Anal Applause


Anal ApplauseANAL APPLAUSEBy: Mack BurgeIt was 2006.Nassar was enjoying his time after college. Everyday by strolling around in noon and then came to his home. His parents were both used to come in the evening after their busy work routines.Nassar was twenty-year old, studying in second-year pre-engineering and wanted to be a computer engineer in the near future. It was a usual day for him and now after lunch he was in his open courtyard, where they planted few small flower plants. Just to make the environment fascinating and the air fresh.He had a cup of tea in his right hand, when he saw someone, that stunned him later. She was looking a middle-aged buxom, even to his senses more than a siren. Her fully grown medium size stature made his heart throbbed rapidly while she had wore such a fine dress, cut short to expose her every curve.But then she stopped near his house and made him confused, also scared by asking him in a less soft way, after fixing her gaze at him: “Boy, where’s your mother?”He felt like she was one of her teacher. Still her voice was soft and also convincing.“You want to talk to her?” He asked, with his throbbing heart.His gestures were telling him that he was much bothered now.“I just want to ask her a glass of water.” She said, looking into his eyes.“Oh yes, of course. Come inside.”He felt relieved now. ‘So it was just a matter of water.’ He thought.She followed him considering his mother presence inside the house. He led her into the drawing room and fetched a glass of water.“Can I use your bathroom, please?” She asked, not looking at the glass of water. ‘So, it’s the matter.’ He thought again.“Oh yes, ma’am. Here’s the bathroom.”He said and showed her the attached bathroom. He then walked out from the room, feeling it inappropriate to sit near the bathroom while a woman was inside.After a few minutes he stepped into the drawing room but she was still inside the bathroom. He walked into the kitchen and made tea.When he stepped into the drawing room with a cup of tea, she was drinking the water now. “If you like tea, then here it’s.” He said.“No, boy. I like but I’ve to go now. Where’s your mother?” She asked.“Actually she’s not here. I’m alone.” He said with a lowered head.“It’s fine boy. Actually I needed a bathroom, you know? Sometimes it’s an emergency.”She said with a naughty smile and walked out with quick steps. He followed her but soon she was vanished into the street.After few days she came on the same time and he was again in the same place.“Boy, can I use your…”She said with a naughty smile.“Yes can I ask your name?” He was still little hesitant to ask.“Yes, I’m Maah-Paara. And you, boy?”“I’m Nassar.”She walked into the drawing room with him. “I’ll make tea, while you fresh yourself.” Nassar said.“Oh yes, thanks for the hospitality.”“You’re welcome.”He said and walked out from the room into the kitchen. He was looking much happier, making tea for both of them.Soon he stepped into the drawing room with tea and a plate of crackers. But here on the couch he found her black stole and she was inside the bathroom. He found it usual and stayed in the room, leafing through a magazine.After a few minutes she appeared from the bathroom. He was gaped and numbed this time. Not expecting this. She was wearing a towel around her big middle part, hardly enough for her breasts to cover, to her bulging stacked buttocks. He could see the vertical line between her fatty stuffed butt cheeks. It ignited his temples.“I thought you’re relieving yourself…”He hardly uttered those words.“It’s fine, boy. We’ll relieve ourselves now.”Her voice was soft and convincing. She approached toward the mirror, combed her hairs while he was standing, gaped, and looking at her, who was enjoying it and her thick thighs were exposed more when she bent for combing her hairs and her big butt cheeks were bundled in an exposing way. His heart throbbed fast and then her towel slipped to the ground.Now she was showing her big, fatty, dripping vulva lips from behind. She was bent and he was absorbed in the view of her fatty big vulva, cut from the middle, making a long vertical slit, showing the pink interior bud stuffed with fatty tissues. He imagined it all and his temples were burning now.She seemed now in a mood to take the towel. Instead, she wanted to the boy to advance. He came closer to her and almost grasped her. His hands were stroking and discovering her big, soft butt cheeks and she liked it by her moans.She leaned a little more, giving his hands to discover and feel more, more deeper. “Boyhh! Myhh!” She could feel his urge and lust for her. She was feeling the same.She sighed deeply, enjoying his advance and wanted but more. He stroked her big butt cheeks and then stretched them. She was giving him space, feeling thrilled to it. He licked her anus.