Anal Aunt


Naturally it was a little bit awkward, the first time Ben visited his Aunt Katie at her place, after years of only seeing her at family gatherings. But she’d seemed really glad that he’d suggested it, and happy to see him when he arrived.

Katie was his mother’s younger sister. Ben especially liked her because she was more outspoken and just generally less uptight than the rest of his family. Plus, she was hot. So even if the conversation lagged a little, he could always enjoy looking at her.

Inevitably, she got around to asking about his love life. “Are you still going out with that girl I met last time I was over at your parents’ place?” Katie asked.

“Angie? Nah, we broke up.”

“Oh, too bad. But easy come, easy go, right?”

“Is that how you look at it?” said Ben.

“Pretty much.” Katie took another sip of her drink and settled back in her chair. “You probably know, I’ve had a few men in my life, but they all ended up leaving one way or another.”

Ben moved forward on the edge of the couch cushion to bring himself a little closer to her. “Can I ask you something?” he said. “Do you think it’s okay to break up with someone because you’re not… sexually compatible?”

She snorted. “Of course! If you expect to be exclusive with someone, you can’t stay with them if you’re not getting along sexually.”

“Really? Because some people say if you like each other you should just try to work out any differences you have when it comes to sex.”

“That’s true, but you can’t always work them out. And if the differences are serious enough, it doesn’t matter how much you like each other, someone’s going to walk away.”

“It sounds like you’re speaking from experience,” said Ben.

“Yeah, well, my breakups haven’t always been over sex, but it’s been a factor, for sure.” She paused. “So is that what happened to you? You wanted something she didn’t like, or vice versa?”

“Yeah. But I keep thinking, maybe I’m too demanding.”

“Well, you can’t have everything. But hell, you’re young, you have lots of time to look for the right person.” Katie sat up and leaned in towards him. “Ben, I’ve always felt that I don’t have to mince words with you. Do you mind if I get into a personal question, I mean personal about me and sex? Because I want your opinion, as a man.”

“Sure, go ahead.”

“See, my thing is… I don’t like being fucked in the pussy. Can’t stand it, in fact.”

“Really? Have you –“

“Yes, before you ask, I’ve seen doctors about it. They say my vagina’s a little small, but there’s nothing really wrong with it, and there are all these therapies I can try, and so forth. But I don’t really want to go through all that. I mean, I never liked having anything in my pussy, it just feels uncomfortable, and there are other things I like, so why should I?”

“Okay.” Ben was already imaging what the other things might be.

“So the question is, if you had a girlfriend, and she would suck your dick, and you could fuck her in the ass, but you just couldn’t fuck her in the pussy, would you be satisfied with that? Forget about having children, that’s a whole other issue, but just in terms of sex, would you feel like you had to have someone you could fuck in the pussy?”

“That’s so weird,” said Ben. “I mean, sorry, I’m not saying you’re weird. What’s weird is, the main reason I broke up with Angie is she wouldn’t even consider doing anything anal. Even just touching her there was, like, completely off limits. And I suppose that’s not too important to most people, but I’m sort of obsessed with it.”

“Well, I guess that’s kind of like what I’m talking about,” said Katie. “Something you feel like you just have to have. Lots of men like anal, but you’d be surprised how many claim they can’t stand doing without pussy.”

Ben was genuinely curious now. “What about having your pussy licked?” he asked.

“I can take it or leave it. What I really like is to use my fingers on my clit while I’m being fucked in the ass. Or just having my ass rimmed, even.”

“Wow. I’d love to — I mean… rimming a woman’s ass is a big fantasy for me.”

He looked a little embarrassed. “Is this conversation making you uncomfortable?” said Katie. “Maybe I shouldn’t –“

“No, no!” he protested. “I want to talk about this.”

She gave him a teasing look. “Did I start you thinking about your Aunt Katie’s big ol’ butt?”

“It wouldn’t be the first time,” Ben said quietly, looking down at the floor.

That took her by surprise. “Really?”

“Sure.” He looked up at her. “I’ve always thought you’re really sexy.”

She got up and sat on the couch next to him. “You like older women?” she asked gently.

“Sometimes.” He added quickly, “And you’re not that much older.”

“I’m probably old enough to be your mother. You’re, what, 20 now? So I would have had to get pregnant when I was about 17? Whatever. Speaking of your mother, she’d have a fit if she knew we were talking like this.”

“She doesn’t have to know anything about it,” said Ben.

She bahis şirketleri rubbed her hand along his arm. “You mean just about us talking?” she said with a suggestive smile. “Or will there be something more she shouldn’t know about?”

“I hope there will.”

