Anal Epic Ch. 10


“Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex, graphic language, and some violent situations. In addition, all characters in any sexually explicit conduct are over the age of eighteen (18) years at the time this story was written.”


After drying off, I hung my towel over the shower door and then impulsively decided to borrow a pair of ‘good’ socks from my Dad, before heading back to my bedroom to get dressed. Today was Cinco de Mayo and I wanted to go out and party.

I leisurely walked into my parent’s bedroom and after looking around, meandered over to my Dad’s opulent brown armoire. I opened the doors and took my time looking through all his neatly folded socks. There was nobody home, so I wasn’t worried about being butt-naked.

Upon finally deciding on a fine, silk, navy blue pair, I headed back to my room. However, as I walked past Mom’s nightstand, I decided to take a minute and satisfy my curiosity. I had never snooped through her drawers.

I felt like I had struck gold when I pulled the bottom drawer open. An eye opening, dizzying array of lubes, dildos, and cock rings rewarded my temerity. Smiling broadly, I marveled “OMG!” over and over. I couldn’t wait to tell Sis!

Suddenly, I heard two voices, and they were already coming up the stairs! I panicked. I was sitting on my parent’s bed, completely naked, and semi-hard.

The footsteps were now on the top of the stairs, so there was no way I could sneak out of the master bedroom without being seen. I scrambled into Mom’s bedroom closet, just before her and Dad walked into the bedroom.

I took a moment to calm down, and think through my predicament. I soon realized I would not be discovered – if I kept quiet. I would just wait, until they were doing whatever, and then quietly sneak out.

Inching my face closer to the to the louver door, so I could better through the horizontal shutters, my eyes opened wide. It wasn’t Mom! It was Gabby!

Gabrielle was our maid. She was about 20 years old, petite, had long raven colored hair, and a permanent tan on her smooth skin. Gabby was also blessed with a beautiful, warm smile, sexy ass, and shapely legs. It didn’t bother me that her chest was almost flatter than mine.

I had it bad for Gabby, even when I was younger. I couldn’t possibly count the times I got wood staring at her small, round ass or the number of times I fantasized about throwing her over the bed and fucking her in the ass. I thought about fucking her every time I saw her.

When I was younger, Sis use to tease me about Gabby. She would say something like, “You know…she changes your sheets. She sees those huge cum stains. She knows you jack off all the time. Just think…every time she sees you she is thinking about your stained sheets…”

I would soon discover, that I was not the only person in the family who thought Gabby’s ass was made for fucking. Dad and Gabby were now standing on Mom’s side of the bed, facing each other. Gabby’s red toenails were almost touching my Dad’s shoes.

After a few moments, I heard Gabby giggle as Dad’s zipper was pulled down. Then I watched Dad pulled Gabby’s shorts down to her ankles. She was wearing a pair of black panties that clung to her curvy hips.

When Dad’s hands began kneading it Gabby’s small, firm tits, I began to feel embarrassed – spying on them. However, I could not tear my eyes away from Gabby’s beautiful, tan, naked flesh.

While Dad’s hand continued to manipulate her breasts, Gabby began stroking his crotch. After a moment, Gabby squatted on her heels in front of Dad, and pulled his pants and shorts down.

When Gabby leaned her head forward and began to rock back and forth on her heels, I did not need to hear her slurping sounds to know that Dad was getting his cock sucked! Sweet, innocent Gabby was a hardcore cocksucker from the sounds of it!

I found it impossible to give Dad any privacy. I could not take my eyes off Gabby’s stretched mouth.

“Stop! You’ll make me cum,” Dad chuckled.

“Tengo hombre,” Gabby murmured.

Dad then stood Gabby up, walked her backward to the bed, dropped to his knees, and pulled her panties down. Like me, Dad took a good look at her little cleft, before pulling her legs apart, and then moving his face forward.

“Ayudate a ti mismo,” Gabby moaned and then slowly let her head drop back, so that I was almost looking right into her upside down face.

I was so close to Gabby that I could have reached out and touched her long black hair. If she had had her eyes open, she would’ve seen me.

As I watched Gabby’s face begin to glow and slowly turn ecstatic, I wondered what her pussy would taste like. My mouth watered as I envisioned my tongue probing her little, juicy vagina.

Gabby’s loud moans brought me back. I saw that she had now lifted her feet off the floor and was waggling them aimlessly in the air as Dad mounted her.

“Si…Si…” Gabby murmured as Dad pushed into her.

When Dad’s legs started rocking, and the bed began creaking istanbul escort rhythmically, I couldn’t help but reach down and start stroking my hard cock. I was surprised at how much precum I’d leaked.

A few minutes later, things got very interesting. Dad rolled gabby over on her stomach, spit on his cockhead, and appeared to ease it Gabby’s pussy lubed anus. In no time, his hairy balls were slapping against her smooth cheeks.