“Myhh! Boyhh! Filthy, ah, young man. Aahhh!! Do, it! Aahhh!!”He licked and suckled her anus for a while, making a bubble sound. She smiled and combed his hairs.“Boy! Aahhh!! No, ah! Myh! Sonn!Aahhh!! Enough! My, boyyh!!”She stopped him further after a while and he turned on his fatty vulva then. He could feel she was wet enough, moaning deeply.“Aahhh!! Boy!! Come, this—way–! Aahhh!!”She wanted him badly. She knelt to expose more for his further advance. He held her from her butt cheeks, licking her anus again.“Just, lie back, my—boyh–! Aahhh!! Sixty-nine, is, more, good!!”She said it with deep enticing voice. She could not control herself, feeling him deeply.She was guiding him and changed her position. He turned a bit and now she was exposed to his closer view. He felt like it was a wet dream. He was stroking her shaved vulva, and kissing her butt and around.He then fingered her anus. He did it further inside and she farted loudly.“You farted like I opened a coke bottle. It’s such a unique fart.” He said, still finger inside.“Motherfucker!Aahhh!! bahis siteleri Oh!! I fart like it. Aahhh!! Fuckh!! Aahhh!!”She was feeling his finger deeply. She removed his trousers and then the underwear while he was again trying to eat up her ‘asshole’, grunting loudly, his mouth was ejecting saliva, making her genitals wet and dripping. She was feeling it deeply and with a naughty smile, masturbating him, and was being eaten like a sweet candy.“Just turn your big mouth from my asshole, fine. I’ll fart in your mouth.”He obeyed her and then turned at her fatty vulva lips. He was reaching to his orgasm and she could feel it by his hot pre-ejaculation. He exploded on her chin.“Aahh!h! Fuckhh!! Oh–! Boyh–!!”He quavered and finished eating her; now panting heavily. She could feel his breaths, and wanting it more.“Hey, I want it inside my pussy!” She said and turned and then weighed herself on him. She took his penis in her right hand and took it deeply inside her burning and demanding vagina. “Ahhh!!”She moaned deeply, feeling thrilled. She almost grasped his face and filled his mouth with her warm long kisses. He felt the joy again.She was riding on his penis, taking it deeply and pulling with every move in her control. She was also filling his mouth with her warm kisses and it continued until she was satiated by the young man.“Oohh!h! What a pussy!!”He said when she took his penis out and laid next to her. She was still looking into his eyes with her naughty and whorish smile.“Oh, Naughty boy! Such a motherfucker. I considered you an innocent c***d.”She said, stroking his penis.“I also thought you’re a teacher and a housewife or something like that.” He said with a panting voice.“Yes you guessed it right. I’m a teacher, but not a housewife. A part time whore.” She said.“Part time?” He could not believe it what she said.“Yes, I do it sometimes when I’m horny.”She stood and combed her hairs and then walked into the bathroom. He was looking her who tried to make it worse for him. He stroked his penis until she closed the door of the bathroom. “What a pussy! Wow, what an ass!” He said.After a few minutes she stepped out from the bathroom, now wearing her clothes.“Boy, put on your clothes. I’ve to move now after some talk.”He obeyed her. In ten minutes they were sitting on couch and now she wanted to talk before her departure.“So it’s part time and haphazard. But I’ve a plan, fine? You’ve to help me, it will be my wage.” She said, looking in her usual manner.“Will it benefit me as well?” He asked her.“Yes, you can have this pussy again. What you say?”“Fuck yes.”“Then dial this number by your phone.”She showed him a number from her cell phone. He dialed it.“Now, give it to me.” She almost grabbed his cell phone from him.“Hello! And salaam!” She said to the person, who received the call.“Yes, sister. What’s the matter?” A man said.“I want to consult about an issue regarding my marital life. I’ve two c***dren and I don’t want more c***dren. My husband loves me but this issue’s disturbed our life. I need your advice about it.” She said. Nassar was smiling over her fine acting skills.“Sister, this is a serious matter. I cannot give advice on the phone.”“Yes sir, I want to talk to you in person. A friend told me about you and gave me your number. But I don’t know your address. I want to talk about the matter face to face with you.”“Fine sister. I’m going to send you my address.”“Where can I come, sir?”“When you want to come?”“I teach in a school and between two and three in the afternoon is the best time for me. Then I’m busy in my house life. Can I come tomorrow at two in the afternoon?”