And Then When We First Touch


Most of the sexual encounters that I have enjoyed over the years were with women for whom I had developed an element of tenderness. While I enjoyed meeting women of all descriptions, sex only ensued after I had become relaxed and affectionate with any particular lady.

There have been a few exceptions. During my young and high testosterone years I had engaged the services of ladies of the night a few times. Those occasions had as much to do with impressing my buddies or to test my manhood as they were for pleasure.

And then there was Catherine.

I was in my late forties when I first came to know Catherine. It was during that age when some men start worrying that they have missed out on something in life. My thoughts would return to memories of women that I ‘could have’ bedded. The sands of time were running out and I began to consider doing some catch-up. The stresses of working hard to raise a family were now reduced if not over, and that in turn freed my mind to think too much of those missed pleasures. My wife Marg and I partied with others of our same age group who apparently had some of those same feelings.

We were all relative newcomers in an established community. While we were not outcasts to the ‘old guard’ of the town, we were not on the invitation list for social events either. Catherine and I were simply part of the same group of friends that began to meet at each other’s homes on a regular basis. There was no particular attraction between she and I, and in fact we had not even danced together. She was by no means a “wallflower” but it seemed she was more interested in others than she was in me.

Catherine was attractive in a quiet way, although her body was not one that would be normally accepted as sexually desirable. She was a tall and angular woman, with wide shoulders and hips and small breasts. Her legs were spindly and one could discern a wide space between her legs at the crotch when she wore a swimsuit or tight jeans. I estimated it to be about three fingers wide. That was one feature in her that I did find erotic.

Our parties had changed subtly over a period of time, and the element of sexuality had increased. We flirted with the mates of others and played porn videos and adult games. The parties provided an air of excitement or even danger to people whom for the most part had led monogamous lives. Several couples had dropped out, not being comfortable with the increasing eroticism. I attended each event with a sense of expectation that something special would happen. But I admit that Catherine was not one of the ladies on my shopping list.

It was during one of the adult games that Catherine and I were to suddenly discover the spark that would inflame and consume us, if only on occasion.

We were several hours into the party one evening. It became time to play a game that had become a regular feature. Interested couples put their names in a hat. The name of one person was drawn from the hat, and it was the call of his or her mate to pick a partner to spend three minutes alone with the winner in a bedroom.

I was chosen as the lucky man for the first time. My wife Marg had participated twice before and understood what could happen in that room. She was now required to pick a partner for me. I was pretty certain that she would choose her close friend Susan. On a previous occasion Susan had selected her to enter the bedroom with her husband Bill.

With a sly smile Marg selected Catherine.

Catherine was as surprised as I and quite frankly did not appear to be all that pleased. I glanced over at Susan who smiled and shrugged. She and I had a thing going and I knew that she would be asking my wife why she had chosen Catherine.

I gallantly went over to Catherine and held out my hand to lift her from her chair. She stood and hooked her arm into mine and we walked tentatively down the hall to the bedroom, accompanied by lewd and suggestive comments from the others.

I think that we were both a little embarrassed at the turn of events and after entering the room, simply stood facing each other for a few seconds.

I pulled her close and we kissed a quick little peck, then pulled back a little. Our eyes locked before Catherine came closer for a slightly longer kiss, lips engaging more intimately. Damn, she felt good, nice soft lips, breasts teasing my chest and she smelled great.

We backed off a little, both of us surprised I think at this sudden spark of interest. She ran her arms under mine and pasted her body against me while slipping her tongue into my mouth. I fondled her ass and pulled her hips tight to mine. She shifted her hips to grind her mound against my stiffening cock.

“Touch me, quick, touch me,” she whimpered. I pulled the back of her ankara escort bayan skirt up to her hips and slid my hands down inside her panties and caressed her bare ass. She turned her body slightly, a move that I correctly took to be an invitation to feel her pussy. I recalled that wide space between her legs and could hardly contain myself at the thought of my fingers sliding in along it.

She pulled her mouth off of my tongue long enough to breath, “Finger me, want them in me,” and then she went back to sucking my tongue.

I slid two fingers into her up to the knuckles. She responded by squeezing them again and again. I began to finger her in and out. She responded by thrusting her hips back and forth in unison.

At that point there was the sudden loud chant coming from the main area of the house. The countdown until our time was up, “five, four, three, two, one. C’mon out!”

We straightened ourselves quickly, expecting someone to come banging on the door. Catherine’s eyes were burning into mine and she said, “God, you are really wired.”

Actually that was the thought I was having about her. Admittedly I had made the first move for a kiss, but to my mind she had been the aggressor. There was no question that I had reacted swiftly to her advances. I simply said, “That was beautiful Catherine, you are a very desirable woman.” I meant it but also was thinking that I had never considered her to be desirable until those last few minutes.

We returned to the main room, a little embarrassed but aside from a quizzical look from my wife Marg, our time in the bedroom was over and the others were moving on with the party.

We had one more encounter later that evening and just prior to the end of the party. A recreation room in the basement was used for dancing. The lights were dim; a fireplace provided a romantic feeling to go with soft dance music played throughout the evening. I found Catherine and guided her into the room for a dance. I wanted to feel her body on mine once more.