“Oh mierda! Oh mierda! Si…” Gabby moaned as Dad fucked her ass.

I was so pissed I almost stopped jacking. I couldn’t believe Dad’s cock was buried deep between her cheeks.

Dad did not let up on the grimacing Gabby. He repeatedly speared her ass, driving his thick cock into her walnut-colored anus, and then rapidly yanking it back.

I could understand the numerous repetitions because the loud suction sounds coming from Gabby’s bowels were captivating. The sound was the equivalent of prying your boot out of a deep puddle of mud.

Dad was so intently butt-fucking Gabby that he did not notice Mom, ’til she walked up to the bed. I was so startled that I almost gave myself away.

However, when Dad saw Mom, he didn’t panic! Mom had no reaction either. She nonchalantly said, “You have a call, Honey. It’s work.”

Gabby’s face reddened and then she covered her face when she realized Mom was standing there watching her get sodomized. I could easily imagine some of the thoughts running through her pretty little head.

Mom, however, did not seem to have bad intentions. Her eyes were glued to Dad’s cock as it continued to manhandle Gabby’s ever widening and occasionally farting asshole.

“Darn…just as I was getting ready to cum…I get the call…talk about interruptions…”

Again, I was shocked when I heard Dad’s forthright language. Mom was certainly taking all this in stride…

“Honey, why don’t you cum? Otherwise, you’ll get blue balls…you don’t want that! Go ahead…lay into her. I wanna watch! They can wait a minute or two…”

“Yes Hon,” Dad doggedly muttered. He then straightened his legs, got into a push-up position over Gabby, and began ramming her poop chute. He seemed to lack the gusto he originally started with.

“Be a good girl and squeeze your ass, Gabrielle,” Mom advised when Dad started grunting. “Make Daddy happy!”

A few seconds later, Dad was in the throes of intense pleasure. When he started bucking and groaning, Mom reached over and massaged his hairy ass and then his shoulders with both hands as he came. Mom was so thoughtful!

When Dad pulled out of Gabby’s pulverized anus, his cock just throbbed and bobbed wildly as he stood before Mom. Dad and Mom talked some more, but I couldn’t hear what they were saying.

I turned my gaze back to Gabby. She had relaxed her legs and had slid a small, well-manicured hand down to her anus and gently touched it. It was red and swollen. A rope of thick semen obscenely hung out of it.

When Dad threw his shorts on, Mom asked, “No shower?”

“Nope. When they smell ass on my cock…they’ll miss every putt. Ha! Ha! Easy money today, Baby!”

Right after Dad walked out, Mom turned to the closet, and with a wry smile said, “Okay Honey, you can come out now.”

“Shit,” I mouthed.

As I hesitatingly walked out into the light, blinking my eyes, Mom gently grabbed my hard cock and guided me to the bed. She let go when she sat on the bed next to Gabby.

Mom smiled, and then without hesitation, leaned forward and engulfed my precum-coated cock in her mouth. Gabby’s feline eyes opened wide as Mom began to blow me.

As I grabbed Mom’s head, I looked down between Gabby’s supple ass cheeks. She had a funnel-shaped anus. Her anus lay at the bottom of a slight funnel shaped depression.

Mom and Sis had sexy button-shaped anuses. A thin, circular, fatty ridge encircled their anus. The ridge separated the butt-cheeks from the anus. After a good butt-fucking, the fatty ridge would erotically swell up.

When Mom saw my eyes staring at Gabby’s anus, she reached over, found Gabby’s sullied asshole, and inserted her forefinger into it. My cock instantly throbbed and emitted more precum as Mom began finger-fucking it.

After Mom tired of sucking me and playing with Gabby’s delightful anus, she motioned towards Gabby’s ass with her head. Mom left no doubt, she wanted to watch me mount and fuck Gabby’s cute little ass.

As Mom looked on, I leaned over and down and ran my tongue over her soiled anus — a few times. I savored the feeling of Gabby’s sphincter on my tongue and the taste and aroma of her ass. Dad had lubed her poop chute good I chuckled to myself.

Despite Gabby’s enthusiastic moaning, I reluctantly pulled my face back. I didn’t think it wise to keep Mom waiting while I ate out Gabby’s succulent asshole. I grabbed the base of my erection, crawled between her smooth legs, and slid it about halfway into her slack asshole.

After a loud sigh followed by a moan, Gabby let me know how she felt. She jerked yenibosna escort her head around and said, something like, “Hijo de puta,” as I began to fuck her ass.

Every once in awhile, I paused so both of us could feel my throbbing, rock hard cock as I rested it, deep in her warm, squishy rectum. Whenever I paused too long, Gabby would wiggle her butt, as if to say, “Keep fucking.”