“Hmm, yes. You can come. I’m sending you my address. It’s my chamber off the mosque.”“Yes, my friend told me you give suggestions upon religious ground and my husband is much strict in this manner.”“Fine sister. I’m busy now and will meet you tomorrow.”She cut the phone and laughed out. “What a fool?” She said.“What happened? What was it?” Nasar asked.“Tomorrow I’ll visit him. Just tell me his address.”She said after hearing the message tone. She was sure the SMS was sent by that pedagogue she talked a while ago. She wrote the address in her phone.“So, my sweet boy, I’ll visit you after two days. Then you can ask your favor and benefits, fine?”He nodded in yes and in a while she walked out from his house. The young man was surprised by all of her guts and skills and enjoyed her body like a heaven. But apart from this, he had fallen in love with a woman he never knew but a short visit. She engrossed all his attentions and feelings now, who gave him what a young man like him could only think.“Wow! What a woman!”He said and absorbed in her thoughts for the afternoon.*** ***She was inside that chamber the next afternoon.“My husband is like an angry man. I love him but he doesn’t listen to me. We’ve two c***dren and I don’t want more. I asked him one thing which will make both of us happy without any fuss of pregnancy.”She said with an artificial yet naughty and shy look. She had already stunned the pedagogue, who could see a mature looking woman had fine taste of close fitting clothing, and he liked the way she exposed her features to him. Still her facial expressions were also telling him that she was an obedient wife.“So what’s the matter? And what you asked your husband?” The pedagogue was also much generous with all his sympathy at her side.“I’m feeling shy… sir…” She again performed a shy obedient wife’s rule with lower head but then she erected her head and looked deeply into his eyes.“You can tell me, sister. I don’t have much time.” He wanted to know it at once.“I asked him about anal sex. I’ve heard about it…”She again looked deeply into his eyes with her usual naughty smile. He could feel her shyness ebbed now. He also wanted it.“Yes, husband and wife can settle this.”He said, looking canlı bahis siteleri at a small desk near him.“You mean he can have anal sex with me. I’ve heard that it causes pain.”She said again with an inviting but shy smile and fixed her gaze at the lower part of pedagogue’s body. Who knew what it meant and what she wanted badly.“If you do it right, it will not cause any pain.”She looked into her purse and took out something. “I’m sorry, but I bought this. Condom is also good to avoid pregnancy and also any disease. Can you tell me the use?”He knew she wanted to use inside her ‘asshole’ which she didn’t say but her facial expressions were telling it right.She gave the condom packet to him.“I think I should bolt the door.” He asked her before doing what he also seemed wanted now.“Oh yes, I also feel it.” She allowed him for his further advance, if he also wanted to go further into the condom.He bolted the door and she put aside her long stole and unbuttoned the front part of her long shirt. She was successfully doing her work. When he looked at her, after blotting the door, she smiled with a broader smile, and an inviting pause. She chuckled when he seated.“Just teach me, how to wear it over penis.” She said with a chuckled and much broader smile and fixed her gaze again at his lower part.He was convinced for doing so. Looking into her exposed breasts now he felt like he wanted to discover them first before any use of condom. She now talked with a naughty yet winning tone.“Sir, just do it quick.”She said while he was little hesitant to show his weapon rather to see her charms. He sat near her and lowered his trousers. She looked with curious and naughty pause when his already erected penis appeared in his right hand.“Sir, your weapon is similar to the size of my husband.” She said with her usual soft tone.“I don’t know. So you should cover it like that.”He wore his penis the condom and in a while she turned and lowered her trousers up to her knees. Her big bungled butt cheeks were exposed to his closer view now. He was fascinated and felt now his heart out for her charms and her body. She was smiling and he was gaped, absorbed in her butt and then she turned on her four, now exposing her vulva and also the vertical slit from her anus to her little hanging hard skin of vulva.He was stunned and wanted her badly now.“Wow!” He exclaimed it without his will, like a Freudian slip. She chuckled and turned her face at him from side, like caught him red handed.He was absorbed in her fatty vulva and bundled butt cheeks when she asked him: “Sir, just teach e anal sex, practically and properly.” She smiled and tried to overcome her burst of laughter.