She put her arm around him. “Well… there could be. But I need you to tell me explicitly what you want. In case it ever comes out, I don’t want your mom to be able to accuse me of corrupting her innocent boy.”

“Okay, then,” said Ben. “I want to rim you. I want to stick my tongue in your ass. And… well, whatever else that leads to.”

Katie smiled at him. “You’re a very sweet young man, and I would love that.” They moved together for a kiss. Her tongue told him she was as excited as he was.


Ben was lying in Katie’s bed, waiting impatiently for her to get out of the shower. He was about to satisfy two forbidden desires at once: His anal obsession, and his lust for his aunt. She wasn’t the star of all his jerkoff fantasies, but she’d figured in her share of them.

When Katie finally walked into the bedroom, naked, Ben found that his imagination had been pretty accurate. He adored her compact, sturdy body, from her soft, round tits to the curve of her waist, to her wide, full hips.

Katie got into bed and gave him a quick kiss. “Well, you’re still here, so I guess you haven’t changed your mind,” she said jokingly.

“Are you kidding? I wouldn’t miss this for anything.”

“Me neither. Well, you’ve had a chance to check me out, so now it’s my turn,” Katie said. She pulled the covers off them, lay face down between Ben’s legs, and cradled his balls with one hand while stroking his hard dick with the other.

“I think it’ll fit,” said Katie, admiring his dick. She stuck out her tongue and licked slowly up and down his shaft a few times. Then she smiled up at him. “Are you ready to rim me now?”

“I can’t wait!”

Katie picked up some thick towels from a basket beside the bed and placed them in the center of the mattress. “I tend to squirt when I come,” she explained. “Just another one of my little peculiarities.”

Wow, Ben thought, it just gets better and better.

Katie got out a bottle of lube and put some on her fingers. “I like to use this when I rub my clit,” she said, and handed him the bottle. “You’ll need this later for my ass.”

She got down on all fours with her pussy over the towels, then lowered her head to her pillow. Her beautiful round ass was now sticking up, her cheeks spread, in a perfect invitation. The long pink folds of her pussy lips hanging below seemed to point straight to her puckered little butthole, beckoning to him from the dark, warm hollow between her ass cheeks.

Ben knelt behind her and caressed her ass, groping and spreading her cheeks. He bent down and touched his tongue to the soft pink flesh of her butthole. The taste and the feel of it was pure heaven. The excitement of having his mouth and tongue deep between her gorgeous ass cheeks was everything he’d dreamed of. He ran his tongue all around and up and down her asshole. Katie sighed and started slowly fingering her clit.

“Oh, that feels so good,” said Katie softly. “Rim my little butthole.” Ben kept licking and she rubbed her clit faster. “Yes, yes,” said Katie, “I love your tongue in my ass!” Ben spread her cheeks with his hands and started pressing his tongue in harder, working the tip of it into her asshole.

“Oh fuck yes, I’m gonna come,” Katie moaned. “I’m coming!” Her hips twitched under Ben’s licking tongue. He kept licking her ass until her gasps subsided. Then he pulled away to take a peek at her pussy. Sure enough, it was dripping wet, and there was a wet spot on the towels underneath.

“That was great,” said Katie, still rubbing her pussy in slow circles.

“I love licking your butthole,” said Ben.

“Please, fuck my ass now,” said Katie.

Ben quickly spread the lube on her butthole and his dick. He was so hard now, he didn’t waste any time playing around. Katie seemed just as eager. She lowered her ass a little to make it easier for him to get into her, and he pushed the head of his dick into her tight sphincter.

His first thought was, This is way better than pussy.

“Yes, go deeper, fill me up,” said Katie, rubbing her clit again. Ben slowly pushed in deeper, the taut muscles of her butthole gripping his dick deliciously all the way down his shaft. “Oh yeah, so good,” said Katie. “You’re just the right size.”

Ben held onto his aunt’s hips and started fucking her ass with long strokes. He loved looking down at her round ass, the curve of her hips, her smooth back. He thrilled to see his dick wedged into her tight butthole. He pulled his dick almost all the way out of her, feeling her anal ring squeeze the head, bringing him close to coming, then plunged deep inside her again, stretching her asshole with the widest part of his dick.

“Oh God, keep fucking me!” Katie cried. “Your dick feels so good in my ass!”

He heard her groan bahis firmaları and felt something warm and wet splash against his balls. “I’m coming, I’m coming,” Katie mumbled into her pillow.

“I’m coming too,” Ben panted. “Oh fuck, I’m coming inside your ass!” Spurt after spurt of his hot cum shot deep inside her.

