Andee Goes Away With Lauren


I’d been away with Lauren before, and we always seemed to have shared this mutual interest for each other. But since neither of us had ever really experienced a same sex relationship, the mood just seemed to remain sexually charged but reserved.  This weekend would be a little different, however. Usually a few of us attend the annual pharmacy conference and share a hotel room. But this time around our co-workers had opted to skip it and stay home. Personally, I was looking forward to it. It’s not often that I get the chance to have an escape from my husband and kids and just let loose. Lauren was my sexy 26-year-old blonde co-worker. At work she rarely revealed the naughtiness that lay underneath her professional life; except for the occasional surprise fondle of my ass and the times she would come up behind me and rub her breasts against my back. She was married, but didn’t have any children yet. Of course, this showed, as her body was tight and sexy. She wasn’t too tall, and was very slender. She had a little wild streak that made her a lot of fun to hang out with. When we arrived at the conference hotel, we checked in and found our way to our room. The first night is usually nothing special, just a cocktail reception hosted by one of the drug companies. With about 200 women and only a handful of men, it’s not a real opportunity for action. The company reps usually hang out and flirt a lot, hoping to use the pharmacy technicians as information on their bosses back at the pharmacies. This year was no different. When we walked in to the reception, it was the usual collection of women, some still dressed in their work clothes, others like Lauren and myself who made a little effort to put on some glamour. While I had been stealing a few glances kaçak iddaa at Lauren from the time we arrived, she certainly had my attention this night. She had on an amazing little pant suit that made her ass look incredible. I kept trying to slip around behind her to see if I could tell if she was wearing any panties. Underneath her jacket, she had on just a simple skin tight white t-shirt that made her breasts look unbelievably delicious. As I watched her ass make its way through the drink line-up, this man’s voice came from behind me, “I thought I might see a couple of sexy women here tonight.” I turned around to see Bryan, the sales rep that comes into our pharmacy a fair bit. A really handsome man, around 40, he’s always bringing free gifts in for the techs. “Hey sexy,” Lauren replied. She’s always a flirt. We all know that Bryan is married with a family, but that never stops her from plying her charms and trying to get a hand-out or two. In no time, Lauren had Bryan devoting his complete attention to us, buying our drinks and hanging out at our table. And, like I said, her wild side lingers just below the surface, and it wasn’t long before the conversation began to get sexual. “Did you know Andee has a tattoo on her ass,” Lauren said to Bryan, disclosing a little secret of mine from my past. “No, I didn’t know,” he said, flashing me a look of intrigue. “You don’t strike me as the kind of woman to have something like that. Lauren, I would expect it from. You, never.” “Yes, it was a gift from my husband,” said, with a kind of feigned teeth-gritting indignation. I wasn’t ticked, so much as a little jealous that she had turned her attention to our table mate and not me. To escape from where to conversation was headed I stood up and offered kaçak bahis to go get the three of us another drink. By now we were all feeling pretty good. When I returned, Lauren was almost sitting in Bryan’s lap. I had to lean over to place her drink down on the table, half intentionally leaning across Bryan. As I did, Lauren grabbed the hem of my skirt and hiked it up over my ass. “See, I told it was some great artwork,” she giggled to him. I felt kind of strange with my ass hanging out, but as she was explaining to him the meaning behind it, she was delicately fondling my exposed cheek. “And those are very nice panties too,” Bryan said, obviously enjoying the lacy blue Brazilian thong that I had chosen to wear. I’m not sure if it was the several drinks I had already had, or maybe that I was enjoying finally being included in Lauren’s flirtation, but instead of pulling my skirt back down in embarrassment, I remained bent over, and looked back at Bryan. “You think so? I don’t why I bothered to wear anything sexy tonight. It’s usually just a bunch of gossiping women here.” “I think she’s hoping for a little action now that she’s been paroled from her husband and kids,” Lauren said, with a mischievous tone in her voice. “I mean, who wouldn’t want a piece of this action … wouldn’t you like a piece, Bryan?” Our male friend kind of adjusted himself, not sure where this might be headed. “Well, Andee certainly has a really nice ass. I’m sure she gets a lot of action with it.” Bryan seemed to enjoy watching as Lauren’s hand continued to lightly caress my ass. Her touch was sending shivers right through my body. I leaned closer into her, pretty much putting my butt right under Bryan’s bulging eyes. As she slowly groped and slid over my cheeks, illegal bahis I looked right into her eyes. She could tell that I was enjoying the moment far too much. I laid my head on her shoulder just under her chin and gave her a little muzzle. “You ever watch two women, Bryan?” Lauren teased him. “You ever see how a woman makes love to another? I bet you’d love that.” And with that little taunt, she moved her hand back to them hem of my skirt and pulled it back down, hiding my panties from any further view. I was quite disappointed, as I my mind had wandering to the possibility of a little three-way action. But then, Bryan sadly came to his senses and pointedly looked at his watch. “Uh…well…uh…I’m giving a presentation at the first session tomorrow, ladies. I better call it a night,” and with that he excused himself. Lauren and I had a good little chuckle at watching him try to walk out of the reception hall with a hard-on. “Damn, that was naughty,” I said to Lauren. “You were really getting me worked up.” “Don’t worry,” she said with a devilish little wink. “We’ve got all weekend to torment that delicious boy.” We continued to have a good giggle about the reception as we got back to our room. With a full schedule ahead for the next day, we decided it would be a good idea to get a little bit of sleep after Bryan had left us. As I began to undress, Lauren noticed my nipple ring. I had got it to celebrate my ‘liberation’ from breastfeeding after my second child…and as a little horny thrill for my husband. “I didn’t know you had that,” she said, with a little surprise in her voice. “You didn’t really strike me as the kind of girl to have a nipple ring,” she said, trying to imitate what Bryan had said about my tattoo. “I got it as a teaser for my husband,” I replied, giving her a little wink. “It gives him something to think about when I’m not around. And something to play with when I am.” Lauren came over to me to get a closer look at the ring.

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