“But I cannot do it. You’re someone’s wife.”He just tried his one moral obligation before taking the full advantage of her offer.“Sir, we don’t have much time. We can argue later, or someday. I’m allowing you to screw my asshole. I want to learn it. Just teach me properly, that how to enter and stay there properly, inside the asshole? Now you can fuck my asshole.”He said nothing and his eyes sparkled. He grasped her right butt cheek like to ensure her will. “I’ve to arouse you…” He said.“Now do it, man.” She said it aloud.He grasped her by her butt cheeks and stroked them.“Oh, dear!” She sighed deeply.He passed his right hand through her genitals and then spread her butt cheeks.“Ah! My!”She was now trying to arouse him a little more. He grasped her like a bitch and kissed her dimple over her asshole. She liked it by her moans. He then put his mouth on her anus and ate her for few moments.“Oh my! Just enter, sir!”She wanted his penis, inside her rectum now. He fingered her rectum before breaking and entering. She farted again. He laughed out. She giggled with a naughty smile.“You farted like I opened a coke bottle.“Oh I fart like that. I’m sorry…”“No, I enjoyed your fart also.”“Now sir, let me feel the cock.”“Oh yes, here is the cock.”He took his penis in his hand and advanced into her rectum. “Oh!” he felt a surge of joy, going further deeper into her already farted rectum.“Oh! My! Ah! Haha!! Aah!!”Her joyous moans were telling him to push deeper. He was feeling like burning for this act of sex, giving him more joy than ever. Soon he felt he was reaching to orgasm.“Ah! Ah! Haha! Haha!”Her loud and deep pitch sounds and moans were making him to burn for her.“Oh!”He pushed harder and filled the condom inside deep in her nasty asshole.She also relaxed and relived now. He took out his penis and fell on the ground, still looking at her exposed and wet genitals. She had stained the carpet with her squirts as well.“You squirted enough. I didn’t know you like it that much.”He said with a panting tone. She turned and wore her trousers before her reply.“Oh yes. I was also not expecting it like that. I enjoyed the anal sex. You’re such a great teacher and sister-fucker.”“Sister-fucker? What do you mean?” he did not like her compliment. Feeling it more personal.“Oh, I’m sorry. I mean you said sister to me many times and you really screwed me. So I just said it in that sense. Don’t take it personal. You’re a good, humble screwer at all.”He remained silent and disposed off the condom. He then wore his trousers also.“I’m sorry again to ask you practically all of this. If you…” She was again looking into his bright eyes now.“It’s ok. I’ve screwed women for such purposes.They come here sometimes for it. But you’re the best among them. You asshole was also cleaned. I never fucked a married woman asshole.”The pedagogue was much frank with her now.“I hope you’ll continue this.”He laughed out. She walked toward the bolted door. Now she wanted a safe departure after her plan and joy-filled intrigue.“Oh yes, just wait.”He said and looked for something near the small desk. It was his wallet. He took out few notes from it.“Don’t mind but just take it. It’s canlı bahis an honorarium for doing such things. Two thousand are not much money. Even you deserve more for your sweet ass.” He handed the money to her.“But sir, I’m not a whore.”“I know, don’t mind it. It’s just a gift to make happy the money woman after using her precious things. I told you sometimes I teach women practically. They mostly want to screw hard their pussies. Some women ask because their husbands are inclined to other women or so.”“I can understand, but you didn’t screw my pussy. It’s not the pussy wage.”“Your pussy must be more delicious than your asshole…”“Fine, but you’ve such a small money as gift. No woman will let you screw her asshole for this amount of money while she’s not a whore.”“I know your ass is something to worship, but sister…” He drew a five hundred note and handed it to her, “Just take it. I really liked and enjoyed it all.”She took the note from him and walked out from his chamber.The next afternoon she was again inside Nassar house and they were doing the 69-act. He stretched her butt cheeks and put his mouth at his favorite place.“Oh! Dear! He said my ass is something to worship… but he didn’t eat it .” she said enjoying his annilingus. He stopped for a moment and said: “Because he was a coward. Your ass is something to devour in a single bite.”He was again eating her butt cheeks and then advanced his mouth into the narrow valley.