“Mmmm, yeah,” Katie murmured as their orgasms slowly wound down. Ben pulled his dick from her ass and felt its grip squeeze out the last of his cum. He looked down and saw that the towel was a lot wetter than before.

Katie suddenly spun around and took hold of his dick. A gob of cum was dripping from the tip and she caught it in her mouth, then licked and sucked him. When she’d gotten as much of a taste of his cum as she could, she lay down and pulled Ben down to cuddle with her.

“So, how did you like your first anal fuck?” she asked him happily.

“Oh my God. That was fantastic.”

“I loved it too.”

“You don’t mind sucking my dick right after it’s been in your ass?” said Ben.

“Heck no. It just tastes like lube and cum.”

Katie ran one finger lightly along Ben’s dick and said, “In fact, I want to taste more of your cum. Can I suck you off?”

“Well, yeah, but I just came, so it might take a while.”

“I don’t care. I love sucking cock.”

She got between Ben’s legs again and started by licking and sucking his balls. His dick was already getting hard when she got around to licking it slowly, taking her time. He was fully erect when she wrapped her lips around his dick and began bobbing up and down on it, getting most of it into her mouth.

Ben lay back and closed his eyes, thinking of the incredible experiences he’d just had: His tongue deep in his aunt’s beautiful ass, his dick fucking her tight butthole. The sensations of the blowjob felt more and more intense. He opened his eyes to watch her. “That feels so good,” said Ben. “Please keep sucking me. Suck my dick, Aunt Katie.”

Katie held just the head of his dick in her mouth and started working it over hard with her tongue, while staring straight into Ben’s eyes. “Oh yeah, suck me, Aunt Katie,” Ben moaned. She bobbed down on his dick a couple more times, then went back to tonguing the head inside her mouth. “Mmm,” said Ben, “I’m gonna come.”

Ben closed his eyes and tilted his head back as his cum erupted into his aunt’s sucking mouth. She made appreciative sounds as she sucked and swallowed every drop. At last she kissed the head of his dick and lay down beside him again.

“That was fun!” said Katie.

“You’re really good at that,” Ben sighed.

“Hey, you don’t usually call me Aunt Katie. Did calling me that make it hotter for you?”

“Yeah. I guess I really get off on the incest aspect of it. Do you?”

She rolled onto her side and put an arm around him. “To be honest, I’m more juiced about the way I’m robbing the cradle here, kiddo. But you go ahead and ‘Aunt Katie’ me all you want.”


Ben’s next visit to his aunt started a lot differently from his first one. “Hi, sweetie!” she greeted him, with a big hug and a kiss. “How are ya, babe? How’s your mom?”

“Uh… she was fine the last time I talked to her,” Ben said warily.

Katie laughed. “Relax, I’m just yanking your chain. I wouldn’t tell on you. I’m enjoying this as much as you are.”

“Then you must be having the time of your life.” He kissed her again.

“Can I get you something to drink?” said Katie.

“No thanks, I’m good.”

“Okay. Wanna fuck?”

“You’re the perfect hostess.”

As they undressed in her bedroom, Ben’s dick was already fully hard. Katie grabbed it and said, “I just have to get this thing up my ass. I’ve been thinking about it ever since last time, and I’m so horny.”

“Can we try it in the missionary position?” Ben asked.

“Suits me. Any special reason?”

“I want to see you squirt.”

“I thought so. Just remember, ‘you will get wet on this ride.’ Let’s see, if I lie at the edge of the bed, can you do me standing up?”

Katie spread some towels on the bed and the floor, and lay down on her back with her ass hanging slightly over the edge. She put some lube on her hands, handed the bottle to Ben, raised and spread her legs, and spread the lube on her asshole and clit.

Katie was a beautiful sight as Ben stood looking down at her. Her soft tits were splayed out over her chest. She was playing with her pussy lips and stroking her clit. Her knees were drawn up, tilting her pelvis so that her tight little butthole was exposed and ready for fucking. All Ben had to do was step up and slide his dick inside.

“Ohhh, fuck, yes,” Katie moaned as he pushed his dick steadily up her ass in one long, slow stroke. He held still inside her for a moment, his balls resting against her ass cheeks.

“That’s so good,” Katie sighed. “My ass feels so full! Fuck me!” Ben held her thighs apart with his hands and started stroking in and out of her ass in a steady rhythm. He found the view just as good as when they had done it doggy style. kaçak bahis siteleri Katie’s tits bounced with each thrust of his dick. Her pussy lips gaped open as he pushed deep inside her, pressing against her pussy from below.

