her to her feet, and began to kiss her soundly. Susan’s knees got very weak. Andy could see her practically lose her ability to stand. She smiled to herself as you turned toward Maria. Maria was looking at her father with a longing that Andy immediately understood. Andy walked over to the chair that Don had been using and slid it back against the wall.

Don released Susan and returned to sit. Andy looked at him as he approached, “Why don’t you sit on the chaise with Maria?”

Don looked at his beautiful daughter and smiled. He reclined next to her and pulled her close. Maria nestled into his arms and they quietly waited.

Susan, Ron, and Stephen

Andy walked over to her chaise and reclined back onto it. Mary got up from her chair and reclined next to Andy on the chaise. Ron must have been watching because as soon as Mary was settled the door opened.

Ron walked into the room followed by another man, “Everyone, I would like you to meet Stephen.”

Both men were nude. Stephen’s black skin enhanced his chiseled musculature. At six foot one he is not as tall as Ron, but he is never the less impressive. His semi erect cock is quite large and it began to twitch as he looked at Susan.

Susan felt a hitch in her breathing as the two gorgeous black men looked at her. She felt her excitement growing as they approached her. “Oh god, they are all my wet dreams come to life!” she thought to herself as they approached. It made her crotch tingle just watching them.

Ron went to her right and got on his knees next to were she reclined on the chaise. Stephen took the same posture on her other side. Ron leaned forward and gently placed his hands on her cheeks. He leaned in and kissed her while lightly stroking her face. He slid his tongue into her willing mouth while gliding his fingertips along her skin.

The audience watched raptly as Stephen began to lightly stroke her arm. Ron and Susan were hungrily kissing when Stephen’s hand lightly stroked across her stomach. His fingers gliding over her skin, teasingly close to her mons.

Ron kissed his way to Susan’s ear and lightly nipped it. He talked to her in his silky baritone voice, sending shivers down her body. “Stephen and I are going to caress your body, lick you, and tease you. Then, we are going to put our cocks in you. We are going to fuck you, and you will come like never before.”

Susan almost orgasmed. Her heart was beating hard in her chest and her skin was on fire. She had become hyper sensitive. Every touch sent a shock of desire through her. Stephen stood and moved onto the chaise. He straddled her hips and began to gently massage around her breasts through her camisole. His hands squeezing around her breasts, his thumbs lightly stroking around each nipple.

Stephen’s hands glided down her body until they had reached the edge of her camisole. He grasped the hem and slowly slid it up over her breasts. He moved from straddling her waist to kneeling at the end of the chaise. He lifted her leg and began to kiss and lick her from beylikdüzü escort her ankle slowly up to her thigh.

Ron kissed his way down Susan’s neck. He cupped her breast in his hand and lowered his head to lick around her erect nipple. Susan moaned as he took her nipple into his mouth and flicked it with his tongue.

Stephen gently moved her legs apart as he licked and caressed his way up her legs. He kissed and licked her thighs until he reached her mons. He licked around the edge of her thong, then ran his tongue up and down her covered labia. He continued to tease her until her hips began to move her crotch up and down against his tongue, urging him on. He rose up and reach out to grasp the waist band of her thong. He slowly pulled it down and off of her feet.

Her shaved pussy seemed to call to him as he licked his way back up her legs. Susan was on fire. She looked at him and spread her legs. “Lick my pussy.”

Stephen did as he was told. He slowly licked his way up and down her labia, flicking his tongue on her clit with each upward stroke of his tongue. Her thighs involuntarily came together, locking his head in place. Stephen began to seriously eat her pussy. He engulfed her mons with his mouth as his tongue played her pussy like a violin.

Ron kneeled on the chaise. His massive cock pointing its curved way toward the ceiling. Susan wrapped her hand around the base of it and pulled him toward her mouth. She licked Ron’s cock from the base up to the tip. Her tongue slithered around the tip and tickled the back of his glans. Her open mouth engulfed the head of his cock while her tongue licked its way around it.

Ron’s erection was rock hard as Susan slowly began to suck her way down his cock. Her hand was slowly stroking him in time with her mouth gliding up and down his shaft. He was too big for her to fully engulf with her mouth, but that did not matter. The sensuous way she was sucking his cock was amazing! He looked down at her as she sucked his cock and she looked up at him. He almost came looking into her eyes as she lovingly slid his cock in and out of her mouth.

Susan was breathing hard and began to tremble. Ron’s cock was amazing and she wanted to suck it all day, but Stephen’s ministrations had brought her to the peak. She lost her ability to think as she arched her back, forcing her pussy against his face. Susan screamed around the cock in her mouth as her orgasm washed over her.

When Susan finally released her thigh death grip on Stephen’s head he stood up. Ron slowly pulled his cock from her mouth and stood up as well. Ron moved to the end of the chaise. He then moved up on the chaise until he was positioned between her legs. He took his cock in hand and began to rub it up and down her slit. The tip of his cock slid over her clit with each stroke. Susan’s hips were thrusting toward him. She didn’t want his cock, she needed it with all of her being. Her entire focus was on his amazing cock. She watched as he placed the head of his cock at her entrance and slowly pushed it inside her.

Electricity ran up and down her body as he slowly slid his cock into her. When he was in as far as she could take, he stopped moving and let her body adapt to his massive cock. He slowly withdrew his cock halfway and then slid it back in.

Susan’s pussy was soaked and so wonderfully full. Ron began to slowly stroke his cock in and out of her. He held himself up by his arms and leaned forward to kiss her. Their tongues swirled together as he slowly fucked her. He raised up to allow her the view down her body. She marveled at the cock that was slowly sliding in and out of her pussy.

Stephen stood at the side of the chaise watching Ron slide his cock into her. Susan looked up at him and smiled, “Bring that bad boy over here.”

Stephen moved toward her and she reached out, wrapping her hand around his cock. She pulled him toward her mouth and engulfed his cock with her mouth. She began to stroke and suck his cock in time with Ron’s strokes.

Susan moaned around Stephen’s cock as Ron increased his pace. His massive cock was sliding in and out of her while she sucked on Stephen’s cock. The combination inevitably resulted in one thing. Another mind numbing orgasm washed over her as Ron’s cock rubbed against her G-spot with each stroke. She had to pull Stephen’s cock from her mouth as her body shook with her pulsing orgasm. It seemed like it would never stop. She lost her ability to think and instinctively began to grind her pussy against his pelvis while he kept his cock embedded in her.

After an eternity her orgasm began to subside. Ron slowly slid his cock from her pulsing pussy. He stood up and changed places with Stephen. Stephen had her roll onto her stomach and pulled her up onto her hands and knees. Ron sat down on the chaise with his cock aimed at her face. He pulled her head down on to his cock. Susan began to eagerly suck him as Stephen inserted his cock into her from behind.

Stephen began to stroke his cock in and out of her. His pace increased from slow and sensual to full on fucking while Susan worshipped Ron’s cock with her mouth. She wanted his come to wash down her throat. She wanted to feel Stephen’s hot semen explode into her pussy. At that moment the only thing that mattered were these two wonderful cocks.

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