“Oh! Naughty k**. Just leave this asshole. You’ve eaten. Ah! Oh! Much of it.”She could feel the young man’s love for her juicy soft butt cheeks and then her rectum.“Don’t you think it’s smelly, boy?” She asked.“No, I don’t feel anything. Soft ass and dark brown chocolate between them.”She was also sucking and eating his penis, feeling thrilled while she was being eaten like a candy.They continued it for nearly half an hour after satiating themselves to grunts and gasps.“Oh, such a motherfucker! Oh!”She stood and walked into the bathroom. After few minutes they were sitting on the couch, dressed and in a mood of talking something important.“Now be prepared. I’m calling that bastard, sister-fucker.”She dialed the pedagogue’s number. “Hello, sir!”“Hello, sister!”“Don’t call me sister. You fingered and screwed my ass, fine,” she said it loudly with angry tone.“Yes, I know but it was all done with your consent. You told me to do so. After all it’s my duty to obey women like you.” The pedagogue was also in little fun mood.“But my husband is much angry about it and on you. He smelt the rat and examined my asshole last night.” She was trying hard to stifle her laugh.“So you told him about it?” The pedagogue turned much bothered now.“Yes;, last night I told him after he inquired for a long time that where I was in the afternoon. I told you I love him so much. I told him that I was inside your chamber, learning practically the anal sex. And then he told me to take of my trousers and he examined my asshole thoroughly.”She chuckled after putting a hand on the phone. They both were enjoying the script prepared by her.“So then what to do now?” his voice could her that he was trembling now.“He said that you’re such a sister-fucker. Even worse than that. You screwed badly a married woman’s asshole. He said that my asshole was gaped. You fucking asshole. Shame on you.”She again chuckled, looking at Nassar.“I did it because you was also enjoying. You asked me to do it.”“Sir, now forget all. Just talk with my husband. He’s here now.”She handed the phone to Nassar, as planned and he was going to talk in an angry tone.“You sister-fucker! You gaped my wife’s asshole.” Nassar said it aloud.“But she asked me. She lowered her trousers her own and went on her four, showing her sweet ass. You know how seducing she’s and her ass.” The pedagogue tried his last effort.“Women are shameless and innocent in someway. She’s never knew you’ll gape her asshole. She wanted to find a way for not having babies in the future. In short I need hundred thousand rupees for such act of v******e with my innocent, yet shameless wife. She don’t know the brain of men and worldly affairs. After all she’ mother of our two c***dren also. I can forgive her, but not you. You’ve confessed that you’ve screwed so many other women also. They’re also little shameless but innocent women who gave you so much joy. Now what you say? If you dare negate this, I’ll tell everyone and I’m coming to visit your chamber for this.”Nassar was raging now you the pedagogue. She chuckled and thumbed up to him. He then handed the phone to her.“You heard it all? Now do it, otherwise?” She said and he still felt her husband was talking to him, in a perplexed state.“Otherwise, what, sir?” he asked her.“Not sir, but sister,” She laughed out after putting a hand on the cell phone. “Your sister, you sister-fucker. Otherwise I’m going to visit you tomorrow and tell you everybody there, fine?” She said.“No, no, sister. Forgive me. I’ll try to give you the money.”“Ok, you’ve two days. I’m going to collect hundred thousand in two days.”“But sister, in this short time of time I cannot arrange it. Give me at least two weeks.”“No, only three days…”“Just give me a week. I can arrange fifty in one week.”“No, just four days and not more than it. And no less than hundred thousand. Otherwise, I’m visiting you again.”“Ok, ok. Just don’t threaten me.”“I’ll if you don’t give me money.”“Fine, but don’t tell anyone, please sister.”“If your arrange the money in four days. You should think before fucking my asshole.”“Ok, bye sister.”“Bye, sister-fucker.”She cut the phone and laughed out loudly. She then grasped him and filled his mouth with a long passionate kiss.“So, I’m shameless and innocent at the same time, huh?”She asked in a naughty way.“Yes, no doubt in it. Still I don’t know how he banged your sweet asshole.”“I’ve decided to give you my nasty-shithole. You deserve this shitty place.”They both laughed aloud. They received the money after four days and decided to make it their part-time business. She had also decided to make him her permanent partner and continued visiting him.

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