Two other couples were grinding away on the floor, their feet barely moving and seemingly unaware of anything else but each other. Catherine plastered her body against me, nestled her mouth between my neck and ear. I could feel her hot breath as we engaged in a sort of a standing dry fuck.

I moved my hands down her back and held both of her cheeks, pulling her tight. I wanted to be naked with her, to have that gaunt body wrapped around me as I burrowed my cock in between that wide space in her legs. She responded in the same manner, digging her fingernails into my ass and violently rubbing her mound on my cock. I could feel her hard little tits sliding back and forth on my chest. I whispered, “I have never wanted to fuck someone so badly in my life. I want to put my cock into you.”

She cried a little as she said, “So let’s do it. Find a room or do it right here while we dance. Those others don’t care and I don’t care if they do. I want you in me. My nipples need to be sucked. Let’s do it Jim,” she breathed.

God knows I was close to doing just that. I was beyond caring about anything else. But once more, we were ‘saved by the bell’ as the party began to break up and the lights came on. We pulled back from each other reluctantly. We did not speak, but there was a sense that this was not over. Our lips met in a flickering kiss before we joined the others to say goodnight.

These parties always turned on my wife and me, and on our return home we invariably enjoyed passionate lovemaking in order to release the built up tensions.

I was cranked up very high on that particular evening. I normally enjoy the foreplay as much as the final act, and sometimes have to be reminded what is supposed to happen after a reasonable amount of feeling, sucking and licking.

But this night, I moved right in between Marg’s legs and sunk my cock deep without preliminaries of any sort. She was aroused enough that she could receive me easily and we were soon in high gear. She joined in by thrusting her hips up at me to receive each of my wild strokes. My cock felt so hard that I had the feeling that I could have drilled a hole in the mattress.

We lay there sweaty and panting after both getting off in a wild body jerking final. Marg propped herself up on an elbow and said, “Wow sailor, been at sea a long time? Where did that come from? Who got you so horny tonight? Was it my good friend Susan?”

I grinned, “How was it that you did not give me that shot at her tonight? I was surprised that you didn’t pick her. I was sure you would, and I’m sure she thought so as well. After all she picked you for Bill a few weeks back.”

Marg said with a smile, “I know, but that was too easy, and I knew that you both wanted it too much. etimesgut escort So I picked Catherine, I thought that she might cool you down a bit.”

I knew she was curious about what had happened, but I was not going to give her any satisfaction. So I said, “You knew damn well that there was little attraction between us. But she was quite nice and we had a little kiss or two. We got along just fine.”

Marg seemed content with my response and climbed on top of me and whispered, “Whatever, the results were beautiful.”

Out of sight, out of mind they say. I did not obsess about Catherine during the next few weeks. I thought of it as one of those strange occurrences in life where the stars had been aligned in such a way as to bring us together for those few intense hot minutes, and not likely to occur again. But I was wrong, and fate intervened one more time.

I had occasion to go down to the Mall one day to look for something for my office. I almost knocked Catherine over as I was leaving the store. I grabbed her arm to stabilize her as she stumbled to evade me. I suppose that it was that innocent body contact, but the two of us froze, our eyes locked in recognition and then the memory of what had happened the last time we had touched.

We kissed lightly, smiling as we said our hellos. We remained still, bodies almost touching and apparently unable to withdraw. I was clutching her arm and could feel her body shaking. God I wanted her, every nerve end in my body was buzzing at the thought of bedding her. It was obvious that she was experiencing something similar.

I said, “Do you have your car?” That was the first place that I could think of to get alone with her. She ran her tongue tip around her lips as she nodded slightly. She slipped her arm into mine and pulled me with her.

The walk through the mall seemed to take an hour. Our bodies touched every way possible while we walked. Her hips and thighs bounced against mine. She pulled my arm against her tit, rubbing it along my bicep. As I pulled the exit door open for her she rubbed her butt against my groin area as she slipped past me. She paused briefly at the feel of my stiff cock against her cheek.

It was raining slightly so she opened an umbrella to shield us as we raced to her car. She slid into the driver’s seat as I jumped in the other side. We were at each other in seconds, teeth almost clashing as we came together awkwardly. She eased back against the door as I pulled her ass towards me, desperately wanting to rub my cock anywhere on her body. She spread her legs a little as I moved towards her. I slipped my hand under her skirt and along her inner leg until I was at her panties.

I pushed the panties to one side, baring her slit. I looked up at her as I worked a fingertip along her lips. Her eyes burned into mine, she grit her teeth as I played with her slit and teased her bush. I clamped the heel of my hand down hard on her bush and began finger fucking her with two fingers hooked up under her mound.

She whimpered, “Oh God, I want you. What can we do? Where can we go? I need you in me.” She rubbed my cock through my pants, her fingers clutching it as if ready to rip it out through the cloth.

I pulled back a bit while still fingering her and said, “I want you too but not in a car. I want you bare fucking naked in a bed, let’s find a motel.”

She said, “Yes, yes, but I can’t drive, I’m too excited, you drive.”

