Andrea’s Demise


Andrea’s Demise

Andrea was not “that” kind of a girl. She would never be confused with the harlots and sluts who regularly paraded through the club doors, though she was wishing she could be. She had never been the one to instigate anything sexual, relying on her potential lover to make the appropriate moves to induce an act of coupling. As she was not the one to start the seduction, she found herself regularly left wanting in an excited state of sexual dissatisfaction.
The day had begun like so many others, a hot coffee to relieve the fog that addled her early morning thoughts. As she sipped her coffee and perused her email, she noticed an interesting email from a stranger she had only recently begun conversing with online. She had told him she wanted to get to know him better before she would show herself on her webcam to him. He had been understanding at first, but she noticed he was becoming more and more assertive. She felt like she was being pushed into a situation she was unfamiliar with, and her apprehension was becoming difficult to ignore. The problem she had was that she desperately wanted to see him and play online but was too shy to allow herself the freedom this act would require.
The new email started out differently than the others. Jim had not mentioned anything about seeing her online, had not mentioned anything sexual at all. Just reading the email made her think that something had changed. He had only made one small request, please be available tonight around 7:00pm for some interaction. An ominous warning bell was ringing in her head yet her desire overrode her suspicion and she had replied that she would be home. The day progressed as most others had. She encountered small issues at her work that she had dealt with and solved, and otherwise had an uneventful day. Little did she know how much her “regular” day was going to change. She left for the day at her usual 5:00pm and had an easy drive home, not even thinking about her planned meeting with him tonight.
As she locked her car and headed to the elevator that would whisk her to her 5th floor apartment, she marvelled at how much things had changed in her neighbourhood. Gone were the massive tenements that dwarfed her beloved brown-stone. They had been replaced by smaller apartments and townhomes and the community had gone from ghetto central to an affluent neighbourhood of respected professionals and business people. Mrs. Wilson met her at the elevator door, “I thought I heard someone at your door earlier today sweetie, but when I stepped out to look there was no one there. Must have been my imagination playing tricks on me.” Mrs. Wilson then stepped into the elevator and with a chime began the slow descent to the ground floor. A typical busy-body, Andrea was glad Mrs. Wilson was such a protective neighbour. She had alerted Andrea when her ex-boyfriend had arrived that night and had helped scare him away from his planned “rape” fantasy. Bob had been a reasonable lover but had quickly turned into a needy loser who sapped the energy from Andrea’s soul. She had been relieved when she read that Bob had been arrested and jailed over using a date-rape drug. One fewer problem to deal with.
Andrea let herself into her apartment and locked the door behind her. It was when she turned to lock the door that she noticed the lock had been tampered with. She was about to call the manager when she felt a sharp pain in her head and fell unconscious izmit rus escort to the floor. When Andrea groggily started to awaken, she found herself unable to move her arms or legs. She soon realised that she had been tied to her bed, but was relieved to find she was still dressed. As she tried to squirm free of her bonds, she heard a voice behind her. “I’m so glad you could ensure you were going to be home tonight, I’ve been looking forward to “meeting” you all day. I’m so glad your nosy neighbour works nights, means we’ll have all night to play.”
With that, Jim stepped into her field of vision. He was a strapping hunk of a man, 5’11” tall and 185lbs made him an impressive figure. The fact that he was naked only increased Andrea’s desire. His penis measured 6″ when flaccid, it easily measured larger than any one Andrea had seen before. Her carnal longing began to stir in her loins. “Please Jim, this isn’t really what you want. Let me go and I’m sure we can come to some understanding about this.” she pleaded. Her pleas may as well have fallen on deaf ears. Jim chuckled to himself as he slowly reached over and began to caress her body. She was thankful that he was gentle, happy that her fervor was building and may be sated by this “stranger”.
“Now Andrea, I’m quite tired of hearing excuses when I ask you to come on cam so I can see you. Tonight I will see all I want, and tonight I will get to do all those things you swore you’d never do. Tonight, you will have an orgasm of epic proportion. If I work you correctly, you’ll be squirting your hot cum all over your silk sheets and into my waiting mouth. I seem to remember that you mentioned that you enjoy oral sex, so get ready.” With that, Jim proceeded to undo her skirt and slip it from around her waist. He noticed the dark wet spot forming in the crotch of her virginal white cotton panties and chuckled to himself. “I see you’re happy to see me too.”
Andrea had never felt such embarrasment before. She had always ensured the lights were off when her lovers saw her panties. She knew that her pussy produced an extreme amount of liquid when she was aroused and it had always been an issue for her. She simply “was not that type of girl”. Some had called her a prude when she rebuked their advances. Others had taken offense that she was not to be theirs on that particular day, angry over her refusal. She really was quite reserved sexually. She believed the choice was always hers and would ensure her comfort before succumbing to anothers’ will. It had cost her on a few occasions, but nothing as extreme as what Jim was doing to her now. When she felt his gritty tongue touch her engorges clitoris, she could not prevent the shudder that ripped through her body. She was so sensitive and he was hitting all the right spots when he licked her gushing hole up and down. She had even squealed when his hot tongue reached her puckered asshole, never having felt the like before. “That must please you” he had said as the squeal escaped her lips. “Just wait, when we get done, you’ll never be the same.” Andrea asked “Why do you keep saying we? You and I are the only ones here and I will never willingly allow myself to feel pleasure when I’m being raped.” Andrea got her answer as three other men stepped into her room. Each one was undressed and sporting a rigid member, anxious to get to her half-dressed body. Her body was betraying her as she felt the moisture start izmit escort to gush from her sopping wet pussy. Was she really that excited she wondered?