As Mom watched each other, Mom began ostentatiously fingering herself. That was one stimulating vision, too, many. I was so turned on by all the sexual sensations I was experiencing that I quickly shot my load into Gabby’s soft, upturned ass.

It was a sweet cum. It felt like Gabby’s rectum had gripped and was stroking my swelling cock like a little fist as I hosed her bulging anal canal with semen.

After I mumbled, “God, her ass is tight,” I grabbed Gabby’s hips and pulled her back against me. The base of my cock pushed right through her little sphincter muscles.

Gabby yelped, turned her head back toward me, and angrily hollered, “Ese cabron!”

Suddenly, Gabby’s fiercely narrowed eyes and frown changed to a look of astonishment. Dramatically, her body stiffened, she dug her fingers into my arms, and bucked up against me in a wild, uncontrollable frenzy.

Bewildered I looked at Mom. She winked at me and then mouthed, ‘G-spot.”

Mom had surreptitiously slid her long, slender fingers into Gabby’s pussy. Apparently, Mom knew exactly what to do to make Gabby cum so quickly.

I smiled, closed my eyes, and opened my mouth when Mom withdrew her sticky fingers from Gabby’s pussy. She tasted sweet.

After I had rolled off Gabby’s ass, I turned over on my side. I was exhausted.

When I heard Mom whisper, I sleepily turned over to see Mom cradle Gabby’s head to her chest. Mom and Gabby stared into each other eyes for a few moments before Mom nodded okay and gently pulled her top up.

Mom knew human nature, all too well. She knew that Gabby – any of us, no matter what age, dreamed of suckling her ripe, full breasts.

Unhesitatingly, Gabby opened her mouth slightly and began expertly working Mom’s erect, pink nipples. After a minute or so, Mom even began softly caressing Gabby’s pubic mound. I am sure Gabby felt she had gone to heaven.

The erotic scene was mesmerizing. In fact, the longer I watched Gabby suck Mom’s titties, the more my cock began to stir. The girls became aroused, too.

Both Mom and Gabby squatted over my face, before I was allowed to go to sleep. Mom was the horniest, of course, and went first.

I pulled Mom’s smooth labia open and looked inside her juicy, pink oval. I licked around it a little bit before concentrating on her erect clit.

“Aaahhh! Suck it!” Mom exclaimed.

When I began a combination of sucking and licking, Mom’s entire body shook. I held the top of her clit between my lips, slightly sucking it, as my tongue stroked her clit from top to bottom.

I did Mom like this non-stop, until she began hollering, “That’s it! Don’t stop! Don’t stop!”

When Mom collapsed on the bed, her hips gyrating in post orgasmic delight, Gabby quickly climbed aboard my drenched face. She wanted exactly what I had just done to Mom.

I began warming Gabby’s motor up by sliding my tongue in her vagina and wiggling it around. Even though I was not blessed with a long tongue, it made Gabby moan and squirm.

Eventually, Gabby’s pussy farted right in my mouth. She was really straining that hard.

Although I paused for a second, I kept eating her out. I was bound and determined to make Gabby think about me the next time she played with herself.

When I head north to Gabby’s clit, I increased the intensity of my sucking and licking. Gabby reacted by squeezing her sleek, silky thighs tight around my head. For being so petite, she had remarkable strength.

At some point I heard Mom coaching Gabby. She was saying, “Let it go. Let it go.”

The next thing I saw was Mom massaging and rubbing Gabby’s abdomen. I did not have to wait long to find out what that was all about.

As Gabby began grunting like a little pig, thick globs of warm seminal fluid squirted out of her convulsing anus and into my mouth. As the sperm flow increased, Gabby hollered, “Ven conmigo. Ooohhh! Ooohhh! Ooohhh!”

I had no choice but to swallow it all down as her hips bucked and jerked, over my face. Apparently, Gabby had never been felched.

As Gabby’s orgasms subsided, she let out one last moan, rubbed my head, and collapsed on the bed, completely exhausted. I remained on my back. I was dazed. My belly was full of sperm and Mom’s and Gabby’s pussy juices.

Right before I dozed off, I heard Mom whisper in Gabby’s ear, “Mi casa es su casa.”

I awoke to the sound of Sis’s voice. She was telling Mom to suck her cock. As I dreamily opened my eyes, Sis was kneeling on the bed wearing her big strap-on cock. The last couple of inches of it were in Mom’s mouth.

Mom was sucking hard – drool sefaköy escort ran down from her mouth onto the cock as her hands clenched Sis’s butt cheeks. I immediately dozed off, again.

The second time I awoke, I was lying on my back. Mom was saying, “Wakey…wakey…”

I groggily opened my eyes to see Mom and Sis approaching Gabby and me. They were like two female tigers in the hunt, on all fours, stealthily moving forward. They both were wearing strap-ons!