“I’m gonna come,” Katie gasped, working her fingers over her clit. Suddenly a gusher of liquid sprayed up from her pussy. “Ohhh fuck!” Katie cried. Most of the squirt landed on her, but Ben felt something warm run down his balls as it dripped over her ass cheeks.

“That was amazing,” said Ben, shaking his head as he continued slowly fucking his aunt’s ass.

“Oh God, keep fucking me,” she moaned. “I want to come again.” Her hands were all over her sopping wet pussy, massaging her pussy lips, lightly slapping at her swollen clit.

“Yes, I want to see you come again, Aunt Katie,” said Ben as he fucked her ass faster. “You’re so fucking beautiful.”

Katie had gone back to rubbing her clit. “I’m gonna come,” she squealed, looking up into Ben’s eyes. She groaned as another squirt splashed from her pussy.

Ben focused on the sensations of his aunt’s tight butthole gripping his dick as he stroked in and out of her. “I’m coming, Aunt Katie,” he said. “I’m coming in your ass!” He felt the hot cum pour through his dick. It went on and on, feeling like he was filling her ass completely with cum. When he finally pulled out, he watched in delight as cum dripped from her asshole, mingling with the juices from her squirting.

Katie sat up, looked down at her wet tits, stomach, and ass, and sighed happily. “I need a shower. Care to join me?”

After their shower together, Ben and Katie tumbled back into bed. “I’ll bet that just got you horny again,” said Katie. “And I was in such a hurry to fuck, you haven’t had a chance to rim my ass yet today.”

“Can we do a 69?” said Ben. “I could rim your ass and lick your pussy.”

“You’ll get a mouthful of squirt.”

“That’s the idea. I want to taste it.”

“I can tell you right now, it’ll taste like pee,” Katie informed him. “I know there’s a lot of discussion about different kinds of female ejaculation, but in my case it’s basically watery pee.” She looked at Ben’s face, trying to judge his reaction. “You still want to taste it?”

“More than ever.”

“Damn. I finally find a guy with just the right perversions, and he’s my nephew. Maybe it’s genetic.”

Ben lay on his back and Katie got down on all fours on top of him, giving him a magnificent view of her pussy and ass. “Before we do the 69,” said Ben, “if you sit on my face I can give you a really good rimming.”

Katie sat up and centered her asshole on his licking tongue. He loved being pinned under her ass, his face between her cheeks, while he probed as deep as he could into her hot little hole. “Mmmm, yeah,” said Katie, rubbing her clit. “It feels so hot and wet.”

After a while Katie could no longer resist the sight of Ben’s hard dick, so she bent down and began sucking it. Ben held onto her hips and raised his head to keep licking her ass. The sensation of having his dick sucked while he rimmed her sensitive butthole made a fantastic combination.

Ben gradually widened the area he was covering with his tongue, licking from Katie’s ass down to her pussy, then all over her pussy, finally concentrating on her clit. She started making little moaning sounds around his hard dick as she sucked up and down on it.

There was no more warning than a twitch of her hips before she suddenly squirted. The hot liquid gushed into Ben’s mouth and splashed out over his face. Ben swallowed and kept licking her now soaking-wet pussy. Katie started bucking her hips and groaning, sucking his dick harder. Ben spurted cum into her mouth, his tongue still lashing at her wet clit. One last little squirt leaked out of her pussy while she sucked him dry.

Katie rolled off Ben and turned to look at his dripping face. “I told you you’d get soaked,” she laughed.

Later, while they cuddled, Ben said, “You know, I never answered your question. Remember when you asked me whether I could be satisfied without ever being able to fuck your pussy?”

“Yeah, except it was only a hypothetical question at the time. So what do you think now?”

“I don’t feel a bit deprived.”

“That’s nice,” said Katie, “but as you’re so fond of reminding me when I’m sucking your dick, I’m your aunt. It’s not as if there’s any chance we’re going to get married and not have sex with anyone else for the rest of our lives.”

“No, but really, anal is so much better.”

“I appreciate that,” Katie replied. “I just can’t help thinking that you’re still young and inexperienced.”

“Then maybe I need more experience,” said Ben.

“Yeah. And your Aunt Katie’s going to help you with that,” she said with a grin.


Another typical Fourth of July picnic, thought Ben glumly as he stood by himself watching some of his young cousins play badminton. But he brightened up when his Aunt Katie walked over to him.

Once the preliminary greetings were over, Katie gave him a sympathetic look and said, “Sorry to hear about you and Megan.”

He shrugged. “We had a good run, but it just didn’t work out.”

“Was it a problem of…” she leaned in to whisper to him. “Sexual compatibility?”

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