The unknown was like an aphrodesiac, her body preparing her for the adventure of a lifetime. She found herself getting more wet as the seconds elapsed. Jim’s tongue continued to dance over her engorged pubis, and her juice flowed faster and thicker than ever. The excitement was palpable in the room, and Andrea knew she had longed to have this experience forever. She had never discussed her “gang-bang” fantasies with anyone, instead keeping her dirty thoughts to herself. Now that it was happening, she found herself in a state of arousal like no other. Just then the first orgasm of the evening ripped through her slippery loins. Her pussy went into spasm as Jim’s tongue relentlessly pressed her clit, she moaned aloud and never attempted to stifle her pleasure.
“As you seem to be enjoying this, I wonder what would happen….” and with that Jim untied her hands from the headboard. Andrea immediately thought to run screaming down the hallway, but her immediate response was stifled by the arousal she was feeling. Instead of running in fear, Andrea found herself on her knees in her bedroom, one cock down her throat and two others in her hands. The men were starting to feel the haste in her approach, so they forced her to slow down so as to enjoy her all night. She could not believe she was doing this! She was not “that type of girl”. No one was forcing her and she found herself gagging on cock as she desperately tried to force more and more down her throat. Maybe she was “that type of girl”, maybe.
Jim slowly made his way behind Andrea and picked her up off her knees. He gently set her on the bed and began to unbutton her satin blouse. She shrugged off her shirt and had her bra off before he could even touch it. Now sitting with her soaking wet panties pushed to the side and her breasts bared, Andrea felt more liberation than she had ever felt before. Her body was on fire, her mind in turmoil as her lust quickly overtook her reserved modesty. “Okay boys, here’s the deal.” she started. “No one gets to cum before me tonight. No one gets to do anything unless I say they can. For starters, Jim, you will have to wait for your turn with me. I want to fuck your friends until they can’t cum anymore before I let you have me. And get your camera rolling, I want my liberation to be on tape, I want to see how I look as a slut.” With that Andrea had taken control of her own satisfaction for the first time in her life and the feeling of power was intoxicating.
“You two,” she said, pointing to the two guys closest to the bed, “come over here and service my pussy and mouth. You can both pick a place to start and when I tire I’ll get you to switch”. As the first cock began to enter her wanton pussy, she stated “nice cock” before the other could fill her mouth. She was in heaven, cock at her disposal and a lust unbeknown had her ready for this night. She was gagging when the cock in her pussy pushed her far enough to embed the other cock in her throat. She had spittle dribbling down her face onto her erect nipples as he filled her mouth to capacity. Her gaping wet pussy was literally gushing, splashing her cum onto the others’ balls and thighs. What was that? She felt it again as the third stranger had begun licking her ass while his buddies fucked her. She could hold out no longer and spit the kocaeli escort cock from her mouth as the second orgasm of her night ripped through her. She was screaming in passion as the cock left her mouth, then she felt it spasm and jerk forward. He came in a jet of cum like she’d never seen before, dousing her face, hair and breasts with his hot seed. The heat of his cum only served to heighten her pleasure and she found herself pushing down on the cock between the soft folds of her vagina. Then it happened, she felt her juice “squirt” out of her hot hole. The cock in her pussy felt the juice hit his balls and the feeling was too much to take, he erupted into her love canal, dumping buckets of cum inside. The tongue in her ass was probing deeper all the time. She began to feel a deeper desire take over. “You, behind me, get your cock over here” she demanded. The third man stood and presented another nice cock to her. “So can you two get it up again?” she asked. They both nodded and began to stroke their now reflating cocks. “Good” she said, “why don’t you see if that big cock will fit in my ass while your friends get ready for more?” The third man slowly rolled her over and continued to loosen her tight sphincter up with his thick tongue and fingers. he took his time and she felt herself relax. He placed the head at her pussy and slid it deep inside, “Need some lube” he said. Then his cock was back at her ass and pushing deep into her small hole.
Andrea was in pure ecstasy as the thick purple head split her ass. She had taken cock there before when Bob had convinced her she would enjoy it. He had lied, but she was in heaven now. The stranger began to quicken his pace, rushing headlong to bliss. Andrea noticed there were two other cocks ready for her pleasure. “Come here” she motioned to the others. “Hey Jim make sure you get this all on cam, my first TP!” With that she pushed the stranger on his back, never losing the rhythm he had established. “Now I think you two can switch places this time.” She reached for the first man and slowly bent his engorged cock into her tight pussy. “Oh my God, that’s sooo nice” she moaned. Those were the last words to escape her mouth, the last cock bumping her throat. Sheer pleasure erupted through Andrea’s body. The rhythm in her crotch was reaching a feverish crescendo, and the precum in her mouth was running freely with her spit on to her erect nipples. With a thunderous roar and thrust, the stranger in her ass erupted, his cum sending waves of heat through Andrea’s sensitive asshole. With the spasming ejaculation in her ass, Andrea felt her pussy begin it’s contractions. The pressure was exhaustive as she pushed her third orgasm from her loins. As her sticky cum spurted from her pussy, the other two strangers began to shoot their cum. First she felt the eruption as the purple head in her pussy spray great gobs of cum in her dripping hole. She moaned deeply and the tremor of her voice sent the other man over the edge. Gulp as she did, she could not swallow it all. Hot cum dripped on her breasts, sending waves of pleasure to her still twitching pussy. She slowly released the cocks from her pussy and ass, standing and rubbing the cum into her tits. “Delicious” she said, “now I think you three can go, you’ve had your fun.” The men gathered their clothes from the hall and silently exited the house. “Now my dear, what ever shall we do with you?”she asked. “I think you can turn the camera off now. Why don’t you start downloading it to my computer and then meet me in the shower. I want to be fresh when I pleasure you. You’ve been so patient, you should be rewarded.”

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