I scrambled out and around the car, trying to think of where to go. I was desperate to get at her, but calm enough to consider finding some place at least a little distance away from our home area. She did not make my task any easier. As soon as we pulled away, she loosened my belt and pulled my zipper down. Then despite driving, I closed my eyes briefly as I felt her hot fingers slide eagerly down my cock.

I pulled into the first motel that we encountered on the outskirts of the town. It was mid-afternoon and my request for a room was bound to raise a curious look from the desk clerk, but he was watching a ball game on TV and gave no indication that he really cared.

I almost fucked her up against the door as we entered our room. We were both desperate to get at each other. Catherine was naked by the time we worked ourselves over to the bed. She lay on her back and scrunched her way up the bed until her head was on the pillow.

I struggled with my socks and pants, trying to move too quickly for the task, my eyes focused on her naked body. Her long nipples were jutting out like fingertips from her small white tits. Her eyes burned into mine, watching for my cock to emerge. Her pussy, oh God, her pussy was even more perfect than I had imagined it would appear.

As my eyes focused kızılay escort on it, Catherine spread her legs, lifted her knees and fingered her slit, as if begging me to hurry and get at it. It was a red quivering gash, the narrow lips swollen and glistening. Her black bush was shaved to single strip, an exclamation mark ending at the tip of her slit.

“Play with me first,” she moaned, still fingering herself. I obliged as I moved up between her legs on my knees, bending down to lay a long slobbering lick along the entire length of her slit. She arched up towards me, rubbing her pussy on my face and mouth. I sucked and licked her clit and lips, tugging at them until her body was vibrating.

I continued on up her body, inserting a finger into her as I licked and kissed from her belly to a point between her two widespread tits. She reached down for my cock, closing her hand around it, and then searched for my balls to cup in her hot hand.

I pinched her nipple between my lips, pulling out on it before sucking it deep into my mouth. I wanted to bite it, but opted to scrape it with my teeth. She pulled my head over to the other tit for a repeat. By this time, she was rubbing my knob in the juicy lips of her cunt.

Playtime was over and with huge sighs from both of us, my cock slipped easily up her tunnel until our pubic bones were grinding together.

A sort of calm settled on us now that that most anticipated event had come to pass. I settled in her, allowing her to move and adjust her body. I could feel those two hungry nipples grinding in my chest hair. Her pussy slipped back and forth on my cock, all done internally as she did not move her hips or butt. I began to move my knob in her, rubbing it along the inner walls of her pussy. As I pulled it back and forth I could feel the velvet wet folds licking at it like a dozen hot tongues.

She became much more animated, a return to the eagerness she had displayed in the car. She grasped my ass cheeks with her burning hands, encouraging me to stroke her.

I talk while I fuck, ask questions for which the answer is redundant, express my feelings and just run on and on about anything that comes to my mind. And I started now, “Ah Baby, I knew it would be like this. I have been dreaming about you under me like this. Feel my cock spreading you? Hold it a bit, keep still, right there, let me fuck a little on my own. Oh, that’s it, just hold, let me fuck your pussy. Squeeze it baby, squeeze it, go to the edge. Take me with you.”

Catherine did not respond verbally, but her body and lips and tits and pussy let me know that all was well. She wrapped both legs around my back, her heels digging into my thighs and with little grunts accompanying her moves, released her body to a sudden grinding orgasm.

I was not far behind, the cum-column moving from my toes to my knees, up my thighs to the base of my cock. I held it as long as I could, but when her body began to shake and tremble, I let my load rip into her. We stopped moving for a few seconds, still clutching each other until the best of it had passed. I continued to pump her with those last delicious strokes still possible as her pussy pulsed around my softening cock.

I swung to my back, spread out and exhausted. “Catherine, that was everything I could have imagined. I am not sure how we managed to discover this, but you are the hottest women that I have ever met.”

She moved over top of me, propped up on extended arms, the nipples on her little tits teasing my chest, leaned in for a kiss then whispered, “It’s you Jim, I am not sure how we found out so quickly, I have never done anything like this in my life. But I have been dying to do it with you since our first touch. Can you stay longer? I could use more.”

I smiled, “You will have to give me more time Catherine, I am not the kid I once was. What’s say we have a shower and discuss it in there.”

She bent down and kissed me, “It will give me a chance to seduce you. If I can get my mouth around that thick cock of yours, it should be enough encouragement.”

She felt my cock tremble at her words, smiled and lifted off of me. I watched her bare ass jiggle as she walked to the bathroom. She looked over her shoulder to check my response. One meaningful glance at my cock and she disappeared, followed shortly by the sound of the shower.

Despite the intensity of the sex, we did not meet often following that encounter. It was if we needed to touch before the desire for each other took over. We acted as if we barely knew each other at the parties, not seeming to have any other common interests. But when alone for even short times, we were immediately ready to fuck. We did not make plans to meet alone, but when we did meet by chance we were in a motel within minutes. All it took was a touch on the arm or the brush of a hip to launch us.

I still prefer long foreplay and seduction with someone for whom I have affection, but for pure sexual intensity and release, sex with Catherine was at another level.

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