“Roll over Honey. Spread your cheeks for Mommy.”

“You too Gabbie! Spread your cheeks for Sissie.”

As I lay on my stomach, Mom hummed quietly to herself as she greased my relaxed anus. I was still sleepy and my anus parted easily as my inserted her lubed fingers.

Eventually, Mom mounted me. She slid her hands round my waist and then under my stomach up to nipples, as she nuzzled her soft face into my neck. The huge dildo rested between my cheeks.

As Mom caressed my hardening nipples, the familiar, faint scent of Obsession filled my nostrils. The arousal pleasure I derived from Mom was so intoxicating and loving that I had goose bumps. I wondered if it was possible that Mom received as much pleasure from giving as I did from receiving.

Sis was not as gentle with Gabby. Sis pressed down firmly on Gabby’s shoulders and entered her greased anus forcefully.

Gabby tried to crawl away, but Sis gently grabbed her nipples. “Not so fast little puta.”

After a few more thrusts, Gabby’s once tiny anus was indented and bulging around several inches of thick, dildo cock. Without giving Gabby time to adjust, Sis began fucking her rapidly. I was surprised to see Sis fuck Gabby so hard.

Meanwhile, Mom cooed in my ear, “Your sweet ass is going to suck my cock so hard…you’re gonna have all twelve inches so deep inside you…you’re gonna beg me to let you cum.”

As I thought about what mom was saying, Sis said, “If you can shit it out, I’ll let you go.”

Mom and I paused as we listened to Gabby grunt, take a deep breath, and then grunt harder as she kept trying. She certainly sounded like she was horribly constipated.

“Come on, Gabby, it’s almost half way out. Shit it out. Come on.”

“I…I can’t,” Gabby uttered.

“Never mind, I want to get to fuck the shit out of you anyway! This dildo is gonna be brown by the time I am through with you.”

“Your turn Honey,” Mom said. “Time to get fucked.”

With that, Mom started rocking her hips, her cock going deeper with every stroke, until her abdomen was slapping hard against my thighs. The bed creaked loudly as our bodies slapped loudly against each other.

Wanting to go even deeper, Mom grabbed my hips tightly, and started ramming her cock into me. I could feel her hot breath on my back as she fucked me like a man.

I wanted to cum. I was steadily jacking my cock, but it was too hard. It gets like that if I orgasm a lot in just a couple of hours.

Mom came before I did. She had a short, but hard orgasm.

Exhausted, Mom disengaged from me. I grunted loudly as the large dildo slowly but surely exited my horny ass.

When the huge dildo popped out my ass, Mom rolled off me, and collapsed onto the bed. I began to mount her, but she pointed at Gabby.

When Sis saw Mom motion, she grabbed hold of Gabby and rolled over. Gabby was now sitting on top of Sis.

I planted my knees on each side of Sis’s hips, pushed Gabby’s torso back onto Sis, and plunged my hard cock into her wet pussy. Gabby immediately howled as my cock quickly bottomed out in her small vagina.

Not wanting to hurt Gabby, I quickly pulled my cock back, grabbed my base, and began stirring it hard, in a circular motion. Gabby’s hot, pussy sheath tenaciously gripped my cock as Sis’s continued force-fucking caused her to buck up and down on the massive dildo.

Within a couple of minutes, Gabby slammed her crotch against mine, grinding her throbbing pussy against my pubic bone, as hard as she could. I could actually feel her pussy walls pulsate as wave after wave ran through her sweaty loins.

After Gabby came, both Sis and I and pulled out of her. However, I had not cum, so I rolled her over, crawled between her legs, and sank my cock into her vacated ring. Unlike last time, I pushed into her as deep as I could.

It only took a few hard pumps, before I began shooting glob after glob of semen into her completely open anal tube. I could feel my cum mixing with her ass gravy as I continued fucking her.

Cumming balls deeps in Gabby’s warm, soft ass was a luxurious feeling. I remained impaled in her ass, until my cock went flaccid.

Sis wasn’t through with Gabby’s ass. She pushed two fingers into Gabby’s gaping asshole and scooped out some of my cum.

“Damn, you sure unloaded in her! Can’t let all this cum go to waste.”

Sis then reached up to Gabby’s face and wiped her cum-coated fingers across Gabby’s lips, before forcing them into Gabby’s mouth. Sis made Gabby clean her fingers, before she returned them to Gabby’s asshole, scooping out more cum, and feeding Gabby, again.

“Okay, sweetie,” Sis said. “I’m gonna play with your ass a little bit.”

Again, two of Sis’s fingers entered Gabby’s ass. When a third finger followed, Gabby wailed, “Nooo…it’s too much.”

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